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33% m.attack secondary Screen

By hydraxide

hydraxide Level 230 Elnido Night Lord OKOCafe Guild
Jul 19 2015 I'm quitting this game. Completely done with Nexon. Ty RNGesus!!11!1!!!

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Hydraxide Level 230 Elnido Night Lord OKOCafe Guild
Riperoni, I would feel for you... but that happens too often![/quote]

Second time, I even captured both on basil. Sigh, I guess nexon wants me to be a mage...
Jul 19 2015
Taisuke Level 210 Scania Phantom 4
lol save it. Maybe one day they will have a cash item where you can transfer pot. BEHOLD THE MIRACLE ANVIL. HAVE YOU EVER GOTTEN AN AWESOME STAT ON A WRONG ITEM. Now is your chance to transfer the potential stat. Items limited to those of the same category. Other cubes and potential altering items sold separately.
Jul 20 2015

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