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[EMS] user meeting 2013 Video

By copperchan

copperchan Level 172 KradiaEMS Battle Mage 4
Sep 24 2013 [EMS] user meeting 2013

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freezenlight Level 48 Khaini Battle Mage 2
there is only 1 question that i would ask.
Whats is the % rate of cubes ranking up!
telll usssssss
Sep 24 2013
MrAbyss Level 201 Scania Zero Transcendent
Where GMS players also allowed to come? lol[/quote]

No. Only people who live in the Netherlands and play EMS.
You had to give your personal info and character etc etc.
Sep 25 2013
Business Level 137 Broa Cannoneer 4
@MrAbyss: Ohh i see. I live in the netherlands but i dont play ems haha
Sep 26 2013

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