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3 box event did nexon removed it?


Did nexon remove the event box hero of heroes pack the one that you get on august 25th to sept 15th for getting all 3 boxes. Anyone know if it's removed or is there a bug to not getting it? Thanks for replying.

Time to allow Zeros in Reboot


Why won't nexon allow Zeros in reboot? I can understand not having them during the launch phase of reboot, but now most people are situated in Reboot. If someone quickly makes a level 100 character who cares? Even without burning events it only tak

LFgt Art Commission


So, I've already made a thread before about buying a commission. I'm willing to pay 25-40$ worth of NX for a drawing of 2 characters in one screen. I'm looking for either Chibi or Anime style art. It does not need to be full body, however w

How can i farm mesos?


Hey guys, im having a trouble farming mesos. noob trades doesnt work this days and i need to find another way. what is the best way and how? and how fast can i get mesos?

Buy str% lightning god ring Bera


Hey guys I am buying a str% lightning god ring in bera. My ign is Risewithhim. Feel free to buddy me in maplestory or message me on here! Thanks!

To Play Or Not To Play?


That is the question.

Rate The Person's Look Above You!


Title says it all xD; oh and say whether they can be henehoes I know this has been done before, but i wanted to bring it alive again! So, don't be like, "ZOMG POSER ROFLCOPTER NIBSAUCE FAIL!" well here we go!

%Luk LGR, Luk Gollux Rings, SW Katara Bera


Hi Guys im buying %luk rings and LGR. Also a 15 percent traced SW katara in Bera. My IGN is iamprimo. Feel free to add me for negotiations :D

good forums for GMS?


wondering as before a few weeks ago i havent played Maplestory in a few years, and would like to know about any good GMS forums, also i dont belong to any guilds ATM.

Best Mir Combination skills? Evan


What is the best Mir skill?

Bowman Forum

Reboot Cvellum Requirements


Currently @ 1.8m-2m clean range with 240% boss, 90% pdr, 63% attack. Any tips and pointers would be helpful i am currently stuck and am unable to move any further. My goal for cvell is to reach consistent 20mil lines. Is it possible? Top 3 Equips: 21% Atk

IA help plz D


What inner ability should I aim for? Right now I have 20% crit but I feel like I could still manage 100% w/o it.

elluel library


Winston at perion told me to go here. Where's is it the elluel library? I found it just now



got a sw dbg on my aran in reboot, just thinking about it makes me wanna cry

should i just reroll my IA?


right now my 2nd line for my IA is 16% crit which makes my crit rate 91% should i just use miracle circs and reroll for a better primary line, or should i farm up honor exp to lock my crit rate and hope for the best on the first line?

P/C Wind Chaser

Bow Master

Windia P/c on a perf fafnir wind chaser?

Range for CRA?

Wild Hunter

Just wondering how much PDR and range I'd need to be able to solo CRA. I know I'm a long ways off, but.. atm 300-350k range and 100% crit rate. Have 86% boss and 68% pdr.

IA for wild hunter

Wild Hunter

rn i have 33% buff duration as my main line IA, but i was wondering what IA i should be aiming for late game?

Do we need stance?


I was wondering if marksmen need to get power stance, because I'm hesitant to level a mihile due to the fact that I don't have any character slots left, if so what do we need it for? Because if its major component to end game bossing, I might j

5th job bowmaster problem?

Bow Master

Am I the only one who thinks bm's will be severely outclassed for 5th job? Our 5th job skills are one of the shorter end of the straw and the main problem lies with hurricane. Split hurricane is like what? 235% damage? Even with max enhancements on h

Mage Forum

The Evan Achievement Thread


[header] Evan updates are coming! [/header] [b]Zeff (Rioun of Bera)[/b], welcomes you to the Evan Achievement Thread! This thread has become a gathering place for Evans of all worlds/servers and I'm very happy about that. Standing strong at [b]a lot of

Inner ability?

