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Describe the person above with 3 words


Just what the title says. 3 words no more , no less.

Monster Collection


Does anyone have ay tips or shortcuts for getting the monster collection? Supposedly you need the monster book card and a couple minutes grinding, but some things (aka the statues of Pink Bean, or the trunksin Future Perion) don't drop them. how am I

JgtGuild in Scania


Looking to join a fun, somewhat active guild (hopefully a good number of members in the guild) in Scania! Doesn't have the be centered around bossing. My ign is Junichi I am level 203 Thanks!

Whats the best feeling in Maplestory?


That moment when ____? for me is when a schedule maintenance gets extended 2 hours from its original time, feels good man.

Tower of Oz - Dorothy


Is there a guide for Dorothy boss somewhere? I can't seem to find any. Not the guide for floors but the boss itself. I'm trying to study the mechanic of the boss and I honestly have no idea what its skills are, how to avoid it, etc.

Rate The Person's Look Above You!


Title says it all xD; oh and say whether they can be henehoes I know this has been done before, but i wanted to bring it alive again! So, don't be like, "ZOMG POSER ROFLCOPTER NIBSAUCE FAIL!" well here we go!

Cant access Root Abyss through diensional mirror


When I try to access Root Abyss through the dimensional mirror it teleports me there.. However, the keymaker is missing, there are no portals to enter the bosses, and I can't talk to dorothy. I did the prequests the very day root abyss was released a

Back to Maple after a year break


Just came back to Maple after almost a year break. How has things been going? Any drastic changes/updates I need to know about? I logged in today and saw my luminous hitting a 1 million line. Don't remember my range or previous damage but I know I am

How do you claim Star Planet Prizes?


Kind of a dumb question but I just started and I'm a Junior Star at the moment, but I don't understand how you're supposed to claim the prizes they give you. I clicked on my star icon in the bottom left and I can see what the prizes are, bu

Ardentmill Grinding


Smithing involves you just crafting arrows after arrows until level 10, then getting to Master Craftsman crafting Timeless/Reverse boots then you know the usual but. How do you grind Alchemy? and whats the right means to get to Meister for alchemy?

Bowman Forum

Stats Required for CRA Bosses


How much boss,pdr, and range is required to solo cra bosses(not including vellum)

Do we need stance?


I was wondering if marksmen need to get power stance, because I'm hesitant to level a mihile due to the fact that I don't have any character slots left, if so what do we need it for? Because if its major component to end game bossing, I might j

Bowmaster 5th job

Bow Master

First patch: Second patch: **Bowmaster's Character Card** and **Wind Archer's Chara

Level 230 Achievement


So I finally hit 230, I was going to make one of these threads at 210, 220 but I thought it would be more meaningful at level 230. I'm only doing this in hopes that someone gives me a cookie. [url=]Also Modesty is recruiting i

Bowman shadow partner


so looks like merc's 5th job is p much shadow partner which I'm not complainin about :D imagine a bowman class with shadow partner (: oh the beautiful lines on ishtar's ring

Which Archer Should I choose?


Hey guys, I have come back from a long hiatus of not playing (probably around the time demon slayers came back). I will be starting reboot and will clearly be unfunded. I've always played mage classes before, but they're not the best of bossers.

Mercedes 100% Goal - Help/Advice NeededReboot


Atm my Mercedes has 84% crit(9% from my 2ndary). With dse, i get 94%. If i level a marksman to 100 ill get 3% to bring it up to 97%. Should i invest 3 lvls on the hyper crit stat or is there another way to get 3%. Note: Phantom lvl 2 link completed. I do

A Few Questions Before Starting

Wild Hunter

So I've been thinking about making a WH in reboot, but I have a couple of questions. -How capable are they of surviving. (My corsair is so squishy is gave me PTSD) -Are they really that bad after their nerf? -Are they complicated? (all those jaguar s

is lv210 worth it?


Level 3 link skill gives an extra 20% exp. Is it worth getting to lv210 considering SDH is gone?

Where should I train 170?

Wild Hunter

Ayo, just came back to maple and am playing on Reboot , and since I loved Wildhunter on Windia so much I decided to make another. Currently I'm Lvl 170 with some O.K gear got a range of 160k buffed without hyper and am wondering where I should train

Mage Forum

Battle Mage is not as tanky as I remember?

