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Important: Bug squashing Important: is back

Preperation for fever time


So Im looking to 15% scroll my Faf cane this fever time, I'm not gonna hammer it now so I'm just gonna do the 8 and wait for fever time I have the following prepared for the fever time and i was wondering if this would be enough to do 8 slots wi

Creating character


With the burning event going on, I'm planning on making a new character. I was thinking about remaking my Aran or Hayato, but not completely sure. Any suggestions on a class to make? Note: I will be only able to lightly fund the character (trying t

KThxBaiNao no longer employed by NA

General at least he didn't use blue potions on a kinesis. EDIT: initial statement EDIT: a letter http://www.twitlonger.

burning even is glitched


kinda dissapointed. thought I'd get all the mad gears at lvl 100. got to 100 and didn't get any of the cool rewards. can't even accept the '1+2 level up' quest :S even wasted money on a pet too. shame tsk



I came back because I heard about the 5th job release and after long research after research I decided to go with WA. I want to know your guy's opinion. What do you think is the best class after 5th job release and why?

P/c Outlaw heart


Just double marveled an outlaw heart so now I have two P/c? I know its a lot but idk how much for sure

About 5th job prequests


So I know that you need to do pb prequest, but do u need to fully complete the pb prequest? or is doing it up to road to oblivion 5 + killing the bull enough?

Rate The Person's Look Above You!


Title says it all xD; oh and say whether they can be henehoes I know this has been done before, but i wanted to bring it alive again! So, don't be like, "ZOMG POSER ROFLCOPTER NIBSAUCE FAIL!" well here we go!

Describe the person above with 3 words


Just what the title says. 3 words no more , no less.

Looking for active guild AUS Windia


just looking for a active guild/some mates to chill,kill with. In windia and AUS btw.

Mercedes Damage Skin


Just wondering if its only available for new mercs, if not how do you get it?

Am I doing great atm?


Hey guys! I'm currently level 174 with my unfunded Merc, and i was wondering if my range is bad or decent around my level. My range atm when buffed is 130'000k-160'000k.

Marksman Training Maps


I know marksman are pretty garbage at training, but I feel like I'm doing something wrong. I've been training at the Upper Stems and Maze 5 (mainly at Maze 5 since I fell that's easier for a marksman to navigate the map, and almost every ma

Mercedes damage?


Is it really true what people says that its a struggle to a mercedes damage or is that just early on and they will scale better as they level? And on my lv 200 kaiser i have 230k range and I hit about 1-1.5m per line or so. And wondering as a merc would i

11/30 Burning Event

Wild Hunter

i wanted to make a wild hunter for the burning event but when i made it a message popped up that said Request failed anyone know how i can fix this?

5th job Open Advancement


Hey all, I have a few questions. With 5th job, if I farm cores on my bowmaster, what happens when I switch to MM? Do I lose them all? I'd love to find both for 5th job but am worried I'll have to make an early initial decision. Also, what has t

Returning bowmaster low damage range

Bow Master

Recently have returned to maple after 2 years, and i'm playing on my 155 bowmaster. I have about 1b meso's cash but when i tried to do horntail regular and chaos zakum i got wrecked. The guy i was partying with was also outdamaging me despite b

True Sniping dailies


I spent half an hour on google translate and the official kms website, trying to find kms vids of a 5th job MM, and I managed to find this lovely lvl 221 Marksman channel, and a video of her daily bossing: Well, it's a b

Need help with end game gear

Wild Hunter

Hey guys, I'm really getting more serious into Maplestory, but the only trouble I have is my end game gear,So if you can please leave an end game list for me. Also, what scrolls should you use on your fafnir set,or should you use spell traces instead

Arrow blaster installation issue

Bow Master

Hey, ever since the patch I've had a little issue come up setting up installations. I'll try to place one but sometimes it will just go on cooldown and not actually summon the installation. I'm using transparency but I don't know if th

The Evan Achievement Thread


[header] I fixed the OP, kinda... [/header] [b]Zeff (Rioun of Bera)[/b], welcomes you to the Evan Achievement Thread! This thread has become a gathering place for Evans of all worlds/servers and I'm very happy about that. Standing strong at [b]a lo



Can someone recommend me a good BISHOP hyper stats build?