Fire / Poison Arch Mage

What would the best IA for fp be? I was thinking crit or boss. Since +1 attack speed and buff duration unneeded

Beast Tamers

Beast Tamer

Hey All, im coming back from a long long break been years since ive played. i was wondering how beast tamers are doing as of now for bossing and stuff like that i will most likely be playing on reboot if that makes a difference Thanks

Blaze Wizard Inner Ability

Blaze Wizard

title says all. Edit: im unable to see the poll that i made?? +1 atk speed, crit, boss, or bd

Discuss Evan039s Fifth Job Skill, Elemental Blast


I'll start: Apart from having a breathtaking animation, the stats: Evan's Elemental Blast: A timeline through the ages: KMST 1.2.035 5th job & Road to Vanishing FIRST DRAFT Level 50: Consumes 1000 MP. Use 4 consecutive magic spells that de

Pace for C.Vel


Granted I'm still learning how to properly dodge, my best run in C.Vel has been Deep Breath phase with about 8m remaining (Lost last life here cause I had no idea what that attack was =/). Does that seem like it might be on pace to be able to solo? I

Kishin Shoukan Revived?


Important Message - Kishin Shoukan Dear Maplers, We would like to provide you with an update regarding the Kanna skill Kishin Shoukan. As we mentioned on August 11th, we understand your concerns regarding the difference between how Kishin Shoukan funct

your thoughts on bishop


for some reason im rlly feeling a bishop around now i know they're not an amazing class but are they good and are they good supporters as well thnxs for your time

how to telecast effectively?

Battle Mage

im going to start a battle mage and i was wondering how u guys telecast and use finishing blow? do you guys spam the two skills and hope for the best or do you guys have some method that you use?

Transposing to a 500 m.att Sweetwater Fan


I made a video how I transposed my Aye-No-Uzume Fan to a sweet 497 m.att Sweetwater Fan (11*), when I got little more mesos in future I make it 12* to go above the magical barrier of 500 m.att for my Fan on Haku!

Pirate Forum

Best pirate class?


What's the best (define it however you like since I only want to hear your opinions!) pirate class atm? I just came back to GMS after two years and haven't really been updated on what's been going on.

Last update?


Have jetts received any updates since the days on invulgar being #1? (2.5 years)

1 Attack speed inner

Thunder Breaker

Is it true i hit the hard speed cap with only SI,Booster, and MPE green pot? If so, is +1 Attack speed inner useless?

Two arcane guns

Corsair Why are there 2 arcane guns? One with 200atk and the other with 216atk

Nebs recommended for Shade?


so i was just wondering what nebs are best for shade, i know boss% is a good one to have but what else? thanks :D

Re-entering Maple Bucc


Just started to play maple again (with intentions to level up)... haven't really taken this game seriously since Big Bang. Need help with a few things! Q1: What are the most affordable equips that are decent? So far I have 3/4 equips from the Root A

Shade or bucc


bossing and funding etc..

My thoughts on Corsair039s 5th Job Skill


Hey, I am a KMS player that have mained a Bucc, a Cannoneer, and now I am maining a Corsair. Although the trainsition from Cannoneer to Corsair was difficult (Due to the primary stats being different + Cores) I really wanted to give Corsair a shot. Here

Maneuverability Bosses for TB

Thunder Breaker

What recommendation when comes to dodging attacks @ bosses (like Gollux, Magnus, CRA/NRA bosses like Vellum, CQ, Pierre, Von Bon, Von Leon and so on) by default is more effective @ bosses for TB's either Tidal Crash or Flash Thank you for your reply

Worth to make Reboot Sair?


Hey guys, so I know that corsairs are pretty much dead because of their lack of mobbing, squishiness, bossing, and overall effectiveness. Also %dex pirate gear is quite hard to find in normal worlds and there is practically no resale value, so I'd ha

Thief Forum

How to obtain Crit Rate?

Dual Blade

I'm currently a level 171 Dual Blade with only 39% crit rate. I would like to increase my crit rate to 100% or as close as possible. Any tips on how? (Other than Phantom/beast tamer link skill and marksman card)

Xenon Weapon 150 Question


Simple Question, does Xenon have a Japanese weapon that I can use to replace my Frozen Equip before cRA?

Unfunded DB on Regular servers

Dual Blade

Possible to reach 150 with burning event in a day? 139 db unfunded.

Do NW have good self heal now?

