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5th Job Skills?

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athmyst Level 222 Kradia Bow Master Justaway Guild
+9 I think there something wrong with your account, send a ticket to nexon to get it fixed
Jul 04 2016
believemenot Level 200 Bera Bishop
+2 make sure you update your windows to the latest version, and also that you have at least 16GB of RAM on your hard drive.
Jul 04 2016
savaah Level 210 Demethos Kinesis 4
+2 @wall this, but if it still isnt working do what @athmyst said and send a ticket to nexon
Jul 04 2016
demonslayer Level 153 Reboot Kanna 4
+2 It happened to me too, idk if its because im a Kanna..prob cuz im a kanna
Jul 05 2016
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