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Anyone else annoyed by the skill duration for warriors?

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Just made my page into white knight, and I leveled each of the elemental charges. Now they get 10 seconds each, which makes my charged blow useless... Even if they are maxed, 200 seconds is a bit annoying to refresh..

Same goes for Crusader's Combo skill duration... which I have too.

Conclusion... Dragon Knight who does not absolutely rely to have a skill buff on at all times is more efficient imo.
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My Dark Knight is nothing without HB and iron will
Sep 04 2013
My Dark Knight is nothing without HB and iron will[/quote]

For practical purposes like training 3rd job and some of 4th. You won't need hb as a must unless you are reckless trainer. Even so hb is 300 sec i believe, maybe more..
Sep 04 2013
DemonDausu Level 172 Windia Hero
I do not have any issues with this.
Sep 04 2013
ThisJagRawr Level 200 Chaos Shade 4
I have played a Pally, Hero, and Drk, and have had no issues with buff duration being too short. Have you even played an Aran tho? Maha lasts 100 seconds iirc -.-
Sep 04 2013
aznstyles Level 210 Mardia Dark Knight
This guy doesnt use booster
Sep 04 2013
LitheMovement Level 176 Bellocan Night Lord
Only annoyed by final attack.
Sep 04 2013
EarthsCore Level 183 Windia Dark Knight
200 seconds is still plentiful. Besides, pretty much every class has booster and that lasts 180 seconds.

And you're right, Drks are the least dependent of the 3 on skill buffs, since heroes and pallies would lose out on a lot without their buffs.
Sep 04 2013
lts033 Level 201 Broa Hero
it is sort of annoying but it only frustrates me when bosses use cancel buffs twice or more times in a row so i have to activate CA again even when i dont have any orbs.
and i think they're updating this in red, so that it's on-off skill
Sep 04 2013
bookofheaven Level 108 Nova Paladin
I hate charging orbs, as miniscule of a task it sounds. My damage is soo much less without them and usually when I train I train on monsters I can 1hko after all my orbs are up (so while charging orbs the monsters deal so much damage to me -_-).
Sep 04 2013
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