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Describe the person above with 3 words


Just what the title says. 3 words no more , no less.

Rate The Person's Look Above You!


Title says it all xD; oh and say whether they can be henehoes I know this has been done before, but i wanted to bring it alive again! So, don't be like, "ZOMG POSER ROFLCOPTER NIBSAUCE FAIL!" well here we go!

How are you to determine whether an equip is perfected or no


For example, a Fafnir claw perfectly prime scrolled had 258 weapon attack. I know this only because I own it lol. Now buying from the FM, how do you "audit" items of interest? And how do you generally price equips? Each successful scroll = +300m

So CMS decided to change luminous

General Now instead of using the system we have they're implementing the original KMS system where you can't just sit and spam reflection anymore. Spectral light probably nerfed as well. We get a lot of patc

basil missed out last night


for thos of u who not aware some guy who make rly relatable nob friendly vido and stream got ban for hackin yesterday and had a huge meltdown because of it. here a few link i have brought for u guy to watch and or read [url=

Gamelauncher for GMS download link


yea, title says all. pls help me, cant play gms without game launcher.

Monster Collection Exploitable Flaw


https // Hey Guys Monster Collection is exploitable. Simply Have the Monster Collection UI opened before entering StarPlanet, Press the green button to enter Star Planet and walk towards portal to select star planet channel wh

GMS Stability


Is anyone else being disconnected every so often from the game? I'm positive it's not my internet because everything else is running smoothly. The server seems to be lagging heavily and like a turbocharger it spools up to boot me.

Gear problem for all my characters


Hey guys im having a little problem. I have a lot of characters and i want to know what is the gear progress for each lvl, what do i mean? From lvl 100 to 250, which set should i have every 10 lvls? Btw im not buying any set, im trying to farm them, so i

best inner ability for kinesis


50% bd,+1 atk speed, 30% crit, 20% boss.

Bowman Forum

should i just reroll my IA?


right now my 2nd line for my IA is 16% crit which makes my crit rate 91% should i just use miracle circs and reroll for a better primary line, or should i farm up honor exp to lock my crit rate and hope for the best on the first line?

P/C Wind Chaser

Bow Master

Windia P/c on a perf fafnir wind chaser?

Range for CRA?

Wild Hunter

Just wondering how much PDR and range I'd need to be able to solo CRA. I know I'm a long ways off, but.. atm 300-350k range and 100% crit rate. Have 86% boss and 68% pdr.

IA for wild hunter

Wild Hunter

rn i have 33% buff duration as my main line IA, but i was wondering what IA i should be aiming for late game?

Do we need stance?


I was wondering if marksmen need to get power stance, because I'm hesitant to level a mihile due to the fact that I don't have any character slots left, if so what do we need it for? Because if its major component to end game bossing, I might j

5th job bowmaster problem?

Bow Master

Am I the only one who thinks bm's will be severely outclassed for 5th job? Our 5th job skills are one of the shorter end of the straw and the main problem lies with hurricane. Split hurricane is like what? 235% damage? Even with max enhancements on h

question for the quests

Wild Hunter

My wild hunter is currently lvl 91. I just now saw a quest thats called "A Gift for the Test Subject 2", I already did the first one so yeah. I already did the quests when Vita exploded since she was a bomb and now I cant find her in the 'T

Price check on 15-18% Dex Items


Just trying to get some prices on some items I'm looking to buy from a quitting archer. All items are clean and %Dex. Superior Gollux Pendant 15% Earring 15% Belt 18% Ring 15% Tyrant Charon Gloves 15% Cape 18% Shoes 15% Fanir Top 9% Botto

Funding needed to reach 1m range?


Hoping someone could give me some insight on how much it might've taken them to hit around 1m range as far as mesos and best places to spend (equipment) to get the most range. P.S. Also info like how much %stat you have would be awesome.

5th Job Questions?


Does mercs get the shadow partner proc on their hurricane? I thought I heard from somewhere that they do and it is a 45% chance or something.

Mage Forum

Discuss Evan039s Fifth Job Skill, Elemental Blast


I'll start: Apart from having a breathtaking animation, the stats: Evan's Elemental Blast: A timeline through the ages: KMST 1.2.035 5th job & Road to Vanishing FIRST DRAFT Level 50: Consumes 1000 MP. Use 4 consecutive magic spells that de

Kishin Shoukan Revived?


