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Ideas to liven things up 19 Feedback for upgrading Basil? 47 Lost mesos? EMS

Hi. Yesterday I was grinding in Omega Sector in Ludi, and had 10 mil when I started the game. After grinding I had 14,1 mil. I went to buy potions in Ludi and bought 100 "pet food" from the pet store merchant and then went to the potion store w

Not able to add player anymore? General

Hi, I'm trying to add my characters here on BasilMarket but it doesn't seem like the feature is supported anymore, and haven't been for quite some time. Am I the only one with this problem or does anyone else have it too? Thx in advance.

Made a new character on reboot for the first time in years General

Got to lvl 100, realized I needed mastery books, and suddenly the game is much less fun T_T

dahotgangsta SUCKS General


Looking for old Items in Elysium General

LF>Fruity Bamboo, Silver/black strap shoes, Glittering Altair Earrings, Together with Nine-tailed fox cape, Necomimi, gold surfboard/sky surfboard/snowboard, Mechanical gloves (lv 70), red/purple Markers, Fallen Leaf Earrings, Christmas Socks, Stirgem

Haven039t played in 6 years, question about familiars General

What I used to do back in the day on every jew character was get a Jr. Boogie familiar and never need mana potions. Is that still possible? It seems the familiar system has changed quite a bit

Is it possible to play GMS from Korea? GMS

I'm working in Korea for a year, but I can't speak Korean so I can't really play KMS. Is it possible to still play GMS at all?

Best Hyper for Pathfinder General

I found this : >>Generally crit rate (if not 100%) > Crit dmg > PDR = Boss > ATK > DMG > Main stat (AF >>if needed at any stage) on Reddit. Is this good ? I mean first crit rate and crit damage for Damage ?? Looks weird to m

Can039t enter Kritias? General

Hi. I can't seem to enter Kritias. When I try to enter from one of the barracks, there's a soldier stopping me saying: "Halt! You can't enter the village unless the commander has given you permission." The only quests that are av

Long absence from playing GMS for over 5 years General

I haven't been on this site for years. I am curious, how has GMS changed then? I remember playing a Xenon as my avatar icon shows. Is it worth playing GMS again? Or should I just move on from this nostalgic game?

Does Vicious Shot and Sharp Eye stack Wild Hunter

Hi, i saw that archer have a common core: Vicious Shot. wondering if it will stack together with Sharp eyes?

Mercedes Hp problem Mercedes

Hey guys, How you managed with the mercedes poor life? i mean i level 172 and i found my self die alot because the poor mercedes life .... Any suggestions? its come when i fight Chaos boss but when i fight with monster with 2-4k damage..

Training Location for 240-250? Bowman

Hey guys, I just got back to maple after a year and looking for a new training spot for bow masters to work towards 250 again. Anyone know some good maps in Arcane River that I could check out? Thanks!

Which class? Bowman

Restarting maple in Khaini. Wanted to know how much a Bowman would cost to fund to solo bosses and do great in team fights

How do you play a ranger Bow Master

Returning player from the good old days. Just made ranger and have no idea how to play well. Is arrow bomb better than the fire storm move? What are you supposed to do once you set up your arrow firing thing? Haven't seen any good videos/guides on

3 Line Hurricane Wild Hunter

So I sometimes see Wild Hunters with 3 line wild arrow blasts. How can I make mines turn into 3 lines?

KMST ver. 1.2.053 New 5th Job Skills Bowman

##KMS 1.2.280 ###All Jobs [**Erda Shower**]: Shoot out condensed Erda to attack enemies. (master level: 25) - Level 1: Consumes 3000 HP. Deals 465% damage 6 ti

Armor Break Changes Bow Master

I've noticed that armor break has been changed to a 10 second cd with 1 sec min cd. What do I do with a skill that will add barely no damage? Should I still put 10 more points in it? at least binding gives platter 90% more dmg.

