Anime on Bd vs Dvd

Does anyone notice a difference between the two formats when it comes to viewing anime? Please tell of experiences it would help me in a double dipping decision.

March 6, 2015

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most of the time, blu-ray only have some minor corrections. for example, in episode 8 of Love Live season 2, in a scene in which the characters look out the window, the colors used in that scene has been fixed in the blu-ray version.
sometimes the tv version is so messed up that the entire scene is redone in the blu-ray release
example: [url=]link[/url]

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Code Geass' blu-rays had redrawn scenes.

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Newer anime is a little bit harder to tell the difference. But older anime that was later made into bluray, you can definitely tell the difference.

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blue rays are more colourful and brighter

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Depends on the TV really. Some TVs are so crappy you won't notice hardly any difference between BR/DVD. Also depends on the show. Older shows that get remastered on Blu Ray look WAAAAAAAAAAAY better, such as Cowboy Bebop and Elfen Lied (own both BR/DVD for each series). Newer shows like Attack on Titan, I couldn't hardly tell the difference for the most part visually and think it's just better audio.
Clannad is another show I own that's much better looking on BR due to more vibrant colors and slightly better detail.

All in all, BR is noticeably superior on most (if not all) anime series'.

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