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Additional Changes in the Final Server

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mousepound Level 207 Bera Mechanic 4
Most of the changes from [url=]the tespia patch[/url] have made it into the final server, with a few exceptions and extra changes, mostly positive:

- Tank mode's damage for Homing Beacon is 60% of it's original value instead of 50%
- Rock & Shock's cooldown is reduced to 160 seconds
- Support unit enhancement's damage boost is 10% instead of 5%, and self destruct damage is increased by 1100%
- Bots n Tots' cooldown is reduced to 40 seconds and the movement of the robots toys is faster now
- Robot Mastery's damage boost per set of summoned robots is now 6% instead of 3%, and Robo Launcher's damage is increased by an additional 90%
- Support Unit: Party Reinforce now increases buff damage by 5%

Discuss. Much better than what we saw in tespia by a long shot.
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battleox288 Level 211 Scania Mechanic 4
Better than before. I can't open the link, but are there numbers on how fast Heavy Salvo Plus is now since they lowered hits and improved speed? Our bossing seems to have gotten a lot weaker though so I'm still not that thrilled
Sep 10 2015
dabronxenigma Level 232 Khaini Mechanic 4
I still want to know the speed of our keydown skill. 60% dmg is better than 50%, now both the homing and iron B will do the same damage, i have no problem with this.

6% damage per summon. We have 5 summons, it def makes it so we get rewarded for having many of our robots out. The robots will also be more effective, bot and tot will move faster, rm7 will hit harder as well as the change to work off our stats and not the summon.

They nerfed a few things i felt were op. The missle damage, but improved the utility of the skill all around ( not killing us on dr and retargeting on already dead targets)

The support waver had 15% dmg cut off it but we gained 30 on having summons out. Even if you only use waver, BnT, and RM7 you already got 18% dmg buff just off that.

The movement on dash was op as well, we could before use it almost 4-5 times in 1 jump? Now that half a second will force us to use it more wisely( von bon jump mostly)
Sep 10 2015
saipanda Level 60 Bellocan Page
better, but i'm still not happy with it.
Sep 10 2015
gummby8 Level 200 Broa Mechanic 4
Are their any new vids of mechanics to show all the changes?
I want to see how heavy fire and AP salvo work now
Sep 10 2015

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