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Important: Amazing artwork - that is all Important: Basil has search now

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Moonstar Earrings BROA


Looking for Moonstar Earrings and Carlton's Bushy Beard to anvil. PM me please. In broa. Thanks

You think it's real? But they're lying.


Reboot not coming out December 2nd. They lied, yup. It's just a lie, yup. Look. That one FB post was a lie. I can't link because I'm new but you saw it... if you cared to look you definitely saw it... if you want it you'll find it. Just look at tho

Common Knuckle


Hey is there a common knuckle in the game at all? Also what eye accessory should I anvil?

Cosplaying in Maple?


Hi everyone, I'm trying to pick a anime/Manga character to look like in game however I can't decide who, or even if I was to decide who what perm items I would get. Leave a comment stating the character and what perms I should get :D.

Odd Gender Question?


With Reboot hype, I'm almost certain I'll finally feel comfortable enough with this game to buy NX, knowing that there's no temptation of power creep in the Cash Shop. However, that brings up an interesting issue: should I create a male or female char

Happy medium between paladins and bowmasters?


So long story short, I tried czaking on my paladin, I could stand on top of czak as it only does 600 dmg and get seduced multiple times and never die but my damage wasn't high enough to kill it in the time. On my bowmaster I could so enough damage but di

Prepatch Maplestory Reboot


Is there any way to pre patch the reboot patch for GMS?

P/C Orchid's support mount [permanent]


just got one from the gachapon, how much can i sell it for in scania

Is anyone in Windia looking to trade gear?


Emphasis on the word 'TRADE'. Not advertising my gear or trying to sell. I currently have 15-21%+ %LUK gear, and I'm looking for pirate %STR/%DEX, warrior %STR or mage %INT! Thank you :) PM me if you are interested at taking a look at my gear and we ca

Free Maplemas and Versalmas anvils at ch 6 fm scania


Gift me anvil and bring a hat. EDIT: just whisper me (Marluxia) and ill anvil em for u

Bowman Forum

Mercedes or Bowmaster


Im thinking about switching from my Wind Archer to another archer class, but im stuck between the 2 classes. Both have their pros and cons. Bowmaster 1. Insanely high HPS 2. Very hard to fund and cap on Mercedes 1. Agile 2. No sharp eyes 3.

Selling VIP bow clean Windia


115 attack

kmst 1.2.024 - Queen of Buffs, here we come!


Before we even hit our skills: lv 100 Emblem for heroes. Please give a moment for this to sink in. and.. now skills. [Heroic Madness] Skill delay has been removed. Max damage limit has been converted to 10% increase in cap. Finally we got the weird ski

KMSt 1.2.24 - Bowmaster changes

Bow Master **Quiver Cartridge**: an error where Magic Arrows would ignore monsters’ attack nullification skills has been fixed **Arrow Platter**: an error where y

Increasing Range Help

Wind Archer

Hey guys I just came back to Maplestory after hearing about the reboot server and now I've been playing on my wind archer. I stopped playing soon after they got revamped and need help with increasing my range :(. I'm a noob and only get ~50k range buffe

Best bowman class after Reboot patch?


What's the best bowman class after Reboot patch? Are Mercerdes still any good?

BowMaster Skill keyboard setup

Bow Master

hey need some help. those who are bowmaster, whats your skill keyboard setup look like? i cant seem to find out my own setup. need something that feels comfortable. Screen shot would help or just type it. include pots setup too. i know there is a tread ab

Reboot: Bowman changes


Pre-patch hype thread(for now) ##What to expect? KMS 1.2.238 (Skill changes): KMS 1.2.239 (Hyper stat):

Mercedes Skin Color Change?


Hey guys, I decided to make a Mercedes. But, I noticed you can not change the skin color of the char? Is there any way to change your Mercedes's skin color without using a coupon? Thanks.

At what damage does a BM out damage a capping MM.

Bow Master

I still feel I do a lot more damage as a MM than a BM - dispite having a better bow and potential lines. So basically, what damage would equate to outdamaging a capping 500m marksman with dece si and attack speed inner and green pot? (Max attack speed)

Mage Forum

F/P Mage For Reboot

Fire / Poison Arch Mage

So im comming back to play the Reboot server. I love my DRK but I dont want to restart a DRK since mine is 209. I wanted to go with F/P they always looked cool and interesting to me. Now I heard Myst Eruption is getting a bad nerf, does this make F/P real

Where do battle mages stand?

