elemental decrease

when and on what do you use this skill on?

May 14, 2015

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[quote=Sungoon]I love your new look <3[/quote]

thanks mate!

Reply May 15, 2015

when i die in the middle of a boss, and i need to kill quick cuz its or last live or short time, i put on mg and elemental reset and ignore the rest of buffs and just kill like that, gives me more dmg than all of my buffs together

Reply May 15, 2015

[url=]unless you want to show off like this[/url], just put it on

Reply May 14, 2015

[quote=CherryTigers]This is the most important buff we have in terms of damage output on bosses.[/quote]

I love your new look <3

Reply May 14, 2015

This is the most important buff we have in terms of damage output on bosses.

Reply May 14, 2015

all the time, I personally have it on auto buff so its always on.

Reply May 14, 2015

As a bishop, I can tell you that elemental decrease is one of the best buffs a mage - class could ask for, and you should cherish it, and use it all the time.
When you're fighting bosses, in most cases at least - you damage is cut in half unless you have that skill active.

Reply May 14, 2015

I honestly just use it at all times when playing on my mage.
Most things get 1shot anyway and it helps on stuff that resists.

Reply May 14, 2015

Bosses. As well as anything that may have elemental resistance to whatever attack you're using.
End game bossing wise, it is arguably the MOST useful skill a mage has.

Reply May 14, 2015