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Anybody getting Horizon Zero Dawn?

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tyrantblade Level 186 Chaos Battle Mage 4
It's coming out next week and since I very rarely buy games close to release and it's been a couple years, and I got a Samsung SUHD TV (and it seems they made Horizon Zero Dawn to fully utilize 4k) I'm seriously thinking about buying it next week.

I don't have a PS4 pro yet (only a regular PS4 right now), but figure it will be great either way.
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stered Level 93 Demethos Demon Avenger 3
The only thing i can say its even at PS4 you can enjoy a good gameplay, but if your will get a PS4 pro + taht awesome TV, thats just WOW!!
Feb 23 2017
tyrantblade Level 186 Chaos Battle Mage 4
So I've got in about 2 hours of gameplay and it's great, definitely gonna be one of the best RPGs of all time
Mar 01 2017

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