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Anyone Else Not Do July 18th Stamp

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Usually I do attendence stamps later at night when I have the most time. They should have given out free stamps. Once the USC started I expected it to last till like morning, since its nexon, and went to sleep.Figuring out later they reopened the game an hour later. Ended up no free stamps. Screwed over with Chaos Scrolls -_-
anyone else mess up too or am I a loner in this
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GalInRealLife Level 160 Windia Blade Master
to the guys who said do it in the mornings, some people can't due to personal schedules, i have school during the day and i missed one day too
Jul 20 2013
iPROLE Level 202 Scania Mechanic 4
i just messed up with my angelic buster cause when i realized they reopened the game and did the attendance with all my characters the ab was the last and i finished at 12 am but it counted as the next day stamp
Jul 20 2013
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