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Let039s Face it, What039s next?


Let's face it. This game brought many memories to all of us, however due to the growth of this game it went downhill and is still going downhill. Its been a long, fun and amazing journey playing this game, however I know Nexon is trying their best to

Legion stillabout whipping those Whelps


I have this quest active. Where can i find them Whelps ? Gak said -->They're in the door at the end of afterlands. It sucked. Is this true or is he pulling my leg ?

PC Astral Blade in Scania


Returning to the game after a 7 year hiatus, was looking through my inventory and wanted to see if any of my old items were worth anything. I have a clean Astral Blade, a glowing whip, white valentine rose, power mane, among others. Mainly interested in g

chances are that my acc got hacked?


hey.. was just training with the erdas when suddenly the gae froze, and dced me.. then when i tried to re log it said the ID is alrdy logged in.. so i restarted the game.. and even restarted the pc.. though none of them changed it.. am i screwed?

Sweetwater then Fafnir?


So do you get sweetwater and fafnir, wear sweetwater until your fafnir is fully potted? The set from sweetwater seems pretty good compared to the set fafnir gives if my fafnir set is well potted and scrolled? What would your suggestion be on the best chea

Should I quit?


I just wasted 7 bil mesos attempting to star force my tyrant, managing to go from 6-1 stars. After this, I've just been wondering how much maple treats me like complete dirt. Like last css session I had to use 2 bil worth of css to recover 1 slot, an

I am looking for a guild in Khaini


Hello! So I have t played Maplestory since early 2013, and I'm just starting to get back into Maplestory again. I used to be apart of a guild called SoulMovement, and was very active, in looking to be active still. So if anyone would want me that wou

I just came back after wellquite a while


I haven't played in years and I kinda thought since I played in Bera it might not be so dead in my server. I left off as a 160 kanna, pretty broke with standard gear and no friends there to begin with since I transferred from another world. If there&

Portal in Ellinia


Theres a gold portal above the the Ellinia magic library. Where does that lead to? It says its blocked.

New 5th Job Skills


Returning player here. Just wondering, how do I get the new skills? Is it just nodestone RNG or am I missing something?

Bowmaster039s Inhuman Speed is bugged, please report it

Bow Master

I've posted a bug report here: Basically, Inhuman Speed (ugh, that name...) will not activate after two or three procs of its passive effect. The blue glowy

Mercedes Key Configuration


How do you guys do it? I can't even seem to go beyond the 170 hyper without completely running out of room on my keyboard.

Where to train at 220?

Bow Master

I just hit 220 and I'm curious since I did an analysis on the places to train. So far torrent zone 3 has been the best since I can't efficiently train at dream keepers. And I don't know where else to look at to test if it's a good plac

KMST v1.2.049 - Anniversary Balancing

Bow Master

KMS: KMST: (No differences from KMST -> KMS) ####V: Bowman **Guided Arrow**: dam

Who do you ship with Mercedes?


What the title says

P/C On My Items Thanks You

Wild Hunter

Fafnir Windwing Shooter: Wild Heron:

Required range to solo cvellum in 4 minutes or less


Hi, I'm currently playing a marksman and I would like to know what range I need to beat c vellum in 4 minutes or less. I have 5.8m buffed / 21k dex and I take aroud 9 minutes to kill it. Can someone please tell me the range?

Sylvidia 5th Job skill


Do we have Sylvidia 5th Job skill yet, or is it in an upcoming patch? Also, why can i not find the Guided Arrow bowman shared skill in the nodestone creation matrix? NVM I found guided arrow, now my next question would be is it worth having over other sk

Bowmaster buff duration

Bow Master

Hello Everyone. This is my first post :D. So basically I noticed that the way bowmasters are being positioned by nexon is doing multiple attacks per second. With afterimage shot, hurricane, platter, pheonix, arrow rain. To make up for our low number of li

Arrow Rain can be assigned to auto pet buff

Bow Master

Yeah, as the title says, you can assign Arrow Rain (Storm of Arrows) to your pet's auto buff thing. Even though it's 5th job and has a cooldown. Interesting. Screenshot: Additionally: I recently found out that Me