Battle Mage

The class battle mage has always intriqued but I haven't had the time to level one past the 80 dating back 2-3 years ago lol. How are battle mage's bossing potenial, like in high dps or low dps? How much dmg would I do with say 500k range? I noticed how

KMST 1.2.024 Buffs, buffs, more buffs!

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

Thunder Storm Thunder Storm: movement speed has been increased, damage formula has been changed to use the character’s damage instead of a summon’s Chain Lightning Chain Lightning: damage has been decreased from 255% to 225%, number of hits has bee

Battle Mage Easy Gollux Range Requirement

Battle Mage

What is the required range for a battle mage to solo Easy Gollux?

Bossing pot help

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

As a mage is magic att% mire important then boss% I'm getting ready to cube my staff secondary an emblem an just wanted to know the type of stats I should aim for as a mage with the intention of bossing hagnus,cra,hellux. Is it the same as non mages? 90%

Bishop Upcoming Changes Thread (11.26)


In order to have everyone caught up wuth what's going on in KMST (regarding Bishops) here's a quick summery: KEEP IN MIND THIS INCLUDES NEW CHANGES THAT WERE INTRODUCED LITERALY TODAY ##on June 24, 2015, [url=

More Evan tweaks and pretty Evan art *w*

Evan Evan sounds added and it sounds so immature child like LOL Magic Debris is finally useful and amazing :D Wth at the 5

KMST ver. 1.2.024 BaM dark element question

Battle Mage

Death: is now a Dark element attack Dark Chain Dark Chain: is now a Dark element attack Dark Lightning Dark Lightning: attack and attack when the mark is activated are now Dark element attacks Battle Spurt Battle Spurt: is now a Dark element attack Dark G

Myst Eruption post nerf.

Fire / Poison Arch Mage

With the upcoming ME nerf, should I work towards getting enough CD reduction so that ME is spammable again ? If so what's the best way to get that 5 sec cooldown ?

Help training evan FW or Blaze?


For all the experienced evans out there when training is it better to use Flame Wheel or Blaze?

Pirate Forum

Lv200 Shade quest spoiler KMST


Spirit Bond Maximum: Strengthen the bond between you and the spirits to the limit, additionally increasing your damage, attack, defense ignore, boss damage, and attacking speed while using Spirit skills for a certain period of time. [b]After completing a

knuckle anvil


whats the best knuckle to anvil? cant seem to find any cool looking equips

Perm Nx Look


Suggestions on a permanent Nx look on corsair. Feel free to include all eqps from hat to shoes. I'm not very creative so that's why I'm asking lol.

Transparent Shield

Angelic Buster

Hey fellow busters since I was never really sure about the difference between shield and secondary when it comes to nx items, will the perm transparent shield cover our soul ring?

inner ability


would i want 30% crit? or +1 att speed for my inner?

KMST ver. 1.2.024 – Bucc Buffs


I didn't see a thread on this, but Buccs got some buffs! Battleship Nautilus: damage has been decreased from 1020% to 440%, number of hits has been increased from 3 to 7 Mental Clarity: has been changed into a passive skill Willow Defensive Willow

kmst 1.2.024 Shade Change


From Max: Spirit Bond Maximum: Strengthen the bond between you and the spirits to the limit, additionally increasing your damage, attack, defense ignore, boss damage, and attacking speed while using Spirit skills for a certain period of time. After compl

Why do you love your pirate?


Pirates have never really been a mainstream class in this game; the only time you ever really see a lot of pirates is when a new pirate class comes out. That being said, why do you love your pirate? What motivates you to keep playing even though there are




Angelic Buster Changes

Angelic Buster

Hai guys, how do you feel about Angelic Buster's changes in KMS in this new patch? I'm kinda excited about Finitura Fettuccia cooldown time reduce :) leave ur thoughts

Thief Forum

Shadower Range vs NL


At the moment, my shadower's range is around 1.1m clean. Would a NL's range and damage be equivalent/better with around the same weapon stat? Will provide stats whenever I'm home if needed.

Which Thief Class to choose?


With Reboot being a thing and all, I was thinking about which class to choose when I make my return. I don't necessarily want suggestions (I will still take them though), but just what are the pros and cons of each class, what does one class have over th

Scrolling Dragon Khanjar


So im hearing two things now, Scrolling a dkhan for attack or + luk? ive never seen a shad scroll a shield with %luk and yet im being told that +7 luk spell traces are better or even + 10 primes. the one telling me that + 7 luk or + 10 primes are better,

NX Items P/C.


