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BMv10 update + BasilVersary 10!

Are you Ok Mr B?


tbh I liked all of the updates since day 2007 but this one, really, its not comfortable at all. usually info of the commenter is always on top of the message. The main purpose of this website(imo) is a forum. chatting. the chats should be in the upper pag

Cardfight Vanguard


I don't know if you guys know about this game or not, but if any of you do; what clan should I make?

Getting just 3 visitor passes?


no you only get 3 a day. f3 f3 f3 f3 f3 f3 f3 f3 f3 f3 f3 f3 f3 f3

Dual blade or Night lord


If you don't plan on funding then just make nl your main. Dual blades need a lot of funding to be decent

SIGH... I wanted INT


@natty2: its actually better to cube items on another character/class to get the desired stats you're looking for

going hardout


One thing to note before you enter that casino (assuming you're in the U.S and you can actually enter due to no alcohol being served): The house always wins in the end.

Does this glitch still exist


I want to buy a noble lady's black fan for my zero to equip. Will the nx weapon be glitched for zeroes?

bucket list


Drag race in da crib

Making NX worthwhile


@2pro4um8: What should I be selling with the store permits? I can barely boss enough to get anything close to decent D:

Unique Potential Scrolls


Only Gachapon and Marvel

which npc is most attractive (serious thread)


The really tan girl in the henny skin place

Testing out the Kanna Party Buff!


Too OP but you already cap without the buff



restart computer / reinstall ;) or run with gamelauncher instead of nexon launcher

Thread Sections on Front Page


ya I usually only on chat and fun chat so I agree

the real reason maple is dieing


@telvanni: there really isn't any point of pumping INT at the very beginning of the game unless you were playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, and you were rolling a character which requires ALOT of skillpoints end game.. INT on a warrior class is use

v166 Kanna change notes summary


@grawp77: All party skills for all jobs are glitchy right now

Halloween Outfits

GNRL a strawberry.

Huge traffic jam


@trumpet205 : truth and nice don't go together very often, or well for that matter It's better off not getting too offended about something like this tbh

what is life??


Yes, enjoy your virtual clothes. You know they're as existent as your life.

Giving away 300 CRA tomorrow!


cringe.. how shameless do you have to be to ask for several bil from someone. lmao.

BasilMarket Desktop Site Fix/Workaround


Here is the new one after the update Just replace everything with the one below

Corsair VS BM


With all of the nerfs/ updates and crap, nothing remains the same for too long so would you rather use guns or bows?

SVP4 FREE is out

ANME Basil messes with the link so click Download on the left side

Minor fixes 10/9/2015


@genostigma: Clean Slate Scrolls

Rest in pepperoni flying on cannoneer


Cannoneers are now boring as hell.

Lf Terminus Defender


Looking for someone who is selling a Terminus Defender in Windia. Please leave info here or add Bral3rAndrew. Thank you :)

Selling 2x Dark Onmyouji Effects Perm and 6x 90-Day versions


In Scania I have no clue where auctions went and if people still use it.

Nisekoi 189


I thought the biggest cock-blocker in history was the author himself.

Cross-world guilds for Reboot Server


Reboot is a separate server. That's like inviting someone in Scania into a Windia guild...

B>Nine-Tailed Fox Mask (Windia)


B>Nine-Tailed Fox Mask. Hi if anybody is selling this mask add me in game: spkage I am also willing to gift an anvil so that you can keep the mask as well.

Which skills to max in 2nd 3rd job?


Nothing... because you can max everything in 2nd and 3rd job.

Fighting Gollux as kanna.


Yeah eventually I did that it just wasn't in the video for some reason.

Trading 30% LUK Superior Belt for % DEX on BERA


30% LUK main pot, perfect scrolled. Pls.

Sengoku Ki farming impossible?


I did all 4 quests. The items arent that great. You'll need 120/60/200/100 btw; for medal/ring/emblem/scroll respectively. Not worth, imo.

Letterman Jacket & Spirit Day


why would it be weird? letterman's are proper high school attire

Haku's Buffs Party-wide?


@loxiona: thanks!

Maplestory website ranking


@pokamanz: thank you so much

NGS Initialization Error : 0xe1600301(-513801471)


It kept showing me this error when trying to play? I re-downloaded maplestory and have done the patch on it and have about done everything i can think of. it kept saying I was hacking before hand (which I was not) but that's probably not related to the i

Please help!


@draception: I keep getting an error message, can you add me on skype? It's easier to talk.

drunk thoughts?


@ashleyattacked: I used to think you were some obnoxious essay posting troll but now you became one of my favorite people because your bi(I'm openly bi as well and am currently talking to a man )

What does your HP look like?


41k hp as a marksman clean, with the silent crusade title and decent hyperbody I'm a little over 50k. I have 2 lines of 6% hp, cannoneer and beast tamer link skill but not the kaiser one.

If you were driving to an exam and hit a jaywalking hobo


miss the exammm cause you call an ambulance while freaking out

Kanna's Nine-Tailed Fury


EDIT: Ignore this, found it in the forum just seconds after posting.

Can Quick Draw mode be dispelled?


Just did Czak and dispel does indeed affect stance in addition to all the other buffs. Definitely shouldn't IMO, but it does at the moment. =| This is the case in JMS as well, as far as I know.

My range is still ridiculous.


@ashleyattacked: I think he was referring to the fact that the range indicator in the stat window still shows a huge gap in the low and high numbers, which is a visual inconsistency with the actual damage done.

Battoujutsu Advance - How are you guys using it?


I hold down my hotkey for that skill and it does its magic

Post your earliest SS on your AM


@eg7eg77 wow very nice!

Every time I visit a post


This really does impede readability. This is my single biggest complaint about the new layout.

League of Legends October Tournament


@shusei: it will mainly be on weekends (friday saturday and sunday)

RIP Iron Skin?


I hope that person gets run over by a semi truck. Then he's gonna wish iron skin stacks were a thing again...

Where am I A little lost in basil20
Mr Basil is there a specific date when you update add a player
I finally get home and am able to relax but I just dont want to sleep yet Im sleepy in every d


Streaming right now Come watch me lotus with peepslt3 bossing
Mr Basil please please please please change the heading typeface PLEASENo bueno no no no no no n
We did it everyone They moved the user bar above the comment
This new website look is so ugly Im quitting Maplestory
to quit basil or not
Who is excited for thanksgiving Im not
Kannas keep standing in front of me when I AFK I am not your Haku
Every time I play a game in Star World I end up disconnectinglike wtf
Hi Mr Basil please bring old Basil back
I get so lucky with Royal Hair and Face coupons I get what I want on the first try Im bles
Learning how to make bras Never again will I have to suffer with trying to find a good bra for a re
Ok need a question of pc because i cant find how to make a thread scania horoscope claw rn co
chaos olivia in scania anyone need one to start doing runs with my mule i can either help you get
thanks pavchka
I keep coming back to basil 4 the stories but other than that this site is dead 2 me
omg i just threw out my good summeroid i had the ugly one equipped and i threw out the prettier one
Ladies and gents I perfectly understand why youre not happy with this update and the way its be

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