can't sleep

how do you make yourself tired when you can't sleep

October 5, 2016

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When you're at that particular moment, it's best to indulge yourself in a light activity, such as reading. (Don't try focusing on too trying to sleep, that just increasing tension and makes it even harder to sleep.) Television and using your laptop isn't really recommended because the light emanating from them stimulates "wake-up" hormones.

An important thing is that you shouldn't use your bed for anything else beside sleeping. That way, you can utilise classical conditioning to make your bed as a cue for sleeping.

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sleeping aid+counting sheep

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Been there, just get up and do something. No point laying in bed and wasting time trying to sleep.

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kill yourself. Permanent sleep right dar

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smoke some drink some pop 1

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down some melatonin

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@xronellx: Although this will make you physically tired, exercising will keep your blood pumping and ultimately make you feel more awake. (you will be more tired in the long term and seek rest though)

@zigen: Surrounding yourself in an environment that is dark can definitely help bring about sleep. Also, reading or doing other things that use the eyes can accentuate the strain and thus make you feel as if you need to rest your eyes.

Or you can listen to some calming music.

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With a lady, dood.

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Well if you're asleep you can't tell whether you're asleep

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