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Ariel leveling to 200 - Self Confidence with DaBoki Video

By fishsticks23

fishsticks23 Level 143 Khaini Blade Lord
Dec 12 2011 Congrats Ariel

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Brad816 Level 177 Khaini Hero
What kind of name is Ariel? Is that a girl playing a guy character? I hope so.
Dec 15 2011
wow people actually commentate Maple story videos.. sad.. these ppl need a life... commentate fps games or sommin.[/quote]

He needs a life because he spoke in a video he recorded..?
Also, how exactly would commentating while shooting people in a mindless FPS be any less of a time waster, or using your mindset "lifeless".
Dec 15 2011
whats that song in your intro?

nvm got it.. Waiting - Dash Berlin ft. Emma Hewitt
Dec 15 2011

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