Cygnus Knight Night Walker

do the bats still heal u relatively good? and how is the survivability of the class in gerenal now?

Question on Assassinate Skill

Shadower I have a question regarding the skill assassinate. At max Level, assassinate does 635% damage on the initial cast, and 710% on the final cast The description says: Damage increases by 154% in dark sight Damage increases by 150%

Reboot Dual Blade Question

Dual Blade

What katara would be used to tranpose to a SW katara and at what starforce count? +1 Attack Speed or 50% Buff Duration?

shadower vs Dual Blade


Which 5th job skill in your opinion is better? Aesthetic? Bossing? Mobbing? Im curious to know your guys' opinion :D

Price check on Sweetwater katara

Dual Blade

Could someone give me a price check on Sweetwater Katara 89 attack clean (3 attack over average) and no potential in Windia. Thank you.

New Night Lord

Night Lord

Hi, I'm Sunnie and I made a dexless sin in reboot. Now I'm an edge lord of the night who is currently harvesting materials to make some throwing stars. I don't talk to a lot of people, like none, but I make up for it with my productive gath

possible to reach 2m-2m


can anyone reach 2m-2m without tyrant set? Night lord Dual blade shadower

Warrior Forum

More Aran nerfs inc


KMS ver. 1.2.263 Aran Polearm Booster Polearm Booster: attack speed boost has been decreased from 3 stages to 2 stages Drain Drain: HP healed has been decreased (at max level it is 2% max HP drained which doesn't seem like its any different from las

Are you 100% Crit? and how?


I've managed to hit 100% crit myself but I'm curious to see how some of you other hero's out there did it. I'm still having to use a crit ring and a 13% crit line on my shield I'd love to cube over. I've been trying to roll %

Mihile Bossing/Grinding


Hey all! I have a Mihile that I've been neglecting in Reboot for some time now. I just reached third job on him and I was wondering how he is bossing and grinding-wise from levels 100 and up. I still have serious issues timing my shield since I h

Hayato Bug


Has there been chatter about fixing Hayato hyper skill(God of Blades) being overwritten by Iron Skin skill?

Buff freezers charges/blast buff


Do buff freezers retain your charges/blast buff? I had to used a few and they don't seem to retain these 2 buffs Is this suppose to be intended? or is this a bug?

Damage for a zero


Uhh so my unfunded Zero has about 100k range on Alpha/ beta buffed. Is this below average? If so, how can I improve my range?

Kaiser inner ability


I have +1 attack speed right now but I have 69% crit, what would you guys recommend, crit or attack speed?

help with my sword


should i put a 6% total dmg neb on my 257 mistilteinn

What have you achieve on your Hayato today? Version 2


[b]Work in progress: THREAD FULLY UPDATED[/b] Original post by: @bubblecup118 [b][/b] Will be updated by me slowly after I get the formatting down. [b]Also check out @Repen

Surge of Aran bots


I 21x Aran in reboot server. More Arans have started botting in reboot, is reason for this? Some have been gaining 100b+ exp/daily. Few have been banned whilst others like LiCN/HyperActiv have run into a gm and stopped so they could get away with this. W

Chat Forum

are you getting younger?


are you getting younger?

As a guy this is one of the best things to happen


when you're seeing a girl, whether she's your girlfriend or just a girl you're taking out on a date, and you just get along with her father when you first meet him guys will understand what i mean and how it feels

Insert title here


Sometimes, I'll take out a piece of white paper, placing it on my table that I had used for years, adjusting it so that the paper could sit in the position that it should be, as if I'm trying to attain the perfection that could never be achieved

hey my little cuties


hey my little cuties how are yous

UPS is the worst


Apparently UPS hands over packages to the USPS,and when that happens the Post Office cant help you because they won't look for your package and its not their tracking number, im gonna leave the seller such bad feedback for using UPS in the first plac

what does this mean


Disclaimer: Myself talking about personal & dark topics. Do not read if you are uncomfortable with any type of grey area. This is not a troll post. This is why I wear a mask. I'm sexually attracted to guys and would like to be with someone of

Help me with earbuds


My current earbuds broke, they were the ones that came with the HTC One M7. I'm between Skullcandy Ink'd 2 and JVC HA-FR201. They both cost the same.

