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What are you planning to do in game next?

Important: Amazing artwork - that is all Important: Basil has search now

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Selling cheap Spring Flower Corsage in MyBacon


Insert dreams here

should I buy this and tranpose to SW?


for my cute db

Quit maplestory while you still can


You have your whole life ahed of you. I havent touch this game over 1 year. I was focusing on my self for 1 year and my life has been so much better. Quit maple and work on yourself. This stupid game is wasting your time. You have 1 life and you're wasti

What will make in reboot?


What will you make first for reboot? would it be best to make a merc or cygnus?

Buying 9%+Dex Bowman RA and Unique/Legendary Fafnir Crossbow


Buying 9% or more Dex Bowman RA and Unique/Legendary Fafnir Crossbow(Perfected ill pay more) in Windia, my in game name is Rainbowsome. Leave name offers, send me a friend request.

When will Reboot be released?


I haven't played MS in a very long time, but I saw the Reboot trailer on my FB newsfeed and I definitely want to play it with my friends. I couldn't find a release date for it, maybe one of you guys know? I know GMS is a certain amount of months behind

reboot my butt?

General I didn't read it in detail whats this all about will it make the game better or worse? will it improve and balance classes and build the community more closer?

reboot my butt?

General I didn't read it in detail whats this all about will it make the game better or worse? will it improve and balance classes and build the community more closer?

Hard gollux


so ive been wondering if its hard to solo hard gollux,im a 150k kaiser

Popular servers in kMS?


If Scania, Bera, Broa, Windia are like the top servers of gMS then what are the top servers for kMS?

Bowman Forum

Best bowman class after Reboot patch?


What's the best bowman class after Reboot patch? Are Mercerdes still any good?

BowMaster Skill keyboard setup

Bow Master

hey need some help. those who are bowmaster, whats your skill keyboard setup look like? i cant seem to find out my own setup. need something that feels comfortable. Screen shot would help or just type it. include pots setup too. i know there is a tread ab

Reboot: Bowman changes


Pre-patch hype thread(for now) ##What to expect? KMS 1.2.238 (Skill changes): KMS 1.2.239 (Hyper stat):

Mercedes Skin Color Change?


Hey guys, I decided to make a Mercedes. But, I noticed you can not change the skin color of the char? Is there any way to change your Mercedes's skin color without using a coupon? Thanks.

At what damage does a BM out damage a capping MM.

Bow Master

I still feel I do a lot more damage as a MM than a BM - dispite having a better bow and potential lines. So basically, what damage would equate to outdamaging a capping 500m marksman with dece si and attack speed inner and green pot? (Max attack speed)

Marksmanship % PDR question

Bow Master

The 3rd job skill marksmanship says "When attacking, ignores 25% of monster's Weapon Defense" Does the 25% add to and show up in your character stats PDR window, or is it hidden and only implicit when you are attacking?

Any Xbow Training Tips.


Hello everyone, i recently came back after quiting like in 2000.. Anyways i just wanted to see where i could train / pq since everything has changed ALOT. Crossbowmen lvl 30 only took me about 2 hrs in 2 days to get to this level... Amazed at how fa

WH (post-nerf) vs bowmaster

Bow Master

Previously WH were one of the best bossers, with their 3 line hurricane/WAB. KMS released their nerf for WH, which includes a significant decrease in % debuff chance, claw cut went from 60% to 30% (none of the jaguar skills now, except jaguar soul, goes a

Soo I have 30 bil

Wild Hunter

Hey guys I have 30bil to start funding a Wild Hunter, can anyone just give a couple tips on what to buy and what type of stats on those things. Also, can you please tell me what my approximate range will be, thanks :)

Why are bowmaster so weak compared to MM?

Bow Master

I could cap and solo everyboss up to and including Cvell as a MM with an 8-9 attack scrolled xbow. I bought a primed Faf bow with pretty good pot lines for 20b and I only hit 25m lines on bosses like zak with split hurricane, so Id assume 12m lines on Cve

Mage Forum

What is the most dps efficient way of fighting

Battle Mage

Since teleport will put a proc on the mob, would it be teleport finishing blow teleport finishing blow etc etc, or would spamming finishing blow still be more efficient? Also is using weakening aura to apply the damage reduction then switching worth it?

im sad kms keeps butchering BaMs

Battle Mage

i mained it since they came out and just left after they removed aura stacking and bkb cd cus that just started going downhill, and its still getting bad

Evan Changes (KMS) Better or worse for unfunded players?


