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Ideas to liven things up 19 Feedback for upgrading Basil? 45 Lab Server Lions king castle Entry General

That Entry in Heneysy. How can i enter it ? Those who are unprepared cannort enter, it says when i click on the portal.

Lab Server Pioneer General

How can i get that title ?

Who gonna play Ms2 General

Kinda debating whether I should, given the fact the voxel design is a huge turn off for me...but it's getting close to release and the nostalgia truck hitting me hard so what to do? Should i try this crap or nah? Also questioning whether I wanna spen

Lab Server Dojo General

When you die in it, do you lose all your levels like normal deaths?

MrSaint Strengthening Boast Potion attack General

I used a Hundred, i can see it at my skill list, but what doi i do now ? When i try to use one i het : There seems to be a Problem, Try again later.

Mr. Lee Airlines Quest Issues General

I heard pple got from 30-->150 in Lab there. Now i understand why, lol.

Pet on the Lab server ? General

I see folks with that sheepy. How do they get it ?

Lab Server Updates

Hey everyone, so i have jumped on the lab server and got myself a 2x card, but i died and it wont let me reselect a class? does anyone know how to fix this?

Maplestory Database e.g. monster drops General

Hello everyone, I'ts been a while since I have last played Maplestory. I used to look up monsters drops using Hiddenstreet and Mapletip. It's unfortunate, but they are very outdated. My question therefore is if anyone knows a similar database t

Getting Ark coins General

Can they still be obtained ? I want that Ring from the Ark shop 3500 coins, i have 2700 atm...

Mercedes Hp problem Mercedes

Hey guys, How you managed with the mercedes poor life? i mean i level 172 and i found my self die alot because the poor mercedes life .... Any suggestions? its come when i fight Chaos boss but when i fight with monster with 2-4k damage..

Training Location for 240-250? Bowman

Hey guys, I just got back to maple after a year and looking for a new training spot for bow masters to work towards 250 again. Anyone know some good maps in Arcane River that I could check out? Thanks!

Which class? Bowman

Restarting maple in Khaini. Wanted to know how much a Bowman would cost to fund to solo bosses and do great in team fights

How do you play a ranger Bow Master

Returning player from the good old days. Just made ranger and have no idea how to play well. Is arrow bomb better than the fire storm move? What are you supposed to do once you set up your arrow firing thing? Haven't seen any good videos/guides on

3 Line Hurricane Wild Hunter

So I sometimes see Wild Hunters with 3 line wild arrow blasts. How can I make mines turn into 3 lines?

KMST ver. 1.2.053 New 5th Job Skills Bowman

##KMS 1.2.280 ###All Jobs [**Erda Shower**]: Shoot out condensed Erda to attack enemies. (master level: 25) - Level 1: Consumes 3000 HP. Deals 465% damage 6 ti

Armor Break Changes Bow Master

I've noticed that armor break has been changed to a 10 second cd with 1 sec min cd. What do I do with a skill that will add barely no damage? Should I still put 10 more points in it? at least binding gives platter 90% more dmg.

Bowmaster039s Inhuman Speed is bugged, please report it Bow Master

Fixed as of the scheduled game update on 7/19. ----- I've posted a bug report here: Basically, Inhuman Speed (ugh, that name...) will not activate after two

Mercedes gear? Mercedes

My Mercedes can only do about 300-100k on Ishtars and 1mil-600k on spikes royale with frozen gear full star forced, I've been trying to find rlly cheap cra gears but no luck as everything from Scania is 10bill ;-; Does anyone have extra bowmen cra g

p/c on secondary? Mercedes


Kinesis 5th Job Kinesis

So I just finish the 5th job quests and I just wanna know what boost nodes I should be going for/what to prioritize for Kinesis.

Flame Gear Returns Blaze Wizard

The almighty Flame Gear returns to its rightful place as a 5th Job skill.

Evan039s very LOW Damage Evan

My evan deals really low damage on level 85.. enemies near my level won't die with one hit eventhough i'm wearing 5/5 enchanted Pearl Maple Set.. is that normal? i spend like 15 min to kill 50 lvl75 monsters.... please can i get a solution

5th job kanna trio nodes guide? Kanna

Can someone help with what trios do I need and what to max ASAP?

