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Buff durations, especially thieves, too short General

Several classes including thief's buffs don't have long enough durations. night lord has 6 buffs, shadower 7, and dual blade 6, before decent skills and 5th job skills are even taken into account. That's way too many for them to only last 2

Perma Beginners? General

Hey guys! It's been a while since I last touched maplestory, I decided to check the forums today for old times sake. I know that the beginner forum is gone as well as the thread of beginner accomplishments, is there people here that still play perman

Looking for english speakers on CMS General

I'm living in China for a year and I was wondering if anyone here that speaks English plays on CMS. Also if anyone has any suggestions on what world to play on I would greatly appreciate that! Thanks!

Hell with Auction house DDDDD Merch

So i've just discovered the Auction house and i've been getting a lot of messos selling some occult cubes. I had a brillant idea of selling my Bloom of Lucid chair so that i have enough messos to get the full CRA set but instead of putting it fo

Beginners or any oddjobs General

Are there any left? I would love to come back and play with em?

Premium surprise style box question Merch

Hi, I've come back from a decently long break and was wondering are premium surprise style boxes still worth it when it comes to moneymaking?

is it worth anviling any of these? General

White mouse kit (face accessory) Revealed sylph ring Growing sylph ring (angel sylph effect) Cyclops eye LvL: 1 Broken cyclops eye A rice cake on top of my head 3x3 Gloves Homecoming victory gloves Super summer goggles Full set: Luminous / Kaise

Why do I still play this game? General

title, what's your answer?

Dying, if not already dead, game. What would you do? General

If Nexon gave you full authority over the game to either save it or sink it, what would you do? I personally enjoyed the game pre-big bang, everything after was irrelevant.


Hey guys, anyone selling Lefay Jester in scania? Add me in game/ comment with offer. Really need it as soon as possible

Armor Break Changes Bow Master

I've noticed that armor break has been changed to a 10 second cd with 1 sec min cd. What do I do with a skill that will add barely no damage? Should I still put 10 more points in it? at least binding gives platter 90% more dmg.

Bowmaster039s Inhuman Speed is bugged, please report it Bow Master

Fixed as of the scheduled game update on 7/19. ----- I've posted a bug report here: Basically, Inhuman Speed (ugh, that name...) will not activate after two

KMST ver. 1.2.053 New 5th Job Skills Bowman

##KMS 1.2.280 ###All Jobs [**Erda Shower**]: Shoot out condensed Erda to attack enemies. (master level: 25) - Level 1: Consumes 3000 HP. Deals 465% damage 6 ti

Mercedes gear? Mercedes

My Mercedes can only do about 300-100k on Ishtars and 1mil-600k on spikes royale with frozen gear full star forced, I've been trying to find rlly cheap cra gears but no luck as everything from Scania is 10bill ;-; Does anyone have extra bowmen cra g

p/c on secondary? Mercedes


Mercedes Key Configuration Mercedes

How do you guys do it? I can't even seem to go beyond the 170 hyper without completely running out of room on my keyboard.

Where to train at 220? Bow Master

I just hit 220 and I'm curious since I did an analysis on the places to train. So far torrent zone 3 has been the best since I can't efficiently train at dream keepers. And I don't know where else to look at to test if it's a good plac

KMST v1.2.049 - Anniversary Balancing Bow Master

KMS: KMST: (No differences from KMST -> KMS) ####V: Bowman **Guided Arrow**: dam

Who do you ship with Mercedes? Mercedes

What the title says

P/C On My Items Thanks You Wild Hunter

Fafnir Windwing Shooter: Wild Heron:

inspirational Kinesis Complete Grind guide 01 Kinesis

I/L update Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

So, this forum is really dead (all of Basil is really) and I'm bored, so what did you guys think about our new skill and the change to the way freeze counters work? if you're not up to date, the counters now decrease as we hit the mobs/bosses, s

Staff or Wand F/P Mage Fire / Poison Arch Mage

So I just made an F/P Mage and I can't decide whether to choose a Fafnir staff or wand.

