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Rate The Person's Look Above You!


Title says it all xD; oh and say whether they can be henehoes I know this has been done before, but i wanted to bring it alive again! So, don't be like, "ZOMG POSER ROFLCOPTER NIBSAUCE FAIL!" well here we go!

House Wedding?


Has anyone done a house wedding before instead of the other ones? Or does anyone know if you can invite people to house weddings? Trying to find out for a friend > w < Thanks~~

Profession Error


Hi all, I really need some help! I'm currently playing beast tamer in Windia, and it just hit lv 40. You guys know that at lv 30, there'll be this profession thing right? Is it still available after lv 30? Cause I was busy training, so I totally forgot

UberLegends where did you go?


What happen to UberLegends? I'm only back on here to find out since he is off the ranking....

Class A nebulite activates Decent Eye skill


World windia. Anyone know the price?

what are the training spots of these days


so im back in maple, after like a year or 2, to try out the psychic class. the thing is, i dont know what the training spots, as in maps or PQs, are for these days since im pretty sure what i did back then is already outdated. what are the training spots

OLD MAPLE vs CURRENT MAPLE, thread by KThxBaiNao


Hey basilers, (TLDR; at bottom) Our New CM just made a thread on the MAIN FORUM to try and end all threads regarding this topic, here is the link:

reboot chaos vellum


anyone wanna try chaos vellum in reboot? i have plenty of experience killing it (kill it twice a week on main world) so im r> ppl who also have experience + range im a 2m range xenon btw *i brought it down to 70% in 20 minutes with only 1 death

Why Cant Sweet H2O be SOKD


As title says. Why not add a sweet h2o scissor of karma that we can buy with denaros? It lowers the limit to players that don't want to go CRA gear and actually makes it so buying the expensive af sweeth2o gear isn't a waste and stuck on the player, thu

Ursus Ranking and Rewards


Has anyone gotten rank SSS? Is there a consistent way of obtaining Ursus Leg Accessory? Feel free to use this as a discussion thread about Ursus ranking and reward system. [b]Ursus run requests (daily runs):[/b] Scania - Windia - Bera - Broa/Khaini - CH4

Bowman Forum

Hyper Stats for Mercs


So what does everyone recommend for hyper stats for us Mercs. Thanks

Looking to buy pink shiner crossbow- bera


Im looking to buy a Pink shiner crossbow to anvil in bera is anyone selling or know anyone selling it

Comparing bowman classes


Hi, I am currently looking for a new main. I have played all of the bowmen so far, and I really enjoy Wind Archer, Marksman, and lastly, Mercedes. Now, what I look for in a class is: funding ability, "fun" (which I do in fact find these 3 bowm

Question please help

Wild Hunter

Hello everyone, I have a small question: I have recently started a wild hunter (using burning character), and now that I reach lv 100 4th job but my hp is only around 4800, I am just wondering is that normal? Thanks so much!

Mercedes question


Is this possible in GMS? O.o

When do I use Vortex over Song of Heaven? Reboot server

Wind Archer

I've been using Song of Heaven to mob because the insta kill chance with wild hunter character card seems to be more effective than spamming spiraling vortex.

PC on perm nx

Wind Archer

Could I please get a p/c on some perm nd items in scania. Icy sweet penguin Orange cat beanie Dawn bear hoodie Clock tower wind up doll Sweet fork cake Pastel dot tee Fairys flower bud Flower butterfly Grab n pull Honey bee label ring Goodie bundle Oh a

P/C Decent Speed Infusion Gloves


Red Hunter Gloves - Clean and has the 100% tier up from cubing effect

WA or Shadower with 20b funding

Wind Archer

Will I be stronger as a WA with this funding? I know shadowers shine with lots of funding so just wondering before I acutally get end game gear! I enjoy both classes equally so its tough to decide. Thanks

What did you accomplish on your Marksman today?


I'm pretty sure every class has a thread like this. I also think that Marksmen used to have one, but I just can't seem to find it. The idea is simple, post what you accomplished today on your Marksman. I went from 150-151 and finished 6 Temple of Time que

Mage Forum

If Battlemage doesnt telecasting

Battle Mage

How much DPS will he lose? I don't really fancy the idea that you keep tele up into midair like some dude that is high on drug. How about left and right telecasting? Is that possible? I never seen Battle Mage who use left and right telecasting exclusivel

Luminous Will Of Alliance


Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone that's a luminous have the Will Of Alliance Skill and Medal. The reason being, I'm level 200 and still have yet gotten a quest for The Will of Alliance. I also finished the story line. Any help will be greatly apprecia

Evan Revamp


Anyone know an estimated date in which Evan's get revamped? Does January sound right? Thanks.

