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Why i still love to play MapleStory


When i check Basil today my eye fell directly on two very negative posts. One with the depressing title "why are you still playing mapestory", the other with the corny thread title "Everything feels so depressed when i logon to maplestory&

Maple Sys Requirements


I wanna buy a cheap 2nd hand PC to play maple on. Would a PC with the following be good enough ? Intel Core 2 duo 3.16 GHZ E8500 with 6Mb Cache 4GB DDR2 memory 250GB SATA-harddisk. Thanks for your advice !

When does NX Transfer Event Start?


isn't it suppose to be today? i can't transfer stuff :( or is it 2morrow?

Looking for a character


After almost 6 years, I started MS again. I leveled a Demon Avenger and a Shadower to lvl 150ish. But I'm more of a ranged player. I have been looking around for an easy(not to complex of an attacking system) fun ranged character. I have been th

What kind of Mapler do you like the most ?


Personally, i am a great fan of polite players. They are rara , the ones i mean are the kind of players that excuse themselves when they enter the map you are training with the words. sorry man, i ll cc. Since someone was so polite to me i always do the s

Question about the Microsoft Visual C on Windows 10 Maple


I have been having problems as of now with entering the event hall with the lag. My Windows 10 HP laptop has the Microsoft visual c++ 2005-2013. On my other laptop, a Toshiba which has windows 7, I have complete updates and the microsoft visual c++ 2015-2

Need help now that im 200


Well I just got my phantom to 200 so now im gonna try to fund it some more and do more dalies and hunt for nodes. With that being said i'd like to try to get another class I think the 5th job they have is cool on. The only problem is im hoping it can

What kind of mapler annoys you the most?


Is it someone who defame you randomly? Or the kser that ks you without any sound reason? Those nasty merchants that always utter "offer" but cancel right away if the price is not "right" when you try to sell something? I find the mapl

Windia Looking for friends for the anniversary coin event


Looking for friends in Windia for the anniversary coin event! ^^ Please **ACCOUNT** buddy "MeisterCane" so I can see the request! :) or Please leave your IGN below in the comments Thanks!

Help me choose a class


This isn't a post of you telling me what class to play, because I know I'd just get "play what you like", and thats fair. So i'm going to list some preferences, and you guys can help me out by telling me which classes meet those p

Who do you ship with Mercedes?


What the title says

P/C On My Items Thanks You

Wild Hunter

Fafnir Windwing Shooter: Wild Heron:

KMST v1.2.049 - Anniversary Balancing

Bow Master ####V: Bowman **Guided Arrow**: damage has been increased [500% -> 600%] ####V: Explorer Bowman **Evolve**: number of attacks has been increased [6 -> 7] ####V

Required range to solo cvellum in 4 minutes or less


Hi, I'm currently playing a marksman and I would like to know what range I need to beat c vellum in 4 minutes or less. I have 5.8m buffed / 21k dex and I take aroud 9 minutes to kill it. Can someone please tell me the range?

Sylvidia 5th Job skill


Do we have Sylvidia 5th Job skill yet, or is it in an upcoming patch? Also, why can i not find the Guided Arrow bowman shared skill in the nodestone creation matrix? NVM I found guided arrow, now my next question would be is it worth having over other sk

Bowmaster buff duration

Bow Master

Hello Everyone. This is my first post :D. So basically I noticed that the way bowmasters are being positioned by nexon is doing multiple attacks per second. With afterimage shot, hurricane, platter, pheonix, arrow rain. To make up for our low number of li

Arrow Rain can be assigned to auto pet buff

Bow Master

Yeah, as the title says, you can assign Arrow Rain (Storm of Arrows) to your pet's auto buff thing. Even though it's 5th job and has a cooldown. Interesting. Screenshot: Additionally: I recently found out that Me

Why Nexon will not decrease the numbers of buffs for WA

Wind Archer

Let's see what buffs does WA has now. 1) Element Infusion : Every other Cygnus have this as well, and none of them have been changed into passives. 2) Bow Booster : Every other boosters are active buffs. 3) Slyph Aid : Every other Soul Arrow kind of

KMST ver. 1.2.047 - More Balancing

Bow Master

###KMS 1.2.274 ####5th Job (changes from KMST -> KMS) **Afterimage Shot**: damage has been increased from 750% to 800% Final skill description: **Aft

We need a new archer class this summer


There isn't really a point to this thread, just a cry for justice. I'm absolutely positive it'll be another warrior/mage, or maybe a pirate if they feel a bit creative.

