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What are you planning to do in game next?

Important: BasilMarket screen/video integration on bzl now live Important: is back

i am interested in coming back after 5 years


I know there is a Reboot server and a Standard server; but, I am not sure which would be better? When people say this game became p2w now, how much money are we talking about? Now that I am older with a stable job - I might not mind spending some money. B

IGNs for trade


Hey! I've got a few IGNs that I would like to trade for other IGNs. I have made trades in the past and have people to use for vouchers although I'm not sure which of them are still active, as I'm coming back from a hiatus. Anyways, here are

update on the current connection issues


The problem remains slippery. I have a nice work around from darksword, unfortunelately this workaround doesnt Always work. Why ? i really have no clue. His work around goes like this ---------------> Maybe the cause of your issues is the fact you may

P/C on Magnus039 Rage


Title. It's 29 m. att clean with rare hidden pot. Also, someone is offering an 18% dex 9 star tyrant charon belt, 10 star rare tyrant charon glove, and 3b for it. Should I take that offer? Thank you :)

Can we make an inflated range tier list?


From most to least, which classes has the most inflated range? Inflated as in, with the same items which classes have the most range? I swear DB has to be at least top 5.

Glove pot lines


Anyone have some idea as to just what you can get on each line ? line 1: line 2: line 3: Joke lines aside what can you get? rare > epic > unique > legendary

Literally why


L I T E R A L L Y why would Nexon raise the level cap on BPQ only to remove Bain weapons, the only reason to do the boss in the first place L I T E R A L L Y why are Reboot's cubes STILL only available for purchase in quantities of 1 L I T E R A L

A really negative thread that is based on hate


I just feel like posting a new thread and do my part in the attemp of reviving this forum. What are your top 3 least favourite classes? like, the ones that almost make you puke when you encounter a bossing vid of them on youtube? mine (from bad to worst)

KMST 1.2.047 patch


In case there's any Basilers that do not use Reddit, here is my thread in Reddit. TLDR ; NL (RIP), I/L, Bishop, Dawn Warrior nerfed. NW, BaM, DB, WH

Where do tyrant equips come from?


Which boss they dropped from?

We need a new archer class this summer


There isn't really a point to this thread, just a cry for justice. I'm absolutely positive it'll be another warrior/mage, or maybe a pirate if they feel a bit creative.

KMST ver. 1.2.047 - More Balancing

Bow Master ####All Jobs **Final Attack**: An error where 5th job skills would not activate the Final Attack skill has been fixed. ####5th Job **Afterimage Shot**: damage has bee

Nisroque Portugese Biblical History and the Nisrock Bow?


Does the bow, the nisrock in maplestory have any historical reference to "Nisroch (ou Nisroque) é o deus assírio da agricultura, descrito como uma divindade com cabeça de águia com asas e músculos exagerados"(- cited from google)?

Attention all Bowmasters

Bow Master

If you've been playing on your Bowmaster since the v177 Secret Stories patch, you have probably encountered the very, very, verrrrryyyy annoying Arrow Blaster bug. You know, the one where installing Arrow Blaster doesn't work sometimes? And it

Funding Question


OK so, I understand that Mercs are really hard to fund, and if you fund them enough, it is pretty rewarding. I'm lvl 202 right now with 550k clean ( 1.2m buffed ), all my pots are garbage, ranging from 3% to 12% dex on each equips. I'm on the ve

Is my bowmaster Weak?

Bow Master

Im a level 186 bow master Is my bow master to weak/average or strong? with all buffs i have 72000 damage. im honestly not sure if thats good or not

Bowmaster or Wind archer for nostalgia


So this isnt the typical which is better then or anything. I havent played an archer in forever and with the burning event i figured lets make one for old times. Lots have changed with BM like no more strife or arrow rain which were kinda why i wanted to

Bowmaster new 5th job skill Afterimage Shot

Bow Master

##Final Week (1/4): KMS ver. 1.2.270 ####All Jobs The V Matrix now unlocks a new slot every **5 levels** instead of every 6 levels. The maximum number of slots has been incr

Inner ability


Just got Final Damage +48% of def, should i keep this line?