Battle Mage

I'm not sure why but it doesn't tank as much as I remember? I tested horntail and Von Leon a few hours ago but they are dealing body touch damages from 3k to 5k to 9k (horntail's tail) to me, which is quite large when I only have 30k hp. I&

Icog-ing vip magician shield

Battle Mage

so i have a quick question. i am currently trying to make a shield for my bam and i have enough hero coins on my aran for 3 icogs from the even shop. the shield is scrolled once with m att and so my question is: do icogs give stats that would make an item

Kishin glitched will be fixed


Tomorrow's maintenance on 07/28/16 from 7am to 10am PST per Nexon will fixed/address the issue of the Kishin glitch The Kanna skill 'Kishin Shoukan' will now properly reduce the respawn time of monsters on the map and increase the amount o

Dark element and elemental staves

Battle Mage

this post is just to clarify that battle mages having many of their skills changed to have the dark element will not affect bams using elemental staves. As noted in this post http://www. basilmarket. com/forum/2271732/1/

LF i/L 5th job videos

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

I need to watch em ALL I cant find em anywhere pls halp :~(

Why no one tell me about this?

Battle Mage

For God's sake I would've main this a hell lot earlier if someone discover this instead just telecasting vertically only like some hobbo high on drug chasing the imaginary glue in the midair. Out of the boredom that I can't find decent MMOR

The Evan Achievement Thread


[header] Evan updates are coming! [/header] [b]Zeff (Rioun of Bera)[/b], welcomes you to the Evan Achievement Thread! This thread has become a gathering place for Evans of all worlds/servers and I'm very happy about that. Standing strong at [b]a lot of

Soaring Skill?


I've been looking everywhere for an answer but cannot find one! So in the announcement video for the Evan revamp, I noticed he was finally flying while riding Mir! How can I do this?? I already have Mir as a mount, and I have the soaring skill but it

Thoughts on Pray 2


EDIT (July 16): this just came in; Max level is 20. While using Pray, you cannot receive the effects of another Bishop's Pray. All of the following information is pretty much

Worth switching from Blaze wizard?

Fire / Poison Arch Mage

I'm tempted to create a fire/poison with the burning effect this summer. I've been told that my range (currently 1.1m buffed) could increase significantly if I switched. How true is that?

Pirate Forum

KMST Buccaneer 5th job short video

Buccaneer Transform is back, but it looks the same. This looks really lazy because I was hoping they updated the look. Spirit bomb is eh, and teleport skill is just copying kaiser's.

Maintenance 07/28/16 from 0700am to 1000am PST

Thunder Breaker

per Nexon website regarding the missing link mastery on TB's for 3rd job advancement The Thunder Breaker skill 'Link Mastery' will no longer be missing from the Thunder Breaker's 3rd Job Advancement.

Maneuverability Bosses for TB

Thunder Breaker

What recommendation when comes to dodging attacks @ bosses (like Gollux, Magnus, CRA/NRA bosses like Vellum, CQ, Pierre, Von Bon, Von Leon and so on) by default is more effective @ bosses for TB's either Tidal Crash or Flash Thank you for your reply

Dark Critical Adventurer Ring worth for AB?

Angelic Buster

I'm lacking in crit and was thinking of farming some coins for one. Not sure if it's worth it. Would I be replacing it in the future? Maybe the crit rate sylph ring from the next event would be a better choice? I am currently at 60% crit with l

How do I train lv 100


I'm gonna do Zakum daily as it gives a lot of exp but outside of that where do I train my Jett? Like the mobbing is really bad.

Add hyper ability points into Speed?


I'm finding my cannoneer way too slow. I would love some more mobility. Did anyone invest some points into speed? Or did you add speed to your equips instead?

Corsair 5th job skill

Corsair :o

Jetts in GMS can not log in


Maplestory client crashes when you try to login to a jett character. I sent a ticket to nexon and apparently they have been ignoring the issue since last patch. GG

Eternal Bullets


Do these even drop anymore? I've been farming mutant pigs/werewolves/blazes on and off 2x weekends, with lucky winters, %drop, and a pig familiar. I have yet to find 1 for the past few weeks, and all I have been doing when I log on is to try and farm

KMST Energy Burst Buffed AB OP

Angelic Buster

They just buffed Energy Burst in KMST Not to mention Star Gazer is now going to stack with Sharp Eyes! (Goodbye crit ring) Angelic Busters are looking like they're going to be one of the strongest classes with the release of 5th job! Here are the

Thief Forum

Range to solo cvel?


