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0I'll never forget that day, twenty-three years ago Master Strofi was training me to fight with a sword. She told me that it is important that I know how to defend myself, I didn't agree with her at the time since I was only six years old. Suddenly a group of bandits invaded the village in Perion that we lived in. Those bandits slaughtered everyone they saw and looted the villager's homes. One the bandits approached us and murdered the person who Master Strofi loved the most, her husband. After seeing her beloved husband's life fade away, a vicious look appeared in her eyes. Fueled with anger, Master Strofi slayed the group of bandits viciously to avenge the fallen villagers, however, we were the only two remaining villagers left alive as the my parents and other villager's lives had been taken away by the bandits. Unfortunately one bandit was able to quickly escape from the vicious blade. She stared into my eyes and told me: "This is why I need you to be able to defend yourself with a sword, you need to be prepared to protect yourself when no one can protect you because I won't always be there to protect you, also you will be able to protect those who cannot protect themselves." I realized that she was telling the truth, so from that day forth, I became more determined to trained by Master Strofi. A few hours later as we were mourning the fallen villagers, the bandit who had escaped returned with more of his fellow bandits and pointed at my master and said: "That's her! The vicious woman who slaughter our brothers! DESTROY HER!" Master Strofi prepared her sword and battled against all the bandits. The bandits had more people and more weapons than Master Strofi, but that wasn't enough to survive against her blade. The Perion Military had seen Master Strofi defeat the group of bandits. They were amazed that she was able to take down a large group of bandits all on her own. The Perion Military had been trying to stop the bandits from raiding villages and thanked Master Strofi for stopping the bandits. They offered her a place in their army, but she said she'll join if the military would rebuild our village and after giving birth to her child who would grow up without a father as well as raising her child. The warriors agreed to rebuild to our village and Master Strofi would join the army when she is ready. The captain of the military was impressed by how Master Strofi fought viciously and gave her the nickname: "Vicious Valkyrie."