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Are you Gay or Straight?

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Nolen Level 180 Scania Corsair Justaway Guild See what games, anime & art Nolen is intoNolen
Just wanted to know since guys who play MS tend to dress fruity
btw ima straight boy.

EDIT- The Girl wants Girls poll is actually a Boy wants Boys poll. It only looks like a Girl wants Girls poll for Straight males and actual GirlXGirlz

EDIT2- If you like both then you must pick BoyXBoyz or GirlXGirlz because I say so
Posted: February 2012 Permalink

Are you Gay or Straight?

45%27 / 60Boy wants Girls
25%15 / 60Boy wants Boys
16%10 / 60Girls want Boys
13%8 / 60Girls want Girls


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InvalidRiot Level 105 Broa Blaze Wizard 3
I'm straighter then a ruler
Feb 04 2012
Straight, anything else would dishonor my family.
Feb 04 2012
LordZubin Level 135 Bellocan Dark Knight
Thank you, sir, for creating an invalid generalization. Especially since you probably do not Skype with "fruity" dressing guys.
Feb 04 2012
I'm a straight up skirt chaser - holla.
Feb 04 2012
I'm gay
gay = happy
So yea,I'm happy to play Maplestory
Feb 04 2012
I am super flamboyant, mega fruity, and turbo bootylicious. Straight as a circle baby, straight as a circle. However, that doesn't mean I don't love me some pootitang here and now. GOTTA KEEP IT BALANCED!
Feb 04 2012
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