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BM v10 - Read here first!

I guess violets aren't making a return


we'll probs see violets during really big sales like black friday or s/t yeah mihile link not working really bothers me >: (

Sengoku Ki farming impossible?


Ghost Ship 6 is also pretty good, small map, 2 platforms, just jump and Sanrenzan everything. Better when the map's been Kishin'd.

Horrible lag when attacking after patch?


You do know that there is an official forum site for these situations right? There really isnt any point in asking for our opinion about lag issues lol..

Letterman Jacket & Spirit Day


just do it don't let ur dreams be dreams

Haku's Buffs Party-wide?


They left out the earlier update's bits because Nexon patch note writers are lazy as all-get-out. Skill readouts were copy-pasted from the game, it seems. Hayato's new Sanrenzan change mentioned it having 5 hits--it doesn't. It's 4 hits. It says it bo

maplestory website


yes post2short

Maplestory website ranking


@pokamanz: thank you so much

NGS Initialization Error : 0xe1600301(-513801471)


It kept showing me this error when trying to play? I re-downloaded maplestory and have done the patch on it and have about done everything i can think of. it kept saying I was hacking before hand (which I was not) but that's probably not related to the i

Android from Chaos Olivia


the phone?

Please help!


PM me, I can lend you my overlays/templates so that you can get started. I stream too. :)

drunk thoughts?


@4evavoodoo: You're a facade.

My friend Mary's AmA Thread: MUST SEE!



What does your HP look like?


I get a decent amount of hp% from set effects like gollux and cra. I think I have about 26k hp as a lvl 204 db.

If you were driving to an exam and hit a jaywalking hobo


You would stay, call for an ambulance, give your statement to the police, get a note from the officer proving the situation, go to the professor, show the note, explain the situation and ask to take the exam at a later date due to circumstances that were

Kanna's Nine-Tailed Fury


EDIT: Ignore this, found it in the forum just seconds after posting.

What should my goal be?


Do you mean working towards as in what gears you should improve? Or working towards as in what your end goal should be?

Can Quick Draw mode be dispelled?


don't know if its a bug, but stance pre-vamp also got dispelled at zak and HT. haven't tried it now, but i wouldn't be surprised if it still does

My range is still ridiculous.


Plenty of jobs have been tossed aside by Nexon. None worse, imo, than Jett's. AB's too have been given next to nothing. You can still get your range relatively close to what you're desiring...but in the end things are just gonna suck at some

Battoujutsu Advance - How are you guys using it?


I hold down my hotkey for that skill and it does its magic

Current All Stars?


@animatals: "Last updated 10/2/14 @ 1:52pm PST" try:

Pink Bean exp potion lets you do soaring mount glitch


@yuzesun same concept, just cancel the pink bean transformation, and use pig transformation.

Post your earliest SS on your AM


I quit it, sadly.

when the servers come back?


Every time I visit a post


I prefer seeing the avatar at the top or the left side of a comment. I'm having no trouble seeing who wrote which comment (any more), but the identity of the user is the first thing I look at when reading a comment.

When to stop Boss%


For your PDR, you only need anywhere from the range of 85-90 for the high end bosses in CRA. Hard Magnus, I was able to do it with 67 PDR.

Which to main like both


@nitsua2789: The Hayato mastery buff doesn't show up in their range for whatever reason, but the actual damage numbers are very stable now.

Cash Shop Item D/c Rust Remover


Hmm I haven't, good luck though =)

Mule Advice


also haku in man form looks like my grandma now it kinda made me want to play my kanna

To all crybabies


I agree with your point but I don't think your attitude is much better than theirs OP lol.

League of Legends October Tournament


@shusei: it will mainly be on weekends (friday saturday and sunday)

RIP Iron Skin?


I hope that person gets run over by a semi truck. Then he's gonna wish iron skin stacks were a thing again...