Bowmaster039s Inhuman Speed is bugged, please report it Bow Master

Fixed as of the scheduled game update on 7/19. ----- I've posted a bug report here: Basically, Inhuman Speed (ugh, that name...) will not activate after two

Mercedes gear? Mercedes

My Mercedes can only do about 300-100k on Ishtars and 1mil-600k on spikes royale with frozen gear full star forced, I've been trying to find rlly cheap cra gears but no luck as everything from Scania is 10bill ;-; Does anyone have extra bowmen cra g

Wand, or Staff? Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

Should I use an Absolab Wand, or Staff? Getting a free one from Maple Relay. Does it matter if I use one or the other? Is there a speed/damage difference? Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys! :3 (Still biased using my Elemental staff tho, lol)

Coming back to the game - any quests I should do Evan? Evan

Hi guys! Title pretty much says it all. I'm coming back to the game playing as an Evan on Reboot, and I'm starting out my grind. I was just wondering if there are any quests that are "must do" in order to avoid losing out on a potentia

Coming back to the game - any quests I should do Evan? Evan

Hi guys! Title pretty much says it all. I'm coming back to the game playing as an Evan on Reboot, and I'm starting out my grind. I was just wondering if there are any quests that are "must do" in order to avoid losing out on a potentia

ATT On Equipment and Soul Shear Kanna

Hi there. I created a new character, Kanna, and I read a lot about Soul Shear, some people say it's important to get Soul Shear beacause after some update it now gives +30% damage increase... on the other hand, some other people say it's not wor

Kinesis 5th Job Kinesis

So I just finish the 5th job quests and I just wanna know what boost nodes I should be going for/what to prioritize for Kinesis.

Flame Gear Returns Blaze Wizard

The almighty Flame Gear returns to its rightful place as a 5th Job skill.

Evan039s very LOW Damage Evan

My evan deals really low damage on level 85.. enemies near my level won't die with one hit eventhough i'm wearing 5/5 enchanted Pearl Maple Set.. is that normal? i spend like 15 min to kill 50 lvl75 monsters.... please can i get a solution

5th job kanna trio nodes guide? Kanna

Can someone help with what trios do I need and what to max ASAP?

Ice lightning forum is about to come back to life Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

Nah jk it's gonna stay dead til it shuts down. Raise your hand if you still check this forum every now and then.

Cant find Evan039s First saddle Evan

i finished the first mount quest and i cant seem to find the saddle anywhere. its not in my equip inventory or on any of my skills. am i missing something?

Ocean Force Buccaneer

Returning to maple, and got a skill in 5th i don't understand. What is Ocean force? How should i be using serpent vortex? It costs 1 ocean force to use. what is that? i cant find anything out about it? is there an indicator im not seeing ? is i

Former Buccaneer Ronde Barber breaks Buccaneer

On Friday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers made their big free-agent prize official. Quarterback Tom Brady signed a deal reportedly for two years and $50 million. One analyst that is very happy about the move by the Bucs is News Channel 8 preseason broadcasting

Back on maple. Buccaneer, or no? Pirate

Hello everyone, I just re downloaded maplestory after a long break. Sadly I forgot my account info I used for my main account so I had to create a new one. decided why not do a fresh start in reboot. Anyways, I created the Ark class for tera burning. I u

Noob AB question Angelic Buster

Just hit 4th job and am curious what the main skills for training are, I'm kind of tired of smashing monsters with my hammer =/

Sweetwater Equips Thunder Breaker

I play on reboot server and after a week of doing Commerci all I get is Sweetwater Grips. So far I have accumulated 17 Sweetwater Grip and no sight of the other Sweetwater equips to complete the set. Do I have to PQ with other people to get the other equ

Eternal and Giant Bullets where to find? Corsair

Hey everyone, Just like the title says. Could you guys tell me which mobs drop the Eternal Bullets and which mobs drop the Giant Bullet recipe? I take no mob drops a Giant Bullet. Thanks!

KoC Successor? Buccaneer

I took the time to get a sad thunder breaker to level 120, then spend about 8 hours collecting 10 peridots, to 'prestige' (I forget the technical term) into a knight-of-cygnus and start my bucc at lvl 50 and have that cool orange medal under my

I039m in the abyss Pirate

Hey all. Ok, so I'm a level 181 buccaneer in Bera. My main, that I put countless hours into and I'm very proud of (buccs4life, js) anyways, I haven't played maple in about 2 years, I apparently sold all my godly equips I was using before I

Bring Battleship back Corsair

Don't you think corsair should have their battle ship skill back? ALong with with battleship cannon and torpedo? Let me know what you think.

