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Birth of An Alliance Quest?


so i am level 142 and was wondering how do i start this quest? i been trying to do it for th eV Tracker but i can't seem to find any info on how to actually start it, i read that you need to do Ressistance quest but i went to Edelstein and there was

Can039t connect to servers after patch


Hello there I would like to know if anyone else has lags and troubles logging into gms/experiencing lags because I do and before the patch I could have played normally but now I can even connect :/ My internet is good and this is not what supposed to make

Lvl 160 what to do next?


what do i do at lvl 160?

Best way to go about fund myself?


I know there are a lot of guides and a lot of different opinions out there, but everybody's situation is different so I decided it'd be best to share my circumstances and receive some feedback for what I can do. So I've recently come back

What do you think of Blaze Wizard?


I think blaze wizard is fire Mario.

Constant dcs


I've been continuously dcing while doing just about anything tbh. Why is nexon making a timed event when I can barely stay connected for 5 mins? Anyone have a fix or anything cuz its starting to get pretty ridiculous.

Describe the person above with 3 words


Just what the title says. 3 words no more , no less.

Windia LF Breath of divinity and frenzy totems


Ifyou get one or know anyone selling in windia, post here or pm me! ty

Fire poison Mage V patch no dmg cap on mist eruption


What's the highest damage you have hit with mist eruption? share all my fire poison mage family!

Beginner explorer medal ellinel academy hyper rock


Hey guys, I would like to get the beginner explorer medal so I receive a 7 day hyper teleport rock. I only have 1 spot left that I can't access. I can't go to ellinel fairy academy. I'm 85 kinesis now. I can't access the map. Fanzy

11/30 Burning Event

Wild Hunter

i wanted to make a wild hunter for the burning event but when i made it a message popped up that said Request failed anyone know how i can fix this?

Mercedes damage?


Is it really true what people says that its a struggle to a mercedes damage or is that just early on and they will scale better as they level? And on my lv 200 kaiser i have 230k range and I hit about 1-1.5m per line or so. And wondering as a merc would i

5th job Open Advancement


Hey all, I have a few questions. With 5th job, if I farm cores on my bowmaster, what happens when I switch to MM? Do I lose them all? I'd love to find both for 5th job but am worried I'll have to make an early initial decision. Also, what has t

Returning bowmaster low damage range

Bow Master

Recently have returned to maple after 2 years, and i'm playing on my 155 bowmaster. I have about 1b meso's cash but when i tried to do horntail regular and chaos zakum i got wrecked. The guy i was partying with was also outdamaging me despite b

True Sniping dailies


I spent half an hour on google translate and the official kms website, trying to find kms vids of a 5th job MM, and I managed to find this lovely lvl 221 Marksman channel, and a video of her daily bossing: Well, it's a b

Need help with end game gear

Wild Hunter

Hey guys, I'm really getting more serious into Maplestory, but the only trouble I have is my end game gear,So if you can please leave an end game list for me. Also, what scrolls should you use on your fafnir set,or should you use spell traces instead

Arrow blaster installation issue

Bow Master

Hey, ever since the patch I've had a little issue come up setting up installations. I'll try to place one but sometimes it will just go on cooldown and not actually summon the installation. I'm using transparency but I don't know if th

Crimson Arclancer


I haven't played MS for a couple years and I've abandoned all my Bera characters for Reboot and I'm having a BLAST. It's come to my attention that Masteria is back to normal and, among other things, the Crimson Arclancer bow can be acq

Looking to buy a Fafnir Duel Bowgun


Hey Im a crappy Mercedes looking to buy a fafnir duel bowgun. Im in Galicia, so if someone would put one in there shop i'll buy it first thing in the morning thanks :P

Choosing between Mercedes and Wind Archer


Ola peeps, I'm planning on making the transition to a Bowman, I've reached my goal on capping on all the explorer thief classes so now I wanna go to my next favorite classes. So, between Mercedes and Wind Archer, which are better at bossing, w

Beast Tamer039s 5th Job?

Beast Tamer

Anyone have a skill description on what it does?

