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210 Bishop range-789315-830859 Screen

By icephoenix21

icephoenix21 Level 213 Scania Bishop See what games, anime & art icephoenix21 is intoIcephoenix21
Jul 20 2014 Thought it was about time I posted a range update.
Without Echo and Epic Adventure my range is 728117~766439

Slowly but surely I'm getting up there in range, considering I buy maybe $25 in NX every 3-4 months, I'd say I'm doing considerably well. 1m range doesn't seem so unfeasible now

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ILikeTurtles Level 211 Scania Xenon 4
i like this very very much
Jul 20 2014
Cookiemonster8 Level 170 Broa Wind Archer 4
Edit: Had my greed pendant and wrong gloves in the above photo.
[url=]Upadated range[/url]:851306~896112[/quote]

you should fix your inner ability
Jul 22 2014
Icephoenix21 Level 213 Scania Bishop See what games, anime & art Icephoenix21 is intoIcephoenix21
you should fix your inner ability [/quote]

I would, but I lack enough honor exp to lock the legendary tier. So it's stuck at that for awhile.
Jul 22 2014
Chaoeze Level 117 Scania Shadower
I do not have the time to do something like or the money or the patience and I really wish I did haha. Kudos to you!
Sep 04 2014

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