To scroll, or not to scroll?

Hello Basil.

Today, I come to you with a simple question; should I, or should I not scroll my own claw.

Due to me blowing up my 96 attack reverse lampion ( 2nd one >_&gt with the first enhancement again, I find myself without a claw.
Currently, I have about 1.1b to spend, but I know that's not going to get me the 90+ attack lampion I want, and I can't find any good, affordable claws in the Beran FM atm either, except for some really expensive ones ( 103 atk sleeve by Angelism, that 105 atk timeless floating around somewhere), and hacked ones ( 87 att 2 slots craven by lukboost, but enhanced 7-8 times, and a 86 atk sleeve with 7 enhances)

So naturally, I'm going to make some more money first before anything, but to get at least a 90 attack reverse/timeless Lampion, do you, fellow Basilers, think I should scroll one myself ( with 50%s, and eventually White Scrolls) Or should I just save up until I can really buy a near-perfect claw? Which is gonna take about 4-5b more.
Also, potential is not really an issue, unless a pre-scrolled claw comes with good potential stats.

EDIT: What I meant to say is, it does matter if it has 2 or 3 lines, but the actual potential stats dont matter yet, since I can get NX to cube it.

February 4, 2011

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Just because a claw is 8X attack doesn't mean it's weak or not a good claw. 96% of all Maplers in populated servers use an 8X attack Claw as their end game claw, regardless of what level claw it is, and they're all fine with it.

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my 85 att 3 line epic craven was 700 mil

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@Dennybang I dont know, but, the chance to hit athe 8th enhance is like 10 % o_O, combining that with the previous enhancements, it's nearly impossible.
But what am I going to do with a low attack claw? Bosses usually don't give that much of a profit, unless we're talking HT,Czak, but I probably won't get taken on a czak run with sucky damage. And I don't have a HT group yet

@ninjasome I want the best possible claw I can buy with the mesos I'll have ( I'm gonna merch more first ) and leave the cubing to my NX.
So I want to aim for at least 90+ attack ( since my previous claw was 96 atk, and I'd hate to lose damage/range on it )

@ironman666 problem with starting to scroll NOW, is that I'll lose my merching money, so when I'm going to scroll, I probably want 3b+ so I can buy around 10 WS, and 10 PInk scrolls, or 11 if I can get them relatively cheap. Which should land me around 5 scrolls, ending up with an 8x attack claw already, which is, yes, quite reasonable for me to use.

And really do 2lined lampions go for that much? :O That'd be great, I could almost MAKE money on it xD

Thing is, if I want a 8x attack claw, I'll have to spend nearly a bil, since I obviously don't want an untradable claw as temporary claw, and probably lose alot of mesos on it, due to it being hard to sell.

Kind of persuaded to scroll my own, but I know I'll still need more money, thanks guys

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Don't shoot for a 9X claw then. Use an 8X one temporarily until you can slowly build up to the 9X.

And yes, wait for protect scrolls before enhancing. I'm waiting for them to enhance my Lampion 5 more times to a 97 claw

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Buying 30% Boss is like a lot. O:
So I'd buy one around 80atk lampion, with 2 or 3lines.
Then cube for 30% Boss.

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