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Describe the person above with 3 words


Just what the title says. 3 words no more , no less.

Where is this snowflake effect from?


Does anyone know where this snowflake effect is from? [url=]picture here[/url] The thing in from of the Lux Cherubim wings. I'm so curious * ^ * Thank you~

Cant upgrade my absolute belt from lv 8


Gaga says I need to take it off from me I did so but it still doesn't upgrade I'm lv 141 and I wore the belt one time. What should I do? Has anyone experience this problem?

Collector Item P/C


Any collectors in the MYBCKN Alliance know the prices of some items I've found lately? Black Umbrella Green Umbrella Bow-tie (Pink) Bow-tie (Blue)

Some of my favorite outfits for my characters


NPC selling lvl 50/60 weapons


I am a Rebooter, so no ToT. Thanks !

What class has the highest native pdr


What class has the highest native pdr% boss% att% or dmg%? It's been awhile since I've checked something like this out. iirc Arans had the highest native pdr but I'm sure its changed up by now. I'm just looking to build an alt I can go on and make

Is The Person Above a Henehoe or No?


Rate from 1-10 whether or not the character above dresses like a henehoe.. 1 = No 10 = Yes

Reboot World Advice


Hello everyone, I was just looking to see if I could get a bit of information and assistance for Reboot world. I've been farming and leveling link mules since the server started, I had made an i/l mage but it didn't really go far, as it wasn't my thin

The collector thread


Everything on this main page has been outdated since 2012. [header]Introduction[/header] Hi everyone! So the collecting community is quite small and everyone is in different servers so this thread is an opportunity for collectors of all servers to come t

Bowman Forum

What did you accomplish on your Marksman today?


I'm pretty sure every class has a thread like this. I also think that Marksmen used to have one, but I just can't seem to find it. The idea is simple, post what you accomplished today on your Marksman. I went from 150-151 and finished 6 Temple of Time que

Comparing bowman classes


Hi, I am currently looking for a new main. I have played all of the bowmen so far, and I really enjoy Wind Archer, Marksman, and lastly, Mercedes. Now, what I look for in a class is: funding ability, "fun" (which I do in fact find these 3 bowm

Looking to buy pink shiner crossbow- bera


Im looking to buy a Pink shiner crossbow to anvil in bera is anyone selling or know anyone selling it

P/C Decent Speed Infusion Gloves


Red Hunter Gloves - Clean and has the 100% tier up from cubing effect

When do I use Vortex over Song of Heaven? Reboot server

Wind Archer

I've been using Song of Heaven to mob because the insta kill chance with wild hunter character card seems to be more effective than spamming spiraling vortex.

Armor Break CD

Bow Master

Just wondering if you can you bypass Armor Breaks 1 second CD? Like with CD reduction lines/Neb? Thanks : ]

Mercedes question


Is this possible in GMS? O.o

Dimensional Invasion Help


Hii so gfs playing a Mercades and I tested out DI for her, I've given her CRA/Boss acc stuff to start out with and we're having difficulty doing DI.. :S It simply kicks her butt and she can't mob well enough to beat it. I used to play a Mercades a whil

Looking for high level training partners


Est time zone. Week days early morning to mid evening. Broni, Khroa w.e floats your boat. Area: Deck 1 on Black Heaven Platform: I take bottom you take top 3 , reason being I can't hit multi plat. Add Yunior or leave a reply bellow.

Wind Archer DIPQ

Wind Archer

How do you Wind Archers do DIPQ? I'm trying to get to lvl 170 in order to get my favorite hyper skill (he's level 163 atm). I can't seem do DIPQ effectively (about a 3/10 chance of me failing). What skills do you use to kill more effectively? Any tip

Mage Forum

Capping 180 for Dojo?


I decided to cap my level at 180 for Dojo until I got at least Epic tier on all my gear. So, I'm wondering for 10th growth what skills I should have that would make bossing more efficient. I'll have a total of 65 total SP.

