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5th Job V update - Will leveling be easier?

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mageslolxd Level 189 Scania Luminous 4
Will there be exp changes to leveling for 5th job? I'm just wondering how much easier will leveling up it be? When my break comes, I really want to get to lvl 220 for the last area in Arcane River but I'm just concerned about how much hours/work needs to be dedicated to training.

Posted: October 2016 Permalink


Emuri Level 205 Windia Shadower
The experience required to level up for certain levels 200 and lower have been decreased. Specifically, it begins with a minor decrease at around level 60 and goes up to a 30% decrease at levels 160~200. Thanks to Grey of Southperry for the experience table!
So the exp needed for levels 200+ will remain the same.
Oct 30 2016
twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
Yeah it'll be better with the new area they add. They make post 200 training much easier in non-reboot servers due to the high almost reboot tier EXP for the mobs.
Oct 30 2016
increveisuma Level 120 Bera Demon Avenger 1 Look it's a 9 att free accessory set that you can add potential to to make training easier for unfunded players because it will raise their attack. But like the evolution ring lvl 9 event, it might not be available next year and we have 16 more days to farm them. GL! I have tested this event and you need to get maybe 40 kaleido-scope tickets to receive one item in a run.
Oct 30 2016

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