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Important: Amazing artwork - that is all Important: Basil has search now

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That hype doe


Kinesis class hype DEC 15th/16th update <3

Swap 30% str gollux pend for int


Lf>someone to swap this for int equivalent. In MYBCKN server please. Thanks.

Reboot Meso bags WON'T RUIN Reboot World...


To be honest, the meso bags will not give a huge advantage towards the spending players. (As stated in the previous thread). People are making such a big deal out of something they haven't even seen yet. For all we know, the meso bags can produce 1-10m e

SDH leeching is done for!


Rejoice hardcore grinders for now the leechers must come to black heaven and steady the spawn rate xD

Coming back after a VERY long break


So Hi everyone. I've recently come back to checking around what's going in maple after a very long break and me getting sick of the whole pay to win thing. Even said, I kinda missed all the cute characters and fun times with a lot of good friends. Has a

Programs like Bannedstory?


Bannedstory is a little...outdated. I was wondering if there were any programs like that out there still that are more up to date. Thanks

Everybody joining Reboot, MUST READ.


Didn't mean to double post. Actual Post here:

Everybody joining Reboot, MUST READ.


Lets look into this, shall we. Best case scenario, they are 1k each and give an average of 2m mesos just like the regular sacks. that means 2k and a tad bit of luck will get you 1 cube. Now this is even cheaper than regular cubes. BUT! Given Nexon NA d

T. For Equal Phantom's Cane


It's a thief whip Server: Windia Add me in game: Fourze EDIT: I don't care about the lines are good or not, as long the cane is legendary and primed (15stars) that's what I'm looking for.

New Hypers


Does anyone know ~ how many hyper skills we can cap @ 200? Also what do you guys thing are the top priority skills?

Bowman Forum

Battle Analysis System

Bow Master

So when they finally do the reboot patch I'll be testing EXP gained per hour and will post results here. Will try to only use Elven Blessing and zero card. Will try to do this on non burning fields as well. Some places I'm going to test are : 1. Drill

Windia: LF> blue shiner or other cool bow to anvil!

Bow Master

I'm looking for a cool bow to anvil, if someone has a blue shiner I can trade anvils with them for my purple shiner! As far as any other bows, I'd preferably like a blue or yellow bow.

Mercedes or Bowmaster


Im thinking about switching from my Wind Archer to another archer class, but im stuck between the 2 classes. Both have their pros and cons. Bowmaster 1. Insanely high HPS 2. Very hard to fund and cap on Mercedes 1. Agile 2. No sharp eyes 3.

Selling VIP bow clean Windia


115 attack

kmst 1.2.024 - Queen of Buffs, here we come!


Before we even hit our skills: lv 100 Emblem for heroes. Please give a moment for this to sink in. and.. now skills. [Heroic Madness] Skill delay has been removed. Max damage limit has been converted to 10% increase in cap. Finally we got the weird ski

KMSt 1.2.24 - Bowmaster changes

Bow Master **Quiver Cartridge**: an error where Magic Arrows would ignore monsters’ attack nullification skills has been fixed **Arrow Platter**: an error where y

Increasing Range Help

Wind Archer

Hey guys I just came back to Maplestory after hearing about the reboot server and now I've been playing on my wind archer. I stopped playing soon after they got revamped and need help with increasing my range :(. I'm a noob and only get ~50k range buffe

Best bowman class after Reboot patch?


What's the best bowman class after Reboot patch? Are Mercerdes still any good?

BowMaster Skill keyboard setup

Bow Master

hey need some help. those who are bowmaster, whats your skill keyboard setup look like? i cant seem to find out my own setup. need something that feels comfortable. Screen shot would help or just type it. include pots setup too. i know there is a tread ab

Reboot: Bowman changes


Pre-patch hype thread(for now) ##What to expect? KMS 1.2.238 (Skill changes): KMS 1.2.239 (Hyper stat):

Mage Forum

F/P Mage For Reboot

Fire / Poison Arch Mage

So im comming back to play the Reboot server. I love my DRK but I dont want to restart a DRK since mine is 209. I wanted to go with F/P they always looked cool and interesting to me. Now I heard Myst Eruption is getting a bad nerf, does this make F/P real

Where do battle mages stand?

Battle Mage

The class battle mage has always intriqued but I haven't had the time to level one past the 80 dating back 2-3 years ago lol. How are battle mage's bossing potenial, like in high dps or low dps? How much dmg would I do with say 500k range? I noticed how

KMST 1.2.024 Buffs, buffs, more buffs!