Wondering what is required (range, stats) to solo cvel. I think I saw one with 1.4m range solo it, but I don't remember, seems unlikely. Maybe it was a Mercedes.

NL 3b budget help

Night Lord

So I am pretty unfunded and I have about a 3b budget for this NL so what is the best things to buy I already have a decently scrolled fafnir set with a decent weapon. I also have 8 stacks of Chilbis. I have a about a 40k range clean and would like to grea

Shadower and DB Post V


I have a few questions. It is known that a capping DB is stronger than a Shad using Nate, while a capping Shad using MC blows any class. With now the fifth job removing damage cap, will Shad destroy DB's using Nate plus ME or be near their damage out

Job switched shad to NL


I made a shad with burning event because ever since I first played maple...I loved shads and thought they were unique and awesome. However, for some reason I was never able to get myself to make one to 4th job (back then level 70 was really really hard).

KMS Shadower Videos


Hey guys, anyone know good channels for kms shadower videos? I'm really falling in love with shadower lately (big numbers <3), and I want to see some videos of them bossing/ training etc. Many of the videos on youtube have titles in Korean, does

asura 5th job skill at same time

Dual Blade at around 0:12, the person uses asura (hyper) then chains, and then 5th job skill. the asura stays and he can move around freely to use 5th job skill. pretty interesting and crazy burst damage.

infinite throwing stars and flame throwing stars

Night Lord

anyone know where i can find these 2 recipes in reboot?

DB vs Shadower 2016


Hello, I managed to get my DB to 900k range with mw and 1.1m range with both hypers. I have 250% boss dmg and 85% pdr (plus the 50% pasive pdr on PB, should be 90% pdr in total). I was wondering, at which point in range is it better to be a DB rather than



Is there ANYTHING i can do w/ a Fafnir Mana Taker on a xenon in Reboot or is it pretty much worthless?

What is the best possible katara/dagger?

Dual Blade

as title says

Warrior Forum

Better Shield


Hey there, Im a lvl 200 pali... I have'ne played for more than a year now. i've got a shitty shield since lvl 100-somthing... i need an endgame shield, or at least a better one. the thing is, i need to know how much those things cost, and it

Question for Heroes who Ursus regularly


I'm wondering if any other heroes experience this problem while fighting ursus. I've noticed other classes being able to at

Aran balanced/op/weak atm?


Hi guys, I just came back to playing maple after about a year and half long break. I decided to give the reboot world a try and I heard that arans got a rework. I asked around a little bit and it seems that a lot of the in game players think that it was o

Are Arans OP?


I started playing from a break (since january, this year) and now that I have played with my Aran y think that it is very flashy and overpowered. Is that my feeling or do you think so? Thanks.

Which Equip Set for Aran?


I'm currently level 152, and I'm looking into getting some better equips. I'm not good at scrolling at all, so I'm planning to get pre-scrolled equips. I'm wondering if anyone can offer insight as to which set I should go with. Fa

Smash Swing Glitched?


I'm a level 76 Aran, and when I first created the character, I was having a lot of fun. Then I leveled and got some skills. I use Smash Swing, and I got it to a point where I could walk around whilst holding the Attack Key. But as soon as I hit 70, I

Hayato emblem


Has hayato got a lvl 100 emblem yet?

What did you achieve on your Paladin?


I know this has been done before but the last thread for this has been locked and I'd like to share my achievements with someone so I want to post it here and anyone else can let me know how they have done too. I bought 3b worth of cubes and got 102

What have you achieve on your Hayato today? Version 2


[b]Work in progress: THREAD FULLY UPDATED[/b] Original post by: @bubblecup118 [b][/b] Will be updated by me slowly after I get the formatting down. [b]Also check out @Repen

Back Again

Dark Knight

I don't know why, but I somehow ended up re-downloading maple again just to see how things were going in this game. I was looking to see if people could bring things up to speed for me because I'm lost af. Last time I played, Horntail and Pink B

Chat Forum

having a crush on someone that you have no chance with


this is so me right now. at work. there's this super super cute girl from iran. she's 27. she's smart and kind af. she's a chemical engineer and just came to canada. when I first saw her, I was like woah. I am pretty sure she likes

I don039t know if its just me or


Now that im 20 years old I noticed that there's no possible way to find real friends anymore. Like really my only deepest friends with whom I go to vacations and places are those who I met in HS. Now in college I REALLY feel like the new thematic is

or is it just me? .


am i the only one who looks at a person and think about all the stuff they could've went through in life and get sad because while you're complaining about something simple, that person is probably depressed inside and just wants to be away from

Can men and women just be friends?


