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143 Hayato 1046326-1961793 Screen

By hamdeamon

hamdeamon Level 211 Bera Dawn Warrior 4
May 28 2015 I believe Hayatos need a pretty big revamp...this range nonsense is outrageous.

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Ryck Level 193 Mardia Hayato 4
+2 Yeah, ridiculous!
Not even 2m-2m no clown after tossing wads of cash at it
May 28 2015
AkGold Level 178 Scania Shadower
Cmon man, some people like me would pray for that range
May 30 2015
4023 Level 200 Scania Wind Archer 4
356% status resistance, because that makes sense.
May 30 2015
HattySooPro Level 217 Bera Shadower See what games, anime & art HattySooPro is intoHattySooPro
356% status resistance, because that makes sense.[/quote]

Hayatos have a skill that can be stacked to give 50% status resistance, right now its glitched. so if you keep recasting, you get whats going on in his pic.
May 31 2015

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