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What Level For Different Gollux Difficulties?


I'm level 165, so what difficulty of Gullux can I fight?

First Lucid Kill

General Damage cap removal is OP. Still, a full party with everyone dealing 100m~1.5b per damage line took 27 minutes to beat her. Done in Aurora server.

% stats to reach damage cap


hey guys im about to reach lvl 160 with my angelic buster, and i want to know how much % stats i need to have to reach damage cap with her, my currnet range is 74-88 buffed. is it good? my % stats are really bad, i have a unigue cra hat and full cra set t

Luminous Light Mobbing. Darkness Bossing


Am I right or left?

What is your motivation past level 200?


I always lose the motivation to train or bossing more when I reached level 200 and it resulted me in multiple level 200 to 210. I am too weak to do the higher tier bosses and too strong for low to mid tier bosses which made them boring and repetitive. Tra

Do You Like Damage Classes or Tank Classes? And why?


What do you prefer? I like damage classes because I like seeing big numbers. But I don't like math.

Crossworld FM


As many of you guys know...FM is dead as is not getting any better It is impossible to sell items w/o a shop, and even with one, you have to wait like a week to sell unless you buy a hired merchant shop or just afk at FM and not do anything. My idea...wh

Game Crash, HALP


Title ^ 5-10mins after login in the game lags then it dc me, then it crashes just a few seconds later after the PIC screen. My pc specs are: OS: Windows 10 Proc: AMD fx-6300 GPU: EVGA GTX 750 Mobo: asus m5a78l-m 8GB Kingston Ram DDR3 1333mhz (2 x 4 gb mod

The removal of Marksman039s Snipe Instant Kill


Hey friends, I just recently came back to MS. I've also discovered that MM's Snipe Instakill has been removed. The problem with this is that my range is only around 300k and I believe this is a huge nerf to MMs who don't have high attack ra

Miho action pets


Are they worth it? i already have 3 chrome pink beans, so is it worth getting the Miho action pets?

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the steward nyanya set is so cute
Want to hear a joke...?
Shantae got delayed till October 18th, the same day Superdimension Neptune is also suppose to come o
The most fun class in maple is hayato in my opinion. But he is... well... Not the strongest. but FU
Today's pet peeve - People who chew chewing gum like cows eating grass. It isn't attractiv
in todays report @Redeyed captures both @ecarina and beta @rtyu @loraket gets canceled then gets a
Helpingly's helpful tip of the day: Blueberries, oranges, bananas, apples, kiwis, grapes, s
I really HATE mosquitoes!!!
i take my meme-ing very seriously
So far classes are going pretty well, except for this stupid computer class! >:(. Why is physics
I'd pay someone to draw Briskbreezy with his beard.
Lucifer: What is your most dangerous desire? Model: Cheeseburger rofl
How the hell can my PHONE log into my router and my LAPTOP can't? That makes absolutely no sens
even if I make more dumb Maplestory comics I'll never win because Maplestory itself is the bigg
Helpingly's helpful tip of the day: When drafting for your fantasy football leagues, it'
Found me a gif of Shantae doing her little jiggy at full health~! <3 ... Wait it looks like s
in today's very special [valve time] 11 o'clock report, as requested by a Mr. @Quasar ..
Luminous Versus Demon Avenger! Who is better?
This day in history MacArthur arrives in Japan in 1945. Happy International Day of the Disappear
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