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A Thought Occurs Ultimate Explorers

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Gregorius Level 164 Broa Dark Knight
So I've been grinding for most of the night, got my Wind Archer to 120 finally and took the time to get myself started on the Empress' Grace quest... you know, the one where you have to collect the five Peridots?

Well, I just had a thought. They're going to stop Ultimate Explorer creation come Thursday, that much we already know... but what about Ultimate Explorers that already exist? Say I managed to make a Bishop courtesy of my Wind Archer... by Thursday morning, will my Bishop still have skills like "Empress' Might" and "Oz' Flame Gear"? Will existing Ultimate Explorers still be themselves, or will the hard work people have put into them eventually become completely invalidated by the time the update takes effect?
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I believe they will stay the same; it would be too much work for the GM's to take out that much time and effort to fix every Ultimate Explorer as you have put it (UA to others), it would be just like having those insanely rare items that have been gotten over the previous years before BB patch and or another example being magnifying glasses existing only to be used up and then never existing again. Your Bish should be fine unless you decide to delete it.
Sep 03 2013
Psychopathic Level 165 Bera Evan 10th Growth
Your bishop will keep all of the extra things it got as a result of being a UA.
Sep 03 2013
ThisJagRawr Level 200 Chaos Shade 4
The things I've read on Maple and Basil today make no sense.
"Will my Cygnus get skill points reset?"
"Will my UA keep the skills?"
"Is my Cygnus gonna be revamped or am I gonna have to make a new one?"

Cmon guys, use your brains here.
Sep 03 2013
Noobsicle Level 181 Bera Shadower
@808Pyroman It shouldn't be that hard to remove the Cygnus skills. Think about it, Ultimate adventurers are just normal adventurers with their respective Cygnus skill + Empress's Might (which in reality acts exactly the same as bypass keys). Remove the Cygnus skills from the game, bam every UA becomes regular adventurers.

Also magnifying glasses aren't entirely removed from the game, I received some untradeable ones from the Pink Zakum box.
Sep 03 2013
Gregorius Level 164 Broa Dark Knight
Your bishop will keep all of the extra things it got as a result of being a UA.[/quote]
I'm taking your word on this one. I heard someone else say that UAs got removed in KMS, but I haven't heard anything like that either so I got a bit on the skeptical side. If that's the case, I just got my fifth Peridot right now... only took me an hour, aren't I lucky ([i]or maybe Nexon is showing pity on us before the Cygnus update[/i]). I'm gonna go create my UA Bishop... then maybe after a small nap, I'll go on my Mihile, get him to 100 and make a UA Shad for kicks.

Thanks for the quick responses, by the way, everyone.
Sep 03 2013
Miauri Level 210 Khaini Buccaneer
You can get all of those skills on every explorer, it's just that UEs get them for free (if you don't count getting a char to 120)
Sep 03 2013
elpanaj8 Level 185 Windia Battle Mage 4
in KMS UE didnt have any change at all so I dont think GMS will change that xP
Sep 03 2013
Ipodninja Level 193 Khaini Wind Archer 4
its nearly impossible to get the UA skill on a non UA. 75+ hours of grinding on 1-6x has only given me 9 lunar dews. Not worth it guys.
Sep 03 2013
Caeg Level 241 Windia Corsair Trill Guild See what games, anime & art Caeg is intoCaeg
its nearly impossible to get the UA skill on a non UA. 75+ hours of grinding on 1-6x has only given me 9 lunar dews. Not worth it guys.[/quote]

[url=]It's very possible. [/url] I have 2 other friends who've done the quests as well. I think you just have bad luck. Took me 70 hours for the lunar dews and the orbs.
Sep 03 2013
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