Important Message - Kishin Shoukan Dear Maplers, We would like to provide you with an update regarding the Kanna skill Kishin Shoukan. As we mentioned on August 11th, we understand your concerns regarding the difference between how Kishin Shoukan funct

your thoughts on bishop


for some reason im rlly feeling a bishop around now i know they're not an amazing class but are they good and are they good supporters as well thnxs for your time

The Evan Achievement Thread


[header] Evan updates are coming! [/header] [b]Zeff (Rioun of Bera)[/b], welcomes you to the Evan Achievement Thread! This thread has become a gathering place for Evans of all worlds/servers and I'm very happy about that. Standing strong at [b]a lot of

how to telecast effectively?

Battle Mage

im going to start a battle mage and i was wondering how u guys telecast and use finishing blow? do you guys spam the two skills and hope for the best or do you guys have some method that you use?

Pace for C.Vel


Granted I'm still learning how to properly dodge, my best run in C.Vel has been Deep Breath phase with about 8m remaining (Lost last life here cause I had no idea what that attack was =/). Does that seem like it might be on pace to be able to solo? I

Beast Tamers

Beast Tamer

Hey All, im coming back from a long long break been years since ive played. i was wondering how beast tamers are doing as of now for bossing and stuff like that i will most likely be playing on reboot if that makes a difference Thanks

Transposing to a 500 m.att Sweetwater Fan


I made a video how I transposed my Aye-No-Uzume Fan to a sweet 497 m.att Sweetwater Fan (11*), when I got little more mesos in future I make it 12* to go above the magical barrier of 500 m.att for my Fan on Haku!

Can anyone make a quick video / gif for level 200 mount?


I'm sort of curious on how it moves. Stationary, running around, and lying down. I don't think there's a swimming animation for it since level 50 one doesn't have it as well. If it doesn't looks that good I might keep my level 50

10 MA or 2 percent Int?


I'm thinking of making equipment that have 10 MA or 2% Int for additional potential to transfer them to my gear. I've heard that Kanna has way too much MA thanks to Haku's buff and hence it's best to aim all your potential to be Int %.

Pirate Forum

Nebs recommended for Shade?


so i was just wondering what nebs are best for shade, i know boss% is a good one to have but what else? thanks :D

Re-entering Maple Bucc


Just started to play maple again (with intentions to level up)... haven't really taken this game seriously since Big Bang. Need help with a few things! Q1: What are the most affordable equips that are decent? So far I have 3/4 equips from the Root A

Last update?


Have jetts received any updates since the days on invulgar being #1? (2.5 years)

Shade or bucc


bossing and funding etc..

My thoughts on Corsair039s 5th Job Skill


Hey, I am a KMS player that have mained a Bucc, a Cannoneer, and now I am maining a Corsair. Although the trainsition from Cannoneer to Corsair was difficult (Due to the primary stats being different + Cores) I really wanted to give Corsair a shot. Here

Maneuverability Bosses for TB

Thunder Breaker

What recommendation when comes to dodging attacks @ bosses (like Gollux, Magnus, CRA/NRA bosses like Vellum, CQ, Pierre, Von Bon, Von Leon and so on) by default is more effective @ bosses for TB's either Tidal Crash or Flash Thank you for your reply

Worth to make Reboot Sair?


Hey guys, so I know that corsairs are pretty much dead because of their lack of mobbing, squishiness, bossing, and overall effectiveness. Also %dex pirate gear is quite hard to find in normal worlds and there is practically no resale value, so I'd ha

Cannoneer 5th job BHG Cannonball demo


So, it got buffed by reducing the travel speed and allowing buckshot to work w it. Let me know what you guys think about it!

Dark Critical Adventurer Ring worth for AB?

Angelic Buster

I'm lacking in crit and was thinking of farming some coins for one. Not sure if it's worth it. Would I be replacing it in the future? Maybe the crit rate sylph ring from the next event would be a better choice? I am currently at 60% crit with l



Server Bera ign: MagicPantie

Thief Forum

Price check on Sweetwater katara

Dual Blade

Could someone give me a price check on Sweetwater Katara 89 attack clean (3 attack over average) and no potential in Windia. Thank you.

shadower vs Dual Blade


Which 5th job skill in your opinion is better? Aesthetic? Bossing? Mobbing? Im curious to know your guys' opinion :D

Reboot Dual Blade Question

Dual Blade

What katara would be used to tranpose to a SW katara and at what starforce count? +1 Attack Speed or 50% Buff Duration?

