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Are you 100% Crit? and how?

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akon1659 Level 250 Windia Hero
Share your %Crit and how you achieved it.

Base: 5%
Chance Attack: 20%
Phantom Link: 15%
Beast Tamer link: 7%
Marksman Card: 3%
Decent Sharp Eyes: 10%
Max Hyper Points: 15%
BT Crit Ring: 15%
Weapon Soul: 10%
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hattysoopro Level 217 Bera Shadower See what games, anime & art hattysoopro is intoHattySooPro
5% Base
20% Chance Attack
12%crit soul
9% crit line
10% Decent Sharp Eyes
20% Phantom Instinct
7% Focus Spirit
4% Marksman Card

So I'm at 87% with no hyper points.
Aug 27 2016
initialeo Level 139 Scania Marksman
yas all me sources of crit:
5 BASE+20 chansu attack+15 phatom link skillz+7 bt link skillz+3 marxman cardo+10 sylph ring+15 pivotal advencha ring+9 emblem crit line+30 2ndary crit linez aye= 114 crcrcrit
Aug 30 2016
hattysoopro Level 217 Bera Shadower See what games, anime & art hattysoopro is intoHattySooPro
So i switched to 1hand sword, and am now missing a crit soul. Sitting at 81%buffed.
Aug 31 2016
kuraisenshi Level 221 Bera Hero
5% base, 3% from marksman card, 20% from chance attack, 15% from hyper stat and 7% from beast tamer link level2 brings it up to 50%. With my decent se glove 60%. Problem itself is already at max link skills so cant change some of them
Sep 04 2016
multiskills Level 221 Windia Hero Waltz Guild
@akon1659 - This is what I currently have

5% From base Critical Chance (5% total)
10% From Decent Sharp Eyes (15% total)
10% From Level 3 Beast Tamer Link Skill (25% total)
4% From Level 200 MarksMan Character Card (29% total)
3% From "Bully" Title(From PVP years back)(32% total)
15% From Level 2 Phantom Link Skill (47% total)
20% From Chance Attack (67% total)
5% From "Explorers Cruel Ring"(This ring also gives 20% minimum critical damage.)(72% total)
5% From "Humanities Strongest" Medal(No longer obtainable unfortunately)(77% total)
15% From Hyper Stats(92% total)
9% from a line on my Secondary. (101% total)

I'm also currently working on leveling my Phantom to level 210 for the additional 5% so I can distribute my Hyper Stats elsewhere.
Sep 06 2016
multiskills Level 221 Windia Hero Waltz Guild
@akon1659: I wouldn't mind rolling crit on my Inner Ability. That being said, I have +1 attack speed, and 8% Drop rate. And the third line is already giving me cancer. FeelsBadMan
Sep 09 2016
akon1659 Level 250 Windia Hero
@multiskills: I've rolled over %drop / buff duration a few times on my 2nd line. The returns from them don't even come close to what %crit can do for me :S
Sep 09 2016
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