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All-bishop Zakum Run Video

By Icephoenix21

Icephoenix21 Level 213 Scania Bishop See what games, anime & art Icephoenix21 is intoIcephoenix21
Nov 03 2011 All bishop z-run featuring icephoenix21, ShadowOfFlux, Genuinne, Epkyrae, and Powermage13.

Took us about 20 minutes..not bad considering that really only two of us were semi-funded

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muffinsx Level 138 Bera Aran 4
Nicely done! Go bishops ^_^
Nov 03 2011
Did anyone ask each other for HS?
Nov 03 2011
siuttybears Level 121 Windia Aran 4
24/7 guard
Nov 04 2011

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