Price check on a clean dragon khanjar 15 att 2 luk.

I seem to have found a Dragon khanjar from...something earlier ( found it in my inv while NPCing equips), and I can't get a clear Price check from alliance/buddy list.
So can anyone give me a price tag on a 15 att 2 LUK Dragon khanjar in Bera?

Thanks a bunch!

January 13, 2011

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what about a 14atk 3lined unique dkhan o.o

6% all stats
3% all stats
3% all stats

Reply January 14, 2011

I'm pretty sure you can still sell for 300+.
I haven't seen anyone get dkhan from box yet.

Reply January 14, 2011

Where did you get it from?
Ill buy it.
OT: probably 150-200 cuz of box event.

Reply January 13, 2011