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Appeal Screen

By jawstinn

jawstinn Level 223 Bera Zero Transcendent Appeal Guild
Jul 04 2016 Hello hello, this is my first post on Basil so I wanted to make it something a little sappy and special. We have come a long way since the conception of the guild. Went from having barely ten people on to having a constant twenty or more people on within the time span of nine months. I truly did not think that we would come so far as a new guild but we did it.

Much appreciation to everyone within the guild! I appreciate you all and I hope that when Maple does one day die, that we all go down together.

Special shouts to Shrey, Michelle, Carol, and Ken for holding everything down and helping out!

Thank you Kuya for the screenshot as well!

So until next time~

If you missed this time around, we'll be sure to get you in next time (:

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isirjiro Level 210 Bera Bow Master See what games, anime & art isirjiro is intoisirJiro
o hi Justin qt.
Nice screen ;^.
I see so many ex guildies that left for appeal ;c But, nice to see appeal flourished
Jul 04 2016

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