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What did you learn in game today?

Important: BasilMarket screen/video integration on bzl now live Important: is back

Gamelauncher to NexonLauncher resolutions


One of the main reasons I used the Game Launcher was it had a smaller screen size resolution than Steam or Nexon Launcher on Window Mode. This allows me to play even with 1366 x 768 and still have enough room on my screen to watch videos, but I normally u

What killed MapleStory? Part 6420


What made it pay2win in the first place? HURR BIG BANG DID No, if anything Big Bang should've kept players interested with the new jobs, new mechanics, and especially easier leveling so they can experience 4th job more. If we're going to point

Onyx apples and other Stat boosters


How can i get Onyx apples in reboot ? And are there any other good stat boosters ?

Is Maplestory trying to kill itself?


Is it just me, or are they trying to make people quit maple? You can be banned for holding your finger on the Kannas kishin key. What floors me, is that there was no advantage to it for the kanna, they weren't in a party just helping some people tra

What REALLY killed MapleStory? Part 8727


Now answer me this, the only way most people can connect online back then was the computer right? There was no popular phone apps, no online console play (go away dreamcast), 3D graphics weren't as impressive, and there was video game genre trends

Who is best girl?


Any character (or NPC). inb4 Rock Covered in Snow.

Maplestory acoustic guitar covers


Thought I'd share this guys stuff here since I'm sure a lot of you will appreciate it. Aethersan on Youtube is creating a series of Maplestory OST covers on acoustic guitar. Raindrop Flower Kerning Sq

Beast of Fury quest


So , i have done the jump quest, shot all the floating leaves, i have beaten the two assistant of the Dragon (going for the Tiger medal) and now i am stuck at the fighting at the dragon part. He just keep 1 hit KO-ing me. How can i beat him ? Any tips and

Level 10 Crafting or Master Craftsman


I'm aware special type of smithing recipes have a 90% chance of success at lv10 smithing (RIP Flame Stars). Does the Legendary/Exceptional/Superior and Wealth buff potions have this 90% rate at lv10 alchemy? It sucks that I have to get to Master C

Buying Power elixer ?


Any shop i can buy them in Reboot ? Thanks !

Required range to solo cvellum in 4 minutes or less


Hi, I'm currently playing a marksman and I would like to know what range I need to beat c vellum in 4 minutes or less. I have 5.8m buffed / 21k dex and I take aroud 9 minutes to kill it. Can someone please tell me the range?

Arrow Rain can be assigned to auto pet buff

Bow Master

Yeah, as the title says, you can assign Arrow Rain (Storm of Arrows) to your pet's auto buff thing. Even though it's 5th job and has a cooldown. Interesting. Screenshot: Additionally: I recently found out that Me

Why Nexon will not decrease the numbers of buffs for WA

Wind Archer

Let's see what buffs does WA has now. 1) Element Infusion : Every other Cygnus have this as well, and none of them have been changed into passives. 2) Bow Booster : Every other boosters are active buffs. 3) Slyph Aid : Every other Soul Arrow kind of

KMST ver. 1.2.047 - More Balancing

Bow Master

###KMS 1.2.274 ####5th Job (changes from KMST -> KMS) **Afterimage Shot**: damage has been increased from 750% to 800% Final skill description: **Aft

We need a new archer class this summer


There isn't really a point to this thread, just a cry for justice. I'm absolutely positive it'll be another warrior/mage, or maybe a pirate if they feel a bit creative.

Nisroque Portugese Biblical History and the Nisrock Bow?


Does the bow, the nisrock in maplestory have any historical reference to "Nisroch (ou Nisroque) é o deus assírio da agricultura, descrito como uma divindade com cabeça de águia com asas e músculos exagerados"(- cited from google)?

Attention all Bowmasters

Bow Master

If you've been playing on your Bowmaster since the v177 Secret Stories patch, you have probably encountered the very, very, verrrrryyyy annoying Arrow Blaster bug. You know, the one where installing Arrow Blaster doesn't work sometimes? And it

Funding Question


OK so, I understand that Mercs are really hard to fund, and if you fund them enough, it is pretty rewarding. I'm lvl 202 right now with 550k clean ( 1.2m buffed ), all my pots are garbage, ranging from 3% to 12% dex on each equips. I'm on the ve

Is my bowmaster Weak?

