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[bera] propinquity's guild boss jump race Video

By mvietp09

mvietp09 Level 180 Bera Dark Knight
Jun 19 2014 Not too many people were online to attend this, but I had been meaning to hold a guild event so I did it. Turns out everyone enjoyed it and it gave us some time to do some bonding. Also, congrats to Mirae for getting 1st right at before the transformation wore off!

A few other things, I didn't record this from the beginning and didn't record the whole race fearing that it would make the video too long. Also sorry that there is no music added to this, feel free to add your own beat to the race.

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pokeballz Level 209 Bera Blade Master
HI mikeeee
Jun 25 2014
Saru79 Level 210 Bera Night Lord
Lol, when you fell I hit enter and typed "noob". You gotta host one of these again, it's so funny to watch. XD
Feb 21 2015

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