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

Thunder Storm Thunder Storm: movement speed has been increased, damage formula has been changed to use the character’s damage instead of a summon’s Chain Lightning Chain Lightning: damage has been decreased from 255% to 225%, number of hits has bee

Battle Mage Easy Gollux Range Requirement

Battle Mage

What is the required range for a battle mage to solo Easy Gollux?

Bossing pot help

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

As a mage is magic att% mire important then boss% I'm getting ready to cube my staff secondary an emblem an just wanted to know the type of stats I should aim for as a mage with the intention of bossing hagnus,cra,hellux. Is it the same as non mages? 90%

Bishop Upcoming Changes Thread (11.26)


In order to have everyone caught up wuth what's going on in KMST (regarding Bishops) here's a quick summery: KEEP IN MIND THIS INCLUDES NEW CHANGES THAT WERE INTRODUCED LITERALY TODAY ##on June 24, 2015, [url=

More Evan tweaks and pretty Evan art *w*

Evan Evan sounds added and it sounds so immature child like LOL Magic Debris is finally useful and amazing :D Wth at the 5

KMST ver. 1.2.024 BaM dark element question

Battle Mage

Death: is now a Dark element attack Dark Chain Dark Chain: is now a Dark element attack Dark Lightning Dark Lightning: attack and attack when the mark is activated are now Dark element attacks Battle Spurt Battle Spurt: is now a Dark element attack Dark G

Myst Eruption post nerf.

Fire / Poison Arch Mage

With the upcoming ME nerf, should I work towards getting enough CD reduction so that ME is spammable again ? If so what's the best way to get that 5 sec cooldown ?

Help training evan FW or Blaze?


For all the experienced evans out there when training is it better to use Flame Wheel or Blaze?

Pirate Forum

Lv200 Shade quest spoiler KMST


Spirit Bond Maximum: Strengthen the bond between you and the spirits to the limit, additionally increasing your damage, attack, defense ignore, boss damage, and attacking speed while using Spirit skills for a certain period of time. [b]After completing a

knuckle anvil


whats the best knuckle to anvil? cant seem to find any cool looking equips

Perm Nx Look


Suggestions on a permanent Nx look on corsair. Feel free to include all eqps from hat to shoes. I'm not very creative so that's why I'm asking lol.

Transparent Shield

Angelic Buster

Hey fellow busters since I was never really sure about the difference between shield and secondary when it comes to nx items, will the perm transparent shield cover our soul ring?

inner ability


would i want 30% crit? or +1 att speed for my inner?

KMST ver. 1.2.024 – Bucc Buffs


I didn't see a thread on this, but Buccs got some buffs! Battleship Nautilus: damage has been decreased from 1020% to 440%, number of hits has been increased from 3 to 7 Mental Clarity: has been changed into a passive skill Willow Defensive Willow

kmst 1.2.024 Shade Change


From Max: Spirit Bond Maximum: Strengthen the bond between you and the spirits to the limit, additionally increasing your damage, attack, defense ignore, boss damage, and attacking speed while using Spirit skills for a certain period of time. After compl

Why do you love your pirate?


Pirates have never really been a mainstream class in this game; the only time you ever really see a lot of pirates is when a new pirate class comes out. That being said, why do you love your pirate? What motivates you to keep playing even though there are




Angelic Buster Changes

Angelic Buster

Hai guys, how do you feel about Angelic Buster's changes in KMS in this new patch? I'm kinda excited about Finitura Fettuccia cooldown time reduce :) leave ur thoughts

Thief Forum

T. For Equal Phantom's Cane


It's a thief whip Server: Windia Add me in game: Fourze EDIT: I don't care about the lines are good or not, as long the cane is legendary and primed (15stars) that's what I'm looking for.

Vitality Siphon - Preparation "buff"

Cygnus Knight Night Walker

In the Reboot notes it says that this hyper skill is increased from 1% to 2% abnormal status resistance per stack, but the skill says it is already at 2% per stack. Anyone know what's going on here?

carnival range cap


what range do you need to cap on carnival?

Shadower Range vs NL


At the moment, my shadower's range is around 1.1m clean. Would a NL's range and damage be equivalent/better with around the same weapon stat? Will provide stats whenever I'm home if needed.

Which Thief Class to choose?


With Reboot being a thing and all, I was thinking about which class to choose when I make my return. I don't necessarily want suggestions (I will still take them though), but just what are the pros and cons of each class, what does one class have over th

Scrolling Dragon Khanjar


So im hearing two things now, Scrolling a dkhan for attack or + luk? ive never seen a shad scroll a shield with %luk and yet im being told that +7 luk spell traces are better or even + 10 primes. the one telling me that + 7 luk or + 10 primes are better,

NX Items P/C.