I/L update

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

So, this forum is really dead (all of Basil is really) and I'm bored, so what did you guys think about our new skill and the change to the way freeze counters work? if you're not up to date, the counters now decrease as we hit the mobs/bosses, s

Angel of Balance is a god but so are you


I didn't even get to max it, and I already fell in love with this skill. currently level 18, it's dishing out 1290% damage 8 times, for a total of 10,320% Damage. That's like a Bahamut on steroids. . . . I am joking. It's like TEN

Need help playing kanna


Hey, I've honestly never figured out the efficient way to play kanna (moving quickly and the fastest attacks) so I was wondering if anyone had any tips

Not sure if there is still anyone out there but

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

Recently I took a liking to Ice Lightning Mage but I've some questions. 1) +1 Attack Speed or 50% Buff Duration as inner ability? I've seen that the most "recent" thread has most of the users recommend 50% Buff Duration over +1 Attack

Stuck on a beast tamer quest

Beast Tamer Any help?

Coming Back


So in my past life, I was a bishop main. I know that 5th job is out (made mine!), some bishop skills were changed, etc. Can anybody briefly summarize some of the most important things that have happened since I last played during v.162? Thanks!

Coming back to Maple after 4 years, starting fresh


Hey guys, i decided to come back to maple to try it out and see whats new. I tried the reboot server, not a fan. Unfortunately, my old account info was forgotten so i felt it was perfect to start fresh, on a new server, as well as a job i never tried. I h

Returning Evan - girl, what039s my damage


Hello! I'm a returning player with a Lvl 156 Evan as her main. While I've been playing Maple for a few years now (since 2008), I play infrequently (maybe 2-3 weeks out of the year) and I realize I don't really know much about this game and

Tips for Horntail?

Fire / Poison Arch Mage

Hi everyone. I recently came back to Maple after being gone for over a year. I was playing in the Reboot server before I left, so when I came back I decided to start training a F/P mage there. I've been loving it so far, but I find that I'm havi

Stuck in Evan starting map due to quotcoming homequot skill. Help


I can't seem to escape from the starting area for Evan. I used the skill "Coming Home" to teleport back however i can't escape. The portal to the large forest trail keeps coming back as "I dont need to go to Large Forest Trail&quo

Rejoice my fellow shades


After almost a year, they finally fixed the shade damage skin --about god damn time.

Training shade vs TB amp scaling


Hey guys, I recently made a TB and it's been really fun so far. Mobbing is great and bossing is pretty good too. My main question is, which is better at mobbing, and therefore training? So far TB training has been pretty great. I love that you can h

Abs attack speed

Angelic Buster

Hello again ^_^ My friend confused me about attack speed saying I have 1 only @_@ lol soooo the weapon says "fast" but idk the number for it So right now I have melody cross, ia speed attack, mpe, and dsi soooooo +4 attack speed? @__@

AB inner ability HELP

Angelic Buster

I really wanted to get 30% crit rate but I got +1 attack speed instead. I am keeping it for now until I have enough mesos to buy circulators. Now my question is, Melody Cross + Monster park pot + +1 attack speed inner stacks right?

Tomorrow039s Patch

Angelic Buster

Anyone else really upset that they delayed the update to our perm nx options...

Searching RED Cannon to anvil or buy, WINDIA


Well going through most of how the cannons look I personally like the RED Cannon from the RED patch Does anyone have 1 that they are willing to sell or let me anvil it. I will pay mesos and provide the anvil. This is on WINDIA server. HELP ME OUT! :D IGN

Training Spots


What are the best maps for a Cannoneer to train on 190+ doing about 11m lines.


Angelic Buster

So i saw another thread that said "you can save the angelic buster hair and face and put it on your normal form or put normal face/hair on transformed AB now you don't have to have separate looking angelic busters" I just came back on map

Leveling Shade039s ?


So just started a Shade to lvl 40 and yet wondering if it worth taking to 200+ as Main character ?

117 Gearing struggle Reboot ?


So my current gear is : and yet wondering what should i be getting to boost my range on reboot ?

