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What have you achieved today in game?

Important: BasilVersary 11 Double the 1 Double the fun Important: Interview with outgoing CM KthxBaiNao Important: is back

How does one achieve the world records


I am stumped on how some people managed to get 9000 mount coupons. Isn't there a limit of 1 per mount per character if it's a permanent mount? Also, how do you get the world's greatest litterer? Is it drop stacks of etc items or a full on a

How Old Are You?


Got friends who are trying to roast me for my age since I still play ms, yet I still enjoy playing it. So I am old are u maplers? Please let me know. I want to see how sophisticated ms has gotten since a decade ago. Thankyou

Play V Rewards Broken?


After they removed the coin shop (before the maintenance, but after a reset), it seems like the portals no longer count towards the rewards. I've now completed 2 Pollo/Fritto portals on different characters without any luck both before and after the

100k FREE NX


WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. inb4 botters get it all...

Family Tag


So, am I the only one unable to get a family tag? (Ancestor, Elder, Dad, etc) I've tried restarting the quests and everything, no tag will appear next to my name. Any found a fix for this?

Cant log in nexon forums


help i won the event "show ur skills" but i cant log in nexon forums. I can log in the game but when i log in forums and go to check out the threads it logs me out every time. oh wait i can log in using firefox but i cant log in using chrome &g

IGNs for sale


Hey folks, Most likely against the ToS, but if anyone is interested in these IGNs contact me via PM and we can iron it out. Selling off the rest of my IGNs. Here they are: Bank; (SOLD) Skeletor (L); Hogwarts; Potter; (SOLD) Wall (i); 1969; Turtle (i);

Character Creation


Is anyone else having trouble making new characters? Right after i choose an ign, it says "unable to perform request"

taking forever to patch


it was taking forever and thought that something was wrong soooo i restart my computer. now it feels like it gonna take way longer UGH -dies in the inside-

Yu Garden Coin Shop


Nvm, please delete this.

Bowmaster or Wind archer for nostalgia


So this isnt the typical which is better then or anything. I havent played an archer in forever and with the burning event i figured lets make one for old times. Lots have changed with BM like no more strife or arrow rain which were kinda why i wanted to

Inner ability


Just got Final Damage +48% of def, should i keep this line?

Bowmaster new 5th job skill Afterimage Shot

Bow Master

##Final Week (1/4): KMS ver. 1.2.270 ####All Jobs The V Matrix now unlocks a new slot every **5 levels** instead of every 6 levels. The maximum number of slots has been incr

Best map to farm in arcane river?


What is the best map for a mercedes to farm in? I can one shot mobs with leaf tornado. Better = more mobs killed/sec

Range to solo few bosses


Hi, am wondering the range required to solo normal HT, easy magnus, normal RA bosses, pink bean, von leon for a lv15x mercedes. Thanks!

Range to Clear Dojo?


As the title says, what range would I need to clear dojo? I made it to floor 36 and ran out of time.

How Will Split Arrow Work?


Does anyone know how the new MM skill will work? Will it change how it attacks or does it add extra lines? If it adds extra lines, does it only do it for the monsters behind the first monster hit or will it affect the first monster as well? I'm reall

Mercedes Nodestones Enhancement


Any mercedes want to give me some tips on which skills I shuold enhance?

Guided Arrow Node


I recently got the guided arrow node from a nodestone and wanted to know if you all thought it was worth using or if it would be better to go with a combination of boost nodes and other skill nodes. I think it would be a good dps increase with guided arro

Range to solo hellux?

Bow Master

What's a good range to comfortably solo hellux as a BM? Also, anyone got any tips on how to finish off the gollux head before time runs out?

BW latency issue

Blaze Wizard

BW is my favorite class but it is very dependent on latency and lag, i live in Canada and I get quite a bit of lag on my BW. Anyone have any suggestions on how I can get better ping on maple?

The Evan Achievement Thread


[header] I fixed the OP, kinda... [/header] [b]Zeff (Rioun of Bera)[/b], welcomes you to the Evan Achievement Thread! This thread has become a gathering place for Evans of all worlds/servers and I'm very happy about that. Standing strong at [b]a lo

hyper stats for kinesis


what hyper stats u use on your kinesis and why?