Hello! So i recently bought the Summer Surprise Style Boxes and got a couple of NX Items. So i was wondering if anyone can tell me the prices for the following items. Any help would be appreciated! I am in Scania. Popsicle Sword Prismatic Sun Cap Sunset

Night Walker Playstyle?

Cygnus Knight Night Walker

How interesting would you say it is? I've played it briefly before, and I'm thinking about coming back to Maple for Reboot World, and NW seems like a cool little control-based (especially the small backstep) character. Pretty much just looking for a

My range is good or...?


Hello everyone, I would like to know what you think about my range because I don't know another xenon to compare my range. My stats are: lvl: 209 Buffed range: 970k (without OOParts Code) 1.4m with OOParts Code and link skill AB (lvl 1) Critical rate

Raven Persona?


Are raven personas still offered once in a blue moon for hot day events or are they completely gone forever? Havent seen them available for a while now. Also are they only available from hot day events?

Warrior Forum

GMS v.168 Reboot


RIP: Tempest even more so now.... And Drain, lets hope it heals based off total HP and not off base HP like it currently does.

Reason for spear damage buff?

Dark Knight

I can understand the reason behind the atk speed buff, but why the additional damage buff if spears already have extra base attack than polearm? Does this mean that there is no point in having a polearm anymore?

Getting DA wings to show up...?

Demon Avenger

I love my DA's purple wings but by default, any ugly cape I equip shows up, and any NX cape blocks both equipped capes and the purple wings completely. D: Is there a way to get around this - or, heck, a transparent-ish looking cape I can anvil onto my

To CRA or to SweetH2O

Demon Avenger

I don't know whether i'll care about resale since i'll be funding DA slowly and spending less money on it. But which would you guys prefer? This will be my main, always had been even though i didn't fund it like my Zero but it's what brought me back

Mihile Link Skill Max Level - 2 or 3?


Hi I'm getting conflicted information in game about Mihile link skill. On Mihile himself the link skill master level says it is 3. But on the character I have linked it, it says it is 2? ht

For all of you that don't keep up with kms


For all of you that don't keep up with KMS, here are all the recent changes that have been coming to Heroes. These changes take place between Reboot(Which we're getting on December 2nd) and the most recent KMS patch, which is coming on December 3rd for

KMST 1.2.024 Aran Changes


Source: From what the player showed in the video: 1) Adrenaline Boost: Duration increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds (20 with hyper skill). Damage boost while in Adrenaline Boost state decreased from 500% to

Feel left out in updates?


Do you guys kind of feel left out, whenever they release patches with updates to all the classes? Considering Hayatos aren't in KMS, I feel like we're just kind of irrelevant when it comes to that. ( Still love the class either way <3 )

Reroll or Nah


So currently my weapon is unique 3L with 17% atk total, I can reroll 54 times, should I do it or nah?

Any Hayatos planning on playing in Reboot World?


Any of you interested in Reboot World? If so, will you be switching back and forth between Reboot and your main world? Will you be playing there temporarily, or will you make a new main and stay in Reboot forever? Just wondering. I have always wanted to

Chat Forum

my friend i have not seen in years is trying to talk to me


how do i get rid of her to not folo me?? its onyl reason i moved schools to avoid and i dont wan to be frends with that thing again

Almond Chocholate Milk is amazing


It's the most delicious drink I have ever tasted. It's got that subtle almond aroma and not the overpowering cow milk base. The chocolate taste is also subtle. It's not as sweet as chocolate cow milk. It's not too creamy.. not too watery...

So which class are you playing for Reboot?


I only know the classes I will NOT play: Luminous, Kanna, Blaze Wizard, Beast Tamer, Shade, Angelic Buster, Thunder Breaker, Night Walker, Phantom, Kaiser, or Demon Avenger, cause they all SUUUUUCK. Considering Dual Blade, Night Lord, Paladin, Mercedes,

Loki cooks good


First you take a bottle of Seltzer. Then you drink half of it, and refill it with water. Then you drink half of it, and refill it with water. Then you drink half of it, and refill it with water. Then you drink half of it, and refill it with water. Then

help me out friends


I have not spoken to a friend of mine in a few weeks. We used to be best friends. I feel like it is too late to reestablish the friendship, but I have not replaced them yet so I miss having then there. What should I do??

