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2Month: 7 Day: 27 Year: 310 ABM it's been a while since I last posted an entry. Damien's pursuit has kept me from staying in one place long enough to get much sleep, much less write. I finally received sufficient Prime Materials to complete the Enhancement Rituals on my weapon, using protective Wards to ensure the rituals do not go awry, I have also completed the third, fourth, and fifth steps of the enhancement ritual. I am now halfway done with the rituals, soon I will be able to enhance it using the power of the stars, Furthermore, my weapon's potential achieved Legendary through what I believe to be after effects of the Seal Stone's power, as did my badge, and my cape. Now that it has been fully drawn out, the potential needs to be modified to manifest in the desired manner using the enigmatic "cube". I also defeated the Tyrant Magnus in his Citadel, while he didn't go Easy on me, it did not seem like he used his Full Power to defeat me. I failed to slay Pink Bean in his domain at the dawn of time, but I came somewhat close. It took teamwork, but I also defeated Hilla at her Full Power, she won't be getting up again any time soon. I have begun spending time training in the Scrapyard. It is massive enough to keep Damien off Mir's tail for hours at a time and filled with enough hiding spots to hide and Catch my breath. It keeps me on my toes with falling debris and tough monsters, many of which I am not quite ready to fight adequately. They are truly off the charts, it's the perfect spot for my Special Training, my training at this point seems to be very small benefit for a very large amount of effort, but for some reason I believe my efforts will be rewarded soon. I hear rumors that lotus has been ressurected like the other Commanders through his connection to the black Mage. That connection was severely weakened by gelimer's tampering, but now is at full blast. As tough as Lotus was before, it seems that his power is now far to great to defeat him alone. Mir may be powerful now, but the best he can do is alert me that it's time to make an exit when Damien closes in, we tried fighting him off, but we couldn't even SCRATCH him with our most powerful attack. So we continue to remain in the shadows. Eventually, I will live up to my title, Hero's Successor, I will make the other heroes proud to think of me as a comrade! Last but not least, I purchased a stone not of this world from a close friend, it is called Nebulite, by drilling a socket in equipment, and inserting the gem in that socket, an item gains special properties, which can be appraised, so one knows exactly what properties it will have. But a socket also locks one out of vital contingency for failed upgrades, so it ideally is used on equipment that is fully upgraded. So I will keep it in reserve, though it's a considerably powerful, high grade Nebulite with one of the most sought after properties, extra power against powerful foes. I recieved the full Spirit of Freedom from the resistance, so when I get winded, i remain safe a little while after coming to, and Cygnus gave me her full blessing as well, it is a ward that helps protect me from disease and jinxes. well, Damien caught up again, so I must bring this entry to a close. Assuming I survive long enough, I hope to write even more entries to preserve my legacy should I succumb to the evils might.