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30 man czak run Screen

By ayobakare

ayobakare Level 200 Khaini Blade Master
Oct 10 2013 MapleStory is seeing it's emptiest days, especially for Khaini. So I decide to host a small event for our world. It wasn't that great and killing Chaos Zakum was a bit anticlimactic since it went down so fast. But what was really fun about doing this was gathering everyone together and chatting with each other. This is one of the things that still keeps MapleStory alive today.

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4023 Level 200 Scania Wind Archer 4
+15 Oh good lord the crowns
Oct 10 2013
Myrlona Level 207 Yellonde Shadower
+1 nice to see that people can still get together
Oct 10 2013
HastyHeist Level 157 Galicia Blade Master
+2 must of been boring
Oct 10 2013
MisplacedKitty Level 206 Bera Phantom 4
+13 Why don't you guys try doing a run with just clean npc shop equips :O

Or clean level 120's equips.

That would be interesting. Somewhat like the days before
Oct 10 2013
Ziub Level 130 Bera Kanna 4
So that's were all the Khainis went : o
Oct 10 2013

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