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182 Bishop Zakum Solo Video

By jolteon7

jolteon7 Level 205 Broa I/L Arch Mage
Jul 04 2012 114% Int, 251m.att wand, 97.5% PDR, 40% Boss. Need to rescroll my gloves and shield and cube my Rising Sun Pendant. Then I'm going to beat @ThatWasMyKil 's time

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Why don't you use bhamut ? ..
Jul 04 2012
Congrats! g'luck beating josh! (thatwasmykil) haha

Also, for arms it might be better to do the right platform for the lower 4 arms, and then the mid edged platform to hit 3 top arms afterward. Its easier with infinity and shell, and you can get full damage from your AR that way, but at a cost of losing some time to knockback if you are knocked off.
If you got confused by what I said, just watch one of my zak solo vids haha
Jul 04 2012
jolteon7 Level 205 Broa I/L Arch Mage
Lol i did this run in a rush forget about a bunch of stuff. Didnt have pet heal or bahamut most of the time, or use teleport while on the body.

I was just excited to finally make a video
Jul 06 2012

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