Carries to CRA

Dual Blade

Hi! i wanted to ask you guys about caries... as you can see im level 190 dual blade so i wanted to ask you guys if at that level someone would carry me to CRA or hellux

Funding with 10bil


What equipments should I get for my lvl 160 phantom with a 10bil funding? Include the average cost of each item ploxx. Thanks :)

Fafnir vs SW armor/dagger and some other questions


Hi everyone, I know this is a question that has been posted a lot in the past, but I couldn't find a conclusive answer since they were outdated/split 50-50. Anyway, I'm f2p and am wondering whether I should buy a SW dagger and transpose my Dam

Tips for a new Phantom?


I recently created a Phantom in Reboot, Lv 153 at the moment. I've created a few phantoms before just to have fun in other servers, but I'm looking to make this character my main, and was wondering if anyone had some tips for a basically unfunde

Traced Split Edge versus primed?


So I'm in the process of funding a xenon and I've found there really just isn't gear for purchase in my server for the most part (least not a weapon that is reasonably priced). I've accepted that means I'm likely to be making my

Need help at prices at Windia

Cygnus Knight Night Walker

Hey Guys, Im level 75 NW at Windia i back to play maplestory after 5 years havent played, i have 70bil and i want to buy the endgame gear (Tyrants, Root Abyss, Gullux rings and pendant, Lighting god ring,) all upgraded which means by %LUK star forces scr


Dual Blade

Hello everyone! So i recently started on reboot and i decided to main a db, everything is going pretty good except that i have this decision to make, since in reboot is much harder to get %boss nebs, which is a good %boss to stay at in end game? I would l

What are the best Hyper Stats for Xenons?


Hey! Sorry for bothering everyone scrolling through forums but was wondering what the best hyper stats were for xenons. So far I'm considering: Dex | Luk | Str | Crit Rate | Crit Damage | Ignore Defense | and Damage, but I'm not sure because I&

A few Phantom questions


I'm curious to a few things about Phantom and was hoping someone could help. With the PB event going on at first I thought I was going to just dump everything onto my Phantom. But I'm starting to doubt if I want to main it, I'm unsure if I

Potentials for Katara/Dagger

Dual Blade

What would be a better potential to have on my Katara/Dagger? +Atk or %LUK?

Blessed Hammer is just what Pally needed


Seriously, this skill is bonkers.

Hayato REBOOT Range


Just started in reboot and I really like the gameplay. The only hard part I find is hitting mob. I'm heading into the 130+ levels and my range seems low and therefore the mobs take a while to take down. I am playing as a 'burning'hero or so

Back in action, need help with drk advice?

Dark Knight

Hi everyone, i just started play gms. It been 7 years since i quitted ms, so i want start with my 200lvl drk and I dunno what to with gears stuff. I'm not familiar with those new skills, char stats and i need someone advice what I should do with my f

Stuck on a beast tamer quest

Aran How to do it?

why is the blaster forum so dead?


I am a returning long time scania resident that decided to restart in reboot yesterday and I decided to roll a blaster and am loving the class and spending time learning the combo's but I cant help but wonder why our forum is so dead compared to ever

how to reach 1mil dmg? demon avenger

Demon Avenger

hey guys my dmg range is 523k buffed like fully buffed and 344k when clean not. I wanna know how much dmg range i can increase from cubing and in general how to increase my dmg to 1mil. im Demon avenger

MapleStory BEYOND - Hayato 5th Job Skill Hyoru Getsuken


Should I keep my Atk Speed IA?

Demon Avenger

Hey guys, so I have a +1 Atk Speed IA, but I was wondering if this is worth keeping? I also have Decent Speed Infusion. When I tested out my attack speed, I did not count any difference in the number of attacks per second. Any suggestions?

Fafnir Death Bringer

Demon Slayer

Heyy, I would like to know how much is a Fafnir Death Bringer on Elnido server. Thanks!

sword w/ 6% str does 12 luk add acc/avoid?


I bought a lvl 100 maple 1-handed sword for 1mil and the potential has 6% str and 12 luk, the 12 luk is not needed because i need str, but does the luk add any sort of accuracy like making my warrior a thief/hunter hybrid in accuracy, just as dex turns in

Why are women so annoying


Please, can someone shed light on this for me. They ALL seem to defy logic and think of the most inane concepts. Don't even get me started on their secret weapon, no not that one. Guilt tripping. They think it's alright to make men feel like the

How is your first ever Maplestory character like today?