What did you achieve on your Fire Poison Mage today?

Fire / Poison Arch Mage

What have you been up to on your f/p mages today, chaps? Reveal all unto me!

Worth funding bishop?


I've racked up about 200k range on my reboot bishop and I'm wondering if it's worth continuing to fund or if I should switch to I/L or make a new character

Evan Revamp


Anyone know an estimated date in which Evan's get revamped? Does January sound right? Thanks.

Evan Gliding Quest


Edit: solved, mods please delete this

What's the best inner ability for bishops?


+1 wep attack speed, 50% buff duration or 30matk?

haku fan question


so i heard that there are certain pots that won't be suitable for haku's fan like % crit or boss could anyone help clarify what is the best pots to get on haku's fan and do nebs work as well? thanks

The Evan Achievement Thread


[header] Evan updates are coming! [/header] [b]Zeff (Rioun of Bera)[/b], welcomes you to the Evan Achievement Thread! This thread has become a gathering place for Evans of all worlds/servers and I'm very happy about that. Standing strong at [b]a lot of

Reverse / Abyss Recipes and Armor


Hey everyone! Wondering if there's an updated list of what drops the Reverse / Abyss recipes (or armor if anything drops them directly) for Dragon Eqps, been searching around but I can't find anything recent and I haven't been having any luck search

Orbital FLame- Range

Blaze Wizard

Hi, at what level is this hyper skill unlocked? Would really appreciate a quick reply Thanks

Pirate Forum

Rapid Fire vs Broadside?


Hey guys, I was wondering in what situations you would use Rapid Fire vs Broadside? I guess I'm dense but as I'm reading it Brainscrambler is for bossing until better funding. But in a 1v1 mobbing situation is Broadside always a better option than Rapid

Free anvil service for shades


If you're in Windia and would like a knuckle to anvil I've got metallic arm, blackbeard's knuckle, and tiger paw. Shades only <3

Interaction between Heavens Door and Summon Other Spirit


Hey, I was just wondering how these two skills are supposed to interact. Whenever I have 'Door' and 'Summon Other Spirit' up and die, I lose both buffs. Is this the way it is supposed to work? Does it work like this with Phantom's 'Final Feint' ski

Best map for a Shade to train at Scrapyard


The title says it all. What's the best map to train in? Assume the Shade can 1HKO mobs with the first frame of Bomb Punch, and there is a Kanna constantly using Kishin because that Kanna is nice. Also assume the Shade can hit everything with 100% accurac

Do you actually use Quick Draw?


I'm from Argentina, and the distance to the server is pretty big, which means I always have some delay on casts, chats, etc. When I try to include Quick Draw into my rotations I feel like I'm just wasting a lot of time that I could use to just spam Rapi

Update what did you achieve on your mechanic today


This is the newer version of the previous threads. The older ones seem to have fallen off the face of Basil. No flaming, no spamming please. To start, i finally cubed to 68% total dex. Now its your turn! Remember to keep this thread alive Basil!

Why do you love your pirate?


Pirates have never really been a mainstream class in this game; the only time you ever really see a lot of pirates is when a new pirate class comes out. That being said, why do you love your pirate? What motivates you to keep playing even though there are

Few Jett Questions


coming back to this game, I'm not too familiar with anything, but I've caught up with most stuff. I main a Jett on Reboot and I've got a few questions: Why do I have 59 extra skill points? How do I effectively use my link skill? Which hyper stats shoul

What to work on next?


Just about 3m range clean but can't decide on what to work on next. Pots need work, tyrants need return scrolls, way too much boss and waiting on a few more patches for the hero Emblems. What's your take? No Budget. (Hopefully t

Shade equipment video!

