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Acb and final attack

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After yesterdays patch when using acb does final attack normally go off? when i use acb when training today FA goes off alot. Are any other pallys noticing this? maybe its a 2hbw thing.
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DemonDausu Level 172 Windia Hero
It's a glitch with Warriors' FA & AFA.
Jul 04 2013
IDefendThee Level 122 Renegades Shadower
I could help vouch for this, if I could freaking find my ACB Skillbook!
Jul 04 2013
max4lyfs Level 173 Scania Cannoneer 4
Am not a person to hate a class that easily, but F you xenon patch >.< I had like 5 1.5exp coupons all going to waste cause i cant attack right...
Jul 04 2013
TheWolf Level 115 Scania Ranger
my warrior started doing FA with the old FA animations lol

it happened often, it did give me a little nostalgia back than
Jul 04 2013
Lynerus Level 206 Scania Phantom 4
Im getting FA on chars that dont even have the skill lol
Jul 04 2013
Dat FA after DI.. LOL. Yeah, a little nostalgic though.
Jul 04 2013
happend to me too
Jul 05 2013
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