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coldglass Level 149 Windia Bishop
Did @mrbasil bang his head on the floor and woke up thinking this UI had more "Ease of use" and looked great...? There are people in that draw me in MS paint forum that could do a better job with the site design.

"The art"? Nobody liked your first drastic website design change and that's why you reverted it back to the original! And that's why most of the good artists are no longer on Basil and we're left with..... -ahem ahem- I guess Mr B didn't learn anything from history and is decided to repeat it again!

Please revert the UI back to the original or give people that option. And allow me to see the different sections on the front page, not a Basil twitter feed. "I've tried to give you all a heads up a couple of months ago, even giving you a working example of how things would look ( but some of you still found it a bit difficult." Yea cause no one liked it!


Edit: also realized that I lost a lot of friends on my friends list who I used to play MS with. Just realized this when I decided to search up an old friend's BasilID. Quite sad that I can't see the screenshots of us playing MS years ago that were posted on these accounts no more. To what I thought would last forever - Mr. B didn't even give a heads up that he would do this and allow some people to save the screencaps. Just a "I've decided to put some accounts into a deep sleep."
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ayenick Level 216 Scania Night Walker 4
+13 this website is straight garbage now lol bring back the old layout
Oct 10 2015
aznunlt Level 207 Scania Cannoneer 4
+8 Give the guy a break, he is literally a one man show with the occasional help from others now and then. Even more so, I doubt he uses this as his main source of income, if anything it is/was a hobby of his.
Give the poor bloke some time, everyone is running around like headless chickens ZOMG BEZIL DED.
He took the wrong approach in the way of things yes, but let the guy have some air to do what he's been doing for the past 10 years or however long this website has been up.

The website looks like something I would have done during my first week of learning web design, but let me tell you it is not easy to create a web site from scratch. Yes it should have been done on a beta page to work out all the quirks and receive feedback, but that costs money and I highly much doubt whatever ad revenue Mr B receives that actually gets past everyone's adblock is even enough to foot the bill.

Everybody cries that Facebook makes changes every year and yet people still use it, youtube makes changes every year and people still complain but use it. These companies have a whole team of thousands(?) working for them, marketing analysts, web specialists, UI specialists and yet they can't keep their consumers happy. But guess what? They adapt to change.

If Basilmarket is going downhill obviously something has to change which is what Mr B is trying to do. And yes it made it worse than what it was, but if he was a little b*tch like most of you complaining he could just dump the whole site and let you all scrounge together to try find another. But no, Mr B who toughs it out and improves this site day by day while the majority of you sit behind a computer screen and complain because "I don't like it". If you want to complain at least leave some constructive feedback so he can actually KNOW what to do.
Oct 10 2015
cxter Level 204 Windia Kanna 4
+2 @aznunlt: we did. We said "revert the god-awful changes and pu this site back on beta"
Oct 10 2015
thetornado Level 211 Bellocan Evan 10th Growth Revenance Guild
Instead of being so mean and posting that evil message, just use the contact form (link at the bottom).
He actually reads it and response (not the "Hello, we've read your ticket (#1864838) and really care about it, <Insert company name here> Team" kind of response).
Oct 10 2015
mizuichan Level 209 Galicia Buccaneer Justaway Guild
+2 Honestly, I've sort of gotten used to it. The initial shock for me was pretty bad, but mostly because of how broken most of the features were. Now we're seeing he's genuinely trying to fix things, so I don't really mind stepping back and seeing how this turns out when he's finished.
Oct 10 2015
coldglass Level 149 Windia Bishop
@thetornado: Trust me I have, and you do get the ""Hello, we've read your ticket (#1864838) and really care about it, <Insert company name here> Team" kind of response"

Not an evil message, I'm pointing out the cold hard facts. Mr B did this before and it backfired on him, he lost a lot of traffic and didn't learn the first time. Now he's doing it again. The artists who spent hours making phenomenal art are now gone. It used to be very prestigious and competitive to get your art front paged on Basil- not anymore.

@aznunlt: I can't take you seriously if you're trying to compare Facebook and Basil. One website which has the ability to keep in contact with personal friends over a lifetime and the other being a forum for an online game.

I am a website designer, and I would never launch a website if I already knew it had bugs in it, never. So it's a natural if people go "ZOMG BEZIL DED" when you do something like that.

There was a "beta" and it was for maplestory 2. No one liked it and that's why that portion of Basil was not popular.

Basil is going downhill - this change is just a catalyst that will speed it up. Sometimes you need a reality check and harsh criticism could be a cure for that. Don't fix it if it's not broke- Basil was doing ok before this big change and was doing phenomenal before the first UI overhaul.

And to address your ad revenue comment. Unless you're solely partnered with AdSense you can still make money from ads even with ad block up - you generate this money from traffic. On top of that companies can contact you wanting to place ads on your website, and the website owner usually charges a sum of money on how long your ads can stay on the site. For example- a company contacts Mr. B and asks to place an ad banner at the top of BasilMarket for a week for 300 dollars. Anyways the point is that I'm sure Mr. B has done this before and uses Basil for side cash- probably not as much as before since the traffic is lower. I know this because I sell spaces on my blog for advertisers who want to place ads on my website.

Oct 10 2015
masinko Level 174 Broa Battle Mage 4 Abyssel Guild See what games, anime & art masinko is intoMasinko
Well, here's my opinion on it.

As a mobile site, I think the new change is great. If they made this current website the mobile website, I would be happy (now I can use BasilMarket on my phone!). But as a regular website, the old one was better due to practicality. All the threads were separated by categories (General MapleStory, Jobs/Classes, Other, Media Stuff) and made it much easier to find what's going on in the latest in that specific category. This current one is a mosh of everything. Why should someone who never once viewed the "Anime Section" have to have their front page moshed with posts from them? It was easy to scroll past that before, since they were all categorized into one block, but now it's thrown in with all the other posts too.

At the very least, please bring back the separate category section to the front page.

Also, although I liked watching the videos and the art submitted, I preferred them on the side, since I mainly browse the threads instead. Speaking of which, I hate the layout of the current videos. It makes the first 4 videos on the list way to prominent, and I can barely see what's going on with the other ones on the bottom, it's like one of those [url=]Eye Reading Tests[/url] where you can see what's on the top, but have no clue what's on the bottom half.

Side rant, it was better when the subtitle on threads showed the beginning of the OP's post rather than the beginning of the last person who commented. It gave a better sense of idea on what was going on in that thread.
Oct 10 2015
endurance Level 207 Scania Shadower See what games, anime & art endurance is intoEndurance
@coldglass: Basil did say that he was migrating the previous site over to his new site over the weeks, and finally finished doing so.. so while he worked on finishing up the newer site, he would use a regular/default layout (temporarily) until its finished.. i guess you're just being impatient or you're just on here 24/7 and not appreciating what you're looking at
Oct 10 2015
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