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All English Group Clear Chaos Devorak Screen

By xxmcheifxx

xxmcheifxx Level 232 Bellocan Marksman Enlighten Guild
Sep 27 2015 Chaos versions of Shadow Shaman Devorak and Captain Mork last patch, and our English group was able to defeat Devorak after many attempts! This boss is incredibly difficult, with most of his attacks being OHKO, and are very hard to dodge on 200+ ping (which everyone in our group is at).

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xxmcheifxx Level 232 Bellocan Marksman Enlighten Guild
Nice! Good Rewards or Nah?[/quote]

We only had one equip drop the first clear, but after you clear a boss for the first time, you get a "luck buff" (gold, silver, bronze) that highly increases drop rate.

We are running now and you can watch over at The chaos bosses drop equips with a set effect that adds a sort of final attack-esque skill to your attacks at low activation % (8%) for a high percent damage. Armor (Hat, overall (or top/bottom), gloves, shoes) adds bonus damage percent and the weapon gives the FA skill.
Sep 28 2015
xxmcheifxx Level 232 Bellocan Marksman Enlighten Guild
what do the numbers on the side mean?[/quote]

That's the damage everyone did to the boss. It only shows top 3 (whole party sees) + you.
Sep 28 2015
xmaplelegend Level 31 Windia Kaiser 2 See what games, anime & art xmaplelegend is intoxmaplelegend
Now you know how people feels when they have 200 ping or so in GMS in places such as "the legends return"
Sep 29 2015

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