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Alone in the fields Screen

By PinkFlamingos

PinkFlamingos Level 29 Bera Battle Mage 1
Jul 17 2013 Again with my nameless Character. I really enjoy drawing her and would love any name suggestions for her, I'm not very good at naming things ^^;
Anyways I'm trying out new styles and backgrounds will forever be my weakness T3T

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The right leg seems to look a little too thin for me... but it's a nice drawing
Jul 17 2013
VipDabes Level 220 Mardia Kaiser 4
I request?
Jul 17 2013
loli Level 201 Windia Wild Hunter 4
Aw poor girl. nice job i hope she gets a friend soon.
Jul 17 2013
why are her knees red

why do they fold like twigs[/quote]

-rolling- but the pic is nice I know how it is trying new things freaking sucks but gotta do wat u gotta do
Jul 18 2013
johnhugh Level 205 Bera Bow Master
Her eye is blushing
Jul 18 2013

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