Flame Gears? Fire / Poison Arch Mage

Should I even use this skill on my f/p? It does 280% damage and stays on for 15 seconds, and also does 130% DoT. The DoT lasts for 5 seconds. I think it's a pretty cool skill, really makes the place look like it's completely on fire, mainly th

F/P Mage How to DoT Stack? Fire / Poison Arch Mage

So I just made a F/P Mage and I still don't understand what DoT stacking is. I also don't know what skills to use for it? Can someone explain?

F/P Mage How to DoT Stack? Fire / Poison Arch Mage

So I just made a F/P Mage and I still don't understand what DoT stacking is. I also don't know what skills to use for it? Can someone explain?

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Cub Cavalry? Beast Tamer

Seriously, it's a gamechanger. Not only does it complement our cute demeanor, but it deals a LOT of damage. A definite improvement over our last 5th job skill which I've unbounded long ago.

Need help playing kanna Kanna

Hey, I've honestly never figured out the efficient way to play kanna (moving quickly and the fastest attacks) so I was wondering if anyone had any tips

Angel of Balance is a god but so are you Bishop

I didn't even get to max it, and I already fell in love with this skill. currently level 18, it's dishing out 1290% damage 8 times, for a total of 10,320% Damage. That's like a Bahamut on steroids. . . . I am joking. It's like TEN

Not sure if there is still anyone out there but Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

Recently I took a liking to Ice Lightning Mage but I've some questions. 1) +1 Attack Speed or 50% Buff Duration as inner ability? I've seen that the most "recent" thread has most of the users recommend 50% Buff Duration over +1 Attack

Normal Pink Bean boss - Solomon 11 Buccaneer

I'm trying this on my Lv 167 Buccaneer but I can't even get past the first statue (solomon?) This guy keeps reducing my hp/mp to 1 with freaking every single attack. I can't even get 3 attacks on it without getting reduced. Suggestions how

Reboot Cannoneer? Cannoneer

Hello! I really want to play cannoneer however Im just a little bit hesitant. Everyone says play the class that looks most fun to you and for me that is Cannoneer. All of his skills including 5th job and lines look like a great time. However I play on re

Shade new skills help Shade

anyone know how to get them i'm confused i did the 5th job adv quest and the arcane quest

is this normal? Shade are my stats normal for a 183 level shade? if not, how can i improve the stats? thanks!

Rejoice my fellow shades Shade

After almost a year, they finally fixed the shade damage skin --about god damn time.

Training shade vs TB amp scaling Pirate

Hey guys, I recently made a TB and it's been really fun so far. Mobbing is great and bossing is pretty good too. My main question is, which is better at mobbing, and therefore training? So far TB training has been pretty great. I love that you can h

Abs attack speed Angelic Buster

Hello again ^_^ My friend confused me about attack speed saying I have 1 only @_@ lol soooo the weapon says "fast" but idk the number for it So right now I have melody cross, ia speed attack, mpe, and dsi soooooo +4 attack speed? @__@

AB inner ability HELP Angelic Buster

I really wanted to get 30% crit rate but I got +1 attack speed instead. I am keeping it for now until I have enough mesos to buy circulators. Now my question is, Melody Cross + Monster park pot + +1 attack speed inner stacks right?

Tomorrow039s Patch Angelic Buster

Anyone else really upset that they delayed the update to our perm nx options...

Searching RED Cannon to anvil or buy, WINDIA Cannoneer

Well going through most of how the cannons look I personally like the RED Cannon from the RED patch Does anyone have 1 that they are willing to sell or let me anvil it. I will pay mesos and provide the anvil. This is on WINDIA server. HELP ME OUT! :D IGN

Returning DB from 5 years, Need help Dual Blade

Hey there I am a returning player from like 5 years ago. I used to play all the time and now I've obviously fallen behind on everything lol. I was looking for some new people to meet and for a Dual Blade around my level that wouldn't mind helpin

Best katara? Dual Blade

Recently I finished scrolling my katara to be transposed. Though I don't know if SW is the best, or absolab. Since it's not part of a set bonus, is there an issue with absolab besides the starting price? And I was suppose to put it to about 10 s

NL range/stats for Chaos Vellum solo Night Lord

I'd like to know what'd be the ideal range (not a minimum range, although the info would be appreciated) boss% and ied% for a NL to be able to solo chaos vellum, by ideal I mean killing it in less or about 10minutes. Thank you.