Question about Bishop Attack Speed


Hey fellow Bishops, I have a question about attack speed. I was wondering what's the max speed for a bishop? We have magic booster, and RI hyper. How much speed is that? and what's the max speed? I recently got Descent Speed infusion from the

Godly % Luk Gear and nightlord winida server


godly Night lord windia gear for sale message me or post skype if interested [IMG][/IMG]

Which skill should I be mobbing with?

Blaze Wizard

I've made a burning BW yesterday and got it to level 151, but I still can't figure out which one should be my main mobbing skill. Flame Tempest just pushes everyone aside and makes it hard for me to actually kill enemies if they don't die

I need quick answer, just yes or no will save the day

Fire / Poison Arch Mage

Is poison mist still the same? As in, any mob that walk into it will get poisoned without the need to cast right in front of them? I thought there's a patch that said you need to cast poison mist right in front of them? IT IS URGENT! That will proba

Combo while attacking


How can people use mir combo's while still attacking with mana burst (i think that's the skill name) everytime i try combo while attacking i stop and i lose extra damage that could have been done.

Change light/dark mode


What's the point in the beginner skill 'Change light/dark mode' anymore? Ever since gms switched to the kms light/dark version, and got rid of the petals, that beginner skill is actually useless

Why the hell Grid likes Utah so much?


I tried denied the quests and Grid keep babbling about Utah would take it with initiative without him asking Utah to do it, how Utah is a better child since he won't refuses, bla bla bla. Jesus I never knew Grid is secretly SUCH A DAD. SMH.



every other pirate posted about 5th job. where the heckie are all the cannoneers? what u raising for 5th job bruh?

Wings and Bullet Shindig


...So I did not know you can use wings while using Bullet shindig..this made training that much more convenient (in clock tower), and adds that extra bit of functionality to it... Am I literally the last one to find out about this.. haha I figured it woul

Shade keyboard


title ^^^ cx

Skill Layout


Hello Corsairs, Ive been curious as to how you guys have your skills set up on your keyboard, just wondering, wanted to compare see how you all run your characters :P Gotta say my set-up is super weird, probably impractical maybe to others but works for

Robo Launcher Node


Does any mech have a robo launcher node at least level 20? It says "Max Target +1", so it would let it hit 2 mobs instead of 1? That doubles its dps ..also boosting support unit increases its SELF DESTRUCTION damage, not its buff correct? Bec


Angelic Buster

happy new year?

AB Hyper Stats amp Hyper Passives

Angelic Buster

please I need help on which point to put points to! thank you & happy new year! <3

Possible Job change Playstyle and Bossing of a Corsair?


I haven't gotten very far on a Corsair before and I'm wondering how it fares late game compared to Cannoneers? Cannons seem pretty simple to me in playstyle, and it's something I enjoy a bit. However, one thing I am taking issue with is the

will not having the pure gold parts affect my damage?


title,just wondering cause I most likely will never get them

5th Job Skills 2.0 Hype


There's been a new update to KMST and it looks like everyone is getting two new 5th job skills. Max(Orange Mushroom's Blog) has translated up to explorer pirate's common skill, which is somewhat "meh" I guess (It's an area su

Phantom Guide Post 5th Job


-This is going to be VERY VERY long so I am going put headers if you want to skip some parts. But a lot to write since I am currently second maining a phantom and had made many false assumptions on the class prior to me actually playing it to a decent fun

Am Shadower, switching to NL worth it?


Just curious, how much are decent claws? Also will my nodes for my Skill nodes for Shadower be deleted if I switch? One last question: IS IT WORTH IT?

DB 4th job advancement

Dual Blade

anyone knows how to fix DB 4th job advancement when the NPC says u dont have enough slots in inventory, while I have plenty empty. Saw somebody has the same problem, but I managed this one to lv 10 all professions now and really dont want to play a new on

Night Walker range

Cygnus Knight Night Walker

What is the average range for NW lvl 183? I am lvl 183 with range of 142k clean wich is really low. How can I to increase that?

Increase damage for nw?

Cygnus Knight Night Walker

kinda stuck on 280k~333k clean.nid help on increasing my attack range,any idea?im still new tho

Upgrades for a returning player?