PC on 2handed sword in Bera


@grawp77: IF there was any hidden potential would it still be worth nothing?

range to hit?


using 220% for the damage of platter you need a range of 1.3m

Madhouse Lobby Questions


@1explicit: Reddit user spotted. At least give credit to the person who made that list.

windia pc on new gacha items


Hi, I'm from MYBCKN (or whatever) prices of some items here are: friend story photo chait - 300m fuzzy kitty chair - (20-50m) grey seal cushion - (100-200m) TV recliner - (10-30m) soul teddy chair - (10-30m) big money chair (10-40m) tent chair -

Potion Pot after revamp


@nitsua2789: So was Demon Slayers DF fixed as well? I am curious.

Regarding the Site 'Upgrade'


ah thanks. i think mr basil could have avoided all the criticism if he implemented the new look as a "skin", and allow users to choose between the old one and the new one through a drop box or something (i know a site that does this, and it wo

R> BERA GUILD; TwerksGently


@flya: Lol I don't understand why you have to come here with all the negativity. So quick to judge and sure I don't blame you. The way I portrayed myself in this post was childish, but that's the point. The guild is meant for "14 year old virgns

Jump with Vanquisher's Charm?


Oh, that makes sense! Thank you :)

If you could change any 1 part of your character look...


@nhan1st: I've always breathed from my mouth anyway. I'd like to be blue.

Kanna - Inner Ability +1 Attack Speed


I've had no luck with 30% crit so i just kept 20% boss and rerolling 2nd skill for 20% crit

Anybody know how I feel like?


Pharmaceutical medication rarely does more good than harm, regardless of whether or not you feel it's benefitting you, I would suggest getting off it anyway if you aren't already. And if you can identify patterns of obsessive-compulsive thinking / beha

I have to navigate forum list


rip in pieces

Accidentally deleted a character


I accidentally deleted my main somehow...

4th job nine-tailed fury skill


It's glitched. Don't worry too much - they'll likely fix it in another emergency patch... and it's not like Kanna doesn't have other ultimates... heck, half their skills are ultimates.

Not enough SP to max everything?


I'm going to have to look at my skills again, but I'm pretty sure I maxed everything out... Eh, if not, they'll probably fix it in an emergency patch like with Kanna's Nine-Tailed Fury.

Haku's new look, what do you think?


I love it. The old one was really expressionless and boring.

*Missing* : "spiky bangs" hairstyle


i haven't seen it for years! .. Does anyone remember the last time it was available ?



To answer the overall question: The issue people have with shinsoku is literally the one sec delay of the attack. Considering how meaningless it is, the skill itself is buffed. Considering how the dmg% is up and the hypers its now viable for unfunded and

Member Days


I think the old version is better Edit I'm a basilmember since 2012

did the FC contest get lost during the transfer
i need a lifesize kakashi doll to hug for when im feeling down and lack love support
I miss the fashion corner being active
loraket You better be able to take it if you can dish it out Itll be when you least expect it
wtf i come back to basil and i see this
yo did basil just walk up slowly and delete my main
yay failed royal face run got 2 of the ones I didnt want twice each Then all the others but the
keep restraining myself from apologies because actions speak louder than words but i can feel my en
gonna go cry for the next 24 hours about how things never seem to get better
Im ready for this site to return to normal
So many password resets
Anyone know where I can get the extraction files and sprites needed to make a simulator It seems li
Has anyone found a simulator that updates
Im addicted to saving space my Ipod touch has 8 gb of space I used 1gb of it
Is there a place to see our likes I miss seeing all of them and liking everyones characters and pos
I know everyone hates the new site but it has to be said that I DO see bugs disappearing left and r
waits because megascience told me todcshas to wait the extra 10 mins on top of how long I
y cant I delete stories mrbasil fIX THIS
just realized on the world select screen kanna became a guy and hayato became a girl
been getting messages from a guy everyday this wk since I gave him my ig pls can I just have a day

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