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13 reasons why season 2

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cuddymd Level 214 Khaini Night Lord Emcy Guild
honestly, who thinks this show does nothing other than frustrate viewers?
the boys in this show just act like complete tools, lie to girls, have this weird idea that they need to act tough around other guys, and in general can't be a genuinely nice human being.

the girls in this show repeatedly make the same mistakes, aren't willing or just straight up refuses to speak the truth for some reason. They also can't face reality, can't admit mistakes, not willing to apologize to their own friends.

Most of all, it's frustrating how none of the characters are capable of having an honest conversation. Everyone in this show is so fake and would rather leave things misunderstood. Just freaking confront things and straighten things out! Tell the truth and communicate!

Additionally, I can't help but think if you are one of the AP/honor kids in high school you will probably never run into any of the problems in this show. This all happens because unacademic kids want to go to parties and drink alcohol. If you don't do those things you wont be in situations where disgusting boys assault you. I would never go into an environment where these things happen. I don't even care for parties or alcohol.
Posted: May 2018 Permalink


sanjupm Level 231 Bera Corsair See what games, anime & art sanjupm is intoSanjuPMSheriff
I mean its a series made to amplify real world situations. Of course its not how it always is, however you can pick and choose certain things, and they DO happen in highscool. Just some to a lesser degree.

Besides if it were that easy, no one would watch the show
May 22 2018
zigen Level 161 Windia Shadower See what games, anime & art zigen is intozigen
just cuz u had a different high school experience doesn't mean this kinda stuff doesn't happen irl. YA it's exaggerated for drama/entertainment but plenty of kids out there kill themselves over bullying/public shaming/etc and the show just depicts real world stuff in tv format.
May 23 2018
chema Level 69 Windia Priest See what games, anime & art chema is intoChema
Those pathetic beings who become an hero have to be the biggest pieces of shįt, period.

Lots of kids with cancer, sex abuse, labor exploitation, what have you are struggling to remain alive, fighting against something they didn't ask for and have next to zero control over it, yet these assholes go for the bleach because life isn't what they expected.

Suicidal people are disgusting
May 23 2018

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