Putting Beast Tamer on hold

Beast Tamer

I was super excited about Beast Tamer a week or so back, and while I still am, I've decided to put it on hiatus. It has nothing to do with its immobility, if anything I find that a challenge. I do it for one reason; funding. I do have a bit to fund

Furious Strikes boost

Beast Tamer

I can't confirm just yet, been testing this out. But by boosting Paw Strike(?) it seems that Furious Strike is also boosted. So far they are only boosted by 14% on my character, but it looks like Furious Strikes final damage increased as well along w

A little tip to fellow Beast Tamers

Beast Tamer

Disassemble all nodes you do not need, and spend all of your shards (pieces) on Decent Speed Infusion. This helps a whole lot getting the Furious Strikes started as the swipes skills gets over with a lot faster and pounding that hammer 10 times in 3 seco

Beast Tamer log 1

Beast Tamer

Beast Tamer is fun, it needs more love. Go love it, now!

Magic att or int


best : int or m.att (benefit that gives each)

JMS Beast Tamer solo Hellux in 4 minutes

Beast Tamer At one point she's doing nearly 100mil per line on furious strikes. There's still hope lol

Funding a BaM

Battle Mage

I just got back into maplestory after a long long long hiatus. Im incredibly weak now after all these updates. Im willing to spend a couple bucks to get back on track. How much does it cost fund a max battle mage?

Furry 5th job

Beast Tamer Since Beast Tamers actually are decent mobbers, storing up some EXP for my EXP Potion doesn't take a lot of effort. But I heard that some of the Beast Tamer and Night Lord 5th skills were bugged, are they still? (ps

Where to train at 18x/19x

Beast Tamer As of now I am in this map right there. It's the best map I've found in terms of EXP. I can hit both platforms relatively fast and the exp accumulates a lot faster than in any of the other maps (even armory). Bu

How hard is it to get an attack speed 1 ?


I've wasted at least 1 or 2 mil exp honor and still haven't gotten 1 :( been passing a lot of boss damage increase but attack speed. Also does anyone know in the future if KMS decide that attack speed will no longer affect even Mana Burst ? I r

Abs attack speed

Angelic Buster

Hello again ^_^ My friend confused me about attack speed saying I have 1 only @_@ lol soooo the weapon says "fast" but idk the number for it So right now I have melody cross, ia speed attack, mpe, and dsi soooooo +4 attack speed? @__@

Couple of questions


It's been a while since I want to know more about a class now. Anyway here it goes. 1) Where exactly can I hunt eternal bullet? And how rare it is? 2) I tried macroing three recoil shots and the delay is non-existence. Should I keep it that way or t

AB inner ability HELP

Angelic Buster

I really wanted to get 30% crit rate but I got +1 attack speed instead. I am keeping it for now until I have enough mesos to buy circulators. Now my question is, Melody Cross + Monster park pot + +1 attack speed inner stacks right?

Tomorrow039s Patch

Angelic Buster

Anyone else really upset that they delayed the update to our perm nx options...

Searching RED Cannon to anvil or buy, WINDIA


Well going through most of how the cannons look I personally like the RED Cannon from the RED patch Does anyone have 1 that they are willing to sell or let me anvil it. I will pay mesos and provide the anvil. This is on WINDIA server. HELP ME OUT! :D IGN

Training Spots


What are the best maps for a Cannoneer to train on 190+ doing about 11m lines.


Angelic Buster

So i saw another thread that said "you can save the angelic buster hair and face and put it on your normal form or put normal face/hair on transformed AB now you don't have to have separate looking angelic busters" I just came back on map

Leveling Shade039s ?


So just started a Shade to lvl 40 and yet wondering if it worth taking to 200+ as Main character ?

117 Gearing struggle Reboot ?


So my current gear is : and yet wondering what should i be getting to boost my range on reboot ?

