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2So I was out with my sister on another grocery shopping today. We were heading home when we got caught in a "->" stoplight that was manually monitored by an officer. One of the drivers behind me was REALLY inpatient, and kept blasting the horn every which way possible! I looked over my window, and seeing this was just silly. 5 minutes passed, and the stoplight is STILL on red! Apparently the guy behind the machine went dozing off or something, and the guy behind us is swearing up a storm! I open my window yelling "Calm down dude! Jeez!" he then starts yelling at me! His face started to get so red, I was just "WOW!! Someone is SERIOUSLY overboard on the anger department!" My sister tells me to ignore him, and wait for the light. 9 minutes passed and this thing is STILL on red!? At this point I was getting annoyed, and the guy behind is just exploding with rage it's unbelievable. After the constant nagging from him I just said "SHUT UP ALREADY!!!" he left out of his car, walking towards us, and this started to scare me and my sister just looks the other way. He knocked on the window, and as I opened it, dragged me out of my seat, slammed me into my car, and proceeded to cry exclaiming "I just wanted to watch some football with my favorite team! Is that so much to ask?" as he drops in tears. I patted his back calmly saying "There there who doesn't love a good game of Soccer? :D" He looked at with furious eyes, he then threw me up in the air, kicked me so hard I was sent flying; crashing right in front of my house, and off in the distance I hear "TOUCHDOWN!" while a crowd was cheering. Then it hit me... that man was Steven Armstrong. "Now THAT'S a man for Merica" I said. So you're probably wondering how I didn't end up in the hospital, or something like that? ....... *Goes back home, and makes a bowl of spaghetti."