Character picture


So I just joined BasilMarket and I was wondering how to add my character picture. I went to rankings and saved one of my character's pictures so then I added it but got rejected because it wasn't edited, so how do I edit it?

anybody have experience pre-ordering things?


Im wondering as i never pre-order anything, but i pre-ordered one of those officially licensed assassins creed hoodies, not from the ubisoft workshop website, but rather a different website that is operating in the UK and seems to sell good quality stuff

GTA 5 Lag (Rage)


Breathe in...breathe out... Ok so i was feeling 200% more gangsta when i started playing and when i got into the city it got so laggy!! -20-25 specs -swaggy windows 10 -laptop -intel inside Also one more thing is that when i started playing sim ci

Are we entitled to friendships or relationships?


I mean the right kinds of course. How does this really work. Doesn't everyone have the right to have someone or a group people in their lives? I've been thinking about stuff along these lines for a long time and well... When i look at society... I don

Time passes by so fast


I still remember learning my ABCs and getting scolded for not being able to memorize it in my daycare. Now I am almost 19. Times it by two and I'll almost be god damn 40. And times it by 3, who knows if i'll even be alive by then. It's kind of scary a

Entertainment Forum

Looking for light novel suggestions


So after reading an untold number of LN's dealing with reincarnation, I'm in the mood for a story with side characters that are actually complex. It doesn't have to be about reincarnation. So long as the characters have some depth to them, any genre wi

Steins Gate 0 Starts in 2 days


episode 1 (prequel) starts in 2 days get on the hype train bois

Best budget graphic tablet for beginners


As title says, what would be the best budget graphic tablet for an artist who's never tried digital drawing? I am being cheap but prefer not to pay too much as I just wanna try it and don't wanna spend too much just to try.

For people whos getting xenoblade chronicles x


Whos voice are you ganna have on your character? Im ganna have to go with shulks va for nostalgic reasons QQ. They also have ben diskin(number 1 KND) which is nice but meh. Tbh I wouldve gone with reyns va if he was an option.

Drawing People!


Hi yall. I'm trying to practice more on drawing but I feel like I need some assignment kinda style. So I'm requesting for yall to give me some characteristic about your character and I will try incorporate it as best as I can (Like some emotions or som

Need help finding this manga


So I read this manga three or four years ago.. I think the protagonist had blonde/light colored hair in a generic hairstyle between Cloud Strife and a fluffy chicken. He has glasses, but when he enters this fantasy world, he finds out that he doesn't n

Our god has made a new video


praise based Demolition D

R4 for new N3DS XL worth getting?


Is the R4 worth getting for my new N3DS XL(or anything similar)? I remember having one for my DS around 6 years ago, but overtime the R4 stopped working and was so glitchy/buggy that I couldn't even play it anymore. I plan on downloading games such as Po

Winter 2016 Animes

Anime List of 2016 Winter animes released. Im so hyped for Fairy Tail Zero!!!!!!! what animes are you guys looking forward to?

Weeb Room Schedule


I'm wondering if people still care about this? I don't see any of the basilers in the anime section anymore... :(

Tgt sup gollux earring perf scrolled12 int for same str and scrolls
The quest to attain guild members has not yet been successful I have one friend whos stuck with m
170 now shooting for perfected RA and 12 stars then starring tyrant gtO
Reboot coin shop looks amazingGuess Im gonna be farming coins after finals D
Does anyone have a heart key in scaniahttpwwwhiddenstreetnetgmsequipmentweaponstaffhear
sgttyrant thief belt 3bil in windia already psokdmsg me on SoldOut or pm me
People complaining about Reboot and its Pay2win Yall predicting a bad future Shts gonna be
Is it possible to hide that pesky orb infront of Lumis
recording a bomb punch cra run tonight to compare pre and post reboot not looking forward to von bo
Soooo not to alarm anyone but Ive started randomly coughing up blood once every couple of hours
buying relik familiar buying
When old update is over and new patch notes about to come out and you just hope theres new good st
i ran 10mph today and i took allergy pills with it
I ate 6 medium veggie pizza slices Worried the cheese will go right to my thighs
On the first day of Cacamas my booboo gave to me
which of these looks better left or right httpisnaggyoX0W2jpg
Replaced a cheap Astek CPU liquid cooler with a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Arctic Silver stained u
i cant wait for my 3ds to be hello kitty themed httpiebayimgcomimagesg1hcAAOSwys5WWGMnsl50
Today I became a rebel I walked out on a test gt
Thinking about anvilling my entire Fafnir set to look like a level 3035405060 set the old low l

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