Thunder Breaker vs Cannonner


Hey guys xD Since we r getting a lot of psoks in the recent events i am considering quitting my DS and transfer my equips to a new char.. i would like to ask for ur opinion about those 2 classes please.. i must say that i really enjoy training and grindi

Need help at prices at Windia

Cygnus Knight Night Walker

Hey Guys, Im level 75 NW at Windia i back to play maplestory after 5 years havent played, i have 70bil and i want to buy the endgame gear (Tyrants, Root Abyss, Gullux rings and pendant, Lighting god ring,) all upgraded which means by %LUK star forces scr


Dual Blade

Hello everyone! So i recently started on reboot and i decided to main a db, everything is going pretty good except that i have this decision to make, since in reboot is much harder to get %boss nebs, which is a good %boss to stay at in end game? I would l

What are the best Hyper Stats for Xenons?


Hey! Sorry for bothering everyone scrolling through forums but was wondering what the best hyper stats were for xenons. So far I'm considering: Dex | Luk | Str | Crit Rate | Crit Damage | Ignore Defense | and Damage, but I'm not sure because I&

A few Phantom questions


I'm curious to a few things about Phantom and was hoping someone could help. With the PB event going on at first I thought I was going to just dump everything onto my Phantom. But I'm starting to doubt if I want to main it, I'm unsure if I

Potentials for Katara/Dagger

Dual Blade

What would be a better potential to have on my Katara/Dagger? +Atk or %LUK?

Item upgrades path for non funded reboot player

Cygnus Knight Night Walker

Hello. Noob needs advice! Reboot server. I recently reached 120 and I am now thinking about upgrading my equips. My current equips are: Zakum Helm : 5 Star/EPIC (I ANVILED A LV 40 Hat...Now I regret doing) Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory: 0 Star/RARE Conde

Windia Thief Gear Quitting Sale


Looking to sell off my thief gear, as I no longer play due to Uni. Leave offers, or find me in game ign: ReferraI (upper case i). Thnx :)

Shadowers Don039t Need to be Funded


Clean equipment wouldn't be erroneous to use as a Shadower since if you have too high of attack you can't lure mobs as efficiently as you would if you are weaker, here's the evidence:

Trading my dagger for a claw


Trading my dagger for a claw with similar stats. If your claw is better I will complete the price with nx/$. I'm from bera and my ign is "FĂ©lix". Also, p/c on dagger?

Why is Chief Bandit now a tanking class w/o REG. sb?


The regular savage blow is gone so at least i get to mob at blowfishes at aqua road in second job to lvl fast, but shadowers used Savage blow in their moving chain combo of attacks well into 4th job in maple history. Also, the bandit class is broken since

Blaster for Burning Project??


Hieeee. Soooo what are your thots on leveling up a Blaster for the burning project? Like, i want to, but i don't. Should i do another character that is more worth it? Thots?

Dark Knight Zakum Arms

Dark Knight

Just got my Spearman up to 4th job, but his attacks don't hit the top 2 arms of zakum.. Didn't they used to have some cool Dragon Roar skill? So I'm just wondering, how do you guys kill it? Does this make CZak incredibly hard for you?

Re equiping my drk

Dark Knight

Heyyyyyyyy yall! I just came back after a break of like a year and a half.. to all these new changes etc... atm i have a full emp set and my range self buffed is 620kish.. i got a sw spear wich i need to work on but aside from this fella what else can i a

Is there a maplestory gear simulator?

Demon Avenger

Is there a formula or simulator that can be used to see if x attack is better than x hp? I was wondering if its actually better to trace all the CRA with hp or use icog for atk. Thanks

Alishan Coins


Hi, I just started Kaiser and I wanted the Alishan Damage skins so I did the quest and got 20 Alishan coins, I heard that if u did the boss again, u would get more coins, but when I tried to talk to the Train COnductor, it won't let me talk to him. P

Trying to train more efficiently


Hi I just wanted to ask a question in regards to damage and leveling. I am a lvl 150 hayato and my range is only about 30k. Im just trying to train in the temple of time but it gets really hard to hit some monsters eventually so I was wondering what i cou

Buying Faf Gear

Demon Slayer

As the title says, Zenith player looking for godly Faf gear and 1h axe/mace! Price negoatiable through Nx or mesos :)

Paladin Guide 2017


hey guys i made a paladin vide guide tell me what you think, its my first guide. i didn't talk about things from the beyond update also i tested out the new blast and the elemental charge effect and it says it won't consume the charges but it d

Why do you main hero?


