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A few Phantom questions

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nevets Level 61 Kradia Chief Bandit
I'm curious to a few things about Phantom and was hoping someone could help. With the PB event going on at first I thought I was going to just dump everything onto my Phantom. But I'm starting to doubt if I want to main it, I'm unsure if I like the progress I've made or if I like the actual class. I haven't really trained it in quite awhile just been doing dailies so that's another thing that makes me wonder. So now for the few questions with story time out of the way.
  1. When do Phantoms actually start to shine dmg wise and are able to hold their own in bosses?
  2. With the same funding in Reboot how do Phantoms fair compared to BM/WH and NL?
  3. Any Phantom tips would be nice and anything else I should know?
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piana Level 49 Scania Cleric Piana
1. When they fund themselves considerably.
2. Behind them.
3. It's a jack of all trade class who can play any role if he wants to, so don't expect high damage without a lot of fundings.
Apr 13 2017

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