Ice lightning forum is about to come back to life Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

Nah jk it's gonna stay dead til it shuts down. Raise your hand if you still check this forum every now and then.

Cant find Evan039s First saddle Evan

i finished the first mount quest and i cant seem to find the saddle anywhere. its not in my equip inventory or on any of my skills. am i missing something?

Cant find Evan039s First saddle Evan

i finished the first mount quest and i cant seem to find the saddle anywhere. its not in my equip inventory or on any of my skills. am i missing something?

Kanna Range Kanna

So I have a level 161 Kanna with a range of 43k? IS that too low? If so, any tips on increasing it to a reasonable ammount?

Kanna Range Kanna

So I have a level 161 Kanna with a range of 43k? IS that too low? If so, any tips on increasing it to a reasonable ammount?

Kann nerf bs Kanna

Legit after the nerfs can't do any damage at all now... especially the worst when it comes to dojo. And guildies say you must clear 46F to be a main attacker... I can't do it :/

KoC Successor? Buccaneer

I took the time to get a sad thunder breaker to level 120, then spend about 8 hours collecting 10 peridots, to 'prestige' (I forget the technical term) into a knight-of-cygnus and start my bucc at lvl 50 and have that cool orange medal under my

I039m in the abyss Pirate

Hey all. Ok, so I'm a level 181 buccaneer in Bera. My main, that I put countless hours into and I'm very proud of (buccs4life, js) anyways, I haven't played maple in about 2 years, I apparently sold all my godly equips I was using before I

Bring Battleship back Corsair

Don't you think corsair should have their battle ship skill back? ALong with with battleship cannon and torpedo? Let me know what you think.

T gt Good Fafnir Zeliska for Good Fafnir Lost Cannon Cannoneer

Hi, I recently wanted to job switch from Corsair to a Cannoneer, but I do not have a weapon for a Cannoneer, I was wondering if anyone would like a Fafnir Zeliska, legendary 15 star gun %att for a good faf cannon, here is a picture of my gun for full deta

P/C on Cannoneer Items Cannoneer

I haven't played for about a year now so Im not caught up on pricing I was hoping somebody could help price my old cannoneer gear!

Marcos amp Tips for a Mechanic Pirate

Hey guys, I just came back from like a 4-5 year break and I wanted to try out Reboot. I also wanted to try out a job that not many people play or even see, so I decided to main a Mechanic. I know it's a little chunky, a MP waster, and difficult to bo

Tempest anvil Corsair

Anyone know how to get the gun called "Tempest"? - Image

Normal Pink Bean boss - Solomon 11 Buccaneer

I'm trying this on my Lv 167 Buccaneer but I can't even get past the first statue (solomon?) This guy keeps reducing my hp/mp to 1 with freaking every single attack. I can't even get 3 attacks on it without getting reduced. Suggestions how

Reboot Cannoneer? Cannoneer

Hello! I really want to play cannoneer however Im just a little bit hesitant. Everyone says play the class that looks most fun to you and for me that is Cannoneer. All of his skills including 5th job and lines look like a great time. However I play on re

Shade new skills help Shade

anyone know how to get them i'm confused i did the 5th job adv quest and the arcane quest

What range should a lvl 100 Xenon have? Xenon

Calling all Xenons for help! I'm a lvl 100 Xenon and I'm wondering what range I should have in order to boss without a problem in the future, they always say "Have a good foundation". I have Full Frozen Equipment with Spell trace an

What range should a lvl 100 Xenon have? Xenon

Calling all Xenons for help! I'm a lvl 100 Xenon and I'm wondering what range I should have in order to boss without a problem in the future, they always say "Have a good foundation". I have Full Frozen Equipment with Spell trace an

New Nightlord? Thief

Coming back to Maplestory after x amount of years and I want to make a NL. Do NLs still need a crazy amount of funding to be good, and if I were to spend NX to help me get ahead a little what would be the best thing to spend it on? *last time I played wa

Scrolling gear for xenon Xenon

Hi, I am interested in scrolling my gear but, which scroll are the best if I am a xenon? Consider the fact that I am not so funded to buy prime scrolls....

