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What is your favorite class and why?


What is your favourite class and why? Personally I like Phantoms for the utility. You can fill almost any role in a party and can always change. They never get boring for me.

Looking For



little warning for any homy guy in maple


first of all you're playing a children's game, go beat ya meat before u play, not while you play. I have to say it disappoint m

Whats the best feeling in Maplestory?


That moment when ____? for me is when a schedule maintenance gets extended 2 hours from its original time, feels good man.

maplewatch fun


take a lvl 100 potion make a character that starts lvl 10, auto advance use to level 33 event ? profit repeat

Time Lane, Detour to Oblivion


Is that a special part off ToT ? Is it part off a questline ?

Maplerunner how to do the bear stage?


How am I supposed to jump back and forth between the two bears in the allotted time?

dominator pendant


has this item become worthless or can i sell it for a decent amount of mesos?

Moon bunnies or Poison Jiangshi


i'm a level 152 bishop and i can't really decided which place is better to train at, which one of these would you prefer or is there another place i should be training from 152-165? i also finished all my DIPQ runs so that's out of the ques

Variety Of Training Spots From 120200?


Hello, Im Just A Fellow Mapler I Gotta Admit Im A Pretty Lazy Player And I Do Admit It. I Like To Try Alot Of Spots I Know Game Takes Alot Of Time To Level Up A Little Past 120, I Want To Learn A Variety(Maybe)Of Training Spots From 120-200, For Example L

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i really love ppl that can draw well :)
YOU SEE THE LEFT SCREEN? WANT IN? PM me, and I'll give you the link. ;)
Well I just grillified my main. Rip samurai status and no chance of seppuku
What is your favorite pastry? I'm not even going to try to pick one. They are all so yummy!
Y you give out nice stuff after I quit eh nexon? eh? YOU NOT GONNA GET ME BACK PLAYING AGEN NEXON
Crippling loans? Check. No job? Check. Extreme social anxiety and depression? Check. I'm f
Telling people there are free royals today-not a chance
todays report include @Helpingly getting more "action in bed" with many types of leaf po
wild tangles hair 3rd try, best maple event. :D
i'll doodle you if you gift me a face expansion slot in reboot xoxo
So I was sorting through the nx from yesterdays event, deleting duplicates etc. Nexons list on the e
#Selling I'm selling a Permanent 'Lil Phantom Nexon Cash Weapon. Some info: Gives 60 ch
What if @Helpingly has an evil twin brother known as @Harmingly and he's all dressed in red.
Helpingly's helpful tip of the day: You can actually change teams in Pokemon Go if you dire
hit 217 after 2 weeks of pure bossing and a little bit of commerci.
Reached 100% Attack Potentials from equips. Buffing only at 180% Boss :( LOL
act 3 was fun :)
finna turn up, we lit boiis
This day in history an armistice was signed ending the Korean War in 1953. Happy National Korean
鳴弦の儀 /      |      | 矢--

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