Armor Break CD

Just wondering if you can you bypass Armor Breaks 1 second CD? Like with CD reduction lines/Neb?

Thanks : ]

January 23, 2016

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@rachelll: It doesnt work because cooldown reduction doesnt apply to passive cooldowns, like for example armor break, aegis system , leech aura heal, etc.

Its likely that Nexon did it for balancing purposes.

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Tried it a while back--doesn't work

Not 100% sure but maybe it could be like abnormal status reduction where it's 1 second minimum

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Not sure... if it'll work on passive effects. It's not an active skill cooldown. It might be a hard coded "you cannot have this effect for 1s".

Best way to check is to have a skill CD pot and hurricane a dummy and see if you activate the animation every fire.

I'm assuming it doesn't and that's probably why it hasn't been actively discussed. Otherwise, like the first reply said it's quite ridiculous.

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Oh crap why didnt I think of this... You just broke the game if this was possible....

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