Which Evan its better? the actual one or the one after the changes(FOR AN UNFUNDED PLAYER) and why?

Ice or Fire?

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

I currently play an Ice Lightning mage and I feel like I'm quite weak despite my 1.6m range. Lately I've been wanting to switch over to my blaze wizard, and if there is a p.sok sale during black friday I will... but would a BW with 1.2m range be able to

440k self buffed and have 10b to increase range, help!


Since website is potato code, here is my edited post: Basically I'm lost and feel like I've hit a plateau when it comes to increasing my range. Was wondering if I can increase it by at least 300k if I use the money wisely; if not I will spend it all on

The best looking Evan in a trailer...crying

Evan This is the most beautiful I've seen Freud look since a long time, says NO ONE WHY ARE WE SO UGLY LOOKING IN HERE I get it's a prequel and supposed to be old looking but damn x_x Also, I'm

Best character cards for I/L mage?

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

What are some good character cards I can use on my I/L mage? I was thinking of the Marksman card to add a bit of extra critical rate. Is there any other good ones that people normally put on I/L's?

Stats needed to solo Hellux/Hard Magnus/CRA


As title states ^ I just wanna know whats the minimal stats needed to solo hell gollux, hard magnus, and CRA(probably chaos Pierre because I heard he was the easiest?) Stats like: Boss %, Ignore Def %, Range. It'll help me set a goal and see how

Staff questions (Fafnir vs E staff)

Battle Mage

Hello, so I am a bit new to the revamped BaM community and I had a few questions about staves. So I know that Fafnir staves have more M.Att available as well as the set effect, whereas elemental staves have the benefit of speed. Now, I was wondering which

Character Card Sets For Luminous


MAGE(% Max MP Added as Additional Damage) -Beast Tamer, Kanna, Luminous PIRATE(% PDR) -Shade, Cannon Master, Mechanics WARRIOR(% Max HP Added as Additional Damage);reason why i chose this specific set was for the specific cards -Zero, Demon Avenger,

Pirate Forum

Help Appreciated!


I'm planning to main a Corsair. I was wondering if any of you had any tip/tricks, as well as what I need to go for equip wise in order to solo CRA, Hellux, etc. Funding wont be a problem. If you would like to go into detail on the stats each equip should

lookin for strong buccs


who is strongest bucc u know, I am gona play one for a bit and want to see how I will compare to strong people. total str, total att, %att pls god bles

Damage reduction on TB not working properly?

Thunder Breaker

As titled. Leveled a TB to 130, very fun character to play. But I noticed that damage reduction doesn't seem to work properly. TB has 10% damage reduction from Ironclad and 20% damage reduction from Electrify. So naturally when Zak does its 1/1 attack w

Speed Cap with Spirit Bond Max


So i thought about this for a while, does Max Spirit Bond (hyper buff) for shades ignore speed cap, or is it limited by it?

Main Corsair?


Thinking about maining Corsair what do I need to know?

Soul splitter makes elite bosses faster?

Shade LOL? soul splitter didnt make them grey like .. any other bosses I can split. I got the spawn animination too.. soo. does it rly make elite bosses spawn faster?

new to shade


brought my shade to 130 so far and absolutely loving his playstyle/skills. my range seems to be lower compared to other classes around my level. i am unfunded and will be using 70% cra gear. Im just wondering how they would fare out unfunded and how much

Suggestions on final state of my 'central' gear.

Angelic Buster

I feel, for the most part, done. I hate losing a line on an item as important as my primary weapon...but, I guess, oh wells. My question is: does anyone else have any suggestions, advice, thoughts...maybe an angle to approach (ie angle insofar as strategi

Let me know what you think


So after hearing what a lot of people have to say about the Buccaneer class, I put together a few changes that can hopefully be approved. Feel free to comment, disagree, or point something out I may have missed. You can see said changes by clicking here -

Tyrants in Windia.