Kanna DC issues since V patch


I can't attack mobs with my Kanna since the V update. I noticed this yesterday when game was up 1 hour before the loooooong extended maintenance. I reported this issue to the live chat and they said they would fix it. But now when games up again, I k

Ice Lightning mages and V.178 patch

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

- Bind persists after using Freezing Breath, which now allows us to take advantage of our own bind now - 5% max critical damage from ice stack changed to 3% critical damage, so a small damage increase (25% max critical damage(12.5% average critical damage

Infinity tick rate


So I've always been told infinity ticks 10 times over its entire duration, regardless of how long it lasts. With the new final damage tab in the stats window, I decided to check out exactly how often infinity ticks. Turns out infinity ticks every 6

Explorer Emblem Quest Bugged?

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

Hey, just wondering if anyone else is having a problem completing the Explorer Emblem quest, it's the part where you need to go to Utah's farm but when you try and enter it says 'you have no business here' :(

Double angel ray?


So one year ago there was this bishop. He was like over lvl 150 and had his hyperskill. And did you know what happened when he used the toggle hyper skill, he shot out angle from both sides. I don't know how he did it. Could it been his attack speed

The Evan Achievement Thread


[header] I fixed the OP, kinda... [/header] [b]Zeff (Rioun of Bera)[/b], welcomes you to the Evan Achievement Thread! This thread has become a gathering place for Evans of all worlds/servers and I'm very happy about that. Standing strong at [b]a lo

unable to use dark genesis

Battle Mage

I recently started playing again and for some reason my Dark Genesis isn't working? :(

V.177, Infinity and Ice Lightning

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

Heya fellow I/L's (if you guys are still alive ._.) Quite happy with the patch so far, bossing became so much faster so I may record and upload some bosses later. For now, I'll just edit this post as I go~ <3 (Chaos Queen)2m38sec -> 1m25

Kanna039s Represent


Nexon is holding a poll to see what everyone mains. Let's show them our love of Kanna and all go for it :-P.

v.178 Changes for Thunder Breakers

Thunder Breaker

-Typhoon's hitbox has been adjusted. Its vertical range allows you to hit Magnus while he's charging his purple laser with Typhoon now. Lost about a third of it's horizontal range though. -No longer able to attack while inflicted with cert

Headshot come back?


So with the removal of damage cap, is it viable in bossing for us Corsairs to use headshot again? Or is it still viable to RF spam?

DASH keeps activating


Is it just me or does Dash keep activating when you're walking?

Making a comeback


I've decided to start playing maple again for the update but i cant quite decide what class i would like to play. Bucc or TB, which one do you say can do more damage and which one trains easier? Thank you!



i just miss this skill finally we are getting it back cant wait !

How Are Cannoneers looking for V?


Decided to return to maple today, was going to make a cannoneer and main it for V. How are they looking?

Liver Drop Rate Reduced in v.177?


Any other Shades feeling like the rate at which livers drop has been reduced in the last patch? I used to be able to maintain Spirit Bond max almost indefinitely while training or throughout dojo. After the v.177 patch I've been having a lot more i

Shadow Partner Skill for TB for Strange Stories Patch

Thunder Breaker

Not sure if this is just a mistypo on Nexon part I don't recall TB having a shadow partner skill or something lol Shadow Partner Max Damage Skills: The damage limits are now the same as the character's. This affects the following skills: Explor

Mech 5th job skill might be OP?


So if (and that's a really big IF) the 5th job mech skill is affected by Robotic's Mastery as well as + summon duration, then with some lazy ass math it becomes a 6443% dps "buff" for 5 min, with a 7.5min cd after casting (so it's

our hyper map atk


have you guys noticed that the damage does not apply. been like this for more than a month for me. isnt terrible since i use that skill just for invince frames but i still like it when my attack does not lie to me

What monsters drop Steelies?

Night Lord

Title says it.

Should I roll for something different on my Claw?

Night Lord

So, I have a Fafnir claw standing at +10 with 12 stars and a Legendary pot. The pot has 2 9% ATT and 9% Avoid, should I buy a black cube and reroll or should I keep what I have?