Cadena the next big thing? Thief

So after the checking out the dpm charts and the buffs Cadena will be getting to muscle memory is it safe the say they will be the best bossers in terms of dps after the patch hits GMS? EDIT: These are the buffs if anyone was wondering. CADENA: Chain Art

Returning after 3 years Dual Blade

haven't played since April of 2015, and wanted to know what I should start with to get back into this game. From what I can see, my range is at 300k clean (no 5th job yet) and im pretty much at like 100 mil mesos right now. The game looks hella diffe

I want to be a NL Night Lord

I want to a NL but instead of getting the NL Skills, I got the Shadower skills any help. What exactly is an Open Job Advancement

DB Funding/Training Dual Blade

Making a DB and wondering what funding id need to make it decent, solo bosses, ill have about 15-20B to play with in Khaini. Also is there a training guide any where that i can use to train faster? and a skill guide for DB. Thanks in advance

Help with funding Dual Blade

Hello, been a while since I last posted but I was wondering whats the most effective methods to increasing my range. My current equips: Range is 1.1m clean w/ FC and hypers its 2.4m Thinking of cubing around a rumored DMT. Also

New to MapleStory and need to get this clear Xenon

This is probably a noob question or already answered question but I just started playing MapleStory entirely recently and picked a xenon cuz it looked fun, I played several hours and got him to lvl 100 but right after found out that xenon is a really high

Gollux Confusion 1HKO? Hero

So Ive recently got back into maplestory. Im a lvl 201 Hero. and after looking up on Gollux clear ranged I realized I have the damage to kill atleast normal lux. Id really hope I could cause I want to increase my range. So I finished the chin part of th

Bossing Ranges Hero

I am level 199 1.24-1.44m damage 70% IED 153% boss i am having some trouble beating some of the chaos bosses i used to do. I know that the bosses were buffed a while ago. I am currently doing Zakum, Easy Magnus, RA bosses, Horntail, Madman and 2x Regul

Demon Slayer Demon Slayer

How much damage can you expect a demon slayer to do with approximately 4m range without arcane force, and cores? I plan on funding a demon slayer because my current class is doodoobeans... That is all, thx

Where to train in Haven/Vanishing Journey? Demon Avenger

Hi, so I was wondering what is the most optimal place to train for a demon avenger with a range of around 2 million fully buffed (including Frenzy in Vanishing Journey ONLY). Also if you guys could also suggest the best place to farm nodestones that would

Dark Knight Funding Thread Dark Knight

Hello, lvl 60 DrK. Ik at this level I dont have to worry about funding. But, I want to know how to fund for late game. Like what equips to buy at lvl 140ish. People make mesos so easily, any tips on how to make mesos reliably, like what I am depending

How to fund a Demon Slayer Demon Slayer

Hello, I'm a lvl 127 DS and my range is still 20k :( Pls help. And where do I get fafnir weapons. My Demon Impact hits for 100k and my Demon Lash hits about 50k

Demon Slayer Weapon Mastery Demon Slayer

Hello I'm a lvl 127 DS. I was scrolling down my 4th job advancement skills and I saw the Barricade Mastery and I couldnt lvl the skill up. So I saw what the problem was and it said I had to have Weapon Mastery lvl 10 (2nd Job Advancement Skill). So I

When mileage pets reset Demon Slayer

Anyone knows when mileage pets in mileage shop will be reset?

Hyper Skills? Paladin

Wondering how I should invest the rest of my hyper skills? Below are my current buffed stats, I have 103 points to use. I currently have these: 4 Critical rate 10 Critical Damage 6 Ignore Defense 10 Damage 10 Bossing Damage I&

Shield Drops Reboot Hero

What monsters drop the deimos, vip and kit shield? This is in reboot, if that makes a difference. Thanks

Reloading Page Results In Search Site

Sometimes when I reload a thread on Basilmarket by clicking on the URL and pressing [Enter] (Google Chrome) it results in a Google-Search instead of reloading the thread. This is very mysterious because I know for a fact i'm requesting a reload for

So Maplestory M, huh Chat

I just got a recommendation to install that bloatware onto my phone. Anyone gonna try that crap out?