Worth funding bishop?


I've racked up about 200k range on my reboot bishop and I'm wondering if it's worth continuing to fund or if I should switch to I/L or make a new character

Capping 180 for Dojo?


I decided to cap my level at 180 for Dojo until I got at least Epic tier on all my gear. So, I'm wondering for 10th growth what skills I should have that would make bossing more efficient. I'll have a total of 65 total SP.

I left the quest place and can't get it back.


I basically had the quest protect Lunia or whatever her name is and I left the place and I couldn't go back. I forfeited so I could get it back but I forgot and I was stupid. Where is her house located exactly?

Will of the alliance skill


Hey people :) I haven't played for a few years but came back for Reboot and I'm wondering if it's possible for a Kanna to get the passive skill "Will of the alliance", and if so - where do I start it? I have nothing in my lightbulb and trie

How do I eliminate King Kobold?

Beast Tamer

I have recently created a Beast Tamer, and now I am stuck at level 30 because I am unable to beat King Kobold. So far, I have Fort, Lai, and Eka. I have tried many times to eliminate King Kobold with different strategies, but to no avail. If someone has a

What did you accomplish on your cleric/priest/bishop?


Feel free to share, brag, ask questions etc...! OT: went on a group boss run, fantastic

What did you achieve on your Fire Poison Mage today?

Fire / Poison Arch Mage

What have you been up to on your f/p mages today, chaps? Reveal all unto me!

Pirate Forum

What did you achieve on your Brawler, Marauder, Bucc today?


I thought there should be one for this Class :D So what did you achieve on Brawler, Marauder, or Buccaneer today? Well as for me I reached Level 120 at Spirit Viking. I also job advanced to Buccaneer. So Now its your turn :D

Why no love for buccaneers?


I read some topics, but still don't know why people don't like buccaneers and think they are weak ( especially at bossing). I want try him, but want to know some things. 1) Looks like he have amazing mobbing skills, because of veeery long range, but pe

Who owns a Angelic Buster?

Angelic Buster

Hi I had created one AB and it does level real fast. 3 lvls each time. However, due to the special soul weapon that AB use, it is hard to upgrade my weapon, and of course equipment. Anyone can guide me how to upgrade my equipment? Appreciate it much!

Few Jett Questions


coming back to this game, I'm not too familiar with anything, but I've caught up with most stuff. I main a Jett on Reboot and I've got a few questions: Why do I have 59 extra skill points? How do I effectively use my link skill? Which hyper stats shoul

Do you actually use Quick Draw?


I'm from Argentina, and the distance to the server is pretty big, which means I always have some delay on casts, chats, etc. When I try to include Quick Draw into my rotations I feel like I'm just wasting a lot of time that I could use to just spam Rapi

Interaction between Heavens Door and Summon Other Spirit


Hey, I was just wondering how these two skills are supposed to interact. Whenever I have 'Door' and 'Summon Other Spirit' up and die, I lose both buffs. Is this the way it is supposed to work? Does it work like this with Phantom's 'Final Feint' ski

Rapid Fire vs Broadside?


Hey guys, I was wondering in what situations you would use Rapid Fire vs Broadside? I guess I'm dense but as I'm reading it Brainscrambler is for bossing until better funding. But in a 1v1 mobbing situation is Broadside always a better option than Rapid

Why do you love your pirate?


Pirates have never really been a mainstream class in this game; the only time you ever really see a lot of pirates is when a new pirate class comes out. That being said, why do you love your pirate? What motivates you to keep playing even though there are

Best map for a Shade to train at Scrapyard


The title says it all. What's the best map to train in? Assume the Shade can 1HKO mobs with the first frame of Bomb Punch, and there is a Kanna constantly using Kishin because that Kanna is nice. Also assume the Shade can hit everything with 100% accurac

Free anvil service for shades


If you're in Windia and would like a knuckle to anvil I've got metallic arm, blackbeard's knuckle, and tiger paw. Shades only <3

Thief Forum

Do Dual Birks


Do Dual Birks drop Ilbis still? I've read on Hidden Street and other sites that they do, but that it's pretty rare. I don't mind the waiting time since it's not horrible exp, so it's fine either way. Also, let's say I train there for about 4-5 ho

