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Can039t select a world


I redownloaded maple twice on steam and the new launcher. It gets to the world screen but there are no servers there. Then it just crashes help?

Are chat/label rings really worth that much?


The other day I sold a red cloud label ring for 200 mil. I checked the prices of the other red cloud rings in the fm and they were worth 500 mil, but I was trying to sell the item fast. My friend later told me that I could have sold the ring for 2 bil. I

Rate The Person's Look Above You!


Title says it all xD; oh and say whether they can be henehoes I know this has been done before, but i wanted to bring it alive again! So, don't be like, "ZOMG POSER ROFLCOPTER NIBSAUCE FAIL!" well here we go!

Is this a GMS thing? Potatotory


Sharing a not-so-pleasant observation after having my account migrated to the GMS service.

another returning player


yet another returning player after a few years off (since just after bigbang) looking for people to play with. either ems server is fine.

European problem


ok, so i live in Lithuania, but i cant play Europe and Global Maplestory either. tried using VPNs, but the internet gets too laggy, or i cant even turn on the game. what should i do?

Recepi drop in Reboot


Which monbsters drop the recepis for the stuff mentioned : Amaterasu gear set and the Lionheart gear set. Thank you :)

Describe the person above with 3 words


Just what the title says. 3 words no more , no less.

Petition Ban Eternalmemory


@eternalmemory She keep touche touche my meso but I say no touche touche my meso! Like ukkkking every day! I keep saying no you can't touche my 100k range but she keep toucheing! Very bad for our community so my fellow basilers pls help me get rid

EMS merge delay


( ) Ugh, I was stoked for this and now they're probably delaying it for 4 months or something. I want to make a kanna account :( Edit: The link wont paste prop

Bowman Forum

anyone selling oyamatsumi equips?


i need shoes gloves belt and helmet

Price check on Tyrant Charon Cloak


Price check on Tyrant Charon Cloak (epic potential), icoged scrolled +2, +3 atk, +2 dex. Thanks.

should i just reroll my IA?


right now my 2nd line for my IA is 16% crit which makes my crit rate 91% should i just use miracle circs and reroll for a better primary line, or should i farm up honor exp to lock my crit rate and hope for the best on the first line?

Dojo Question


Hey I have a quick question. For dojo rounds similar to floor 33 (multiple bosses at once) what's the best way to dps? *I made a poll but I can't see it? Please just leave comments, thanks for you input :D*

another this or that thread


so mercedes is the only archer ive ever played, but i want to main either a BM or WA. out of these two, which beats the other in these catagories mid-late game scaling pre and post 5th mobility ease of training somewhat tankiness ease of bossing

what combos do you guys use to train


so im training my merc rn and its lv 151, and im most likely going to go to moon bunnies and all the other common training spots. and i was wondering what combos u guys use while training? bc i just use whatever chains together

IA help plz D


What inner ability should I aim for? Right now I have 20% crit but I feel like I could still manage 100% w/o it.

Marksman or Wind Archer post 5th job update?


Hi all. Who do you think is the better bosser post 5th job update between MM and WA? WA 5th skill seems strong and also procs trifling wind and storm bringer. But with no damage cap, I'm thinking MM might still be stronger than WA because of the hig

Reboot Cvellum Requirements


Currently @ 1.8m-2m clean range with 240% boss, 90% pdr, 63% attack. Any tips and pointers would be helpful i am currently stuck and am unable to move any further. My goal for cvell is to reach consistent 20mil lines. Is it possible? Top 3 Equips: 21% Atk

elluel library


Winston at perion told me to go here. Where's is it the elluel library? I found it just now

Mage Forum

The Evan Achievement Thread


[header] Evan updates are coming! [/header] [b]Zeff (Rioun of Bera)[/b], welcomes you to the Evan Achievement Thread! This thread has become a gathering place for Evans of all worlds/servers and I'm very happy about that. Standing strong at [b]a lot of

Kanna 4K level ups


A Short compilation of levelups on my Kanna. Server: Kradia Europe Song: LSD - Trippple Nippple 2160p is a suggestion if your PC can handle it!