Question about Bishop Skills


Hello Everyone! I'm a new Bishop on the Reboot server and I'm currently level 130. I'm wondering why Angel Ray is a skill? Genesis/Big Bang is so much better DPS wise. Also wondering where you put all the buffs on your keyboard. Thanks!

Im here to consult the I/Ls mighty wisdom and experience

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

I recently broke through level 200, was way too hyped for doing 5th job which is unavailable yet, but met a setback, for my level my stats are way too low. here are some of my statistics: Boss dmg 140% Range 330-360k buffed/no infinity status resistance:

I love i/l mage

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

So i used the mega burn event to make a ice lightning mage and damn they are strong. I have a bishop but he doesnt one hit but ice lightning mage is so awesome. Its the only class that played that was able to kill hilla. Also frozen orb is really strong

Beast Tamer Maple Alliance

Beast Tamer

I can't seem to find a way to access the questline. I can't complete the tracker without completing it.

Ice Lightning mages and V.178 patch

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

- Bind persists after using Freezing Breath, which now allows us to take advantage of our own bind now - 5% max critical damage from ice stack changed to 3% critical damage, so a small damage increase (25% max critical damage(12.5% average critical damage

Kanna DC Blocked by the GM police for the HACK reason


Hello Basilmarket, I know there's an earlier thread on Kanna DCs but no one mentioned the "Blocked by the GM police..." message popping up right before disconnecting. If that thread did refer to the same issue then apologies for the extra

Bishp defense squishy and damage


I dont know why but my bishop is squishy as buns, even with magic guard. My ice lightning mage takes like 200-300 touch damage and my bishop between 1000-4000. Its annoying because i lose so much mana. I know there is holy magic shell but , lets be seriou

Evan Link Skill not showing up?


Ever since the new UI arrived, my link skill page doesn't show the Evan link skill. Is anyone else having this issue? I have 22 available link skills showing in the UI so I was thinking maybe there is a cap on how many show but I'm not sure. I

Shade ninja nerf??


Why is soul splitter and bind only 10 seconds duration now? They were 20seconds before the V limitless patch. This was not mentioned in the patch notes either.

Hyper stats


Hey, what do you guys have put in the Hyper stats Im a corsair lvl 226 Im coming back after a while. And seem some changes.. So just wondering which stats to max out?

I give up


why is it so hard to fund a shade i keep wasteing cube's and my range still the same

How difficult is norm magnus?


If I have 500k range with 230 boss and 70 pdr will I be able to solo norm magnus in a reasonable time? Thanks.

With 5th job on the horizon


Let's not forget where we came from.

v.178 Changes for Thunder Breakers

Thunder Breaker

-Typhoon's hitbox has been adjusted. Its vertical range allows you to hit Magnus while he's charging his purple laser with Typhoon now. Lost about a third of it's horizontal range though. -No longer able to attack while inflicted with cert

Headshot come back?


So with the removal of damage cap, is it viable in bossing for us Corsairs to use headshot again? Or is it still viable to RF spam?

DASH keeps activating


Is it just me or does Dash keep activating when you're walking?

Making a comeback


I've decided to start playing maple again for the update but i cant quite decide what class i would like to play. Bucc or TB, which one do you say can do more damage and which one trains easier? Thank you!



i just miss this skill finally we are getting it back cant wait !

forget to upgrade slash storm

Dual Blade

Hi guys, Im a newbie, I am playing as a dual blade and lvl 89, i forgot to use Mastery Book to upgrade slash storm to lvl 20 and right now I can't upgrade bloody storm. So should i continue to play?

