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AbsoLab Psy-Limiter, 467 M.Atk Screen

By nitsua2789

nitsua2789 Level 250 Broa Evan 10th Growth Emcy Guild See what games, anime & art nitsua2789 is intonitsua2789
Dec 11 2015 After much nail-biting and core farming I got this thing to 15* without booming

Now just need a miracle time.

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rixworkwix Level 210 Bera Shade 4
+2 jobs not even out yet fam...
Dec 11 2015
ziub Level 130 Bera Kanna 4
The fafnir one looks way cooler, but nonetheless congrats : ]
Dec 11 2015
+1 every time i see one of these now i think of ZeroByDivide LOL
Dec 11 2015
isirjiro Level 210 Bera Bow Master See what games, anime & art isirjiro is intoisirJiro
This could've been sub par to zhong if he didn't blow his up
Dec 11 2015

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