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Any Class Other Than Your Own?

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oirascal Level 160 Demethos Thunder Breaker 4
If you could play any other class, other than your main's, what would it be? Why?
Posted: February 2016 Permalink


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repentant Level 211 Bera Hayato 4 Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art repentant is intoRepentant
I find Hero fun. Which is weird because they're opposite to Hayato in so many ways - stronger, slower, less mobile, less skills to use - yet I enjoy it a lot. I guess I would choose them because it would be a nice break from all that flying around I do, and it would give me a chance to experience Maple through a different playstyle.
Feb 12 2016
pinyin Level 107 Zenith Beginner
Um i already have all classes, but i feel the most badass when i play *leech* my legend (beginner version of aran)
Feb 12 2016
silverfoxr Level 200 Bera Hero
My Hero is my main. If a new class comes out I'm interested in, I make it. If I like it, I keep it. Easy.
Feb 12 2016
mvietp09 Level 180 Bera Dark Knight
I feel like people would or should pick one with a different play style. My main is paladin and as much as I love having the most ideal dps on most bosses (don't have to move to dodge attacks when you block %hp attacks and have auto potion heal on pets) I dislike the single style attack sometimes.

I play zero on the side because I get to go fly around on alpha and smash things on beta. It's a huge contrast to single a single button tank and attack style.
Feb 12 2016
morrie2 Level 203 Khaini Cannoneer 4
probably mercedes
Feb 12 2016
carbyken Level 170 Windia Night Walker 4
Hmmm... maybe a Dawn Warrior since their playstyle is so odd to me.
Feb 12 2016
terrorface Level 234 Reboot Night Lord
Main is a NL, but I'd play my Mihile more without it.

Edit: As to why, I just enjoy the playstyle. I know most others don't really like it because Royal Guard makes the job more difficult to master than others, and without it, the job is just meh. But I liked putting time into practicing it and it's so rewarding as a result when I'm constantly smashing enemies with it! ^^
Feb 12 2016
decensy Level 210 Bera I/L Arch Mage
I main BM and second main I/L, sooo
If I had to choose another class to play, I would probably say battle mage
Feb 12 2016
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