Kanna goes Ultra HD. MapleStory 4K video


Testing purposes, made a training vid :)

Reflection039s Animation


Nexon finally fixed Reflection's animation glitch after years. That was one of the reasons why I quit my luminous, and still waiting for the KMS's light/dark system to hit GMS and I'll be back. Hopefully ... but let's celebrate nexon f

BaM Hyper Skills

Battle Mage

I recently started playing a battle mage. I'm loving telecast. It's possibly the most unique attacking style in the game. I have one question, though? Does anyone else feel like our passive hyper skills are useless? What are we supposed to be pu

Evan039s Will of the Alliance help


Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone that's a Evan have the Will Of the Alliance Skill and Medal. The reason being, I'm level 200 and still didn't receive a quest for The Will of Alliance. I also finished the story line. Any help will be

Inner ability?

Fire / Poison Arch Mage

What would the best IA for fp be? I was thinking crit or boss. Since +1 attack speed and buff duration unneeded

Questions about Kanna


So... I've created a Kanna and burned her in the past days, he's (yep, mine is a boy) level 132 now, and he's really fun to play and stuff... But I need some help with him. Some questions for you guys answer to me: 1- Does Kanna have an em

Beast Tamers

Beast Tamer

Hey All, im coming back from a long long break been years since ive played. i was wondering how beast tamers are doing as of now for bossing and stuff like that i will most likely be playing on reboot if that makes a difference Thanks

Blaze Wizard Inner Ability

Blaze Wizard

title says all. Edit: im unable to see the poll that i made?? +1 atk speed, crit, boss, or bd

Pirate Forum

How much stat for 2m2m on a shade



Inner Ability after damage cap removal?


After damage cap removal during V update would it be better to sacrifice +1 attack speed for 30% critical chance to achieve 100% critical chance?

I miss this skill

Corsair And how we used to have only 2 skills to buff. ):

new ab question

Angelic Buster

So I recently made an angelic buster and i'm having tons of fun on it so far,and I was just wondering if you can equip nx items to change the look or if there's a specific cs item I can wear to change it. Oh,and its on reboot if it matters. Than

Typhoon range change

Thunder Breaker

So it looks like there was atyphoon range change on kms.

Anyone other pirates quit until we get 5th?


ditto title.

Best pirate class?


What's the best (define it however you like since I only want to hear your opinions!) pirate class atm? I just came back to GMS after two years and haven't really been updated on what's been going on.

Is Splitter for Monkey Militia worth using now?


Ever since the summons are able to deal critical damage?

Dojo dps for stages with 2 mobs


So for stages with 2 mobs such as leviathans, what do you guys do as shades? Is it more efficient to hit all 4 mobs using bomb punch + split or to use spirit claw x 3 mobs?

Answering Are corsairs a good class?


Hi all, yesterday I met up the #1 sair in bera. I took the liberty of recording her run to show you guys what end game - maximum potential corsair looks like. Hopefully this is good food for thought for any

Thief Forum

Shadower or Dual Blade


Hey guys. So i'll get right to the point. Im debating on which class to fund. Of course like the title its between a shadower or a dual blade. I find both of these classes fun and i do enjoy both of them. I just want to see on which one i should focu

Reboot Dual Blade Question

Dual Blade

What katara would be used to tranpose to a SW katara and at what starforce count? +1 Attack Speed or 50% Buff Duration?

Free market pricing?


How much would a Proton Suit (Male) go for in the free market?

Back in the game. help a dude out


I just downloaded MS right now and i was lookin round the forums to catch up on stuff. and i wanna kinda keep up w everything. i had fun doing boss runs and stuff, so i need to regear and what not. if i start from scratch estimate how much range could i g

Reverse Dual Blade Mask?

