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5th Job Skill for TB

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ernie824 Level 217 Renegades Thunder Breaker 4
I notice the 5th job skill for TB "Lighting Cascade" is similar to Lumi's 4th job skill Light Reflection or Reflection, so any opinion to this skill comment below. Thanks
Posted: December 2016 Permalink


arayuks Level 229 Renegades Thunder Breaker 4 See what games, anime & art arayuks is intoarayuks
It looks much like i/l's chain lightning
Dec 19 2016
vacillant Level 214 Bera Shade 4
seems very useful for bosses like Lotus and Gollux
Dec 19 2016
peachtime Level 215 Bera White Knight
Looks a lot like TB's old lightning skill. In fact, it looks like they're just having a bit of a throwback along with Shark Sweep 2.0. I can't complain since those two are kinda what made Thunder Breakers... well, Thunder Breakers.
Dec 20 2016

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