Turning off Meso Guards meso drop


I know Pickpocket can be turned off, and from doing some google searching both on here and other sites, it seems you can't turn off the mesos that pop 'outta you when you're hit? I just want to be 100% sure. Along with that, is it viable to keep meso

Normal RA Time vs. Range Questions

Night Lord

About how much range do I need to solo the normal RA bosses in a reasonable amount of time (5-10 minutes?) Right now I have about 70k range buffed and I want to do RA for the mileage but I don't want to spend 30 minutes in there trying to kill the bosse

boss % and pdr question

Night Lord

so currently I have 87% pdr (without codex), and 279% boss I was thinking off taking off my 25 boss nebs off my claw and charm and putting on 21 pdr as I think 230% boss would be more than adequate for a NL and I would benefit greatly from 42% pdr instead

Dualblade's dps

Dual Blade

Does a dualblade out dps a shadower now that shad has received an extra line into their nate? I have around 500k range on my shadower fully buffed. I know if i switched to db my range will decrease but db's does have FC which is their bread and butter, b

Trading Dagger for Claw equivalent. Pls

Thief That for the claw version of that. Also selling demigodly katara. K thanks pm me please pls. Also I'm in bera. Add me in game if easier IGN is "Dondre"

Selling Fafnir

Dual Blade

Is anyone selling a Fafnir Damascus Blade in Galicia, and if they are how much are you selling it for?

25b Funding enough for a Phantom?


Will I get far with that amount? I already have my Tyrant Cape ready, just need to add 4 more stars and epic pot on it. Otherwise my plan is to spend 10b on a weapon 1~3b on a carte, 3b on tyrant shoes, rest on CRA, Gollux(superior or reinforced) and grin

Rapid Fire Or Hurricane


Title says it all for bossing with a phantom that doesnt cap

What have you achieved on your Xenon today?


[header]Introduction[/header] Welcome to [b]"What have you achieved on your Xenon today?"[/b] thread. This achievement thread will be different to all the other generic one. [b]I will be constantly update it with community highlights, FAQ's etc.

Warrior Forum

What have you accomplished on your hero today?


So, what have you accomplished on your hero today. Ill star off 1. I made a new shield landed 1 70 tried chaosing got w.def then 30%'d now its 5att 4slots 3lined 3% str ^_^ 2. Screwed around with my mesos and got some new equips :D

Blue Blood and Buff duration

Demon Slayer

I heard buff duration inner and cards don't work for hyper skills, but I think this not apply to Blue blood. It should last for 60 secs, but I have 22% buff duration and it works for 73 secs. Can any DS confirm it or its a bug or something?

Best inner ability for a DA?

Demon Avenger

I went through all the legendary inner abilities and saw so many that would be useful as a demon avenger so I need help deciding which one would be best in reboot. Thanks!

Taking kaiser video requests


I can record pretty much any gameplay with the exception of Tower of Oz. Planning to do a range video where I compare range to damage on normal monsters, but what else will people find useful (or entertaining)? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Boom on RA Lapis Lazuli?


How does the boom thing work on Lapis Lazuli? for example i already have a root abyss scroll that worked on it.. do i have to scroll it again if i managed to boom my weapon?

What have you achieve on your Hayato today?


[header]Hyper Skills released[/header] Hayato now have Hyper Skills. Share with us your experience with your new Hyper Skills. [header]Introduction[/header] Welcome to [b]"What have you achieved on your Hayato today?"[/b] thread. This achieveme

Can use Rolling Cross in ghost park


am i the only one that can not use Rolling cross or is that happening to everyone ?

What have you achieved on your Aran today?


title says it. :p

Looking for advice on equips and upgrading


I'm currently level 211 with around 900k buffed range. Basically all of my equips still need upgrading, or straight up replacing in some cases. My issue is I feel like I'm getting to the point where figuring out the most efficient upgrades to make at a



Hey Fellow Heroes! Let's discuss the following questions! 1. What is the IDEAL STR %, ATT %, BOSS DMG %, PDR %, Critical % for a Hero? 2. Just how good are Minimum Critical DMG % for a Hero? 3. Am i missing something, why is it that people tend to go sw

Chat Forum

10 years on this sitenext year


Next year will almost mark my tenure of a decade on this site, a little less than half my entire life. This is a weird revelation, seeing this place change so much, yet somehow still stay the same at its core. Well, just some musings of mine is all. I ho

Ask The Next Person A Question


It works by having the OP post a question. The next person who replies answers the question, and then asks a question of their own. The next poster replies to that question, and then posts a question of their own. And so on. moi turn how do u like it whe

