tell me about ur favorite book, movie, or video game

I need some quality media to consume

personally my favs are
book: Slaughter House Five
movie: Beauty and the Beast (1991)
video game: Legend of Zelda series

not explaining y I like them unless someone asks BUT u should tell me why u like ur choices! ! !

October 8, 2017

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Movies: Secretly Greatly, Assassination (2015), Train to Busan (these are all korean movies)
Videogame: The World Ends With You

Reply October 24, 2017

Probably none for all the three. But I do have favorite foods rn (mostly Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, and Thai, and some Japanese). And what happened to this site

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entertainment is the devil's lettuce

Reply October 12, 2017

book: being mortal by atul gawande
<sucker for action movies
game: no favourites

Reply October 12, 2017

Book: The Way of Choices. It's an online Chinese webnovel, and those tend to be absolutely trashy, but this one is great. It's not just easy, unpretentious fun, it's also just plain beautiful. The beauty of the language somehow manages to get through translation to English. If you want to read it I can tell you where to find it. If not, then The Monstrumologist series is also very nice.

Tale of Princess Kaguya (gorgeous sad anime film)
Barry Lyndon (gorgeous sad kubrick film, a little slow though)

Video Game: Don't really play video games (except osu!) but I watched someone play The Last Guardian on youtube and that was just incredible.

Story: Oyasumi Punpun (it's a manga. just the best.)

Reply October 11, 2017

Book: Dangerous (The troll-y nature of the book makes me giggle every time)

Movie: The Dark Knight as a standalone, the Fast and Furious series as a whole.

Game: Any of the Pokemon games from Gen 1-4 and 7. (I never played gens 5 and 6)

Reply October 11, 2017

Game: Soldier Front back before it closed down. It was very fast paced and simple to learn and understand. Plus with many weapon bomb guns, perks (Quick Weapon Switch, Armour etc) and small maps which made it very easy to find people to kill, it was very addictive.

Book: The Harry Potter series. C'mon, who doesn't like a story where you get to learn magic at a school instead of boring maths and the dreaded Chinese?

Movie: I don't have a favourite so I'll just list a few. Pacific Rim: Lots of advanced tech and such. Avatar: The blue skinned aliens tech also made it very cool to watch. Iron Man: Who doesn't want to be a multi-billionaire with no stress of being a CEO of a multi-national company while having a a flying suit with weapons and having girls throw themselves at you?

Reply October 10, 2017

Book: Animal Farm
Movie: Toy Story 3
Video Game: Roller Coaster Tycoon

Reply October 10, 2017

Favourite book: manga count right?
Movie: The Hobbit series
I don't like video games

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@zigen: Well I think it's important to note that I'm in the Bad Movie Club. Fateful Findings is one of the worst movies I've ever seen and it's completely hilarious.

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@zigen: Well, expect every NPC to spout out poem-like dialogues with their own accent about life, one of the most beautiful OST, colourful graphics that still look good today, and of course, some twists that's actually rather deep. To be honest it's one of the few games that I don't understand when I first played it and only came to realisation when I'm much older. And please don't see it as a Chrono Trigger sequel...see it as a spin-off instead.

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@animus what's chrono cross like/about, i've been meaning to put more games onto my psp and I know like a bunch of ps1 games were ported to psp so I could probs play it
@ecarina what's fateful finding about it or is it better to go in watching it blind ? ? ?

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@beefly: Let me fill it up for you.
Book: How to cook @beefly 101+3
Movie: @beefly party
Games: The binding of @beefly

@zigen: I just really love Medli, Earth God's Lyric, the whole artstyle and the lighthearted moments here and there, the ocean, well...almost everything. But yeah, I remember playing OoT and it was pretty nearly made me think that N64 is better than Playstation 1 if Chrono Cross wasn't released on PS1.

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Book: I did a lot more reading as a kid than I do now but I remember really liking the Abhorsen trilogy by Garth Nix. I like a lot of Garth Nix books.

Movie: Fateful Findings by Neil Breen, the whole thing's on Youtube! Watch it with friends, the best word to describe it is "unbelievable."

Game: Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. Still the best.

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@beefly: u suk
@animus: it's a toss up bc I like them all soooo much but like Ocarina of Time gains cuz its the game that really inspired me to make art and get into storytelling and stuff BUT I loved Majora's Mask cuz of the intimate story-telling with the Bomber's Notebook and side-quests and stuff, BUT Skyward Sword has the cutest story ever and a pretty aesthetic. I guess deep down Ocarina is my #1 cuz it was the first game I had exposure to but ya I love them all

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Book: Pending

Movie: The descend

Games: Resident evil /tomb Raider series, both work because... the new games suck, I like the old PS1 2 games

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fav book is my immortal
fav movie is the wicker men with nics cage
fav game is ride 2 hell retribution

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Book : Sherlock Holmes, a few books from Dan Brown or something like that. Something that's intriguing enough for me to find out what's next.

Movie : I can't say I've any, but should be LOTR. Gandalf made me a mage fanatic. I usually watch movie just to kill time instead of enjoying them. If animations count as well then Totoro too.

Video game : Probably some relaxing sandbox games like Starbound, Minecraft, and Stardew Valley (I got bored rather quickly in SDV tho). MapleStory too when it was good. And some turn-based strategy games like Uniwar or something. Kinda excited for Wargroove. I also tried MS2 today and I can say I really like it. Just sad that it probably won't have a NA / SEA version up soon.

What's your most favourite Zelda game tho? Mine is Wind Waker.

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whenever i need a quick nostalgia trip to when i was in elementary school and times were simpler, i grab my original gameboy and play pokemon red. i play for about 5 mins and realize times have changed and the years im longing for are unreturnable and that im a grown man now. my monthly mortgage is due and i have a project meeting with insufferable people soon, cy@@@@@

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