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Big ole batch of bug mashing BMv10 update + BasilVersary 10!

where is everyone?


You will see more people when it is weekend and/or during 2x events.

Why is my contribution ranking not shown


It probably has to do with the rankings in general, most likely because of the upcoming name change event?

I am 16, going on 17


PSAT's haha what a joke. I scored higher on the SAT than those predicted I would. PLAN (pre-ACT) was even better.

Has anyone completed the madhouse diary?


*Saves tickets and waits for increased battery drop rate*

Reboot Patch


@rfighter: They'll get gutted again.

who are your favorite basilers?


Awwww am I one of the most well known but still least liked Basilers? Weeeak.

Fashionita, calling all henehoes


Please, catwalk ain't as good as my th0t walk ;)

Evan Training Help


Sorry I thought you were like ths one guy he was like im trying to upgrade keep in mind ive have spent 2.1bil on perm nx

Where them DPS charts at?


most insane capped dps = wild hunter

What is the simplest class there is?


@assasin474: I am actually going to stop posting soon.

Mihile link not working?


Okay cool, thanks

Stupid Madhouse


I got super lucky on my Kaiser and escaped on my first full run, I collected batteries from the lobby and kept getting them in every room. After that, I haven't been able to get a single battery on my main. I keep getting the same room every run. Great f

I've been pretty absent from basil for a bit


@mateocl I'm doing good, thanks for asking

name change event


Does anyone know exactly what time the maintenance will start and end? I'm more scared that they'd do it during the time i'm at school T.T

Is Hidden Street Drop list updated?


When you guys say level range, is it 30 bellow and 30 above?

Kanna skill names ??



Chaos Olivia PQ


@epikkhighh: im down, i just wanna get mah 20 dolls first before android

Rankings Down?


Nexon probably prepare for the name change. You cannot access the ranking page

I'm fighting my phone.


Honestly I would ask XDA if I were you.

S>Godly Primed Claw Bera


Hi, i have a primed 2H Faf if you want to buy it. i think it's 12 or 13 stars and 3L Unique.

My Beach Quote Ring and my Hawaiian Skirt(male)


Found them on a char i didnt play on for a while. Are they worth anything ?

LGR luk for str


T> LGR 30% luk for 30% str bl me ign : shreerpower or dm me to give u my skype

Rising Slash


Rising Slash can cancel into Falcon Dive. It has okay vertical range, so I use it to kill monsters on platforms above me, without actually needing to land on the platform itself (best example would be Temple of Time). Just forward jump, use Rising Slash,

Shanrenzan Changes


@repentant: I had to restart my hayato since I deleted it for some reason, but an example in second job is where you would use the knock up skill + vapor blade + dankussen to basically shred the map to pieces. That was fun, but now the only skills that ca

World transfer date


@mybuliets Thanks for that. It'll be an important day for a lot of people, so knowing the date well in advance will help everyone make their transitions comfortably. That includes me bringing over a few characters from Kradia that I used to play years

Music room is boppin


why you always lyin

Looking for Hair/Eye Style


Pointy Ear Hat is the ears not sure if it's possible to get it anymore

Pocket Maplestory Gameplay


Interesting. Is it in apple apps?

do you tell lies


@bearsandlions: I doubt you're "retarded" in any way, unless you're attempting to refer to eccentricities, to which I will note that everyone has their own to an extent (whether they're expressed frequently or not varies). Also, do note

CPU settings for Sony Z1s?


I don't understand why people put so much effort into OCing their phones. BTW wrong forum to boast about that you can root your phone, go to a phone rooting forum if you want some quality answers.

Pumpkin Lantern


edit: my bad

Madhouse Event


The totems specify Unique equipped item, meaning you can have 1000 of them in your inventory but only be able to equip one.

Stuck hand in an elevator


@yunioracosta well I assume if she was screaming in agony she wouldn't just be losing circulation

Maplechat is UP!


lol the song Cena tho.

Azwan Coins


@trumpet205: Thank you very muchhh

Pocket MS!!

Any idea what the requirements to download are cause my Sony Xperia says it's incompatible

Training 125-140


Zipangu Armory, but Kishin the map first.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library


I never got that error randomly before. But I do get it when I reformat my computer and end up having to download all the windows updates for it to go away. You could also uninstall all ur c++ stuff and redownload and reinstall.

Resubmitting an Assignment


If you're in a small high school, they normally have staff meetings weekly. If you're in a larger school, there's probably an English department where they have their own meetings. If these are both English courses, I would not recommend it. If one men

B> AoT - With Levi - OffeR?


B> Attack on titan - With Levi I really want one, but I missed the update T.T

Scania tyrant boot


@mrsindeath19: rood

need help pls


You jump into the television and train with Master Roshi to do the Kamehameha.

hey guys whats up?


My female friend asked me out last Friday haha.

Broken notification


gotta step up ya game to deal with competition

A few fixes you may or may not have already noticed


@4evavoodoo: That one's still a work in progress, as far as I know.

why are some users names


I'm blue dabadi dabadai Edit: the new site design suck bawlz

Please help with drawing


You really seem to like asking for free art/designs...

I guess I would say I'm an expert


@fradddd: because some ppl have not used it b4

Saved a life on Thursday night part 1.


wat a hero

Night Lord Character Cards


I use MechShadeXenon, then just a mashup with Hayato, DA, Kanna, Zero, BT, and AB

quotYou came to your senses and realized you have been calling Orchid nonstopquotObtained
More moles appearing on my body The smooth as my normal skin kind
i live in the same apartment complex as some of my kindergarten students
I think I shall be converting from using asterisks to dashes for indicating actions There have been
sometimes i legitimately wonnder what its like to eat another human being
Colombia is losing against Uruguay
What has this video game become
That moment when you thought you got a 4750 on your test but the 47 turns out to be the sum of the
Ive been stuck with my low level wind archer Why must I play with the player option Now
Died 4 times because the server doesnt recognize that Im spamming my potion button when Im lo
Had the weirdest dream like i was on lsd but i wasnt and now i wanna be
and this is why i dont help people gtgt
I have concluded the Red Dot is a sick human trick to keep cats occupied and obsessed over nothing
Restarting your computer fixes any problems I guess the rumors are true
lonely but happy
I wish time travel was a thing so I could repeatedly slap my younger self for ruining my life the b
Chem lab is so stressful Bio lab is so relaxed
curls into a cover buritto
now that i can delete stories I can excitedly post about all the things going on in my life like the
Passed my written traffic exam on the first try Only 40 passes in one go so Im really glad I ma

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