Bow Master

Im a level 186 bow master Is my bow master to weak/average or strong? with all buffs i have 72000 damage. im honestly not sure if thats good or not

Bowmaster or Wind archer for nostalgia


So this isnt the typical which is better then or anything. I havent played an archer in forever and with the burning event i figured lets make one for old times. Lots have changed with BM like no more strife or arrow rain which were kinda why i wanted to

Magic att or int


best : int or m.att (benefit that gives each)

Best link skills for Blaze Wizard

Blaze Wizard

I need to start grinding out my link skills and was wondering which ones are the best for a blaze wizard and what order you would suggest I get them in. Also is Mihile worth getting because I'm having an issue with stance?

range to solo hellux

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

currently at 1.7-1.77 clean. 215% boss and 86% pdr. lvl 202. can get to the last stage. but cant kill gem before timer runs out

I need help

Ice / Lightning Arch Mage

hhi everyone, currently my attack range is 1.3m with buff with icelightning mage, but my damage perline only 3 ~ 6m vs mushroom? i googled it mostly ppl with my range can do 10~15m already, issit something wrong with my character?

Beast Tamer Insights?

Beast Tamer

So currently I am almost at the point where I can do end game bosses quite easily (czak is a joke for me right now) and am going to find a class to 2nd main once I am able to CRA,HMAG,and Hellux consistently. I am looking into beast tamer currently becaus

Coming back to maple, should i make an fp mage in reboot?

Fire / Poison Arch Mage

So im coming back to maple after a while and i plan on coming to reboot. I was wondering if fp mages are good. Their playstyle seems interesting with the dots and stacks, but i hear they got nerfed a while ago (long time ago, but after i had stopped playi

Find equipment of Mir Dragon


Does anyone know where find recipe abyss of the Mir equipment?

The Evan Achievement Thread


[header] I fixed the OP, kinda... [/header] [b]Zeff (Rioun of Bera)[/b], welcomes you to the Evan Achievement Thread! This thread has become a gathering place for Evans of all worlds/servers and I'm very happy about that. Standing strong at [b]a lo

Bishop with Flame Gear and Righteously Indignant


So I was bored one day and I decided to play my bishop. The Hyper Skill Righteously Indignant says the only attacking skill you are allows to use is Angel Ray. I just got my skill Flame Gear from Oz and I am able to use Flame Gear with Righteously Indigna

Help gear/range ?

Battle Mage (prelude) (ghost badge) | (emblem) Rest is epic

Couple of questions


It's been a while since I want to know more about a class now. Anyway here it goes. 1) Where exactly can I hunt eternal bullet? And how rare it is? 2) I tried macroing three recoil shots and the delay is non-existence. Should I keep it that way or t

AB inner ability HELP

Angelic Buster

I really wanted to get 30% crit rate but I got +1 attack speed instead. I am keeping it for now until I have enough mesos to buy circulators. Now my question is, Melody Cross + Monster park pot + +1 attack speed inner stacks right?

Tomorrow039s Patch

Angelic Buster

Anyone else really upset that they delayed the update to our perm nx options...

Searching RED Cannon to anvil or buy, WINDIA


Well going through most of how the cannons look I personally like the RED Cannon from the RED patch Does anyone have 1 that they are willing to sell or let me anvil it. I will pay mesos and provide the anvil. This is on WINDIA server. HELP ME OUT! :D IGN

Training Spots


What are the best maps for a Cannoneer to train on 190+ doing about 11m lines.


Angelic Buster

So i saw another thread that said "you can save the angelic buster hair and face and put it on your normal form or put normal face/hair on transformed AB now you don't have to have separate looking angelic busters" I just came back on map

Leveling Shade039s ?


So just started a Shade to lvl 40 and yet wondering if it worth taking to 200+ as Main character ?