Aran or Xenon? Xenon

Hey guys, I just recently got back into Maplestory and wanted to make a main on Reboot. I've levelled both an Aran and Xenon to around level 160. I was wondering which of the two would make a better main. I honestly love both classes so I can't

bypass cooldown? anyone else? Dual Blade

so i am looking around on the internet and it says that with 5th job and sw knife, attack speed and buff duration arent that great. people recommend boss, attack, and one rare post : bypass cooldown. am i the only one that also has this inner? should i go

Tips for a new Phantom? Phantom

I recently created a Phantom in Reboot, Lv 153 at the moment. I've created a few phantoms before just to have fun in other servers, but I'm looking to make this character my main, and was wondering if anyone had some tips for a basically unfunde

REBOOT Funding a new Night Lord Night Lord

Hey guys! I recently got locked out of my old account so started fresh on reboot. I am planning to create my main, a Night Lord, via the burning event that begins on July 5th. I created a kanna about a week ago and at the pace im going, I will probably ha

Night Lords Mark on Gollux Crystal Night Lord

I'm not sure if its glitched or there were changes made but I find my Night Lord's Mark not hitting the gollux crystal. Is anyone else experiencing this or was it just a change to the skill?

Carries to CRA Dual Blade

Hi! i wanted to ask you guys about caries... as you can see im level 190 dual blade so i wanted to ask you guys if at that level someone would carry me to CRA or hellux

Funding with 10bil Thief

What equipments should I get for my lvl 160 phantom with a 10bil funding? Include the average cost of each item ploxx. Thanks :)

is my dmg range too low? Demon Avenger

im lv 204 and my dmg range is 418k clean and 589 buffed and 718k when fully buffed with overload released. iwanna know if my range is too low for lv204

what should i go for on my IA Demon Avenger

Hey guys, so I have about 960k honor exp, but I already have +1 atk speed IA. So originally, I was planning on locking the 1st line and going for critical rate, atk, or boss damage for the 2nd and/or 3rd lines during the 50% off IA resets this Saturday. B

AbsoLab Essense Zero

Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a Absolab Essense on Scania on GMS if thats known as the North American servers. Please let me know if you have one and how much you are looking for, in-order for me to take it off your hands.

Blessed Hammer is just what Pally needed Paladin

Seriously, this skill is bonkers.

Hayato REBOOT Range Hayato

Just started in reboot and I really like the gameplay. The only hard part I find is hitting mob. I'm heading into the 130+ levels and my range seems low and therefore the mobs take a while to take down. I am playing as a 'burning'hero or so

Back in action, need help with drk advice? Dark Knight

Hi everyone, i just started play gms. It been 7 years since i quitted ms, so i want start with my 200lvl drk and I dunno what to with gears stuff. I'm not familiar with those new skills, char stats and i need someone advice what I should do with my f

Stuck on a beast tamer quest Aran How to do it?

why is the blaster forum so dead? Blaster

I am a returning long time scania resident that decided to restart in reboot yesterday and I decided to roll a blaster and am loving the class and spending time learning the combo's but I cant help but wonder why our forum is so dead compared to ever

how to reach 1mil dmg? demon avenger Demon Avenger

hey guys my dmg range is 523k buffed like fully buffed and 344k when clean not. I wanna know how much dmg range i can increase from cubing and in general how to increase my dmg to 1mil. im Demon avenger

MapleStory BEYOND - Hayato 5th Job Skill Hyoru Getsuken Hayato

name good musical artists worth listening to Chat

title says all

I hate my life Chat

Hey guys. I have depression. I honestly think I'm a nuisance to everyone I know. I don't have any family problems but I'm 16 and have never had a girlfriend. How pathetic is that? Every single one of my friends has been in a relationship an

although i subconsciously materialized this a lot earlier in Chat

although i subconsciously materialized this a lot earlier in my youth, the older i get; the more i realize the sociality of people. ill be the first to admit, i had a pretty easy upbringing- from grade school to the final year of college ive always been c