T gt Good Fafnir Zeliska for Good Fafnir Lost Cannon Cannoneer

Hi, I recently wanted to job switch from Corsair to a Cannoneer, but I do not have a weapon for a Cannoneer, I was wondering if anyone would like a Fafnir Zeliska, legendary 15 star gun %att for a good faf cannon, here is a picture of my gun for full deta

The Dual Blades are a whirlwind of blades Dual Blade

The Dual Blades are a whirlwind of blades that never stops. They forgo all defense for a relentless offense with the highest attack speed in the game. Dual Blades chain together attacks rapidly, and rack up dozens of hits in the span of seconds. In their

Night Lord/Shadower/Dual Blade/Phantom Thief

Hello everyone! I have Nightlord level 111 and I am a F2P player, I need help choosing should I stay Night Lord and it will get stronger? or Shadower base damage is better? Dual Blade I actually love them played it before but seems like a really expensive

Night walker help Cygnus Knight Night Walker

Hey guys! I have a lvl 158 NW and noticed the hp is extremely low (6824). What are some tips to increase the hp? Thanks!

Returning player. Played just past big bang Dual Blade

Hey I hate to bother you all, but I can't even begin to imagine where to start. I looked for an hour now and it's all so confusing. I got my dual blade to 120 pre big bang and I got it to lvl 145-150. I dont remember exactly the lvl. So it goes

Attack Range ? Night Lord

Hello , I am currently level 213 NL with range of 1,9M~2,4M full buffed , is it good for NL 213 ? what kind of boss I can solo with these range ?

What range should a lvl 100 Xenon have? Xenon

Calling all Xenons for help! I'm a lvl 100 Xenon and I'm wondering what range I should have in order to boss without a problem in the future, they always say "Have a good foundation". I have Full Frozen Equipment with Spell trace an

What range should a lvl 100 Xenon have? Xenon

Calling all Xenons for help! I'm a lvl 100 Xenon and I'm wondering what range I should have in order to boss without a problem in the future, they always say "Have a good foundation". I have Full Frozen Equipment with Spell trace an

New Nightlord? Thief

Coming back to Maplestory after x amount of years and I want to make a NL. Do NLs still need a crazy amount of funding to be good, and if I were to spend NX to help me get ahead a little what would be the best thing to spend it on? *last time I played wa

Scrolling gear for xenon Xenon

Hi, I am interested in scrolling my gear but, which scroll are the best if I am a xenon? Consider the fact that I am not so funded to buy prime scrolls....

Cadena the next big thing? Thief

So after the checking out the dpm charts and the buffs Cadena will be getting to muscle memory is it safe the say they will be the best bossers in terms of dps after the patch hits GMS? EDIT: These are the buffs if anyone was wondering. CADENA: Chain Art

Zero absolab lucky item scroll Zero

Hi, I'm playing a zero on the Bera server. Was looking to buy the absolab lucky item scroll! (North American Server)

What equipment set should i use Aran

I was wondering if i should invest the time and mesos and stuff into changing my gear. Right now my range is 90k-100k buffed and im using the frozen set. Should i move on to another set, e.g pensalir or whatever to improve my dmg and character as a whole?

Best Skill link? Dark Knight

Idk which one to use....

Arans for lyfe Aran

Arans for lyfe.

Bossing for Paladins Paladin

Hello all Paladins: I am a level 184 paladin in this account as a main, I was wondering what my range would need to be in the current meta to be able to solo bosses or is that impossible? Paladins, were not exactly the best warriors or rather the more

How come there039s no Blaster selection here? Blaster

I wanted to add my blaster here but there seems to not be an option for it. I main Blaster as I burned it through the Tera burning and I can say it's very amazing and good at mobbing.

How and how much can i get a terminus defender for? Hero

I'm a lv 202 Hero and im looking to replace my secondary with a terminus defender where can i look to farm one or can someone sell one to me (GRAZED)

future update Dark Knight

hey someone told me dark knights will be able to hold their weapon held down instead of across your chest in a future update. is this true please validate.

Gollux Confusion 1HKO? Hero

So Ive recently got back into maplestory. Im a lvl 201 Hero. and after looking up on Gollux clear ranged I realized I have the damage to kill atleast normal lux. Id really hope I could cause I want to increase my range. So I finished the chin part of th

Bossing Ranges Hero

I am level 199 1.24-1.44m damage 70% IED 153% boss i am having some trouble beating some of the chaos bosses i used to do. I know that the bosses were buffed a while ago. I am currently doing Zakum, Easy Magnus, RA bosses, Horntail, Madman and 2x Regul

I miss the old maple 99999999999999 Chat

this chat section used to be so lively with people and trolls anyone remember the old forum memes or joke titles? I cant

anyone account older than 5520? Chat

i come here every 2 years to brag about my account days 5520 anyone older?