As a level 139 DB I am missing SP039s in II skill tab

Dual Blade

I am a level 139 Dual Blade at the moment, in my II+ skill tab I only have 15 Skill points to spend while in other skill tabs I am maxed on all skills. This issue creates a problem with a skill on the 4th job "Toxic Venom" as I canno't add

Dual Blade vs Shadower?


With all the information out about 5th job now, with moderate funding, which one would be better to make? I like both classes and I want to start funding now so which would be the better choice? And why?

Transposing to SW katara still worth it?

Dual Blade

With new equipments in the V patch, is it still worth it to transpose your jap katara to a SW katara?

P/C and LF Thief Tyrants and Clean Faf Dagger


Could I get a p/c on thief tyrants and a clean fafnir damascus? Also if anyone is selling in Bera, I'd be interested. Thanks in advance!

NL in Reboot

Night Lord

I heard a lot of ppl said that Don't go NL on reboot. But I saw a lot of NL in Reboot

Night Lord 5th Job HMAG

Thief So is there any other class can do it faster than this with their 5th job?

Dual Blade vs Shadower vs Night Lord - Dojo v.177 Comparison


Conditions: 1) The recorded runs all have been recorded using the fastest attack speed (0). 2) Equipment is the same in all 3 runs. Weapon and Secondaries used 3) All using same buffs Dual Blade:

Reboot Shad or DB?


So I'm planning on trying reboot for the first time and making an explorer thief but one of the two Meele ones. Which one is better for bossing, mobbing, easier to cap etc.

Which skill is better?


Now that the damage cap has been removed, which of our attack skill is better for bossing? I know before if you could cap it was more about hits per second, in which case shinsoku was better at, but now that hits per second doesn't matter as much wou

Aran commands not as responsive as before?


Anyone feel that this is the case? I feel like before this patch there was a bit more leeway and delay to allow people to activate command based skills by pressing 1 key after the other in quick succession. I used to be able to activate skills like judgem

Share your new range and damage


Post your Damage/Range after cap removal :)

Demon Avenger039s damage?

Demon Avenger

So how are Demon Avenger's damage and bossing and will they receive any future nerf? I might main a DA cause funding a mercedes to do damage is really difficult. Btw does anyone know the state of aran right now before and after their upcoming nerf?

Missing 30% boss after the patch?


I seem to be missing 30% boss damage after the most recent patch (v178). I've already checked my hyper stats, link skills, and character cards, and my weapon still counts for the RA set effect. Are any other zeroes experiencing this?

Hayatos unite


Today is the day we get another ultimate skill, let's hope it can hit a boss more than once for insane dmg. Edit: Apparently my range is 1.7m-5.2m :O weapon mastery pls

Zero hyper stat build?


Hi, I came back from a long hiatus and have all these hyper stats points for my level 203 Zero....i'm not sure how to allocate points on it? Do I follow the warrior build on ? Any tips would be app

Hyper Stat calculator for Heroes

Hero Well since V update reset our hyper stats, time for this thing again since last thread is locked.

New to Hayato


Hey friends, I am really interested in Hayatos and I plan on playing in reboot. I was wondering if you guys can lend me a few tips, etc. Is it best to combo for bossing? questions like that. Tysm

5th job ds

Demon Slayer

How viable do you think demon slayer will be in 5th job I saw he was in number 9 in the damage charts

I am the best


and you are not xP because I am and if I am the best then you are not cos if I already am the best then no one else can be therefore you are not the best because I am but if you are the best then I cant be the best because you're already the best an

Fitness Stats amp Goals


Hey everyone, firstly I'd like to start off by saying I know this isn't, so if bodybuilding, powerlifting, and/or general fitness doesn't interest you then please hit the back button and go back to the Anime section. There

Pokemon Sun amp Moon SR Count


Day 8 of soft resetting for my shiny Rowlet. Still no luck. What about everyone else? I have to be reaching the 1000 count or higher of SRs. I stopped counting. Poll: How many SR's did it take you to get your shiny starter? ~EDIT~ (Since the poll fo

Pocket Knife Decision


Which pocket knife do you think I should buy I plan on using it as one of my everyday carry items This one^ I feel looks a little too aggressive but has more "featur

what is one product you will always pay top dollar for?


can be a gaming rig, certain shoes, music, refrigerator, etc

It is theoretically possible to see dinosaurs


It is theoretically possible to see yourself being born, dinosaurs walking around 65 million years ago, the pyramids being built, Hitler rising to power, or even the Earth being formed. Since the farther away you observe Earth, the farther back in time yo

Is college a popularity contest


I read up on frat parties and asked some college students, and is it really a popularity contest(money=popular?). Are there a lot of try hards like my high school (me included)? Lol I could be completely wrong but I read up on greek life and it's ap

Am I heartless?


