Is the sun going to be rising tomorrow?

There's a trend where the sun rises at dawn and sets at dusk.
I checked the weather channel and it doesn't specifically say that the sun will be rising tomorrow.
Can someone please confirm whether it will or not?

October 14, 2012

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*shakes rising sun pendant* "will the sun rise tomorrow?"
ask again
*shakes rising sun pendant* "will the sun rise tomorrow?"

the answer is 'maybe'.

Reply October 14, 2012

But... the sun doesn't rise or set anywhere. It's the Earth that's moving.

Reply October 14, 2012

This guy is the next Albert Einstein, he just boggled my mind.

Reply October 14, 2012

Yes, there will be a Rising Sun and Crescent Moon tonight.
If we're lucky, then Blazing Sun and Half Moon.

Reply October 14, 2012

By any chance, do you live the most southern/northern parts of the world like Alaska, the North Pole, or Antarctica? That's the only places I heard where the sun doesn't rise time to time.

Reply October 14, 2012

no there will be a blazing sun

Reply October 14, 2012

It is very difficult to answer questions about the sun because it is so far away that we cannot go to it and perform science. This is also why, for example, we don't know what stars are. Scientists are still working on ways to determine if the earth is flat, though. The current best proposal involves building a very large flat bubble level and setting it on the earth, and seeing if it touches the surface at both ends. They just need to raise the several billion dollars it will take to construct such a thing.

But as for the sun: Well, we all know that the great leader Kim Jong-Il made the sun rise but we don't know how he did it. But since the sun still seems to rise after his death, he must have taught someone how to do it. Or he is a god and not really dead, jus' saying. Either way, I don't think the Koreans will tell us anytime soon...

[b]tldr: I don't know.[/b]

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