Dual Blade

Hi i was wondering if theres any dual bladers left in windia with a reverse dual mask that they're willing to anvil. im trying to get all my end game gear anviled for a dual blade im planning on maining

Selling/trading my dagger 3


Selling/trading dis; selling or trading for a lump sum of str% gear in equivalence. Help me fund my zero fam. ty

reboot vip katara


does alien visitor drop vip katara?

How to obtain Crit Rate?

Dual Blade

I'm currently a level 171 Dual Blade with only 39% crit rate. I would like to increase my crit rate to 100% or as close as possible. Any tips on how? (Other than Phantom/beast tamer link skill and marksman card)

Xenon Weapon 150 Question


Simple Question, does Xenon have a Japanese weapon that I can use to replace my Frozen Equip before cRA?

Unfunded DB on Regular servers

Dual Blade

Possible to reach 150 with burning event in a day? 139 db unfunded.

Warrior Forum

1 DA bera items

Demon Avenger

Hey guys, someone actually wanted me to post my gear on basil for some reason so here it is. In terms of range and what not I am currently sitting on 100% crit with dse, 247% boss, 86% pdr, and 3.6-4.1m with my standard buffs. Ho

What have you achieve on your Hayato today? Version 2


[b]Work in progress: THREAD FULLY UPDATED[/b] Original post by: @bubblecup118 [b][/b] Will be updated by me slowly after I get the formatting down. [b]Also check out @Repen

Reboot Mihile Need tips


Hey guys, i recently decided to main Mihile in reboot he is currently lvl 170. However, theres hardly any information on the class so i was wondering if some Mihile mains could help me in some points: What Hyper stat allocation should i be aiming for? Wh

End game bossing potential for Zero


Hi everyone! just wanted to hear opinions from fellow zeros on how you feel about end-game bossing potential of our class (Damien,Lucid,Lotus...) I feel very hamstrung by our combos sometimes, often being placed in a position where we have to sacrifice ou

Couple of questions on DA

Demon Avenger

I'm interested with DA lately and I have a few questions. 1) Since using another exceed skills now will raise the exceed count by two instead of one, is there a need to raise the hyper skill stat which reduce the maximum exceed counts? 2) What is

What is better 10 atk or 5% HP?

Demon Avenger

Cubing some bpot atm, wondering if 10 atk is as good as 5% hp.

Zero funded without using real money

Zero Hi all, this zero made it this far by spending very little real money on this game. Hope this serves as motivation for you non-Pay2win players in the non-reboot servers. It is possible guys.

Demon Avenger Endgame motivation

Demon Avenger

I ran across two demon avengers who killed hell gollux insanely fast and wanted to share their gameplay with other DAs in GMS. Just because pure soul chaser is gone doesn't mean the class is dead! link:

What happened to demon avenger?

Demon Avenger

I used to see them flying around all over the places, it's almost like a DemonAvengerStory instead of MapleStory. Now I rarely see them around, especially the one who main them. What happened? I logged in my mule and it is still hitting like a truck

Strongest Zero in GMS

Zero Probably the best controls on a zero I've ever seen.

Chat Forum

Should I be unsatisfied with how my life is currently?


Hey basilers, I just wanted to get this off my chest. Let it out somewhere. Because, to be honest, it doesn't feel good keeping this inside without anyone to say this to. To clear a couple things up, no I'm not suicidal. I wouldn't even t

Why do Korean guys have bangs?


It seems like 90% of Korean guys have this type of hairstyle: Am I the only one who thinks it looks objectively bad? Not as in the hairstyle itself is ugly, but it's qui

What is your gender?


I'm male. How about you? Edit: Wow, is everyone so insecure of their own gender?

Is uni better than community college?


My community college is a tad boring. There's no dorms, no frats, few clubs available, and the social life seems to be a bit lacking. I really want to transfer out, but it's gonna take 2 more years since I have to finish up my generals first and

LF gt Discord server


LF > an active discord server i'm bored :o



What is your nationality? Are you citizens of any one or two countries or permit resident somewhere...? What are they. I'm Canadian/French dual citizenship. I wish I was American.

What kind of car do you drive?