Night Lord

Hey all, I'm just coming back into the game after a pretty significant break. I haven't really played since Tyrants came out, and when I quit they were pretty unaffordable. Now that I'm back into the game for a while, I figure I should s

What Nodes/Cores Skills to Enhance? 5th Job

Dual Blade

Nodes/Cores to enhance as a DualBlade. Is there any particular nodes/Cores to enhance? I have been enhancing Final Cut as well as Hidden Blade along with PB and Asura Don't see any damage increase for Final Cut and Hidden Blade when I buff up. Sho

Where do I from here?

Dual Blade

my equips: What do I need to prioritize? Weapon, better equips etc. I do have have the full ra set but im not equipping the hat just because the raven horn set gives better stats. EDIT: title was meant to be where do I go from her

Where else can I recharge Paper Plane?

Night Lord

Going to Zipangu to recharge isn't very inconvenient but it'll be good to know one or two alternatives.

Returning Phantom on Reboot


Hey everyone, so long story short i took a long break from reboot and phantom in general. So i was wondering what hyper is worth stealing, how to gear up now (im 160 i have ghost ship badge, full pensir set) and kinda where to go from there i feel kinda w

Blaster keyboard layouts


Blasters of GMS, what are your keyboard layouts to make executing the Shotgun combo and the Magnum Punch combo easier? Also, how does the player jump all over the map like in this video?

Reboot Some Questions about Aran


Hello Friends, I recently made an Aran in Reboot and I am 170. I just have a few questions regarding the class, that I hope some you can clear up. 1) How does Swing Studies work, mainly the "after image" part? I have never seen an after image.

Hayatos unite again


Last thread died. Good news from a MapleSea player. Unfaltering Blade has been buffed back up from 8% Crit dmg to 25% crit dmg

Going Back To DS

Demon Slayer

I plan on going back to my Demon Slayer from my Hero after my seals run out, just wanted to find out if anyone could tell me about what i would hit per line, i still have alot of upgrading to do, Thanks

hayato Inner ability and hypers and other questions


Just got my hayato to 140 so i unlocked hypers, but im kinda lost what i should get. I also havent touched my Inner ability yet and this is the longest ive played one and highest hayato ive ever had so im not to sure about the stats. I'm in reboot wi

Should i try to be first 250 mihlieno reboot


Do you all think it's worth trying to be first 250 mihile? I know the one in reboot is 250 but most count reboot as it's own ranking just cuz of how different it is.

Hero Rush Broken??


I just switched from a Paladin to Hero using the open advancement coin, and I'm enjoying the switch except for Hero's terrible rush. I noticed that the Hero rush skill always has monsters drag behind the rush and I have to constantly go back and

How to Hayato?


So, recently been watching a lot of bleach and really want to make a Hayato esp with the burning event going on right now. The thing is from what ive read and seen, they have a lot of skills to use. generally ive never bothered with classes with lots of s

Aran commands not as responsive as before?


Anyone feel that this is the case? I feel like before this patch there was a bit more leeway and delay to allow people to activate command based skills by pressing 1 key after the other in quick succession. I used to be able to activate skills like judgem

how to be strong

Dark Knight

hi everyone! i'm very happy because i reach level 200 that is my wish since i start play maplestory but i have one problem and is my damage (non buffed : 137146 - 152383 ,buffed :326743 - 363046).i'm so weak and can not beat normal magnus so i

Would you date your current self


if you were the opposite gender? If not, why not? Why don't you strive to become someone who you would want to be with?

I just got a job at my college


Hell yeah! My first real job ever. xD Pay rate is $9 /hr, but idc as long as I get paid I'm happy, lol. I'll be doing general maintenance so I'll be cleaning up sh*t and wiping pee in the restrooms, as well as cleaning up the whole campus

Question about Free to play games


Are there any games similar to Entropia universe or Planet Calypso that are completely free to play with the exception of appearance related stuff??

Would you marry me?


What will my allures of riches bring, be I bluebeard or a beast? Will my locked door hold certain death or beauty?

