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Ideas to liven things up 19 Feedback for upgrading Basil? 39 Commerci Shipping question General

So i bought some stuff to make my Ship stronger. I bought Furious Black Powder, Enchanted Oil and Flash Fuel. I got those in my SET-UP tab but how do i use them ? When i click on them nothing happens. Thanks for your help :)

Reboot General

I Reboot FM doesnt work, you cant sell to other players. The Meso drop is five time non Reboot servers. That way you can make money to buy cubes in cs (with mesos) and so cube your equips. But you cant share your equip in you own account. Why is that? Whe

QuestionConfusion fragment price? Merch

Hello! I've not touched maplestory in a while so I'm just wondering what the price would be on confusion fragments these days. Thanks!!

Come join BattleCry Bera Guild All are welcomed D General

Hey you! YEAH YOU! Looking for a dream guild? One filled with the most super nice, awesome-sauce people you'll ever meet? One where you'll set your alarm just to get on Maple in time to play with your guildies?? Well search no more! Like, legit,


Recently, I've been fight at a map, Forsaken Excavation Site 1, and I have been able to get EXP at the map. HOWEVER, recently, when i was fighting, I was gaining NO exp AT ALL. Can anyone help me with this problem? P.S. I have died a couple of times

Rest in Peace quotRate The Person039s Look Above Youquot Fashion

And also RIP this forum in general. Came back for my once a year visit to Basilmarket and I'm pretty sad to see the thread has been locked from inactivity. I had a lot of great memories here from years back -- before Royal coupons were a regular cash

QuestionConfusion fragment price? Merch

Hello! I've not touched Maplestory in a while so I'm just wondering what the price would be on confusion fragments these days. Thanks!!

QuestionConfusion fragment price? Merch

Hello! I've not touched maplestory in a while so I'm just wondering what the price would be on confusion fragments these days. Thanks!!

I just realized General

We are the only fansite Nexon still recognizes Looks like they took out the subreddit, and uh, others idk if SouthPerry was ever there.


Recently, I've been fight at a map, Forsaken Excavation Site 1, and I have been able to get EXP at the map. HOWEVER, recently, when i was fighting, I was gaining NO exp AT ALL. Can anyone help me with this problem? P.S. I have died a couple of times

Training Location for 240-250? Bowman

Hey guys, I just got back to maple after a year and looking for a new training spot for bow masters to work towards 250 again. Anyone know some good maps in Arcane River that I could check out? Thanks!

Which class? Bowman

Restarting maple in Khaini. Wanted to know how much a Bowman would cost to fund to solo bosses and do great in team fights

How do you play a ranger Bow Master

Returning player from the good old days. Just made ranger and have no idea how to play well. Is arrow bomb better than the fire storm move? What are you supposed to do once you set up your arrow firing thing? Haven't seen any good videos/guides on

3 Line Hurricane Wild Hunter

So I sometimes see Wild Hunters with 3 line wild arrow blasts. How can I make mines turn into 3 lines?

KMST ver. 1.2.053 New 5th Job Skills Bowman

##KMS 1.2.280 ###All Jobs [**Erda Shower**]: Shoot out condensed Erda to attack enemies. (master level: 25) - Level 1: Consumes 3000 HP. Deals 465% damage 6 ti

Armor Break Changes Bow Master

I've noticed that armor break has been changed to a 10 second cd with 1 sec min cd. What do I do with a skill that will add barely no damage? Should I still put 10 more points in it? at least binding gives platter 90% more dmg.

Bowmaster039s Inhuman Speed is bugged, please report it Bow Master

Fixed as of the scheduled game update on 7/19. ----- I've posted a bug report here: Basically, Inhuman Speed (ugh, that name...) will not activate after two

Mercedes gear? Mercedes

My Mercedes can only do about 300-100k on Ishtars and 1mil-600k on spikes royale with frozen gear full star forced, I've been trying to find rlly cheap cra gears but no luck as everything from Scania is 10bill ;-; Does anyone have extra bowmen cra g

p/c on secondary? Mercedes


Mercedes Key Configuration Mercedes

How do you guys do it? I can't even seem to go beyond the 170 hyper without completely running out of room on my keyboard.