I drive a Subaru 05' STI

Do you style your hair when you are staying at home?


I noticed that almost every guys seem to style their hair with some kind of hair product nowadays. do they style their hair even after they get home and take a shower? my hairstyle looks something like this:

Basilmarket clearly doesnt support LGBT community

Chat Which could explain why Sirkibble was banned SeekingCuteguys can expect a ban too just because yes. OFFTOPIC: Does anyone where I can buy discounted google play cards?

Islam and Ummah


I got distracted at the beginning and went on a tangent. I get back on topic tho. . I was trolling some Arabs out of Saudi Arabia once regarding their presentation of historically and culturally inaccurate facts (holocaust deniers shoveling out reference

Entertainment Forum

Hey look another F R E E art thread

Art Currently running low on motivation fuel, giving free vector art to anyone who posts in this thread with a [post witty comment here][post pose desire here]. ( Please refrain from lewd poses thnx :) )

Do Hunter x Hunter get more serious later on?


I just watched episode 1 and 2 but it seems like it's very bright and shounen and whatnot, but I wonder if it'll get better later on? Does it gets on the level of FMA:B? I keep hearing that HxH is as good as that but I begin to doubt it slightly

Taking Requests


I'm bored, and I have some spare time. Leave a comment if you want me to draw your avatar or whatever, if you have something specific let me know or link me a picture. Thanks (^ ~^)

Dota 2 ITEMS for NX CASH


Hey guys, by any chance do some of you play dota 2? i was thinking of trading some of my items for nx cash, cause its hard to buy nx here and i also wanted to use my steam wallet for nx but maplestory is region locked in the philippines, hit me up at Rebo

Very Thinking


Much doge. Very internet.

What should I watch next?

Anime As you can see ive dug myself quite the hole and that hole will get even deeper within the next four months. This doesnt include series' I have on crunchyroll, funimation, hulu, and netflix. I have gotten into th

Water war artwork


Does anyone have any link to the official artwork for the water war event. I was able to find only one. D=

Looking for Beautiful art


I never got a chance to be drawn by anyone, so i want to get drawn by YOU guys! Thank you Alot!

hi i039ll draw you


(i haven't been on basil in 50 years...) i've never been good at these threads but just comment below and i'll try my best to get through as many ppl as i can wink wink ex. of my art: edit:

Kimi no Na wa Your Name Thoughts?


this was easily one of the best animes/anime films i've ever watched. loved every bit of it, but it's kinda hard for me to put into words why i love it so much. what did you guys think? if you haven't seen it, definitely go give it a shot!

anyone who live in toronto that goin to nuit blanche tmo and want a pic w big frig man crylol or may
This day in history school had an evacuation. Happy International Translation Day ! Happy Nat
Guys, that sweet girl with a smile I was talking about vanished. It's like she was all in my im
*buys mech key + mouse* *doesn't play online very well * *uses crap generic controller*
Time is a tool you can put on the wall, or wear it on your wrist. The past is far behind us, the fut
Not sure if she's really bold or just out of her mind
I just handed in my first lab report for AP Bio. I feel like I'm gonna fail so hard...
So does nexon really expect us to have 25 open ETC slots for the BBQ thing? - it keeps saying x/10
@rtyu show more mish mash pls i need more of your creative avatars <3
drew my somewhat first nsfw drawing
A man chooses, a slave obeys. -Andrew Ryans
Level 197 on my beginner now. Getting pretty close to that goal of 200 I've been slowly workin
Not sure what it is but I've crashed about 8 times in the space of 30 mins after this maintenan
-WARNING INCOMING LARGE POST AHOY!- Anyone know or recall of Squaresoft's unusual games? You
starboy is fire. i need more daft punk in my life. lf> new album
Finally! Painting the car, carbon fiber trunk/hood come in tomorrow, car is going to look kewlllllll
Many Darkrai to be collected
What is up Basil Alert Nation this is your Host Redeyed Keemstar LETSSSSS GETTT ROOOOIIGGGHHTTTT I

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