Just want to hear from Hero mains on why you stick with hero? There are so many more flashy more mobile more tanky classes, why do you stick with hero?

Buff freezers now retain charges/blast buff


Anyone notice when this change occurred? It's really nice not having to charge up, blast and charge back up again

People just wanna see you fail


Why do people have to be so rude and judge someone for liking/not liking something? Why is it if someone doesn't like something then people who think of them as weird act as if their superior? Why do they still bash them when they've done nothin

Where my fellow Asians at?


My typical dinner: Cooked rice (in rice cooker ofc), then fry it, throw in some Thai sausage, tomatoes, mushroom sauce, egg, pepper, fish sauce (oyster), soy sayce and Teriyaki sauce, fry it on low heat for a few min.. Add some cucumber to the side and vo

How many genders are there?


I can only allow up to 3 for easy physical categorization. Masculine Feminine Family Restroom Also aren't genderfluid people stereotyping all genders? I never understood that, especially if they complain about gender roles.

Do you enjoy weed?


I have smoked it a few times. For me, it's incredible for listening to music while gorging on food with a cup of coffee (dat dopamine overdose), but that's it. I do not find the feeling of "high" particularly enjoyable by itself.

Gsync monitor?


I'm looking to buy a new monitor, 27-29" 1440p 120hz(+). I've got a gtx 1080 and a high end i7, don't remember which one exactly. I'm looking to play games like bf4, Overwatch, borderlands on max settings. I don't have exper

97% scientists agree on anthro climate change


Is it a lie? From the article, the methodology that resulted in the 97% figure do seem dubious



Now that polls are open we put a vote on what we are. I can't fit every type on each poll so I stuffed the ones I don't see often. Maybe I'll make a new threads covering specifics. K, I messed up on the 1st poll, you can be western OR east

Do a drawing or meme of Beefly


The best one wins something very good heres mine

Ethnicity quotRacequot 2


Okay so this time I used a strawpoll, however things got confusing so I'll put a few explanations below. First off we're talking about ethnicity (and like a tiny bit of race) not nationality, so if you're American but you're White wel

Fitness Stats amp Goals


Hey everyone, firstly I'd like to start off by saying I know this isn't, so if bodybuilding, powerlifting, and/or general fitness doesn't interest you then please hit the back button and go back to the Anime section. There

Lvl 54 capturing the shadow knight quest for aran


I am having problems with the lv54 capturing the shadow knight quest as the password that they give is not working

Draw the above person in MSPaint


[header]Introduction: Welcome to (And thank you to those who contributed to making this) what is now the largest thread of the Art section! I made this thread to keep some beggars away from this section, as they have been clogging it up with spam threads

Why does anybody still buy xbox?


Xbox has all of 3 exclusives I can name; and the only good one is Gears of War (Halo Sucks and Forza is only for a certain kind of racing game fan); meanwhile Playstation seems to have 2 or 3 good exclusives coming out at any given point that NEVER go to

does anyone have breath ofthe wild


really good game i got it on the 6th of march but im still playing haven't beaten ganon yet wbu guys :^0

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe is out


It's a free to play Kirby sidescrolling RPG that focus on Boss raids. It's out on the 3DS.

Lucid Art?


Title, waifuuu

Maplestory Mugen 1.0 BETA


Nice, but better, I looked at the characters in selection from Windia, LOL Whoever made this characters and project, suscribe his channel. Also, the framerate is kinda bad for recording: . H

its me the lonely guy who wants love so i can draw you


hi it's me again. I've been pretty bored as of late, so if you want me to draw you i gotchu. *btw im bad at drawing *If i drew you before, you can request again FINISHED DRAWINGS : @distantsky @firebolt http://i.

dibujando basilers


im running out of ideas to doodle on my sketchbook so id like to draw u guys :( comment if ure interesed ill upload both doodle and a colored version by @pilox @keyan22

Vgm Thread


Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame music. Please one song per post so it doesnt get crowded. :) Rules: 1. one song per post 2. use this form