Hope You039ve All Been Well lt3 Chat

Wow, what a trip, eh? I'm turning 30 in about 2 months. DevilOfRoses and I are still dating - 11.5 years and counting. My business is chugging along, as best as it can during these quarantine times. And I think my health is good for the most part. C

Anyone from 2006-2010? Chat

I have great memories of posting on this forum during that period of time (despite being horrible to nearly everyone)! Just wondering if anyone still checks this. :)

women best worst thing in my life Chat

playoff lebron and tinder girls to fill the void>>>>>

im this close to close slamming my fcking balls in a waffle Chat

iron and screaming racial slurs at the top of my lungs

The special has stressed india Site

The special has stressed that children are not immune to the virus and, in fact, as many studies show, they are at least as contagious as adults. In this context, all the guests agreed that the return to school, despite the fact that it was necessary for

hey people Chat

hey people what sup

Ahoy, I039m back to maple and in need of some o039l good fellas Chat

imRudyxD hope some of you out there still remember me from way back 😭

a a a a a a Chat

a a a a a a

Circuit Superstars PC

2020 is quickly approaching and with it will come a slew of new video game titles to look forward in playing. With that said, now's a good time to start marking down what video games to keep an eye on when they officially launch next year. Let us len

Ori and the Will of the Wisps for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC

From the creators of Ori and the Blind Forest - the acclaimed adventure game with more than 50 awards and nominations - comes the highly-anticipated sequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps. See videos and more with Online Converter in https://onlinevideocon

new PC games of 2020 PC

2020 is upon us, y'all, and that's not just the year we're in--it also feels like it's the number of games coming out in the near future. There are so many! We've started rounding up every upcoming PC game out in 2020 that's

3D Maplestory Titles Official in Feeling PC

Legend of Mir feels like if you were to walk to the bottom right of the screen and hunt a boss, the boss would feel like mushmom. The size of the graphics and the movement rate of the character does that effect. But the private servers need more players t

3D Maplestory Titles Official in Feeling PC Legend of Mir feels like if you were to walk to the bottom right of the screen and hunt a boss, the boss would feel like mushmom. The size of the graphics and the movement rate of the character does that effect

Blackout Stream on Twitch Come make my chat lively Maplersty PC

Screw it I'm going live! Come make my chat better and active. Twitch.TV/nocomparisxn I will be streaming for ab an hr and going into work. I'll do a midnight stream after work so make sure to follow me and my socials on Twitter as well as Insta!

spawn room challenge Overwatch PC

I've got a challenge for my Overwatch people out there! Load in range and see how fast you can hit ultimate. That's it!

Looking to buy a new Graphic Drawing Tablet, Need Advice Art

Hello, I have been looking around for a good drawing tablet that wont break the bank. I have used a wacom intuos draw before and liked it but would really like a screen to draw on. I do a lot of vector work and but also enjoy drawing on photoshop. Wac

Is anyone else on Maplestory 2 PC

The title is self explanatory

Temple of Time Remix Art

Maplestory was a huge part of my childhood and Temple of Time was one of my favorite bgms, so I hope you enjoy my remix!

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MapleStory Screens & Videos

daimoauz yeap, its dead alright. MrB. where you be? really missed Basilmarket 2010~2015. those were the good somanypages MY NAMI YEEZ ALLOHCHOU animus -Fish noise- 3 marilanna It's me again, checking in for my annual complaint that there was nothing wrong with the old si 1 jovial I'm 30 and I logged onto Basilmarket. I started playing Maple again because I have run out of t 2 helpingly Wow, haven't checked here in a while. Not sure how many of you guys still check this place, but 2 auchal R> Enchanted Hello everyone, and thank you for reading this message. My name is Alex and I am friedclams Anyone ever wonder why Japanese restaurants do not do a teriyaki surf and turf with steak and shrimp 2 deafened I didn't know this site was still alive loraket mlem mlem bleh 1

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