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Any Heroes Changing Their IGN?

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snoopypig Level 209 Scania Hero
Hey, was wondering if you fellow Heroes are planning on changing your IGN, and if so, to what?
Posted: October 2015 Permalink


greatbolshy Level 210 Bera Blade Master
nice try ign stealer
Oct 16 2015
souevks Level 208 Scania Phantom 4
I was thinking changing my DA or DS name to Lich, then main it...should i?
Oct 16 2015
akarichyy Level 214 Khaini Hero
Yeah i changed mine.
Oct 18 2015
ieatcheeselol Level 210 Scania Hero
Changed to Platos
Oct 19 2015
lts033 Level 201 Broa Hero
Changed to LEGENDish
Oct 19 2015

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