117 Gearing struggle Reboot ?


So my current gear is : and yet wondering what should i be getting to boost my range on reboot ?

Thunder Breaker vs Cannonner


Hey guys xD Since we r getting a lot of psoks in the recent events i am considering quitting my DS and transfer my equips to a new char.. i would like to ask for ur opinion about those 2 classes please.. i must say that i really enjoy training and grindi

Cannoneer help?


Is it hard to fund a cannoneer and will it be worth it? I heard he has high base damage somewhere but I'm just struggling to get a CRA set on him.

Potentials for Katara/Dagger

Dual Blade

What would be a better potential to have on my Katara/Dagger? +Atk or %LUK?

Item upgrades path for non funded reboot player

Cygnus Knight Night Walker

Hello. Noob needs advice! Reboot server. I recently reached 120 and I am now thinking about upgrading my equips. My current equips are: Zakum Helm : 5 Star/EPIC (I ANVILED A LV 40 Hat...Now I regret doing) Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory: 0 Star/RARE Conde

Windia Thief Gear Quitting Sale


Looking to sell off my thief gear, as I no longer play due to Uni. Leave offers, or find me in game ign: ReferraI (upper case i). Thnx :)

Shadowers Don039t Need to be Funded


Clean equipment wouldn't be erroneous to use as a Shadower since if you have too high of attack you can't lure mobs as efficiently as you would if you are weaker, here's the evidence:

Trading my dagger for a claw


Trading my dagger for a claw with similar stats. If your claw is better I will complete the price with nx/$. I'm from bera and my ign is "Félix". Also, p/c on dagger?

Why is Chief Bandit now a tanking class w/o REG. sb?


The regular savage blow is gone so at least i get to mob at blowfishes at aqua road in second job to lvl fast, but shadowers used Savage blow in their moving chain combo of attacks well into 4th job in maple history. Also, the bandit class is broken since

Dual Blade Dojo 416

Dual Blade

inner ability


so on last weeks maplehood where they gave the IA circulators, my shad got "increases damage increases +20% when attacking Boss Monster" (idk why its worded that why) on 1st line for legendary IA. i don't know much on IA, do i keep that? wh

How much damage at 1.3m range?


As a night lord, about how much damage am i able to do with around 1.3m range? currently at 1.6m as a shadower and i am one-shotting the flyons for nodes, and i was thinking about job changing to night lord temporarily for the slight increase in drop rat

Do Shadowers benefit from decent SI?


Got 2 nodes and was wondering if you guys recommend using it or not! Also - SI > CO or CO > SI?

Why do you main hero?


Just want to hear from Hero mains on why you stick with hero? There are so many more flashy more mobile more tanky classes, why do you stick with hero?

Buff freezers now retain charges/blast buff


Anyone notice when this change occurred? It's really nice not having to charge up, blast and charge back up again

Any dark knights noticing a loss of dmg?

Dark Knight

Just started bossing and noticed a dmg drop. Thought it was just drop gear equipped but it wasn't. Checked stats and noticed final dmg dropped to 30% instead of being 50% before patch. I could only think of the dark knight hyper skill passive bonus 2

What is 5th job like?


I've heard they added it in a long time ago, but the patch notes didn't really show a difference, aside from a couple hyperskill changes.

Hayatos unite again


Last thread died. Good news from a MapleSea player. Unfaltering Blade has been buffed back up from 8% Crit dmg to 25% crit dmg

Scrolling my shield


What would be better for scrolling my Terminus Shield, 60% Attacks or 30% trace, so it would be 20 att Vs 70All Stat

Dark Knight range to finish dojo

Dark Knight

I now have about 2.7m range to 3m range clean now (thanks to spell trace for my glove and hat). Unfortunately thanks to the event a few weeks ago where you were given free circulators, I rolled to legendary but lost my 38% buff duration to nothing in my i

Dark Knight Guide

Dark Knight

Guide please

Hayato Zakum Quest Finder


Hey can someone please help me im trying to fight zakum but i cant find my master and i also cant talk to the warrior job instructor please tell me where to go



I have an Aran on reboot server. Where do I get the emblems for this class? Can anyone link me to an updated quest guide? Thanks.

