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A movie that always makes you cry

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what's one movie that always makes you cry? Homeward bound always gets me.
Posted: December 2011 Permalink


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Giraffe Level 109 Bera Hermit
The Lion King
Love Actually
Dec 25 2011
Up makes me cry everytime.
Dec 25 2011
Borat, if you don't cry laughing there is something wrong with you.
Dec 25 2011
OMG click was so sad. when the dad dies T-T
Dec 25 2011
geologyrox Level 126 Windia Evan 9th Growth
cast away
Dec 25 2011
icalvin123 Level 44 Broa Bandit
Cast away
Toy Story 3
Marley and me
Life is beautiful
A walk to remember
I Am Sam (Mygawd i cried like a baby)
Seven pounds
The Pianist

As you can see, i'm a very emotional person.
Dec 25 2011
I've only cried the first time or a couple times watching these movies
Deathly Hallows Pt2
Dec 25 2011
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