Eternal and Giant Bullets where to find?

Hey everyone,

Just like the title says. Could you guys tell me which mobs drop the Eternal Bullets and which mobs drop the Giant Bullet recipe? I take no mob drops a Giant Bullet.


August 18, 2018

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I found a Giant Bullet recipe from Next-gen Speakers at Kerning Tower after it got revamped again. Was only exploring the place and it dropped.

Reply August 18, 2018
GakiNoTsukai This is probably accurate as I know I've had some Eternal Bullets in my inventory within the past few years.

Giant bullet I assume is probably one of those really rare drops from area bosses that remain unlisted since they aren't normal drops from mobs. Translation : Not worth going for since it's unknown/unverified whether they even drop.

Reply August 18, 2018