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At the basil park Screen

By aethynyc

aethynyc Level 117 Scania Marksman
Apr 09 2011 So... This was a [crap] drawing that was done a gazillionious years ago.

Drawn 80% of everyone that posted in [url=]my thread.[/url]
A lot of them don't look the same anymore X3

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lol, I looked back at the thread and saw most of em changed looks (like you said)
Nice drawing, btw
Apr 09 2011
i'm going to be brutally honest.
imo, it doesn't even look that good...[/quote]

I'd like to see you do better.
Apr 09 2011
AntJungle Level 210 Windia Buccaneer
I'd like to see you do better. [/quote]

Never said I could do better.
Apr 09 2011
RiniTeny Level 112 Khaini Evan 7th Growth
I see my character!~ (although I changed my look like you said most people did)
Ah, I don't even remember the thread, not even my post to be honest. XD
I still like the drawings though!
Apr 09 2011

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