Hello! So i recently bought the Summer Surprise Style Boxes and got a couple of NX Items. So i was wondering if anyone can tell me the prices for the following items. Any help would be appreciated! I am in Scania. Popsicle Sword Prismatic Sun Cap Sunset

Night Walker Playstyle?

Cygnus Knight Night Walker

How interesting would you say it is? I've played it briefly before, and I'm thinking about coming back to Maple for Reboot World, and NW seems like a cool little control-based (especially the small backstep) character. Pretty much just looking for a

My range is good or...?


Hello everyone, I would like to know what you think about my range because I don't know another xenon to compare my range. My stats are: lvl: 209 Buffed range: 970k (without OOParts Code) 1.4m with OOParts Code and link skill AB (lvl 1) Critical rate

Raven Persona?


Are raven personas still offered once in a blue moon for hot day events or are they completely gone forever? Havent seen them available for a while now. Also are they only available from hot day events?

Well its a good thing this is still in testing...

Phantom So we have here, a Phantom stealing Asura, the Dual blades attack hyper, as a stealable skill for fourth job rather than the hyper steal... Well maybe this is intended? (doubt)

When does Phantoms get strong?


Before I pour all my funding in the phantom, I just wanna have a good idea of when does the phantom get strong. I know if a phantom has 500k range and Nl has 500k, the phantom will win. All the buffs we have been getting contributes to our hps. Around wha

Stealing hypers?


What do you guys think about the new hyper change made to phantoms? And how do you think it'll affect gameplay? Hoping Flip the Coin will be as useful as I think

Warrior Forum

Getting DA wings to show up...?

Demon Avenger

I love my DA's purple wings but by default, any ugly cape I equip shows up, and any NX cape blocks both equipped capes and the purple wings completely. D: Is there a way to get around this - or, heck, a transparent-ish looking cape I can anvil onto my

To CRA or to SweetH2O

Demon Avenger

I don't know whether i'll care about resale since i'll be funding DA slowly and spending less money on it. But which would you guys prefer? This will be my main, always had been even though i didn't fund it like my Zero but it's what brought me back

Mihile Link Skill Max Level - 2 or 3?


Hi I'm getting conflicted information in game about Mihile link skill. On Mihile himself the link skill master level says it is 3. But on the character I have linked it, it says it is 2? ht

For all of you that don't keep up with kms


For all of you that don't keep up with KMS, here are all the recent changes that have been coming to Heroes. These changes take place between Reboot(Which we're getting on December 2nd) and the most recent KMS patch, which is coming on December 3rd for

KMST 1.2.024 Aran Changes


Source: From what the player showed in the video: 1) Adrenaline Boost: Duration increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds (20 with hyper skill). Damage boost while in Adrenaline Boost state decreased from 500% to

Feel left out in updates?


Do you guys kind of feel left out, whenever they release patches with updates to all the classes? Considering Hayatos aren't in KMS, I feel like we're just kind of irrelevant when it comes to that. ( Still love the class either way <3 )

Reroll or Nah


So currently my weapon is unique 3L with 17% atk total, I can reroll 54 times, should I do it or nah?

Any Hayatos planning on playing in Reboot World?


Any of you interested in Reboot World? If so, will you be switching back and forth between Reboot and your main world? Will you be playing there temporarily, or will you make a new main and stay in Reboot forever? Just wondering. I have always wanted to

What makes Paladin's weak?


I haven't played this game in a really long time and lots of things changed like my dark knight. I don't really like his hyper skills or skill sets that much anymore and was thinking of converting to a paladin. However, it seems paladins are extremely w

Zero Ranking Question


Does anyone know how to "main" aplha in rankings? Some people has Alpha as main character and other ppl has Beta, I have Beta and want to change it to Alpha, I have tried to log off as Alpha many times, didnt work. [url] http://maplestory.nex

Chat Forum

help me out friends


I have not spoken to a friend of mine in a few weeks. We used to be best friends. I feel like it is too late to reestablish the friendship, but I have not replaced them yet so I miss having then there. What should I do??

Character picture


So I just joined BasilMarket and I was wondering how to add my character picture. I went to rankings and saved one of my character's pictures so then I added it but got rejected because it wasn't edited, so how do I edit it?

anybody have experience pre-ordering things?


Im wondering as i never pre-order anything, but i pre-ordered one of those officially licensed assassins creed hoodies, not from the ubisoft workshop website, but rather a different website that is operating in the UK and seems to sell good quality stuff

GTA 5 Lag (Rage)


Breathe in...breathe out... Ok so i was feeling 200% more gangsta when i started playing and when i got into the city it got so laggy!! -20-25 specs -swaggy windows 10 -laptop -intel inside Also one more thing is that when i started playing sim ci

Are we entitled to friendships or relationships?


