is this laptop worth the money?

which one to get tho help pls

July 5, 2016

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Personally I would not take this because of a lot of outdated things. You can very easily find another Asus laptop for the same price but better specs. I see somewhat outdated things such as the 1366x768 monitor and the graphics card. The laptop itself is a perfectly fine machine but I feel there are better competitors out there for the same price range.
I found this one for less which is a pretty beefed up version of the one you found
This one has a better processor, graphics card, and screen. The storage may be a topic worth debating because SSD is much better in terms of speed like startup and stuff like that but will gradually fill up. I would say to keep looking for what tends to your needs

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Depends on what you plan to run on said laptops. The 920M runs some games better than the 820m (Over 60% faster according to

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I'm no computer expert, but both of these laptops are actually very similar they have the same RAM space of 8GB, resolution, similar but a bit different USB ports, Hard Drive Capacity/Storage of 1TB and they both look like they are suitable for gaming. They do have a different operating system though (if that matters to you) The Assus F555LD 15.6" Intel Core has Windows 8 and the other one is Windows 10. They both use NVIDA as a graphics processor NVIDIA® GeForce® 820M with 2GB DDR3 VRAM (Assus F55LD) and NVIDIA® GeForce® 920M(Assus F556UJ). They also both use Intel Core i7 which is ideal for gaming. I think go for the cheaper one of the two in that they are both similar in almost every component. I'm actually thinking of buying a laptop soon but I'm still debating on whether to get a Dell laptop or Asus

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