I was reading @aerial's thread and kinda got me wondering. Do any of you have a BEST friend of the opposite gender and are 100% sure that both parties don't have feelings for one another?

What are you wearing


nobody cares about me :(

Birthday Issues


So, it'll that time of year again soon.. I usually try to forget in order to not set myself up for expectations but, for some reason everyone has made me painfully aware of the inevitable. Yee.. I'm turning the magical age of 21 and I have no id

she wants to eat my heart


she wants to eat my heart and ill let her

Just need advice on PC build


Going to be building a PC in about a month or so once i get the money for it and i've been planning out the parts i'm going to get. Primarily this is going to be a 1080p ultra everything or high settings everything build for all games at least 6

No Kinesis Thread?


So there is no kinesis thread? What the heck. Kinesis has been out long enough for a thread... Heck, I'd make it if I could

How often do you see smug faces


Whenever I see young, healthy ladies at the gym, they usually look smug What makes you smug

Entertainment Forum

Nisekoi Chapter 227


lol chitoge

let me draw you more because im still lonely

Art So my thread got locked last time.. I guess due to inactivity. Granted I did forget about the thread entirely, and missed out drawing a few lovelies. But Here they are : @bleute @collee http

Apparently im a quothackerquot C


Halp *edit* Avast and Maplestory don't mix!

Vgm Thread


Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame music. Please one song per post so it doesnt get crowded. :) Rules: 1. one song per post 2. use this form

Can you draw him?


Hi, Can someone draw my character? Heres what he looks like

Draw the above person in MSPaint


[header]Introduction: Welcome to (And thank you to those who contributed to making this) what is now the largest thread of the Art section! I made this thread to keep some beggars away from this section, as they have been clogging it up with spam threads

-When is the possible next spell trace fever time-


~Title says it all.~

-When is the next event, help?-


I have a question regarding next month in August. I been hearing there will be a next spell trace fever time in August 22. So will there be one? When is the usual spell trace fever time events!? Thank you!



Hi, everyone! I am trying to figure out how one could achieve a Ryude's Sword. I want one for my Kaiser, and I am trying to find out if I could obtain one! Any ideas or suggestion ~ Ty. Contact Info (If you want to chat or chill): Server: Scania I

I039ll draw you beauts


Post here for a drawing. I am rusty and need a lot of practice. Yer.

rebot people are crazy u see the same ones every damn day in ch14 ra begging for carries get u
caterpie will take over
I'm going to rant about how much MapleStory sucks and how glitchy it is, and I will threaten to
These bros aint loyal.
Foolinglys foolingful tip of the day: Remember to always pull clean pranks. It's alright to mak
Back home from recruit training.
I got the same ugly face 5 times when using royal coupons. #feelsbadman
From Vegas Strip to Central Park, this is an interesting change.
Helpingly's helpful tip of the day: To level up as quickly as possible in Pokemon Go, catch
I am so sore
Made a hermit on Reboot. Starting off with Steelies is like a dream come true! I still remember when
is it better to be the most fashionable in gms or the most op in gms
in todays story @sirkibble refuses @thiefy996 request @harmingly is back and trying to become the
Were you expecting the big story at number 50? Oh please, who do you take me for? Wait till number 5
I got 5 Willpower for taking a dump in Maplestory. Also, Korean Folk Town gives good exp.
Harmingly's Helpful Tip of the Day: Fancying a lovely gal? Don't initiate the relations
@nyan: Jackin' my style now? < /3
@juniororeos you gotta stop touching yourself and thinking of me. People are gonna think something i
Just failed my second driving test (next test will cost EUR 360.00 cause things gotta be expensive o
This is my jam

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