Kann nerf bs Kanna

Legit after the nerfs can't do any damage at all now... especially the worst when it comes to dojo. And guildies say you must clear 46F to be a main attacker... I can't do it :/

Ideal Equips? Kanna

Hey guys! Haven't played in a while and I haven't heard of stuff like the meister set and what not. What are the ideal items to get on my Kanna? I really want to deck it out. I thought the gollux set is better, but I've been seeing people r

Beast Tamer fun with Ranmarururu Beast Tamer Just doing my part to keep the section alive :P Beast Tamers still my fav class

PSA for fellow tamers Beast Tamer

cub calvary seems to work in gollux and cygnus now (from my testing)

Kanna nerf? Kanna

EDITEDEDIT: So Soul Shear still doesn't properly give 30% damage.. I'm waiting Nexon. EDIT: LMAO I WAS WRONG GOOD JOB NEXON NA!! You did it right. Now TMS fix your thing "Kanna's stats will be increased to make her more competitive a

Still loving Beast Tamerrrr Beast Tamer This section is quiet, so sharing :)

Thou shalt always be Furry Beast Tamer Those who still stay loyal to queen furry, just wondering what your latest accomplishments are? I recently hit 60k clean HP (70+ with HB) and over 2mil range finally.

A quotworkaroundquot for the Gold card bug Beast Tamer

Not sure how many of you are aware of this but I'll share my findings anyway. Should you end up being bugged by the gold card, as to you can't do anything, opening the [U] maple guide window and teleporting yourself to another map still works a

Back to Beast Tamer Beast Tamer

Had a 1 - 1.5 months hiatus from any game in general. Noticed the new BT 5th job skill and got back once my schedule permitted me. And I love it! I was stuck at level 209 for quite some time and bumped up to 211 the past few days.

Dream Defender Question Beast Tamer

So yea I was wondering how you guys do dream defender as I am really having a hard time with it.

T gt Good Fafnir Zeliska for Good Fafnir Lost Cannon Cannoneer

Hi, I recently wanted to job switch from Corsair to a Cannoneer, but I do not have a weapon for a Cannoneer, I was wondering if anyone would like a Fafnir Zeliska, legendary 15 star gun %att for a good faf cannon, here is a picture of my gun for full deta

T gt Good Fafnir Zeliska for Good Fafnir Lost Cannon Cannoneer

Hi, I recently wanted to job switch from Corsair to a Cannoneer, but I do not have a weapon for a Cannoneer, I was wondering if anyone would like a Fafnir Zeliska, legendary 15 star gun %att for a good faf cannon, here is a picture of my gun for full deta

P/C on Cannoneer Items Cannoneer

I haven't played for about a year now so Im not caught up on pricing I was hoping somebody could help price my old cannoneer gear!

Marcos amp Tips for a Mechanic Pirate

Hey guys, I just came back from like a 4-5 year break and I wanted to try out Reboot. I also wanted to try out a job that not many people play or even see, so I decided to main a Mechanic. I know it's a little chunky, a MP waster, and difficult to bo

Tempest anvil Corsair

Anyone know how to get the gun called "Tempest"? - Image

Normal Pink Bean boss - Solomon 11 Buccaneer

I'm trying this on my Lv 167 Buccaneer but I can't even get past the first statue (solomon?) This guy keeps reducing my hp/mp to 1 with freaking every single attack. I can't even get 3 attacks on it without getting reduced. Suggestions how

Reboot Cannoneer? Cannoneer

Hello! I really want to play cannoneer however Im just a little bit hesitant. Everyone says play the class that looks most fun to you and for me that is Cannoneer. All of his skills including 5th job and lines look like a great time. However I play on re

Shade new skills help Shade

anyone know how to get them i'm confused i did the 5th job adv quest and the arcane quest

is this normal? Shade are my stats normal for a 183 level shade? if not, how can i improve the stats? thanks!

Rejoice my fellow shades Shade

After almost a year, they finally fixed the shade damage skin --about god damn time.

