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1.72 No update on Raging Blow?

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mochapk Level 113 Mardia Buccaneer

2nd Job

Combo Fury: Added a function where character charges enemy when used while holding down the down arrow key.

3rd Job

Intrepid Slash: Attack range increased.
Shout: At Master Level: Damage decreased from 380% to 200%. Number of attacks increased from 1 to 3. Stun duration decreased from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.
Added a function to use a more powerful version of Shout when used while holding down the down arrow key. Combo Orb Cost: 2. Number of Attacks: 6. Attack range increased. Cannot stun.

4th Job

Puncture: At Master Level: Shout's damage permanently increased by +160%."
They increased the attack range on Intrepid Slash? And not Raging Blow, which I've seen so many people complain about for mobbing?


Excuse me.
Posted: April 2016 Permalink


mochapk Level 113 Mardia Buccaneer
@xxjarakudaxx: I'm not seeing where the change in range is (unless I just can't read), but I didn't know about this actually. Thanks for linking that!
Apr 21 2016
xxjarakudaxx Level 226 Broa Hero Nimbus Guild
@mochapk: Sadly there isn't any change in range for raging blow, but that update makes valhalla turn enrage 1 target to 8 targets.
Apr 21 2016

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