Shade enjoy friendz ; i still got alot to fix (18%str legendaries :< and bpots)

Thief Forum

Rapid Fire Or Hurricane


Title says it all for bossing with a phantom that doesnt cap

Dualblade's dps

Dual Blade

Does a dualblade out dps a shadower now that shad has received an extra line into their nate? I have around 500k range on my shadower fully buffed. I know if i switched to db my range will decrease but db's does have FC which is their bread and butter, b

boss % and pdr question

Night Lord

so currently I have 87% pdr (without codex), and 279% boss I was thinking off taking off my 25 boss nebs off my claw and charm and putting on 21 pdr as I think 230% boss would be more than adequate for a NL and I would benefit greatly from 42% pdr instead

Need some help with throwing stars


Hi everyone, this is my first Maplestory account and am in need of some help. I'm a Hermit right now and am still using the beginner throwing stars (Subis). So I'm not doing as much damage as I should be at this point. I'm not doing great in terms o

Selling Fafnir

Dual Blade

Is anyone selling a Fafnir Damascus Blade in Galicia, and if they are how much are you selling it for?

Do Dual Birks


Do Dual Birks drop Ilbis still? I've read on Hidden Street and other sites that they do, but that it's pretty rare. I don't mind the waiting time since it's not horrible exp, so it's fine either way. Also, let's say I train there for about 4-5 ho

Do DBs hit speed cap on their own?

Dual Blade

I have +1 attack speed IA on my DB, is it something to keep or do I keep rolling? I have decent buff dur, so I don't know if the IA I have even does anything

price on dagger scania


Cursayer, 5/5 enhancements 120 attack STR +10, DEX +10, LUK + 15 unhammered 2 line (rare) ATTACK +10 INT + 5

Judgment Draw?


Hi, I don't know if it's just me, but I can't seem to set my Judgment Draw to auto.

Night Lord Help

Night Lord

What range can i get on a lvl170 night lord, with a budget of 2b. Also what wep and equips should i get.

Warrior Forum

Looking for advice on equips and upgrading


I'm currently level 211 with around 900k buffed range. Basically all of my equips still need upgrading, or straight up replacing in some cases. My issue is I feel like I'm getting to the point where figuring out the most efficient upgrades to make at a



Hey Fellow Heroes! Let's discuss the following questions! 1. What is the IDEAL STR %, ATT %, BOSS DMG %, PDR %, Critical % for a Hero? 2. Just how good are Minimum Critical DMG % for a Hero? 3. Am i missing something, why is it that people tend to go sw

What have you achieve on your Hayato today?


[header]Hyper Skills released[/header] Hayato now have Hyper Skills. Share with us your experience with your new Hyper Skills. [header]Introduction[/header] Welcome to [b]"What have you achieved on your Hayato today?"[/b] thread. This achieveme

What have you achieved on your Aran today?


title says it. :p

The Spearman/ DK/ DrK Achievement thread ~

Dark Knight

[b]*This is a Public Service Announcement[/b] --- As of 29 November 2013, @cookie4mesos has taken over maintenance of this thread. Please direct any questions, concerns, or requests towards him. Updates will be forthcoming. Thanks, and happy Basilling!

Hayato funding 3


sooo late question... wanted to main a hayto but i got one problem so (to pro hayatos out there) are hayatos still very difficult to fund to hit 2m2m since the revamp? I read a couple threads but they were all before the revamp happened and didnt have muc

Zero Chapter 1 part 2 continue buttons doesn't work


I made my new zero character, and I am stuck. I cannot press the chapter 1 part 2 continue button. I tried relogging, starting, and creating a new character, but it doesn't work! Please help me quick!!!

Should I raise Bloodletter?


Merciless Blade Your attacks leave bleeding wounds, dealing HP damage over time. Bleeding doesn’t stack and can’t cause the target’s HP to go below 1. Level 15: Status Chance: 30%, [b]190%[/b] damage every 1 sec, Duration: 6 sec Bloodletter Require

What did you achieve on your Page/White Knight/Paladin today


Since most other class forums have a thread like this, we obviously need one, too! Just share what you have achieved today and we can also help out each other here! I'll start, I got to Paladin recently and the skills are so amazing!

