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Another new adventurer class

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So after the RED update DBs And Cannoneers will be made into regular adventurers.
That leaves us with
3 paths for warriors,
3 paths for magicians,
3 paths for thiefs,
3 paths for pirates,
But only 2 paths for bowmen...

So, do you guys think Nexon will produce a 3rd path for Bowmen?
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AgedOne Level 208 Galicia Kaiser 4
If they did they'd probably create a new weapon which would be stupid.
And a slingshot can't be compared to the other weapons in this game so I doubt that'd happen.

I think they should have some sort of summoner

All the attacks are performed by animals (like with Evan)
The bowman has like 4 summons that follow him at all times and automatically attack mobs
Each summon has an attack that you can make them do, that is specific to different situations (rush/push, pull, rapid fire 1v1, and a mobbing spamming skill)
You get some sort of "cooldown" or "ultimate" skill for each animal
You can absorb the animals to get buffs

That's what I'm thinking of.[/quote]

NO. Imagine 6 of them in a party. Imagine the unfathomable lag all those summons would generate.
Aug 20 2013
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
@AgedOne: Okay, maybe you use the attack, the summon is summoned and it does it's attack. But I still think since it's a summoner there should be at least two summons.

And seriously why would you have 6 of any class in your party?
Aug 20 2013
don't you dare inflate my % dex nexon, don't you **dare**[/quote] This, all the way.

Potential Weapons for Bowmen:
Grapple Bow. A more mobile bowman, like Mercedes. Gets around fast.

Arrow-Turret-Summon thing.
Javelin. Close enough to arrows. (It's a pointy, one-sided, projectile weapon).

But bowmen lack weapons .
Aug 20 2013
DJSkittlesXD Level 202 Khaini Phantom 4
a pipe blower
Aug 20 2013
fireboy618 Level 200 Windia Phantom 4
a archer that uses monster summons and traps?
Aug 20 2013
A bow that shoots something other than arrows...Bubbles or Sparkles pwease xD
Aug 20 2013
yupitskage Level 200 Broa Night Lord
could have like a trebuche type thing.. i mean we have a person that holds a cannon so why not?
Aug 20 2013
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