Question on Assassinate Skill

Shadower I have a question regarding the skill assassinate. At max Level, assassinate does 635% damage on the initial cast, and 710% on the final cast The description says: Damage increases by 154% in dark sight Damage increases by 150%

New Night Lord

Night Lord

Hi, I'm Sunnie and I made a dexless sin in reboot. Now I'm an edge lord of the night who is currently harvesting materials to make some throwing stars. I don't talk to a lot of people, like none, but I make up for it with my productive gath

possible to reach 2m-2m


can anyone reach 2m-2m without tyrant set? Night lord Dual blade shadower

Minimum Damage vs Bosses


Hey guys, I'm thinking of switching from my shadower to a phantom. I think I miss being fast (used to main merc). Just wondering if anyone has some range & damage estimates to do certain bosses? (hellux, cra) Thanks!



Is there ANYTHING i can do w/ a Fafnir Mana Taker on a xenon in Reboot or is it pretty much worthless?

3 Line Mille Aiguilles


Has anyone seen what this looks like? I can't find it :(

Looking for 5th NL bossing vids

Night Lord

I seen DBs and Shads, but i was wondering is anyone saw NL's bossing videos. Their Spread Throw looks pretty awesome for training I wanna it in action for bossing though. Anyone have any links?

Warrior Forum

Buff freezers charges/blast buff


Do buff freezers retain your charges/blast buff? I had to used a few and they don't seem to retain these 2 buffs Is this suppose to be intended? or is this a bug?

Are you 100% Crit? and how?


I've managed to hit 100% crit myself but I'm curious to see how some of you other hero's out there did it. I'm still having to use a crit ring and a 13% crit line on my shield I'd love to cube over. I've been trying to roll %

Hellux and CRA


What range is recommended to solo these bosses? I'm finding it difficult to get help to get these equipment items in Reboot so I figure if no one is going to help me then I might as well just help myself. Also how much pdr or boss % is recommended to

About Chaos Zakum

Dark Knight

Can anyone hit the body with Gungnir's Descent? It just hits the arms. The only way I can hit the body is with Dark Impale which is not as good for bossing. Thanks in advance! :D

Swordshield or 2 Handed Swords Heros


Which is better in your opinion?

We can use sacro on our party members


Check out the Hi-five video! The paladin casts some buff on a ds, and when he sacro-ed, the ds got sacro-ed too! If it works for our other skills, that potentially means our party members get 30s invincibility, 30% dmg buff, self-heal, blessing armour and

Question for Heroes who Ursus regularly


I'm wondering if any other heroes experience this problem while fighting ursus. I've noticed other classes being able to at

Better Shield


Hey there, Im a lvl 200 pali... I have'ne played for more than a year now. i've got a shitty shield since lvl 100-somthing... i need an endgame shield, or at least a better one. the thing is, i need to know how much those things cost, and it

What did you achieve on your Paladin?


I know this has been done before but the last thread for this has been locked and I'd like to share my achievements with someone so I want to post it here and anyone else can let me know how they have done too. I bought 3b worth of cubes and got 102

Back Again

Dark Knight

I don't know why, but I somehow ended up re-downloading maple again just to see how things were going in this game. I was looking to see if people could bring things up to speed for me because I'm lost af. Last time I played, Horntail and Pink B

Chat Forum

Entertainment Forum

I just realized that I'm level 151 currently and I don't have a guild. Hmh maybe bc I just
Finally got that 1m range buffed ~
free the titty
[21:18:49] SirKibble: someone tell duzz he's a lying bastard and i didnt quit on my own :v
omg kubo had the giant skeleton thingy!
we all need someone to kiss us goodbye
What happened to @sirkibble 's basil account
This day in history Sacco and Vanzetti executed in 1927. Happy International Day for the Remembra
in todays report @Redeyed is close to catching everyone in basilmarket @thiefy996 is now beaten by
made french toast sticks they were so awesome <3
if u want a lil laugh u can do this one
I'm sad, ichiruki is dead. I'm lowkey heartbroken by this :sadface:
followup on the story yesterday it's a date
One year until I am done for school forever, call me senpai ;)
Anyone proud of their country in the 2016 rio olympics. Im proud of china being the 3rd country with
This day in history International Red Cross founded in 1864. Happy National Be an Angel Day !
First day of the new semester for me.
Downloaded Yandere Simulator. Tried to figure out controls. Bursted into laughter in the entrance ha
Lf> 5'o clock shadow nx :(
finally bought starlight girl outfit for 5b, ended up not looking as great as i expected in-game but

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