Is demon slayer weak?

Demon Slayer

He seems to be packed with the most of the utilities one could ever desired (soft speed cap, 100% critical, exp and drop rate increment, ignore damage reflection, teleport, mobility, attack lines, self heal, tank, stance, status resistance, huge aoe mobbi

Chat Forum

Anyone in a LDR?


She's more than 500 miles away... We met overseas, I'll be visiting her next week for 10 days though < 3

Nuevo Basil


how do you feel /6/? has the canadian edm mastermind that is m-dash-r basil kept you feeling mistreated and unappreciated? let us remember that future is just a passing thing and we, as a internet community are the voices. mastavinh akk nostrada

college may seem expensive but its all worth it and more


sometimes i feel like it's crazy to pay 50k a year for college to get a paper at the end of your four years that gives you some advantage over others for job security or a ticket to graduate school. i recently had a long heart-to-heart with one of my high

how much money do you have in your bank?


I have 30,000 dollars HBU

Is it okay to date one of your friends exs?


Friend and I were having a debate. Want to know your guy's answers.

Hey Moderators


How come I can't have capitals in my name? When I made this account I typed "TinCan" but it came out as "tincan" when it was created. My name looked so much better in capital

All You Need to Know About Attending College on a Budget


Disclaimer: Do not interpret this guide as the only way to do things. What works for other people might not work for you. Assess your individual situation and do what you think is best for you. First things first (rest in peace Uncle Phil) – This gui

How fine are the fine bros


Lastest video. the comments are priceless, Anyway this happened like 5 days ago (late i know) apparently They tried to Trade mark the word "react" and so they would own all react videos and people wo

Ask The Next Person A Question


It works by having the OP post a question. The next person who replies answers the question, and then asks a question of their own. The next poster replies to that question, and then posts a question of their own. And so on. moi turn how do u like it whe

Question to vegetarian basilers


Are you guys less aggressive and not as triggered than a regular meat eater? I assume you're all males

Entertainment Forum

Are you getting Fire Emblem Fates?


We've got trouble. horrible dub w/ no dual audio removes aime mini game why

Steam Lunar New Year Sale


what games did you get and recommend

Best girl of the season


megumin or hotaru?

Boku dake ga Inai Machi


Anyone else suspecting the teacher or the blonde haired kid for the murder after today's episode?

Why is Club Penguin so badly optimized?


I just recently started to play Club Penguin and OMG it takes forever to load anything. Even logging in takes a solid 30 seconds wtf. Do the devs just not care about this mmo anymore -_-

Mirrors Edge Catalyst new trailer


Dunno if this is a waste of my time since it's a niche game but for those of you who are like me and love Mirror's Edge, they just released a brand new trailer for the story. Best video game trailer I've seen since the Final Fantasy XV original E3 trai

Draw the above person in MSPaint


[header]Introduction: Welcome to (And thank you to those who contributed to making this) what is now the largest thread of the Art section! I made this thread to keep some beggars away from this section, as they have been clogging it up with spam threads

Vgm Thread


Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame music. Please one song per post so it doesnt get crowded. :) Rules: 1. one song per post 2. use this form

Good Idol Anime Recommendations


As per title. I already know of Love Live!, Idol M@ster, AKB0048, and Hanayamata. Also Symphogear (kind of an idol magical girl mix).

Black Desert Online character creation tool is out


My obsession for character creation must be sated. These are some of the characters others have made using BDO's character creation system

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Breeding pokemon out of pure boredom Todays project Torrent ability panpour with Hydro pump
Bgt Blood bride nx overall in GRAZED
Every year I participate in that horrible Beauty Coupon event Its almost like I want to torment m
9 atk 9 str 8 crit on Katana recube or not
Can I just change my name to Klefki
Much sad
I miss Windia
What is this nonsense Take me back to BasilMarket immediately
the world can be dark with demons but with helpingly help you can find tips

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