Are DB039s still clunky?

Dual Blade

I might have worded it wrong but anyways i tried making a DB on reboot a few weeks after it came out. Once i got Flying assaulter i tried to use the other skills with it like i use to but it was so delayed. Is that normal now or are they gimped now?

Worth keeping

Cygnus Knight Night Walker

So I have a night walker at lv.83, and was thinking about going back to it. However, I recently learned that even with funding, they aren't close to what they used to be. I'm a fan of the play style but unfunded, so I wanted to know if it is eve

How to use Meso Explosion effectively?


With the current meso explosion, I have had trouble using it to its fullest, due to the delays/pause between moves with it. How do people use it effectively?

How to scroll my weapon

Night Lord

I got myself a nice fafnir weapon, I have several lucky day scrolls and wondered about the scrolls I should use, chaos scroll of goodness? 10% scrolls for att? 30%? 70? I'm not funded so I can't buy the 9th anniversary scrolls orsomething like t

Elemental Decrease on Phantom


I was wondering if anyone had tested out elemental decrease on phantom (before nerf) and even after nerf, it seems like before nerf Ele decrease would increase your damage a LOT more than cross surge, and even after it has a chance to.

Which class do you think is more sustainable?


Kind of at a crossroads between NLs and DBs. Trying to make a decision sometime but I'd like your help. I'm not comparing for damage because it's really a second priority for me. I'll get there when I get there, with different ways I

what skills the steal?


for phantom what skills should i steal? what are the top skills?

Shadow Spark bugged?

Cygnus Knight Night Walker

I think shadow Spark is bugged, i attacked mobs and it does the damage but the monster does not die even snails HELP!!

Reboot Thieves


Who are the strongest Thieves in each category in Reboot? I don't care if they're legit or not. Night Lord: ClantaFamo Shadower: Dual Blade: Phantom: Xenon: Night Walker:

We let the achivement thread die. Whoops

Dark Knight

What a fun ride it has been, but man, was that sudden. I never expected to log on one day and see it locked. My only regret is that I never got that 1k post. Though, I did get the very last one, so that counts for something I guess. I'm going to l

Aran commands not as responsive as before?


Anyone feel that this is the case? I feel like before this patch there was a bit more leeway and delay to allow people to activate command based skills by pressing 1 key after the other in quick succession. I used to be able to activate skills like judgem

Share your new range and damage


Post your Damage/Range after cap removal :)

Missing 30% boss after the patch?


I seem to be missing 30% boss damage after the most recent patch (v178). I've already checked my hyper stats, link skills, and character cards, and my weapon still counts for the RA set effect. Are any other zeroes experiencing this?

Mushroom kingdom


I thinking about remaking an Aran in the next few days. I love the class and is on my list to be my first official main. However, I kept getting stuck on a quest in the mushroom kingdom. It was the one where you have to capture the Viking, and no matter w

How are heros?


Hey guys, i was wondering if heros are fun to play. I got a high funded hayato but was looking for another class to fund secondary.

Spear or PoleArm

Dark Knight

As a Dark Knight, Which weapon should you use? A Spear or a Polearm?

Hyper Stat calculator for Heroes

Hero Well since V update reset our hyper stats, time for this thing again since last thread is locked.

Hayatos unite


Today is the day we get another ultimate skill, let's hope it can hit a boss more than once for insane dmg. Edit: Apparently my range is 1.7m-5.2m :O weapon mastery pls

That range gap though


LOL with the new defense cap my range is 3m~9m That is frigging hilarious

I work at the front end of a grocery store, ask me anything


I'm a courtesy clerk at King Soopers (just got re-hired for the 3rd time). Ask me anything!

Job choices


I've got a question. What's the best job and is the most fun to play and why?

Where can I learn about the positive future with Trump?


