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Anyone in Khani wanna friend?

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Just joined a new server kinda bored due to the fact that i know know one. So yea where all the people at?
Posted: January 2012 Permalink


Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure u can addme if u want
Jan 17 2012
Sum1outthere Level 28 Windia Blade Recruit
whats ur ign for khaini?
Jan 17 2012
SpriterAlex Level 130 Khaini Hero
You may add me if you wish. I'm kind of alone here as well.
What's your character's name?
Jan 17 2012
Faehyre Level 172 Khaini Wild Hunter 4 Lift Guild
Sure, i'll be happy to have you as a friend.
Add: Faeyh
Jan 17 2012
add iDoctorWho
add RorryPong

<3 heart if you get the refrence
Jan 17 2012
Mazon Level 188 Windia Demon Avenger 4
windia doesnt have people like these -_-. debating if i should go to bera or khaini
Jan 17 2012

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