New Character Night Lord

Hi. Ive decided to go back to my roots and make a new character that will end up being a night lord. My biggest worry is that the server I play on ( kradia ) is basically dead and there are literally no throwing stars in the FM, what is the best way to

p/c on fafnir cane Phantom

as title states, the its 277 attack 3l epic, not so great has a +20 luk pierre soul on it as well, 12/15 stars, answers will be appreciated

Returning and restarting from 1 Dual Blade

Hello. I've played this game on and off since 2007 and once again am coming back. I know that I want to play a dual blade, but what is the best server to play in right now to start off as? and what are some tips for starting over again completely fre

Paper Fighter Plane Stars Night Lord

Is there a way to update your character? tried going to settings and what not, couldnt find.

Returning Player Dual Blade

I came back recently from a few years and I want to know if my stuff is outdated or not. Dagger: Katara: Most of my other stuff is incomplete from what I remember. My range is ~600k

Do cores increase Sudden Raid039s DOT? Thief

Do cores increase Sudden Raid's DOT? EDIT: I just tested it and the core doesn't increase DOT. There is a "poison mist" core from F/P mage that increases DOT's damage, but the sudden raid one doesn't increase DOT. Why... nex

Returning DB from 5 years, Need help Dual Blade

Hey there I am a returning player from like 5 years ago. I used to play all the time and now I've obviously fallen behind on everything lol. I was looking for some new people to meet and for a Dual Blade around my level that wouldn't mind helpin

Best katara? Dual Blade

Recently I finished scrolling my katara to be transposed. Though I don't know if SW is the best, or absolab. Since it's not part of a set bonus, is there an issue with absolab besides the starting price? And I was suppose to put it to about 10 s

NL range/stats for Chaos Vellum solo Night Lord

I'd like to know what'd be the ideal range (not a minimum range, although the info would be appreciated) boss% and ied% for a NL to be able to solo chaos vellum, by ideal I mean killing it in less or about 10minutes. Thank you.

Aran or Xenon? Xenon

Hey guys, I just recently got back into Maplestory and wanted to make a main on Reboot. I've levelled both an Aran and Xenon to around level 160. I was wondering which of the two would make a better main. I honestly love both classes so I can't

Advice for Reboot Hayato Hayato

As the title suggests, I'm currently starting up a new Reboot Hayato and was wondering what I should target in terms of level 170-180 equips. I have in mind RA and Gollux gear, but should I also go for Tyrant as well? Any and all advice is helpful, a

Zero can equip 2/4 Darkness CS Items Zero

Hi there fellow Basilers, I have a suggestion in regards to Zero. I was completing the Darkness event quest today for the first time that this event has come out. I am unable to equips the cs items for shoulder and belt. Why didn't Nexon add a slo

A letter to my beloved family of Forum 44 Dark Knight

I don't know how many of you will actually see this thread. It's been a long time since Basil's sudden change many years ago, which led to me being unable to log on nor make an account. I tried one last time today, and to my surprise, I wa

End Game Gear Zero

I was told that the Zero gold label knight set is better than the RA set. Opinions? What is better for late end game?

Combo Question Blaster

Ive seen people no reload combo with these two particular sets Magnum and revoling cancel Magnum/revolving and double blast/revolving cancel Which is more optimal?

First time funding Hayato

So I decided to create a fresh new account that I would fund, I chose Hayato as my new main. So far I'm lvl 190, with full Fafnir, Gollux gear and half of the Tyrants. My range right now unbuffed is 450k and ~750k fully buffed with potions. Both my %

beginner039s question Demon Avenger

Hey guys! So, i played this game some thousand years ago and i don't know anything else from this game. I came back (new account, new everything) and found myself in this burning char event. Well, i just got lvl 135, it was pretty clear until lvl 100

2017 Paladin Override Guide Paladin

what do u guys think of my paladin guide

How to properly use Demonic Blast/Blood Feast? Demon Avenger

I was just wondering how to exactly incorporate Demonic Blast/Blood Feast while bossing in particular. You get the maximum damage output if you hold down the skill for 7 seconds. However, to hold down the button while having to use your other skills and m

is my dmg range too low? Demon Avenger

im lv 204 and my dmg range is 418k clean and 589 buffed and 718k when fully buffed with overload released. iwanna know if my range is too low for lv204

hey guys does anyone remember me? Chat

hey guys does anyone remember me?