Looking to make some friends Skype sesh


Hey guys~ I'm bored on a Sunday night I start classes on Tuesday and have nothing to do and want to make some friends. I was wondering if you any of you guys want to skype or skype cam just add me I will be up for another 5 hours ^_^ my sleeping sch

I039m unhappy with my college classes, what to do?


I started college yesterday and everything went smoothly, but I'm not certain if I'm content with my schedule. My classes are very boring and I don't know if I can put up with them for the rest of the semester. I can swap classes, but the c

hi guise pls vote for my cosplay


hi guise, i kno it's been a lil while since i've been on here last but i just entered a twitch cosplay competition and trying to get in top 20. super easy to vote, jst click le link heh i'm lugia yayay

Entertainment Forum

Drawing requests


Hi! I've been quite inactive on these forums for years now, so my screens are quite outdated when it comes to my style. Anyways, I am looking for drawing practice & I kind of lack inspiration to come up with new designs. SO here's your cha

Drawing BasilMonsters?


Leave a message for me and I'll draw your character as a monster/spirit/yōkai/etc. It'll be a surprise! Lately, my sketchbook's mellowed into a terribly serious state of being. Zzz. Help me make the pages a little more playful, won't

Art Freebies


I am returning to MS once again and I have previously done artwork for other games (comissions, art trades as well). Since I am returning to MS I realized I haven't drawn any MS related artwork yet. If you would like some free portraits/busts please

hi i039ll draw you


(i haven't been on basil in 50 years...) i've never been good at these threads but just comment below and i'll try my best to get through as many ppl as i can wink wink ex. of my art: ---- @

Draw the above person in MSPaint


[header]Introduction: Welcome to (And thank you to those who contributed to making this) what is now the largest thread of the Art section! I made this thread to keep some beggars away from this section, as they have been clogging it up with spam threads

Games to Play?


Other than Overwatch and Osu are there any decent PC games I can play? Just want something else to do when I'm not feeling maple too much

Why you guys never told people to skip episode 1 and 2


Whenever you guys want to recommend Gintama? I SHOULD'VE WATCHED THIS SHOW MUCH EARLIER. Please, for the love of God please tell them to skip episode 1 and 2. I get the impression that it's just some anime with random gags flying all over the pl

Vgm Thread


Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame music. Please one song per post so it doesnt get crowded. :) Rules: 1. one song per post 2. use this form

legion is gonna be so hype


anyone else playing wow and hyped for legion? actually looks like there is stuff to do this time whoaa

What should I watch next?

Anime As you can see ive dug myself quite the hole and that hole will get even deeper within the next four months. This doesnt include series' I have on crunchyroll, funimation, hulu, and netflix. I have gotten into the r

i take my meme-ing very seriously
So far classes are going pretty well, except for this stupid computer class! >:(. Why is physics
I'd pay someone to draw Briskbreezy with his beard.
Lucifer: What is your most dangerous desire? Model: Cheeseburger rofl
How the hell can my PHONE log into my router and my LAPTOP can't? That makes absolutely no sens
even if I make more dumb Maplestory comics I'll never win because Maplestory itself is the bigg
Helpingly's helpful tip of the day: When drafting for your fantasy football leagues, it'
Found me a gif of Shantae doing her little jiggy at full health~! <3 ... Wait it looks like s
in today's very special [valve time] 11 o'clock report, as requested by a Mr. @Quasar ..
Luminous Versus Demon Avenger! Who is better?
This day in history MacArthur arrives in Japan in 1945. Happy International Day of the Disappear
Hello People
in todays report @loraket gets captured by @Redeyed @carbyken is now a novelist @quasar is vexed
I like maple syrup.
The Battlefield 1 Beta is basically a sniper fest.
so i soloed hell gollux for the first time ever :) ITS WAY TOO HARD from a battle mage's POV :~
Hi there, how are things?
If this man kills me, I want you to kill him, then clear my browser history. rofl
Im at level 165!
Chapter 1: A Faithful Day 6:43am A la Ma Alice Cafe Marion has been caught acting so full of h

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