Surprisingly my caffeine withdrawl symptoms are not bad Chat

I've been drinking a cup and a half of coffee every single morning for the last 4 months. Just decided to try quitting cold turkey two days ago because it felt like I depended on it to get up in the morning. Besides the foggy brain for an hour afte

BasilMarket is Dead but Who is Still Alive? Chat

Hello to anyone who is still alive, It's been a while. I started posting here since 2007 and that's when BasilMarket started its prime. For some of you reading, you were finger painting and singing your ABCs back then. Then somewhere around 201

what039s the most important thing in your life? Chat

what's the most important thing in your life?

When Forgiveness Doesn039t Work Chat

My family as a whole has been quite shattered and divided over the years, it has taken a loss of a loved one to reunite us. Well that was the dream of it but unfortunately dreams aren't real. During the past two weeks, as a show of support family mem

Stop locking threads also stop bumping them Site

Population here is low enough, how about stop locking the threads, but after 20 days after creation date the thread will become unbumpable. There should also be an option to subscribe or follow a thread or w/e you call it if you want to keep up with new

Police Brutality Chat This makes me so upset. What about you?

what did you do today Chat

[url=]i[/url] [url=]was[/url] [url=]sitting[/url] [url=]and[/url] [url=htt

Vgm Thread Nintendo

Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame music. Please one song per post so it doesnt get crowded. :) Rules: 1. one song per post 2. use this form

its me the lonely guy who draws for fun u can request Art

hey gang. Basilmarket might be dead, but never in our hearts. anyways i owed people some drawings so i did them. i also redid like 3. if you want to request for a drawing go right ahead. i need the practice. fill my lonely heart pls @distantsky http:/

Osu Any Tips? PC

I just recently started getting into Osu! (mostly because maplestory was down and I had nothing to play) and it's kind of hard for me to keep up with the rings, sliders, etc. Basically everything lol, and I can't even making it through one song

Favorite Ice Cream Nexon

clicked wrong thread thingy

Questions for phantom Nexon

I'm lv 130 phantom in Scania, and I'm planning on spending some money on my account. So I just have couple questions. 1. Is the only way to buy mesos through meso market and the meso pouch from cash shop? 2. My current damage range is 19165~2395

Drawing Everyone Art

Post here.

Which do you prefer, OP or DBZ? Anime

I personally prefer OP for it's serious, sad, and relatable moments and it's,"it's about to go down" moments. DBZ i respect because it was an inspiration to a lot of the shounen animes/manga including OP, but I still prefer OP.

Warframeis going OPEN WORLD And More PC


Maplestory Mugen 1.0 Full Game Update v4.3 Override PC

aight guys, here is the new update of Maplestory Mugen. The update contains: 11 Characters added under the roster, total was 55 Characters 3 Stages added Main Menu background changed Select background changed system.snd changed, changed with few .w

Aran andrenaline mode Nexon

playing with aran for a while level 140 when i get adrenaline mode i literally cant use the storm of fear no matter what i do down,left,right hold attack key i did it nothing + i tried holding it twice or tapping it twice i gave up is there a glitch or so

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MapleStory Screens & Videos

gakinotsukai ~50% chipped off of normal Damien. That's probably as good as it's going to get for me. I zigen on this day horizon zero dawn is my fav game bleute Does Daisy really weigh more than Peach? She was considered to be heavier in MKDS and looks slightly 3 alienpetplease Hey guys, as a collector i gotta find at least one of each. Dying to get them. I&#S>39;m looking 1 daimoauz I'll leave a smile here >>> :) 3 meiguihua I can't find a cheap weapon cover to cover that hideous beast tamer sceptre. 1 beefly new hair sometimes old hair sometimes new hair 4 zigen i want splatoon 2 but no money and no friends ericmart This day in history return of legends is back (pvp). gakinotsukai What!? 3

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