I mean the right kinds of course. How does this really work. Doesn't everyone have the right to have someone or a group people in their lives? I've been thinking about stuff along these lines for a long time and well... When i look at society... I don

Time passes by so fast


I still remember learning my ABCs and getting scolded for not being able to memorize it in my daycare. Now I am almost 19. Times it by two and I'll almost be god damn 40. And times it by 3, who knows if i'll even be alive by then. It's kind of scary a

Places to buy a cheap iPhone


Looking to buy an iPhone 6 for pretty cheap. I've heard of websites like gazelle, craigslist, and glyde, but not too sure on the reliability of each nor what they mean when they state the condition of the iPhone.

I dug myself into a huge hole


I am in 1st year university and I really do not like math. I just took normal math courses in highschool and in my final year, I realized that I am not a math person. I managed to get an A but only after I studied for like 7 hours for a single chapter te

Any gaming laptop recommendations?


My previous one is past it's time and starting to glitch out on me so Im in need of a new one. My budget is $1000 and the only game I'll really be playing is maple and dragon nest so if they can run these 2 without lag I'd be happy.

algebra question? needz smart peoplez


what's the point of Quadratic Formula when you can use the Complete the square method to solve a quadratic equation when the X method doesn't work. Also iz this allowed? bc i don't see a homework section

Entertainment Forum

Steins Gate 0 Starts in 2 days


episode 1 (prequel) starts in 2 days get on the hype train bois

Best budget graphic tablet for beginners


As title says, what would be the best budget graphic tablet for an artist who's never tried digital drawing? I am being cheap but prefer not to pay too much as I just wanna try it and don't wanna spend too much just to try.

For people whos getting xenoblade chronicles x


Whos voice are you ganna have on your character? Im ganna have to go with shulks va for nostalgic reasons QQ. They also have ben diskin(number 1 KND) which is nice but meh. Tbh I wouldve gone with reyns va if he was an option.

Drawing People!


Hi yall. I'm trying to practice more on drawing but I feel like I need some assignment kinda style. So I'm requesting for yall to give me some characteristic about your character and I will try incorporate it as best as I can (Like some emotions or som

Need help finding this manga


So I read this manga three or four years ago.. I think the protagonist had blonde/light colored hair in a generic hairstyle between Cloud Strife and a fluffy chicken. He has glasses, but when he enters this fantasy world, he finds out that he doesn't n

Our god has made a new video


praise based Demolition D

R4 for new N3DS XL worth getting?


Is the R4 worth getting for my new N3DS XL(or anything similar)? I remember having one for my DS around 6 years ago, but overtime the R4 stopped working and was so glitchy/buggy that I couldn't even play it anymore. I plan on downloading games such as Po

Winter 2016 Animes

Anime List of 2016 Winter animes released. Im so hyped for Fairy Tail Zero!!!!!!! what animes are you guys looking forward to?

Weeb Room Schedule


I'm wondering if people still care about this? I don't see any of the basilers in the anime section anymore... :(

Oh japan... Street fighter x Sumo

PC [url=]gameplay[/url]

I think nothing will sell until this maple Black Friday is over and the Black Friday shops are gone
httppuushlE5et665db6b566jpg Saitama 7YearBae Bera
Hit the damage cape of 50m at least once
So I found out that the Soft Serve damage skin disappears after use On the wrong character Whoops
ah nexon got me my 30 cash shop coupon was expiring and i was compelled to buy something and cube p
Tgt perf 30 Str gollux pendant for Int equivalent In MYBCKN server please Trading
Looking for fox mask in broa
Lgt Super Snowboard Anvil cBeen waiting for this snowboard to be released guess itll never r
lookin for maple bandana 2006 in grazed
The ranking program is having trouble updating my hair to the right color but purple is okay I gues
Looking for Agent Shoes and Gloves to anvil asap Bera
I dyed my hair purple
pink is power
SCANIA anyone have an emotion mask i can use to anvil
Hes a man with a go pro and a plan
Anyone Need to anvil anything Message me aCharacter in game
Finding my purrpleseethroughgameboycolor made my week btw Im replaying pokemon silver and i
Ugh why is talking on the phone so awkward I always feel like I have to heighten my voice just for
Looking for an anviled Cursed Kaiserium or anvil service in Scania Buying
The great anvil hoard Im trying to pool together people to anvil items in Bera If youve go

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