I'm currently selling a Pirate Tyrant Gloves (epic pot) 3.5bil and a Warrior Tyrant Shoes 2bil. You do the psok add me in game ign is Fourze

Thief Forum

should I buy this and tranpose to SW?

Thief I have perfect japanese katara that I need to tranpose too. this dagger worth buying? and tranposing to sw dagger?

Night walker vs Night lord without funding


Which class can I play with barely any funding?

Make money as a Shadower class?


I really need to know how to effectively up my range of 70k skill buffed range at LV. 154. I'm really poor as I have 40,000,000 mesos and I don't want to spend real money into this game. I've been trying to make half earrings with my zero with LV. 8

Range calculator

Night Lord

In the past 2 weeks i have finally gone beyond 2-2m. I have a good guesstimate of what my range is but im not for sure. I know there is a mathematical equation to get me the answers im looking for. Can someone provide me with this info please. Thank

some items.....


S>items offer please(Windia) lv90 thief top -10%luk(epic) lv80 thief bottom -luk17%(unique) carte finale -luk9% dex9% 35% defense ignore(legendary)

phantom: where 2 go with it


ok hi.. i've just hit 145 with my phantom and i was wondering what i should do next. it's my main (although ive gotten to 150 before with an xenon) and my second highest level character ever lol. im not sure what i should do next. my range is 35-37k

Sudden raid most trash skill in the game?


It's slow, it does almostnothing, it has huge not-move-animation after cast. Srsly.

Support Phantom in Lotus


Hello Basil, I have recently started to Support a Lotus Party but I need help with stolen skills. ATM I am using... First: Dark Sight Second: Heal Third: Shell Fourth: Speed Infusion What are your thoughts on these skills and what would you recommend to

Xenon Inner Ability


Oi guys, I've just been using up my honor points for fun on every character. Got Legendary on my Xenon today and the first line is 29% crit. Is that worth keeping or should I just re-roll?

Too weak for Magnus?


I'm having about 300k damage range, yet I kept ran out of life at 15 min mark with 10% of magnus life. It seems the system kept cheating on me and I have to say shadower's only issues are skill dependency where the character wont boost skill on time a

Warrior Forum

Zero Ranking Question


Does anyone know how to "main" aplha in rankings? Some people has Alpha as main character and other ppl has Beta, I have Beta and want to change it to Alpha, I have tried to log off as Alpha many times, didnt work. [url] http://maplestory.nex

P/c please~


Wondering if anyone could give me a ballpark for these in bera?

Mihile is being detested this much?


Reboot patch is coming and no one talks about him. Heck there's only like a few threads being started when Mihile was revamped, even until now. So the kid used to work with a terrible old shop owner will eventually go back to his horrible life once more?

reboot update


hey so in the next job update will paladins be able to hit 10 times with blast? Cuz apparently they use to hit that many times and i didnt know xD

Zero Chapter 3 Part IV Crash Bugged?


I keep trying to click continue story in the quest page for this lvl 126 quest, but it tells me "The story cannot be proceeded here". I tried this in both Henesys and the temple. Is this a bug? EDIT: got it fixed by Nexon support, pls close t

What attack speed are Katanas


Attack speed value please (4 or 5) and if the attack speed is 4, no point getting dsi/+1 Attack Speed IA right?

zero quest im lost


how do i get out of this place its zero quest thing at lvl 140 and yes i did goto the portal to my left but it doesnt go anywhere

Question Hero range


What would be a good range at lv 200?

Fafnir Raven Ring bug on Hayato?


When i enter Quick Draw stance, the weapon disappear. Also happens when i jump in the air or if i'm in the air (falling) Kind of a turn off, i want to see me weapon :( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How weak Arans became after KMS 1.2.248 patch


Sorry for beating a dead horse, but amongst the continued streams of discontent posts at (Korea's Southperry equivalent) about how weak Arans became, finally someone posted screenshots of a funded Aran's stats and his corresponding damage out

Chat Forum

How to have fun for hours


[url=] Enjoy! You can thank me later. [/url]

PSA: @WALL report to this thread


@wall can i have your number pls

Complete pc rebuild


So my pc has been getting older and older and I feel like it is time to upgrade. I'm planning on building my own computer but I'm not sure what all to get. Currently my setup is an Intel i7 processor 10gb of ram and a GeForce GTS 450 graphics card. I'm

Rant thread


Blast your unhappiness away, or whatever. Why the hell do I live a life? Why do the world revolves around money and power so much? Why can't human live together in peace? Why am I not a normal person who think like other people in the world? What

Japan: The asian muslims?