I don't know :/

Haven039t been here for over 5 years


Hello :U

BLeesed day


a soccer team somewhere in the world were in a plane and it crashed. you all can use this thread to bless and said pray ers to their families. make sure to buy their kits and badges and equip them for a full 48 hrs to show your respects for them. i think

Short Portal Guide for Shadows of Evil in CoD


Hello to all the CoD players out there. I have been playing Zombies a lot lately. The Shadows of Evil map mostly. In my time spent learning the map I've found a short cut to have all of the portals unlocked

Have Dota 2 Items, Want NX, Mesos or INT%


PM for SteamID. I have Dragonclaw Hooks, Golden Inmortals, Unusual Couriers, Dark Artistry Cape, Arcanas, etc.

Who was hired to annouce perhaps La Presidenta Primera


I just love how maniacal and cistern this woman who just recently said, "La Presidenta Primera" in a Spanish XFINITY basic channel reel that looked kind of 80's. She was wearing a suit top and bottom that was a vest and pants in dark color.

Tenvi a maplestory-like game from Nexon


Does anyone know of some way to incite Nexon to open up Tenvi for America? It mentions that Tenvi had reached it's end of service at some point in recent history. Maybe would a petition to open the game permanently for US players might be possible? H

Best new 3ds games?


I'm wondering what games I should get for 3ds on black Friday (well actually on Thursday because sales start early), I'm thinking about Fire Emblem fates birthright, and the newest dragon quest to be released in the US, any other suggestions?

Vgm Thread


Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame music. Please one song per post so it doesnt get crowded. :) Rules: 1. one song per post 2. use this form

trying to install Blade amp Soul


im trying out different games because im back to getting bored on MS, i get on, do daily activities and whatever events and quests are new, and that all usually takes maybe 2 hours, so now im trying to DL Blade and Soul, but i keep getting the notorious

Video Game Idealism Art Makes no sense


Look at what I found: This game called severance is so funny for me to see how many people reject a practically perfectly crafted high tier graphics game since the actual attack where you set your enemy on fi

Returning Maple Player


I'm a returning Maplestory player in a new world with a new character. I'm a demon slayer and I wanna know any tips for returning to Maple as well as things I missed. Thanks for the help :D PS. What happened to the hunting grounds? EDIT: When

Taking Genderbender Requests


Just wanted to relax a bit with some doodling :) I'll (try to) draw your character as the opposite sex!! Need some practice with drawing doods anyway so here goes nothing woo @fighterdoken [url=]sexy[/url] noona @d

Lag is making the game unplayable. Froze at PB going with a friend. Sat around for 2 minutes on a
wall learn how to read this month i am gna post a book i have read each day and why u should read
We finally have a compensation for the maintenance
Planning on quitting soon after over a decade of playing :c
as a Lv200 Beginner in Broa, I'd like to know if anybody would like to help me leveling? cuz ye
[Update] Maintenance for MapleStory will be extended until further notice. Please check back here fo
In all of young Loki's memories I see myself in third person through the first person eyes of a
anyone gonna marvel tomorrow?is it worth it? ~Mate~
Nexon, my password expresses your content. Think about it whilst you're there reading my ticket
Finally home and ready to play! Finished updating, and.... UNSCHEDULED MAINTENANCE FOR 4 HOURS......
Auction House isnt working? i got dc everytime i click on it....
The range difference from unbuffed to buffed on Hero doe.
This day in history Maplestory is great again. Happy Christmas Lights Day ! Happy National Pie
Quasar is confused, people say maple is dieing, but all channel in reboot have many people on.
Being ignored in alliance chat is the best feeling ever. >.<

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