Best map to farm in arcane river?


What is the best map for a mercedes to farm in? I can one shot mobs with leaf tornado. Better = more mobs killed/sec

Beast Tamer Insights?

Beast Tamer

So currently I am almost at the point where I can do end game bosses quite easily (czak is a joke for me right now) and am going to find a class to 2nd main once I am able to CRA,HMAG,and Hellux consistently. I am looking into beast tamer currently becaus

The Evan Achievement Thread


[header] I fixed the OP, kinda... [/header] [b]Zeff (Rioun of Bera)[/b], welcomes you to the Evan Achievement Thread! This thread has become a gathering place for Evans of all worlds/servers and I'm very happy about that. Standing strong at [b]a lo

Bishop with Flame Gear and Righteously Indignant


So I was bored one day and I decided to play my bishop. The Hyper Skill Righteously Indignant says the only attacking skill you are allows to use is Angel Ray. I just got my skill Flame Gear from Oz and I am able to use Flame Gear with Righteously Indigna

Help gear/range ?

Battle Mage (prelude) (ghost badge) | (emblem) Rest is epic

Party Shield? LMAO

Battle Mage

So what enemies laugh at our Party Shield and deal flat damage to us anyways? Because one day I summoned an Elite Boss and I was like "pls nu I just want to train" and it was the warrior dude so I was like being a coward and trying to poke him

Question about equilibrium


How do I activate it?

BW latency issue

Blaze Wizard

BW is my favorite class but it is very dependent on latency and lag, i live in Canada and I get quite a bit of lag on my BW. Anyone have any suggestions on how I can get better ping on maple?

hyper stats for kinesis


what hyper stats u use on your kinesis and why?

Question about Bishop Attack Speed


Hey fellow Bishops, I have a question about attack speed. I was wondering what's the max speed for a bishop? We have magic booster, and RI hyper. How much speed is that? and what's the max speed? I recently got Descent Speed infusion from the

Godly % Luk Gear and nightlord winida server


godly Night lord windia gear for sale message me or post skype if interested [IMG][/IMG]

Training Spots


What are the best maps for a Cannoneer to train on 190+ doing about 11m lines.


Angelic Buster

So i saw another thread that said "you can save the angelic buster hair and face and put it on your normal form or put normal face/hair on transformed AB now you don't have to have separate looking angelic busters" I just came back on map

Leveling Shade039s ?


So just started a Shade to lvl 40 and yet wondering if it worth taking to 200+ as Main character ?

117 Gearing struggle Reboot ?


So my current gear is : and yet wondering what should i be getting to boost my range on reboot ?

Thunder Breaker vs Cannonner


Hey guys xD Since we r getting a lot of psoks in the recent events i am considering quitting my DS and transfer my equips to a new char.. i would like to ask for ur opinion about those 2 classes please.. i must say that i really enjoy training and grindi

Cannoneer help?


Is it hard to fund a cannoneer and will it be worth it? I heard he has high base damage somewhere but I'm just struggling to get a CRA set on him.

How important is 1 attack speed inner for cannoneers


Just curious cuz i dumped all my points on it recently got legendary and then got impatient and tried to re-do it without locking and well its down to epic now. So how screwed am I? im on reboot what would be a good way to get a decent amount of points to

How to get emblem on Cannoneer


Im trying to get my gold maple emblem right now and some people said to go to maple island to get the explorer book but I dont have the return to maple island skill as its been replaced with return to nautilus. So how do I get the emblem? Help



every other pirate posted about 5th job. where the heckie are all the cannoneers? what u raising for 5th job bruh?

Perfect Soul Shooter

Angelic Buster

How much would a Perfect soul shooter run for in windia nowadays (doubt there are any)

Shadowers Don039t Need to be Funded


Clean equipment wouldn't be erroneous to use as a Shadower since if you have too high of attack you can't lure mobs as efficiently as you would if you are weaker, here's the evidence:

Trading my dagger for a claw


Trading my dagger for a claw with similar stats. If your claw is better I will complete the price with nx/$. I'm from bera and my ign is "Félix". Also, p/c on dagger?