For example, mine was an Evan, but I never even got him to 3rd Job. Today, I still don't check back on him, but I remade an Evan on Reboot.

I hate my life


Hey guys. I have depression. I honestly think I'm a nuisance to everyone I know. I don't have any family problems but I'm 16 and have never had a girlfriend. How pathetic is that? Every single one of my friends has been in a relationship an

being a girl would be nice


you dont have to get a haircut every two weeks if you wanna look on point

Why are men so annoying


Please, can someone shed light on this for me. They ALL seem to defy logic and think of the most inane concepts. Don't even get me started on their secret weapon, no not that one. Guilt tripping. They think it's alright to make WOMAN feel like t

My ancestry results came back


- 77% Vietnamese - 11% Han Chinese - 7% Cambodian - 2% Filipino - 1% Malaysian - 1% Indonesian - 1% Siberian Holy fuuuuuuuuuuk, my entire life I thought I was just an average Viet boy who was just plain Viet. Apparently, my DNA is comprised of all over

Which phone should I get?


The Lg G6 for that display and sexy looks or the OP5 for the beast software experience?

i hate living with other people


I look forward to the day when I will be able to afford to live in my own place. I hate not being able to be completely by myself around the house. I can't use the kitchen without running into people and can only enjoy privacy in my room... Most of t

BasilMarket is Dead but Who is Still Alive?


Hello to anyone who is still alive, It's been a while. I started posting here since 2007 and that's when BasilMarket started its prime. For some of you reading, you were finger painting and singing your ABCs back then. Then somewhere around 201

u rly r my ecstasy


my reel laif fantasy

Drawing Everyone


Post here.

Which do you prefer, OP or DBZ?


I personally prefer OP for it's serious, sad, and relatable moments and it's,"it's about to go down" moments. DBZ i respect because it was an inspiration to a lot of the shounen animes/manga including OP, but I still prefer OP.

Vgm Thread


Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame music. Please one song per post so it doesnt get crowded. :) Rules: 1. one song per post 2. use this form



What should the attack range be for a level 168 evan

can somebody draw me


every1 wants to have their avatar drawn not me i want somebody to draw me the REAL me thank u

Looking for A Cursed Kaiserium to buy


hey guys, im looking for someone to sell me a cursed kaiserium in scania.

Medal of Honor


I didn't know nexon has released a new game. Check it out:

post itt and i might draw your character


i wanna practice my art!! i haven't drawn anything digitally in a while

MMORPG that still has a solid Holy Trinity?


I'm wondering if such thing still exist.

does anyone have breath ofthe wild


really good game i got it on the 6th of march but im still playing haven't beaten ganon yet wbu guys :^0

verkins Volga from The Legend of Zelda and Corrin from Fire Emblem are badass Dragons. meiguihua On nexon launcher, it seems like we didn't need to patch which I didn't for override updat ecarina Nexon FINALLY fixed Rankings. Hopefully Mr. Basil's fine with me submitting like 30 differen deeemon KSing kill stealers with Jett's Starfall feels satisfying as frick. Frig those kill stealers. jackie1230 ;u; barely realize that character images are back on player ranking now gakinotsukai @hawtnoodle Congrats on your chair design being in game k0lanib My goooooodness they finally fixed the character pics on the rankings. Thought this day would never repentant Woo, finally got my Cross World PQ damage skin! Many thanks to my animus Some dude approached me and called me his sensei, then he begun to act that we're some old frie meiguihua The override gift is lame. They only allow you to pick one item out of the entire gird package. gakinotsukai Regardless of all the unscheduled patch/maintenances, I do have to admit that whoever is composing t blazar Of course there would be unscheduled maintenance when I actually want to play. :( twopointonefour Pretty turnt over no more CoG's in exploration rewards. zigen on this day in history, steam summer sale 2k17 soundfix Man I know no one probably cares but ChoA has left AoA and I am legiterally so sad right now =(. So

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