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Royal Face For Your Soulful Face


"[Royal Face] For Your Soulful Face" So there was this new quest that came out that is only available for those who have a 'Soulful Face' on their character (from the Valentines day face coupon). This face just came out the other day, and I

REBOOT potential question


well, I guess it's not a potential questions, it's definitely a question. I hope someone from this damn good web site can assist me with my question about the rebot server. I want to know where to find bonus cubes in rebot server. ps which class do yo

Lets make an HPS/DPS list once and for all


*edited* Right, ever since Reboot when the new Dojo and Battle analysis hit, we're actually able to see what classes output the most damage to a stationary dummy! Might be quite fun to see who does the best? Let's do it! Would you like to participate i

Best bossing class


Hi! I was thinking on doing my 1st character on Reboot world. So, I whant to know what classes are good bossers these days. What do you recommend? Thanks in advance!

Black screen after character login


Hi my computer just did a windows update (windows 10), and I've been getting a black screen whenever I login. The only way to get out of it is by pressing ctrl+alt+delete every time. Apparently it has something to do with the resolution... the weird part

Most badass character


Just badass. Doesn't need to have dark demonic things like sasuke craps.

Reboot Greed Pendant


how important is it to have a greed pendant in reboot world because i have a lvl 138 NL burning character and idk if i should wait and farm MPE to get the pendant or just move on. Also what is the average spawn rate for the rhino that drops the pendant?

A quick word about the Reboot Cash Shop


Hey Maplers, With the recent additions to the Cash Shop on Reboot there have been some really great questions, so I'd like to address a couple of them. [B]Q:[/B] Are the Beauty Album Slot Expansion Coupons actually Limited? [B]A:[/B] Nope! The Beauty A

Wondering who to main on reboot?


I was wondering which of this would be fun to main on reboot a kaiser, wild hunter, or phantom?

sogybread what do


stop trying to be me. i am starting to feel like a girl on ig with 1400 followers that discovered her first catfish account grow up be your own person

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Skyrim or BnS
hello anxiety my old friend
selling wolf underling for 40k nx in scania
Cmon basil update my pirate so people can know how far Ive fallen
Day 2 of becoming an NL Still no claw but i found a kumbi star Well on my way
for ghost park do zero skills heal the person cuz i saw a video in kms where the guy beat it solo
I swear Ill never learn how to tie a tie
Hello Basil Today was a good day at school The girls were cute I hardly got any of the material i
Helpinglys helpful tip of the dayAlways take your first date somewhere that is not too expens
Hayato is bugged big time
Stellas Dungeon has made me wasted so much of time all just to get absolutely nothing yet I knew
These large crab cakes
sometimes i lurk basil
Info about writing stylegamepuzzle that I like to read and do myself as well Not many people know
Try as he might Im not leaving from under here
and now begins the quotwhat are you going to do during maintquot threads
Um Ssorry butAhoyyy they got me turnin it upEven on the high seas got me burnin
holy canoly moly dedpool was very funny and action pack movie XD
I have an explorer who stays exclusively at the Jr Sentinals at the very beginning of the game I g
found out my underbite requires surgery to fix its not noticeable and isnt particularly bad

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