2013 isnt really my year


Two days ago I got a phone call from my dream company where I have applied for an interneship. Guess what, I wasn't selected. Well, with this failure added to the list I can conclude that 2013 was an awful year for me. Failed every important task that I'

Basil Skype Chat Group


there's a skype chat that basilers have been using for a little to communicate and talk about whatever they feel like. it's been a little dry in there as of late so if you want to make a new friend just let me know and we can arrange for something. ther

Post Your Picture Thread


[b]Under @LlamaKisses ' consent, this new thread is to be the continuation of the old one.[/b] Greetings Basilers, and welcome to the post your picture thread! This thread is catered for users who wish to upload a picture of themselves, and serves as a

What is your opinion of the basiler directly above you?


I'll start I guess. @mrbasil: He seems like a pretty chill dude. Hasn't entirely been listening to what basilers want for his site. Overall pretty chill guy. Can't say much because he don't post much. Edit: Wait...wait..wait. Mrbasil isn't at the t

Mysterious Childhood Summer Illness


To this day I wonder what pathogen caused it. During my childhood I usually got sick from a bug bite, most likely from a mosquito. As far as I remembered symptoms were headaches, and fever, and if it got bad joint pain and chills. Usually lasts for half

Whats your password?


I keep forgetting mine, tell me yours so I can set mine to be like yours and never forget... I already forgot @TinCan's password, and I had that account for like a week tops.

All You Need to Know About Attending College on a Budget


Disclaimer: Do not interpret this guide as the only way to do things. What works for other people might not work for you. Assess your individual situation and do what you think is best for you. First things first (rest in peace Uncle Phil) – This gui

Is my character picture gone?


My character icon isn't showing up, is this normal?

Entertainment Forum

Japan top 10 Waifu/Husbando

Anime **Female** Kosaki Onodera (Nisekoi) Ui Hirasawa (K-ON!) Asuna (Sword Art Online) Tsubasa Hanekawa (Monogatari Series) Yukino Yukinoshita (M

Best Gundam Series?


Well my first Gundam was Iron Blooded Orphans and I love it. I heard 00 was good and I'm about 8 episodes in and am really liking that too. Just watched ep 1 of Thunderbolt and that was bomb af. I hear there are some amazing Gundams and some others that

Steam Sales


Does Steam usually do any sales before the huge summer sale? I want to get my hands on a couple of games but don't want to wait months for a definite sale.

Vgm Thread


Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame music. Please one song per post so it doesnt get crowded. :) Rules: 1. one song per post 2. use this form

Anime is disgusting


edit: nevermind

Why is Club Penguin so badly optimized?


I just recently started to play Club Penguin and OMG it takes forever to load anything. Even logging in takes a solid 30 seconds wtf. Do the devs just not care about this mmo anymore -_-

Boku dake ga Inai Machi


Anyone else suspecting the teacher or the blonde haired kid for the murder after today's episode?

Are you getting Fire Emblem Fates?


We've got trouble. horrible dub w/ no dual audio removes aime mini game why

Doodling requests!


i am rusty please leave me something to draw _(:3」∠)_

Erased Power?


Ive been watching Erased lately. and i was wondering if you guys ever considered having Revival (ability to travel back in time a short period or as far back as u wanted in order to stop something from happening). If yes, what would you use it for? Somet

I want to go see Deadpool but have no one to go with My friends who live near are lame and my lon
So is there a trick to updating your character pic or am I dumb asf for not figuring it out by now
GREEN Kind of
dedppoll uch funni very laugh I want more I am like deadpool I am vrry funnest ruchest hfugh level
I was being sarcastic jeez
Ridi Pagliacciosul tuo amore infrantoRidi del duol che tavvelena il cor
its been over 6 months
Bane looks like he is about to cry in Dark Knight
Lady boys are too ladylike to ever be real girls They try too hard ya know They wear too much m
MrBasil needs to host a party for us nerds cause I know he parties over the weekend
there need to be a separate server for elite hunter peoplequotaint nothin elite about em
sgt wolf underling 35k nx scania
People sure like publicizing things in Bera atm Hene guilds rip
the happiest valentines eve ever
in the mood 3lt3
urlhttpsyoutubeBIOcakEf4xYt13swhen u get dragged to a social eventurl
just got a character to 100 for the first time ever feels like more of an accomplishment than anyth
Whats your favorite cereal Mine is Crunch Berries
Gahh I completely missed my 3000th day on this account kindasorta This accounts younger than 30

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