Some confusions about bishop's skill

Hi Guys! I need some clarification with the bishop skill here
According to the descriptions, bishop's Angel Ray skill could reduce enemies' defense by maximum 40%. I am wondering, if such could work on all enemies including bosses like Lucid or Will who got a 300% defense? And if so, how should I calculate this, should I go with 300% - 40%, or 300% * (1 - 40%) (which seems unlikely to me)?
Also, can this defense reduction be counted as debuff? More specifically, could this effect triger some link skills from like explorer thieves or cadena?
Many thanks in advance for your time!

December 31, 2020

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Thank you for the information! Will have a closer look tonight when bossing BTW, it turns out bishops' defense reduction also works for their team members, I found this when I teamed with a bishop against lotus yesterday!!

Reply January 4, 2021

Should be 300%*(1-40%) if the debuff stacks are additive like that
As long as the debuff shows on top of the mob/boss, it will trigger those link skills.

Reply January 1, 2021