After reading lots of stuff about japan culture I have concluded that the idea we have of muslims right nows is pretty much the same as Japan behaviour, with a very little difference, muslims (Isis and whatever) kill or hurt ''innocent'' animals, whic

Omg embarrassing work story


So I work at my school's office part time and they are having a christmas party with top MBA participants. my supervisor told me to buy christmas crackers for 30 people. being an asian kid who knows nothing about christmas except gifts and trees, I bou

urget help NEEDED


what r sum websites i can watch anime off of on my phone

Duel me fam


ay bruh, duel me and ill send u to the shadow realm, com @ me

My lord guys, I love it!


Today just as yesterday has been completely wonderful. I'm trying out Pocky for the first time in my life. Chocolate banana flavored too! It's SOO GOOD! I LOVE IT! There's a Asian community or small town in my city and my friend wanted to take me o

How to relax? Please?


I'm pretty uneasy these days and there's nothing I can do atm so I can't take action against it. What do you guys do to forget about your problems or to relax or put you in a happy mood? Games aren't doing it for me. Help me before I start melting.

Entertainment Forum

Winter 2016 Animes

Anime List of 2016 Winter animes released. Im so hyped for Fairy Tail Zero!!!!!!! what animes are you guys looking forward to?

Weeb Room Schedule


I'm wondering if people still care about this? I don't see any of the basilers in the anime section anymore... :(

Oh japan... Street fighter x Sumo

PC [url=]gameplay[/url]

Imouto Sae Ireba Li gets manga

Anime The story follows the everyday life of Itsuki, a novelist and "modern day Pygmalion" who works day in and day out

Which Nintendo 3DS games Should i purchase?


With a $50-$60 dollar budget max. I'm hoping to maximize this budget and be able to afford 2 games. Walmart slection of games decreased in price & since i got a few bucks. I want to finally purchase a new game for my 3DS. The only games i have for i

I will draw an avatar of someone maybe


Cuz im bored and i wanna draw, but i might not idk leave a comment and ill see what i feel like havent drawn digitally in like 2 months lmao :)

in search for anime


What are some animes like black lagoon, gangsta? i really like the animation in gangsta. ive already seen jorgumand, darker than black, canaan..etc. prefer a lot of action, can do some comedy.

drawing people



Any good anime / manga like ReLIFE


Now this is a good one.

Anime ending of the season


Best ending of this season:

Iif its not too much trouble could you guys regard me as the fierce burning tyrant of the hi
urlhttpswwwyoutubecomwatchvdQw4w9WgXcQ Youre gonna get Rickrolled url
The only time I ever stuffed a kid in a locker was when the smallest kid in our class asked me to be
just used one red cube and got my bow to legendary WOW
huge sale fm7 grazed Fauuko Shop
The 30 coupon expires on the 1st of December lol
I need a better understand of how the Transfer Hammer update works Is it basically transposing Doe
Its uncanny how my roommate always manages to come home when Im cooking and insists on cooking
Does anyone else have anxiety Im struggling with coping with my new job No matter how many times
Does 30 off coupon work on a stack of 11 premium surprise boxes
I hate squirrels I live up in the mountains so of course we get a lot of animals Well given t
Shiny Ribbon Hair y u mek me cri Still Lgt
I might come back just to play the Reboot world seems like a neat idea
That new Reboot world is super enticing I really want to try it out and see how time consuming it i
Recruiting 3 people for rank 5 goldsilverfor league of legend
Maplestory is the place where you will find the most double standar people ever yay
i leveled up went back to black heaven where i was stuck and it got harder SOS im lvl 79 i wante
I was totally wrong on them bringing REBOOT world to GMSReally shocked they decided to do it
how do you change your avatar now
Im going to make an mmv again like Im 13

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