Sad. Just bombed my Cal 2 test


To be completely fair, I didn't do much studying this for this test. I did fairly well for the first two quizzes - I got full marks on the first one and a 88% or so on the second, and I think that made me a little overconfident in my mathematical com

rip in peace siesta


i will never forget how the amount of bullying and advice i got was just about equal @zigen @onlinemusic @zoglinemusic @stoker @collee @anthorix @beefly @jaffah @kayfabe @duzz

Im in a very bad situation and need help asap


Hey guys. I'm in high school and am having trouble with my crush and my (ex) best friend. In my last thread a few months ago, I subtly mentioned a detail in which there is a girl who guys from high schools all over the city are going after. She has

Any of you got suspended these months?


I don't hear much about someone getting suspended, and I didn't get suspended myself for whatever reason. Normally I get suspended monthly for being myself at most. Nowadays I only hear very few people get their accounts deleted. So I'm sta

Crazy Hot Scale


lol I didn't really believe into this too much but the girl I'm seeing now. Hot, but crazyaf. What are your experiences with this? I've been with a few hot girls but one nighters so I didn't see their crazy sides. Do share.

hello boys and girls


hello boys and girls, come sit on my lap if you want and tell me about your week or here ima blow u a sweet kiss take it

What happened to Basilmarket?


Hey guys, I haven't been here in over 5 years. Used to be super active in the non-MS chat forums. I just came by to check this place out and it seems like the population has declined sharply. I assumed based on how MapleStory kinda died that Basil wo

Should I buy weed stocks?


Thinking of buying $1000 worth of WEED, ACB, and APH tomorrow. They are the three major players in the weed industry in Canada. Buy, hold, cash out after 2 years and pay for my last two years of school?

What is Warren Buffet039s motivation?


That man is 86. At best he has 10 years to live. So why does he even want more money? What can he possibly do with a few billion dollars more that he can't do with his 76 billion net worth? None of his money is going to matter to him in 10 years. Ye



but then i snap chat her video of me throwing knife and then the knife getting stuck in cabinet and picture is sent back. what do i do ALSO I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART

I finally watched JoJo


Well I haven't exactly finished it but I'm halfway through part four so close enough. Gotta say I get the hype. It's pretty dope. So weebs what are your favorite parts of JoJo?

Vgm Thread


Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame music. Please one song per post so it doesnt get crowded. :) Rules: 1. one song per post 2. use this form

Maplestory Mugen 1.0 BETA


Nice, but better, I looked at the characters in selection from Windia, LOL Whoever made this characters and project, suscribe his channel. Also, the framerate is kinda bad for recording: . H

Check out my Yuri On Ice anime review

Anime subscribe and like if u wanna c more :)

Anybody getting Horizon Zero Dawn?


It's coming out next week and since I very rarely buy games close to release and it's been a couple years, and I got a Samsung SUHD TV (and it seems they made Horizon Zero Dawn to fully utilize 4k) I'm seriously thinking about buying it nex

Doodle Dump


Old requests from my previous post : --Finished-- @duzz : (gender bent because i was tired of drawing men) @curesword : (uneven eyes qq) @do

Lemme droow uu


Art block got heavy on me recently :I I need some characters I can draw~ POST IN THIS THREAD FOR A DOODLE :)

Free Crunchyroll Account


To anyone who can guess my favorite character from Naruto you can have my Crunchyroll account which I believe has 4 months left? I'm sorta done with anime so I figured someone may as well put it to good use. You can each have 3 guesses btw. Good luck

Returning Artist in Need of Some Practice


Hello fellow Maplers, I'm somebody who has recently rediscovered their love for traditional drawing, and I would like to have an opportunity to draw your character. Bear in mind that this means my skills are rusty but I can surely improve through mor

Is this a balanced diet?


All I have been eating for the last two weeks is refried beans with black bean rice. I just buy canned pinto and black beans. Then I make refried pinto beans with tiny bit of olive oil, a lot of cumin,a bit of paprika and a drizzle of chicken stock. No