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Am Shadower, switching to NL worth it?

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iloveforher Level 220 Scania Shadower
Just curious, how much are decent claws? Also will my nodes for my Skill nodes for Shadower be deleted if I switch?

One last question: IS IT WORTH IT?
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derkion Level 162 Bera Night Lord
+1 NL is the most played class i believe so its items are expensive, but its the same as shadower i believe, personally id keep shadower, i really hate classes with low survivavility, its true that NLs are very strong but they die so fast...
Jan 15 2017
panflesca Level 211 Reboot Shadower
Night Lords are next to be nerfed: Showdown and their 5th job ability, to be specific.

If you want to, go for it. As for claws, I have no clue, but your nodes will remain the same. You can disassemble them for Node Shards to create your new nodes.

It's only worth it if you believe it to be worth it. Personally, I think if you've invested a hefty amount into Shadower, you might as well just create a new character all together (this is assuming you were thinking about Job Changing).
Jan 15 2017
ieatrice08 Level 204 Windia Blade Master
Nightlords will always be popular (they were even popular during the times NW outshadowed them in bossing) because of how easy their playstyle is and also the pure nostalgia of the class. I personally think shadower is a solid class because you have super stance with assasinate and also smokescreen to avoid ark 1hitko, hilla drain, and tank %hp attacks. Currently I would have to say nightlords outperform shads in mobbing and bossing due to their ranged attacks, mobility, and higher DPS. However, nightlords are receiving a huge nerf in a following update. They will still be viable, but I would say overall it will be more equalized. Just play what you want to play . If I was in your position though,I would personally stick to shadowers since they are one of my favorite classes to play.
Jan 17 2017
ziub Level 130 Bera Kanna 4
@ieatrice08: Is the Nerf that bad? : o
Jan 18 2017
ieatrice08 Level 204 Windia Blade Master
@ziub: nightlord nerf is very hefty since they lose a lot of damage on their 5th job spread throw. However, they will still be viable because of multidirectional range attacks that can waveclear so if you enjoy nightlord play them. Their damage should still be good after nerf, but we will have to see.
Jan 18 2017
iloveforher Level 220 Scania Shadower
Thank you, everyone, for your feedback! I have loved being a Shadower from the day I saw my first Coppersan video with a Shadower training party! Oh the memories! I've decided to stick to being a Shadower due to all the feedback I have received! Thanks again!
Jan 18 2017

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