What can I do to recover items from potential thief Chat

A week ago, my car window was smashed and I lost all my weightlifting gear (my fault; made a ton of excuses as to why no one would break into my car to get a bunch of beaten up equipment). Ever since losing my stuff, I've been checking craigslist and

BasilMarket Chat Consensus 2017 Chat

Henlo, friends. I'm noticing a TON of activity on BasilMarket across its many different sections, and I'm curious to know who is still active and for how long you've been on the website for (i.e. when you created your account). Here, I

Guide on how to workout with better potential Chat

to workout better using leverage in your mouth, buy a ring from a upscale store selling really good metal, sanded it til it's flexible, trimmed the width of it and left the cut open and put hard pottery clay on it so that i have shiny hard pottery th

Fitness Stats amp Goals Chat

Hey everyone, firstly I'd like to start off by saying I know this isn't, so if bodybuilding, powerlifting, and/or general fitness doesn't interest you then please hit the back button and go back to the Anime section. There

Laptop Request Tech

So I need a new laptop to bring to school that has atleast 3hours of battery life with light usage. Budget is $1000, hoping to get one discounted to $1000 during blackfriday. Going to mostly use it for school and CAD programs/rendering. What country/state

i know u are all depressed but here Chat

guys i know a lot of you guys on here always write some sappy sht about being depressing and feeling lonely or w/e. the older i get, the more i realize how damn important it is to have someone or some group you can confide in. have someone or a group of

Did you know Chat

Im just one of the many accounts @beefly has to self worship himself to look cool? Im amazed that after almost 2 years all my accounts aren't perma banned yet

laptop suggestions for tiesandbowties Chat

what's a good laptop to get under $1200.00? at least 8gb of ram is my only specification and maybe removable graphics card. mostly doing some photoshop and running a virtual machine for linux ontop of windows os.

You dont know me but i know you Chat

Just strolling by. Sup

Thundercall as a 3d maplestory dupe PC

I found a maplestory type game that is 3d in case you guys wanted this game,

Vgm Thread Nintendo

Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame music. Please one song per post so it doesnt get crowded. :) Rules: 1. one song per post 2. use this form


B>muay thai string,beige umbrella,tuna 20, hard hat, super stormcaster gloves,steel pipe, lillen balloon, visitor gloves/shoes and dex visitor helmet,angry mask, sad mask, explorer suits and weapons any server add me on discord SpeedyYuom#6846

I039m super excited for Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo

less than two days now!

Draw the above person in MSPaint Art

[header]Introduction: Welcome to (And thank you to those who contributed to making this) what is now the largest thread of the Art section! I made this thread to keep some beggars away from this section, as they have been clogging it up with spam threads

Looking for old artists Art

I'm looking for multiple artists but my files are messy and I don't know where the other commissions were but here's one : Any idea who drew it? It's a Basiler but I don't know who anymore thanks to Basil

Drawing Everyone Art

Post here.

Games becoming digital only Sony

Who else besides me will hate when all games eventually get released in digital only format? I like being able to sell games when im done with them, as well as being able to have a physical collection of games that hold value. Speaking of which; what is

I finally bought Skyrim Sony

Does that make me really weird given how popular this game is and how long its been out? I purchased the ps4 version for only $20 on ebay, Walmart still charges $40 brand new.

will draw ur char Art

hi im bored edit: first batch:

Sad Mask
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MapleStory Screens & Videos

yaggi As Thanksgiving comes to an end, how do you think yours went? 1 jaredragonx9 happy birthday @lamato, my first basilmarket friend. where ever u are, keep throwing those bombs 1 sunsetchaos #2017 #2018 still using old Mastery Books zigen is anyone playing pocket camp 3 yaggi What are you guys planning to do for Thanksgiving and the day after? I'm just taking my pare 4 msnite Current Goals: lv 230 360 AF lv 200 merc Future Goals (short term): lv 210 merc lv 140 haya 1 meiguihua I saw an old friend on MS today, I forgot his name. 4 beefly I can tell basil is dead. How? There's no troll/weirdo of the month like eternalmemory or th 18 vipdabes I've been on here 2189 days - Nearly 6 years. Crazy. 3 senkets Still naked... after all these years #Friends 2

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