All English voice overs suck. Here are the examples Chat

it pains me to hear too many TV shows with bad English voice acting. why do people like english goku so much more than his japanese one? TV Shows with bad English voice acting: Rick and Morty Phineas and Ferb Little Witch Academia Dragon Ball Z (why do

which is more admirable? Chat

which is more admirable? a person who is constantly seeking out knowledge or in the pursuit of something greater albeit in vain or a person who knows exactly how he benefits society and does what he's best at because he's self-aware (this could

Waluigi nambar 1 Chat

I love @beefly I really do, Waluigi might be #1 but beefly be before/above him <33333333333333333333333333333333333

Someone randomly defamed me for no reason Chat

Was just minding my own business buying some Pet Food in the Henesys Market, and some random guy "Sensator" comes and defames me? Now I'm a little bit petty but can y'all help me defame him back, I can't seem to find him :( I'

Am I depressed Chat

I can't tell if this is depression. What happened to me? Am I lonely? Is this stress? Am I around the wrong people? Every where I look I see difficulty. It's not fair. Am I suppose to let go? Push push I haven't made it.

Feedback for upgrading Basil? Site

Hey Basilers, hope you're well. Allergies aside, I love this time of year! How about you? I'd like to share my thoughts about the possibility of completely revamping BasilMarket so as to encourage more sharing. In short, if you're familia

Why you have to hard in life Chat

I'm pretty salty my dude. Dudes in the army don't gotta worry bout looking good. I gotta grind constantly. Fk man, really wish I was a civilian I could do a stupid 9 to & smoke some weed after go to the gym. Hating this stress bout being th

Cadena, Illium, and Ark Site

Hey Mr. Basil, when are you planning to add new classes as options on the site? My Cadena and Illium are still listed as Beginner classes and this is definitely going to happen to Ark too.

In an attempt to make this forum more active, I039ll draw you Art

Maybe (title was too long couldn't fit)

first ANIMATION video Art

Hey guys I made my first STORYTIME animation video using maple sprites, feel free 2 check it out! constructive criticism is welcome.

OverwatchCompetitive Season 10Tracer Nepal PC

I had a long week but I was happy to get some footage and edit. New video each week! If you enjoyed please subscribe w/ notifications turned on and share with a gamer friend or reddit! Thanks for watching my Overwatch video and tuning into the channel.

Pokemon types Anime

What you like? I go with Dark and Fire.

Interruptions during cutscenes Nintendo

Why this always happen? When someone starts making a racket when a cutscene starts playing in a video game? Even when it has been peaceful for a couple of hours playing the game, when that cutscene starts, other noise just happens for no reason at all, it

An Entertaining Fight Art

I can't remember the last time I've done any Maplestory fan art. I suppose I may not be able to play again (computer not working, also, I'm in university now, not much time for games), but I can still do what I know best- draw. I've do

Graphite Sketching and Anime Art Art

I am cementing a large rare earth magnet onto a stand, that is designed to not topple over, so that I have my own personal left hand clamp that has the weighty and sticky effect of a magnet. A thin metal slat will clamp on top of my left hand and that

Excited for any games this year? Sony

There's many games I will probably get this year, but only 1 I will likely get at release, which is God Of War (4), I'm thinking maybe in a few months I will get Monster Hunter World, and also probably Anthem before the end of the year. And may

How to discover yourself Nexon

Hi everyone who is still around. Over the course of my life, I've found many things that have taught me to understand how to properly communicate with others as well as listening to myself. 1. Meditate During that time you can really feel what it me

what would you do? Sony

i have this fancy Arcade Style controller for PS3 (a special edition made for Street Fighter IV), i have sold it on eBay, which was a big mistake as the buyer sent it back as defective, so now i have $50 in the stupid thing (was $150 brand new from some r

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Would you be so kind as to disable your ad-blocker on BasilMarket please? Your support is greatly appreciated.

MapleStory Screens & Videos

gakinotsukai LAB server has been an eye opener for me. Considering that my maple experience for a long time has b 2 cuddymd who wanna drop everything and move to rural japan with me? low cost of living calm tranquil environm 2 deeemon I got a damn carpet for my birthday. Seriously, wtf? Then I got drunk af and passed out, woke up and 4 animus Basil is still not closed? I'm impressed. 2 zigen who's playing maplestory m 2 lokithestrange Dr. Loki the Strange, PhD! 1 ecarina Oh hey, my Mihile and Ark's pics finally got accepted. Now I just need to immediately put them 1 deeemon How long has this stuff been in the game? Are we even getting this 2 vrabid Account finally unbanned after 4+ years feelsgoodman 2 kaneki oh shoot stories still exist, i had no idea lol 5

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