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[MMV]Secrets Video

By 5o4B0i

Feb 05 2011 another great piece of work created by Michelle (xPwahaha)

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Retrospectus Level 201 Bera Bow Master
[i]"This video contains material from Sony ATV Publishing. The playback is limited on some sites."[/i]
Guess i'll have to watch it via youtube.

Aight, you spent some valuable time on creating such a nice video so that is what gives you 1+ for it, but the song... the song...
Feb 06 2011
nice animating but i there wasnt really a story
altho i see how it would be difficult to work that in with a song like this
Feb 06 2011
LUB the song. I've been waiting FOREVER for a mmv of Secrets. TYVM (^w^)
Feb 06 2011
Applause Level 181 Bera Shadower
The animation was great, but the plot was confusing to me.
Feb 06 2011
I love how it was put together. Honestly, I don't care if there was even a story or not. Coming up with a non-cliche plot would be hard too for a song like this.
Feb 06 2011

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