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5Th job! V update! Video

By natty2

natty2 Level 225 Broa Bishop Nimbus Guild See what games, anime & art natty2 is intonatty2
Jul 01 2016 5th job will take place at level 200
New skill system: V Metrics
"I will make my own choices for the 5th job skills that make me stronger."
New level 200 equipment set
New equipment system: Arcane Symbol
In the new area, you can obtain new equipment parts
Growth/battle system reorganization
Required exp to level up will be decreased
Attack/defense system reorganization
Content rewards will be enhanced (including party quests)
Damage cap removed
Status resistance, Stance, defense and invincibility skill formulas will be changed
Something about accuracy
New area: Arcane Lever
Commander Lucid reappears (with a new look)
UI revamp
Auction House available on all channels
Max inventory slots increased to 128
Link Skill transferring made simpler
Experience loss in boss battles will be removed
Power Elixirs will now stack up t0 3,000 in one slot


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windowlegs Level 142 Kradia Buccaneer
they were waiting to approve the other videos which are the exact same
Jul 01 2016
vipdabes Level 220 Mardia Kaiser 4
Jul 01 2016
sheebal Level 44 Yellonde Cleric
I wonder if the names of the classes will be changed from 4th job..
Jul 09 2016

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