Homework Help


Hi everyone, I have a homework for my Political Science class that requires me to ask people: "Which party do you most often vote for or identify with: Republicans or Democrats?" If anyone is willing to participate, please send me a private me

How do you feel when you get banned?


When Basil used to be a bit more active like 1, 2 or 3 years ago, It was pretty common to get banned, evdn fr no reason at all. When I still had my awesome account and we had that awesome page that told us how many total likes we had. After getting banne

2978 days as a member long story


2978 Days on basilmarket... How i came out and about is a long story for another day but check-check-me-out.,... Well it looks like I might die and decay here as long as it continues to run with the amount of money I make outside of game.. however I w

Come here if you wanna skype me


I know many of yall are curious to know how I look like... so like, give me your Skype name and then we'll get down to business. *wink*

Reasons why I love Beefly


@Beefly I love how Asian he is I love how manly he is I love how muscular he is I love you for the way you make me feel when I am with you I love how you make me smile I love it when we stay up late watching movies and fall asleep on the couch together wi

Fitness Stats amp Goals


Hey everyone, firstly I'd like to start off by saying I know this isn't, so if bodybuilding, powerlifting, and/or general fitness doesn't interest you then please hit the back button and go back to the Anime section. There

Maplestory not launching


Hello everyone, I'd like to request some help. I recently bought a new windows 10 laptop and I decided to download and play Maplestory on it. However, after going through the download process, after pressing the play button, I always come across this

drawing ur basil avatar


hallo if u want a half hearted scribble of ur character pls comment ur favorite dessert ! let me tell u rn im not picasso im just a weeb... i grab an index card and doodle when I'm procrastinating on schoolwork. aka i won't be consistent in qua

Drawing BasilMonsters?


Leave a message for me and I'll draw your character as a monster/spirit/yōkai/etc. It'll be a surprise! Lately, my sketchbook's mellowed into a terribly serious state of being. Zzz. Help me make the pages a little more playful, won't

Ark Survival Pokemon Mods


Can you imagine if Nintendo and Game Freak took notes from these mods and made an official HUGE open world pokemon game with all the gyms, quests, breeding and online battling aspects? easy $$$$. Monster Hunter dev's should take notes as well. They l

Anybody wanna trade Pokmon?


On Sun or Moon? We can trade after I get out of work.

Vgm Thread


Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame music. Please one song per post so it doesnt get crowded. :) Rules: 1. one song per post 2. use this form

more doodley woodleys


hi post below for a potential 5 minute doodle because i have no friends to ask to draw :/ and becus im so bored heres mimikyu in 3 min: orchid and lotus in 5: and yui in 6:

Trying to doodle


Hello, I am here to try and practice. My art is not very good but I hope it is ok. Leave your character below, and I'll draw it in my spare time. Queued: irlesley beefly quasar koopa2488 4168ix You can request another piece if you want as my styles

Interview with Nexon Maplestory GM about V Update

Nexon i legit peed lol

Looking to Doodle a few peeps


It's been a while basil :) Just here to casually chat and draw some folks. Feel free to offer your avis or just chat haha! I'll continue this for however long I can keep my concentration/motivation :) EDIT: Will do a few more till 24th, might

Once more the Sith will rule the galaxy, and we shall have peace.
Lucid as a pet is nice, but I'd rather be Lucid's pet! ;)
Hey... Got any more of them... Nodestones?
>Send Holiday Greetings >Wait for person to answer >Watch my character attempt to shake h
Why do they keep making fake "players" in their backgrounds that have hairstyles that we w
I got lucky with gear and nodes today. I grow stronger every day.
So whos gonna AFK for 20 days with me for the world record? anyone? Do I see any hands?
1 free coupon, got pouty face. I've still got it. ;) I wish I had different hair though and
For the mapler appreciation reward for royal face and royal hair. Do they follow the cash update- ro
Are you guys alive. Its so quiet on basil.
Hayato looks nice. Maybe I should try it. I even created an outfit for him. http://gametsg.techba
'cuse me but where the nearest bathroom thank
Before the Internet existed as it is today, in order to get my kicks it required work. I would strol
has there been sales for permanent pets that give buffs?
"Players will no longer lose EXP upon dying during the Gollux boss fight." Let me hear

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