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BM v10 - Read here first!

When to stop Boss%


There isn't a definite "stop at this boss%" because the amount of boss you aim for should be based on the ratio of boss : %att : pdr that you have. Generally you want to have an even mix of these 3 stats without going too heavy into any singl

Which to main like both


kanna master class 2016

Cash Shop Item D/c Rust Remover


so yes the title says it all. every time i click to use it on my potion pot i just d/c i just started playing again after a long time. Is this a glitch? has anyone else experienced this? thx for ur replies and time guys

Mule Advice


Thanks for the advice everyone. :D I'll go work on my Kanna.

To all crybabies


@sirkibblex2: love you too. @mumbhaki: I *WAS* born yesterday

League of Legends October Tournament


I would love to join, but alas, it does not seem like my school time permits me to join. :(

RIP Iron Skin?


Aw man. Let us bow our heads and remember the greatness that was iron skin. R.I.P

PC on 2handed sword in Bera


nothing maybe less

range to hit?


How much range is needed to hit 3m ea with arrow plaster to sdh mobs with around 55%pdr? Thanks in advance.

Madhouse Lobby Questions


Gollux Death Glitch


Is it where the world guardian doesn't appear to give her dialogue? If so, it's probably a cutscene glitch, and a reset of the computer should fix it.

windia pc on new gacha items


Please let me know if you have any idea on what these may be worth Coupons: -Blue Flame Nightmare Permanent -Blue Flame Nightmare 90day -wing boots permanent -flying feet permanent -Nina's pentacle permanent -lion (1-year) -croking 90day Nebulit

Phantom or Night Walker


@nitsua2789: I think I took into account which was harder to cap, I'm just trying to think what will be more fun and less crippled in the long run.

Potion Pot after revamp


Similar to Demon Slayer's Fury, you were never supposed to be able to regenerate Mana via potions. While it makes mana management more complex than just hitting potions when you're low, that was the entire idea of system to begin with. @ellusie It is

Futuroid Coupon question


yes 10 char

Regarding the Site 'Upgrade'


B's working on adding toppings to the pizza. He has a habit of implementing something that's half-finished and then finishing it in real time (or leaving afterwards and returning to a complete mess). You can take a break from Basil and come back later o

wtf basil, rip in pieces


I for one won't leave the site, but it is kinda odd that he didn't foresee the community taking things as they have. Some people are more tolerant than others, and some just up and leave when they don't get their way; taking risks like this definitely

Mystic Gate quest


I got these pictures of some of the bosses from the mystic gate, what do i do with them? Are they used for something or do i just toss them?

R> BERA GUILD; TwerksGently


@flya: Lol I don't understand why you have to come here with all the negativity. So quick to judge and sure I don't blame you. The way I portrayed myself in this post was childish, but that's the point. The guild is meant for "14 year old virgns

Nexon doing a good job with gach?


Nexin and its nice scum tactics!

Jump with Vanquisher's Charm?


Oh, that makes sense! Thank you :)

Does Tot's still give free levels?


It literally takes less time to level up through those levels than it would to come on basil and ask about free levels...

If you could change any 1 part of your character look...


MOAR Fire! :D

From Patch Notes: Name Change Question/Protest


@quackoutloud: Thats what it seems to mean, which is why im looking for clarification from @Artasi or someone, but i also encourage you guys to send tickets and post in my thread on the official forums so that we might get an official response.

dying in fm



Kanna - Inner Ability +1 Attack Speed


I've had no luck with 30% crit so i just kept 20% boss and rerolling 2nd skill for 20% crit

Anybody know how I feel like?


@mantis561: doesnt has to be art. thats why i asked what kind of ideas you give to people. from there, you can look up google or by websites, such as csumentor, for degrees that revolve around what you like doing.

I have to navigate forum list


rip in pieces

Accidentally deleted a character


I accidentally deleted my main somehow...

4th job nine-tailed fury skill


It's glitched. Don't worry too much - they'll likely fix it in another emergency patch... and it's not like Kanna doesn't have other ultimates... heck, half their skills are ultimates.

Not enough SP to max everything?


I'm going to have to look at my skills again, but I'm pretty sure I maxed everything out... Eh, if not, they'll probably fix it in an emergency patch like with Kanna's Nine-Tailed Fury.

Haku's new look, what do you think?


I love it. The old one was really expressionless and boring.

*Missing* : "spiky bangs" hairstyle


i haven't seen it for years! .. Does anyone remember the last time it was available ?



Cant use battojutsu advance at all due to my slow internet. As for the buff its so much better, in power.

Member Days


I think the old version is better Edit I'm a basilmember since 2012

Texas Maplestory Players Only Please.



Suggest an RPG


Legend of Dragoon, since you like FF6-10. Great JRPG from the same era. Lost Odyssey is also good. If you have a Wii, Last Story would be right up your alley. Star Wars: The Old Republic is a great MMO for a Mass Effect fan. You can tell it was develope

Would you rather...


The former

P/C on my xbow


n i was looking for what can i get for my xbow in windia server

Hayato revamp patch notes


@sinknight: It is. I promise. It's actually 100%, by the way.

Shoul I get my ears back?


I got my ears back but it ruined my cat hood =_= looks kinda cute with no hat doe

I don't want to visit this website anymore


I agree with poster, if they dont change it back I quit as well

did anyone else notice


I didn't know they have an alarm at McDonalds. Or in that song. Cause I've never heard either.

Nx items price check


I just got this party prince overall and i just wanted to know for how much money i could sell it.(I play in bera)

How diverse is the music you listen to


I don't listen to anything

Why should I keep on living?


yeah. you've got your arms intact which allows you to work. you've got your 2 legs allowing you to walk around. you've got your mind intact, no Alzheimer or dementia. you've got your internal organs there, never worrying about throwing up blood. just

Post here if alive?


im lost

Character and likes


@elufu: This year a basiler said he had hundreds of mule accounts to giving likes. Last year we saw this

Done complaining? Now, give feedback


@elufu: Could you give me a list of bugs and errors? I'm creating a list right now for B to fix. Also test @pavchka test.

How long have you hayato mains been playing


I made one today. So far very mobile so fun :). I feel like a true samurai. Thanks for the input guys. Always wanted to slay monsters roronoa zoro style.

y cant I delete stories mrbasil fIX THIS
just realized on the world select screen kanna became a guy and hayato became a girl
been getting messages from a guy everyday this wk since I gave him my ig pls can I just have a day
How do you like your eggs I like mine hard boiled
The Surface Pro 4 and The Surface Book looks awesome
if i own a cat is it my pet or slave gtlt
HmmmBasilMarket has been very quiet these past couple of days My initial shock is gone and now I
One free eight chair bag left anyone wants it
I quit this place sorry but if they dont revert it back I see no point in me coming here anymore
This basil update has made me confuzzledEven though Im not one to say anything considering M
yawns Man Ive gotta stop staying up solate Zzzz
Warning attempting to update your character may result in being genderbent
Tried to update my character and my main is gone
Is this the end
I see I have a new follower
A box of chocolates is always the perfect gift
If there is one thing to notice about mangaanime is the terrible drawings of nipples They really d
Metal Gear Online 3 is up This website been down Looking for people to play MGO3 xbox one
it feels lik enothing works
Mr Basil fuccked up hard in the upgrading of the site

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