I keep Googling to find left wing stuff that seems to make Trump look bad. I wonder what will happen like how Nixon made weed illegal. A basiler told me Obama mainly caused gov whistle blowers to get longer s

what is one product you will always pay top dollar for?


can be a gaming rig, certain shoes, music, refrigerator, etc

What are the best youtube videos to watch


So I have this big screen that plays HD videos on youtube now. What are the best free videos that teaches my dumb body new/interesting/useful tricks/techniques - physically/vocally. A tutorial or something. I also like documentaries of very foreign places

I don039t get much pleasure out of life anymore


I don't think I'm depressed or anything... but life is just, well, boring in general. I don't know why I feel this way. Everything suddenly seems so bland to me. Hanging out with friends in college seems more like a chore rather than leis

I am the best


and you are not xP because I am and if I am the best then you are not cos if I already am the best then no one else can be therefore you are not the best because I am but if you are the best then I cant be the best because you're already the best an

Chemistry Help Pls


Suppose 20.0 g of NaBr(s) is added to 50.0 mL of a 2.00 M silver nitrate solution. Part A: Write a net ionic equation for the formation of the expected precipitate. Part B: What is the molar concentration of the excess reactant in the combined solution?

The moment I realized I was bi


Long time ago when I was kid while watching wicked science, I was like omg elisabeth is so cool and beautiful and toby is hot asf omg cutest guy ever. i like hi bai

Fitness Stats amp Goals


Hey everyone, firstly I'd like to start off by saying I know this isn't, so if bodybuilding, powerlifting, and/or general fitness doesn't interest you then please hit the back button and go back to the Anime section. There

Vgm Thread


Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame music. Please one song per post so it doesnt get crowded. :) Rules: 1. one song per post 2. use this form

Pokemon Sun n Moon Shiny starter SR


Day 15 of soft resetting for my shiny Rowlet. Still no luck. What about everyone else? I have to be reaching the 2000-3000 count or higher of SRs. I stopped counting. Poll: How many SR's did it take you to get your shiny starter? ~EDIT~ (Since I can

The moment I realized I was fat


So as an normal 5'7 guy today I went to Mcdonalds to show off my height, I was eating 4 big macs with lettuce and tomatoes and a diet coke, never drank diet before so I decided to gave it a shot to know how it tasted. It tasted like a stupid pepsi, b

Winter 2017 Anime Season

Anime I'm not sure which is the official/real list of anime for the season (or maybe they're both fake?), but one thing is for sure - Gintama is gonna hold up the damn season. What a

Short Portal Guide for Shadows of Evil in CoD


Hello to all the CoD players out there. I have been playing Zombies a lot lately. The Shadows of Evil map mostly. In my time spent learning the map I've found a short cut to have all of the portals unlocked

Have Dota 2 Items, Want NX, Mesos or INT%


PM for SteamID. I have Dragonclaw Hooks, Golden Inmortals, Unusual Couriers, Dark Artistry Cape, Arcanas, etc.

Who was hired to annouce perhaps La Presidenta Primera


I just love how maniacal and cistern this woman who just recently said, "La Presidenta Primera" in a Spanish XFINITY basic channel reel that looked kind of 80's. She was wearing a suit top and bottom that was a vest and pants in dark color.

Tenvi a maplestory-like game from Nexon


Does anyone know of some way to incite Nexon to open up Tenvi for America? It mentions that Tenvi had reached it's end of service at some point in recent history. Maybe would a petition to open the game permanently for US players might be possible? H

Best new 3ds games?


I'm wondering what games I should get for 3ds on black Friday (well actually on Thursday because sales start early), I'm thinking about Fire Emblem fates birthright, and the newest dragon quest to be released in the US, any other suggestions?

trying to install Blade amp Soul


im trying out different games because im back to getting bored on MS, i get on, do daily activities and whatever events and quests are new, and that all usually takes maybe 2 hours, so now im trying to DL Blade and Soul, but i keep getting the notorious