Why is Chief Bandit now a tanking class w/o REG. sb?


The regular savage blow is gone so at least i get to mob at blowfishes at aqua road in second job to lvl fast, but shadowers used Savage blow in their moving chain combo of attacks well into 4th job in maple history. Also, the bandit class is broken since

Dual Blade Dojo 416

Dual Blade

inner ability


so on last weeks maplehood where they gave the IA circulators, my shad got "increases damage increases +20% when attacking Boss Monster" (idk why its worded that why) on 1st line for legendary IA. i don't know much on IA, do i keep that? wh

How much damage at 1.3m range?


As a night lord, about how much damage am i able to do with around 1.3m range? currently at 1.6m as a shadower and i am one-shotting the flyons for nodes, and i was thinking about job changing to night lord temporarily for the slight increase in drop rat

Do Shadowers benefit from decent SI?


Got 2 nodes and was wondering if you guys recommend using it or not! Also - SI > CO or CO > SI?

FAFNIR DAGGER, 30% ATT for sale


Someone buy this please; accepting all offers or a trade for a risk holder of the same caliber. PM me if interested.

Dual Blade vs Shadower?


With all the information out about 5th job now, with moderate funding, which one would be better to make? I like both classes and I want to start funding now so which would be the better choice? And why?

Super Weak Bandit


Edit: I think I've got this mostly figured out, but leaving this here for weapon recs. I'm assuming I'm missing something obvious here, having not played in a while and usually playing one of new "fancy" classes. But it's

Dark Knight Guide

Dark Knight

Guide please

Can Mihile equip fighter gear?


Hey guys, I have had a Mihile for a while but never really use it. Last year I got a full set of Maple Treasure Equips for my Hero but never bothered with anything else. Now I have a full set and no character ti put the on. I was wondering if Mihile Can e

inner ability

Demon Slayer

i just got legend inner ability on my ds after 7 circs f3 i have 4 left and he landed 20% boss dmg on 1st line. what would you do?

Hayatos unite again


Last thread died. Good news from a MapleSea player. Unfaltering Blade has been buffed back up from 8% Crit dmg to 25% crit dmg

3 minutes Blast o


I think is not too bad ;o

Potential needed for Ryude


Ok I recently acquired a clean Ryude that I am going to prime. My current Fafnir primed is 35% boss 20% Boss 6% all stats. I know I also lose 30% boss from switching out Full CRA set. My question is what is the minimum potential I need to do better than m

Hero Rush Broken??


I just switched from a Paladin to Hero using the open advancement coin, and I'm enjoying the switch except for Hero's terrible rush. I noticed that the Hero rush skill always has monsters drag behind the rush and I have to constantly go back and

Blast takes the elemental attribute of the last charge


Is this even a good change? I thought Paladin do poop damage whenever an elemental charge is used against boss. Also I thought bishop had a hard time for Pink Bean's statutes or something since Holy damage deal like 10 or so to them and they have to

15% Spell traced 1H vs 70% 2H


Considering the huge gap, can 1h win 2h in this case?

Aran commands not as responsive as before?


Anyone feel that this is the case? I feel like before this patch there was a bit more leeway and delay to allow people to activate command based skills by pressing 1 key after the other in quick succession. I used to be able to activate skills like judgem

What u make at home


Hey gals and guise. Yall cook @ home? I made a French omuretto today. It came out great. EDIT: Wow, this is depressing.

what do i do


so where I work, there is this girl who seems to be about 17/18 and works at the coffee bar. i talked to her once when I got coffee after my shift because I had to wait 20 minutes in the snow for the bus. That was about two months ago. Her shift begins

Pineapples on pizza



Any other music like this?

Chat Especially the front part before it climaxes, specifically 0:00~1:32.

where do you get your news


what are your primary sources of news would you recognize a fake or misleading online article (do you actually read beyond the headline) do they talk about this in schools now

Define nature of evidence please


I need some homework help guys! Could you guys define "nature of evidence" for me please? I've looked online for definitions, but none seem to help. I'm suppose to write about it, but I have no idea what it means when they say " e

Am I the only one who cant be bothered to wear cool shoes


I get it. Cool shoes look nice. Boots and leather shoes look sick. But is it worth sacrificing the comfort that running trainers give you? Thousands of engineers and scientists have worked on improving shoe technology & comfort over the last few dec

How often do you pleasure yourself?


Once a day? Twice? Once every few days? Keep it civil and appropriate!!

Holy f this is amazing


I just found out that disposable razors are amazing home hair-cutting tools. Just run it across your hair adjusting pressure and it gives an amazing trim. It's almost impossible to mess it up, looks professionally done, and it's incredibly easy

Did you watch PBS kids?


I read that it's being cut by Trump on reddit. Dunno if fake news. I only seen Arthur when little. Haven't seen Sesame Street and Between the Lions, which I remember nice kids I used to play with would watch. I'd like to watch Mr. Rogers wi

Anybody getting Horizon Zero Dawn?


It's coming out next week and since I very rarely buy games close to release and it's been a couple years, and I got a Samsung SUHD TV (and it seems they made Horizon Zero Dawn to fully utilize 4k) I'm seriously thinking about buying it nex

Doodle Dump


Old requests from my previous post : --Finished-- @duzz : (gender bent because i was tired of drawing men) @curesword : (uneven eyes qq) @do

Check out my Yuri On Ice anime review

Anime subscribe and like if u wanna c more :)

Vgm Thread


Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame music. Please one song per post so it doesnt get crowded. :) Rules: 1. one song per post 2. use this form

Lemme droow uu


Art block got heavy on me recently :I I need some characters I can draw~ POST IN THIS THREAD FOR A DOODLE :)

Free Crunchyroll Account


To anyone who can guess my favorite character from Naruto you can have my Crunchyroll account which I believe has 4 months left? I'm sorta done with anime so I figured someone may as well put it to good use. You can each have 3 guesses btw. Good luck

Returning Artist in Need of Some Practice


Hello fellow Maplers, I'm somebody who has recently rediscovered their love for traditional drawing, and I would like to have an opportunity to draw your character. Bear in mind that this means my skills are rusty but I can surely improve through mor

Is this a balanced diet?


All I have been eating for the last two weeks is refried beans with black bean rice. I just buy canned pinto and black beans. Then I make refried pinto beans with tiny bit of olive oil, a lot of cumin,a bit of paprika and a drizzle of chicken stock. No

Black Gold online is in beta still even as a quality game


This is in OPEN BETA right now and only 11 gigs, making it a non-laggy game like maple is low gig!: Give it a play in the diffierent classes to keep it popular so that it might become real instead of just in be

I need laptop ideas help pleade


So my college gave me money to get a new laptop and I want one that's good for design purposes But could run maple. I havent played maple in a few months and I just want something that could hold up with what the client is now. My budget is let'

Part 1 (prologue): It is a northern country; they have cold weather, they have cold hearts. Cold;
#Trading #Windia T>30% Int (Main Pot) Uni Bpot 3% all stat nebbed Sup Gollux earring for %all st
So I bought a Flame Throwing Star recipe for like 10mil to finally get "the one that got away&q
The awkward moment when you try to say "creme brulee", but it comes out as "creme blu
This day in history I wonder when Mr B will accept my screens on time. Happy Walking the Dog Day
Moving to Missouri by Virgina
Someone in my discussion group just used the word "irregardless" LOL
Video of an In-Flight Glitch I found!! SKIP TO 1:25!!!
Xenon or wild hunter? Or rather a Kyuubei fanatic android or large ugly cats?
#Buying B> Google Play cards for reasons. Find me in Broa. :(((((((((((((((((((((
This day in history Blackbean Celebrated Family Day. (Kanadians) Happy Family Day ! Happy Na
Link me to the dark side of YouTube please!! I love scaring myself to sleep
stahp #Friend
"Change Character" must be latin for crash my game.
Had about 5-6 friends rethink about coming back to Maplestory, but due to login issues and crashing

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